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These PR Stunts Will Go Down in History as the Most Bizarre and the Most Expensive

May 23, 2021

In today’s day and age, we’re bombarded with advertising from all angles. And while anyone can create a commercial for television or stick a generic billboard up in cities across the globe, there are some marketing gurus who aim to go the extra mile. They come up with elaborate PR stunts and their aim is simple; to stand out from the crowd. But of course, everything comes at a price. And this is how much these ridiculous stunts really cost their companies.


Celebs Debunk These Viral Rumors and Myths, Once and For All

May 20, 2021

Even before the internet, phony legends about our favorite stars became fact. And what were they supposed to do, really? As Winston Churchill once remarked: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” As the common folks explain: Liar liar, pants on fire! Today, it’s time to set the record straight. The lives and careers of stars have been skewed in the press and the gossip columns, for profit and for prank. Celebs and their circles have tried to debunk the viral myths. Right here, right now, it’s time to help them do it once and for all. Ready, set, reset.


A Look at The Most Anticipated Movies Set To be Released This Year

May 13, 2021

It’s been a tricky year, and a lot of buzz-worthy titles were pushed back, back, back. Finally, it’s time for some brand new releases! Films slated for 2021 are already getting plenty of attention, on and off the review pages. Fans can’t wait to see the creativity that was built up, all through 2020. There are never before seen stories, to be sure. There are also some of the hottest sequels in history, right on time. From Marvel heroes to Indie heroines, no one is going to be bored for long. And with more ways to watch cinema than ever before, it will be impossible to say you missed the theater run. The magic of movies begins, right now: Ready, set, click that flick!

Just for Laughs

Not Their Finest Moment: Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Don’t Want You to See

May 11, 2021

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing celebrities look like they have everything together? We know we are, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of photos to remind us that famous people embarrass themselves on a regular basis. Just because they’re swimming in money and have tons of adoring fans, doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days. Their most goofy and awkward moments have been captured by the paparazzi, and we think it’s high time we see them for who they really are – regular people! Rest easy knowing that Hollywood A-listers aren’t always picture-ready.


Check Your Attics Because These Old-School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune

May 9, 2021

Do you still have the school toys and games from your childhood in your attic? If you do, you’re in luck. Some of the most iconic toys and games from yesteryear are even more in-demand now than they were back in the day. And there are retro fanatics out there who are willing to pay thousands of dollars (and sometimes even millions!) to get their hands on them. So get thinking about where you want to go for your all-inclusive vacation because that “junk” in your attack is now worth a fortune!


These Celebs Reveal Why the Kentucky Derby Is the Hottest Event on Their Spring Calendars

The legendary event of the spring, also known as the Kentucky Derby, draws in an audience from near and far. Whether if you love wearing big hats, you’re a horse fanatic or just looking for a good time – the Churchill Downs is the place to be during the first weekend of May. And nothing can be labeled an iconic event unless there’s a crowd of famous people attending, so of course, celebrities from all industries can be found at these renowned races.


The Growing Trend of Celebrities Who Drive Super Ordinary Cars

May 3, 2021

The glitzy lives of Hollywood stars usually involve a sportscar or two. Why not indulge, on the road? With nearly unlimited funds at their disposal, it’s easy to buy automotive luxury. But not every celeb wants the latest and greatest, when it comes to transport. Believe it or not, some just want to be left alone! Introducing: The intentionally crappy car. With a totally unrecognizable set of wheels, the famous can finally enjoy life again. Paparazzi, be darned: Celebrities get to enjoy a little nostalgia, for the days when they were ordinary folks. On the new but ordinary side, some are opting for basic, eco-friendly cars. Secretive shopping and saving the planet? It’s a growing trend of yes, please!


It Turns Out That These Iconic Movies Were a Flop at the Box Office

April 28, 2021

While thousands of movies are released every single year… there are certain movies that stick out more than most. These are the movies that have become cult classics, and the movies that everyone knows about. But that doesn’t mean that they’ve always been a hit. In fact, some of the legendary movies we all know and love today were a complete flop when you take into account the production costs and the box office sales. And you won’t believe how much money they lost because of it.


The Net Worth of the Biggest Comedy Queens is No Laughing Matter

April 26, 2021

It’s no secret that the funny biz has had fewer women, in the past. But these days, the biggest names seem to be bucking the trend. Giggle gals are entertaining audiences left and right, and cashing in along the way. The question is, who has made the most of their opportunities — and to what extent? While most pursue a classic route in standup, many navigate their way to wealth through clever deals in film, radio, and TV. But not everyone has a bank account that matches their reputation. The competition is no joke. Pardon the pun! Just who are the richest comediennes?


Throwing It Back: Take a Look at the First-Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities

April 22, 2021

It’s impossible to look back at old Instagram posts without cringing a little inside. From the bizarre filters that pixelated your emo bangs to the duck pout that was totally on-trend back in 2014, looking back at past pictures is enough to make you want to throw your cell phone out the window. But have you ever looked back at the first picture you ever posted on Instagram? At Hype Galore, we’re throwing it back to see the first Instagram pictures your favorite celebrities ever posted.