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Famous People Have Tinder Too: Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps

June 20, 2021

Everyone’s using dating apps to look for love these days – even the rich and famous. But they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve in order to keep their identity protected. From using a fake name to using a secretive dating app for celebrities, famous people are finding a way to meet local singles. Of course, people don’t only use dating apps to try and find love… but we’ll let you be the judge of what it is they were looking for. Take a look at which stars have been busy swiping left and right, and what they’ve had to say about it. Just bear in mind that you’ll be in for a few surprises.


These Two Co-Workers Almost Lost Their Husbands When a Chance Encounter Changed Everything

June 14, 2021

Although Susan and Tia worked for the same company, their paths had rarely crossed until they met each other in the bathroom in the fall of 2019. Since then, the two women and their families have been on a whirlwind adventure that never would have happened if they had chosen to just smile in the mirror. They didn’t realize that their conversation in the restroom would actually save the lives of their husbands… but now it has.


The Kardashians Have Been Involved in so Many Controversies We Can Barely Keep Up

June 10, 2021

The day we’ve all been dreading has arrived, you guys. After 20 seasons and some of the most delicious drama the reality world has ever cooked up, the iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end. And it’s fair to say that the legacy they’ll be leaving behind will be a controversial one. Yep, it seems as though you’re not a Kardashian-Jenner without being surrounded by scandals and luckily for you, we’ve put them all into one epic scandal sandwich…


Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father?

June 6, 2021

Prince Harry may be a name we’ve uttered countless times, but this fallen prince has fans and foes across the globe. He’s the ultimate royal outsider, but what’s the real reason for that? Well, some suggest this is all down to his royal – or lack of royal – lineage. And while it’s been no secret that Prince Harry isn’t like his brother, his father, or even his grandfather, conspiracy theorists across the globe have finally come to a conclusion as to why Harry is so different.


Addicted to Love: Hollywood Stars Who Have Been Married More Times Than We Can Count

June 1, 2021

When it comes to Hollywood romances, celebrities change their partners about as often as we change our underwear. And while many of these flings are fleetingly unofficial, many A-list legends have decided to add legal documents into the mix over the years… for better or for worse. Yep, these Hollywood stars must be addicted to love because they have said “I do” so many times they could write a book on it (and many of them have).


The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand

May 30, 2021

Pulling off the perfect marriage proposal can be a lot of pressure. But some people rise to the challenge to make it the most special moment of their partner’s life. But proposals have been done every which way at this point, and it’s hard to come up with something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Some romantic individuals have thought well outside of the box and come up with the most unusual way to propose. At Hype Galore, we’ve compiled a collection of the most creative and innovative ways that people have gone about proposing. But heads up – these arrangements aren’t to everyone’s taste…

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Slim Aarons’ Iconic Photos Show Us What Life Was Really Like for the Rich and Famous of New Hollywood

May 27, 2021

Having millions of dollars in the bank and having friends in high places during the height of New Hollywood was a whole new level of fame and fortune. Those who lived in the city of Angels during the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s exuded opulence and class, and it was Slim Aarons’ job to make sure that he captured this essence within his photographs. After all, he was all about “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

Around the World

These PR Stunts Will Go Down in History as the Most Bizarre and the Most Expensive

May 23, 2021

In today’s day and age, we’re bombarded with advertising from all angles. And while anyone can create a commercial for television or stick a generic billboard up in cities across the globe, there are some marketing gurus who aim to go the extra mile. They come up with elaborate PR stunts and their aim is simple; to stand out from the crowd. But of course, everything comes at a price. And this is how much these ridiculous stunts really cost their companies.


Celebs Debunk These Viral Rumors and Myths, Once and For All

May 20, 2021

Even before the internet, phony legends about our favorite stars became fact. And what were they supposed to do, really? As Winston Churchill once remarked: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” As the common folks explain: Liar liar, pants on fire! Today, it’s time to set the record straight. The lives and careers of stars have been skewed in the press and the gossip columns, for profit and for prank. Celebs and their circles have tried to debunk the viral myths. Right here, right now, it’s time to help them do it once and for all. Ready, set, reset.


A Look at The Most Anticipated Movies Set To be Released This Year

May 13, 2021

It’s been a tricky year, and a lot of buzz-worthy titles were pushed back, back, back. Finally, it’s time for some brand new releases! Films slated for 2021 are already getting plenty of attention, on and off the review pages. Fans can’t wait to see the creativity that was built up, all through 2020. There are never before seen stories, to be sure. There are also some of the hottest sequels in history, right on time. From Marvel heroes to Indie heroines, no one is going to be bored for long. And with more ways to watch cinema than ever before, it will be impossible to say you missed the theater run. The magic of movies begins, right now: Ready, set, click that flick!