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After a Year of Staying Inside This Is What the Stars Have Been Wearing on the 2021 Red Carpet

April 5, 2021

Noone knew what lay ahead at the beginning of 2020, including our favorite celebrities. They’ve been social distancing and quarantining at home like the rest of us, but now things are starting to change. With the vaccine roll out happening in the states, stars are slowly starting to re-emerge onto the Hollywood scene. After such a long break of being in the public eye, stars have been making surprising fashion statements or reinventing their public identity. Check out the bold and unexpected outfits that celebrities have been wearing at their first red carpet appearances since the pandemic.


All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together

March 29, 2021

While we love nothing more than chowing down on a delicious chocolate egg filled with candy, it’s fair to say that our favorite easter eggs of all time are those found in Marvel movies. But just like your average family easter hunt, finding these hidden gems on the screen takes time, resilience, and a keen eye. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of secret messages that are often hidden where you’d least expect them, and we’ve found the best just for you…


This Is How Much These Famous Celebrities Really Spend on Their Protection

March 24, 2021

When you’re rich and famous, everyone wants to know you. That’s why we follow our favorite celebs on social media, we keep up with their careers, and we make sure that we’re up to date on the latest gossip. But while many people do this from the comfort of their own homes, there are others who like to get a bit more up close and personal with the famous faces of this world. And that’s where celebrity security comes in. But how much do they really spend on this added protection?


30 Times Hollywood Convinced Us That These Actors Were a Completely Different Age

March 21, 2021

We probably don’t need to tell you that actors go the extra mile to create a believable character. They take method acting to the extreme and truly become one with the person they’re trying to portray. And they leave their own personality and characteristics at the door when they do so. However, it seems as though there are many actors out there who have also had to leave their actual ages behind, as well. These are all the times Hollywood convinced us actors were a completely different age.


Here’s How Much the Houses From All Your Favorite Shows and Movies Are Really Worth

March 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the glamorous mansions we see on screen? Better yet, do real people even live inside of these famous residences? As it turns out, you could actually have the opportunity to call one of these houses your own home – that is if you can afford it. After all, these establishments are famous – and fame always comes at a price.


These Photos Show the Women of the WNBA Living Their Best Lives Both on and off the Court

March 14, 2021

Scoring baskets and breaking records is just part of the full-time responsibility the women of the WNBA have in their day-to-day lives. Being able to be a professional athlete and do what they do not only takes talent but practice and perseverance.


30 Big-Name Stars That Were Almost Cast To Play Iconic Roles In TV and Movies

March 11, 2021

Deciding which actor or actress is going to take on the leading role is a huge decision that can sometimes take months of auditions to decide on. And oftentimes, several big-name stars end up being considered for the same role. Whether these stars auditioned and didn’t land the role or they were offered the job but decided to turn it down, take a look at who was in the running for some of the biggest movies and shows to hit our screens.


Diesen Promis kann das Alter scheinbar gar nichts an: Was ist ihr Geheimnis?

March 10, 2021

Niemand altert gern. Zumindest nicht sichtbar. Auf der anderen Seite werden wir immer älter, bleiben länger gesund und agiler als unsere Großeltern. Das Leben ist noch lange nicht vorbei mit 50 Jahren oder 60 Jahren. Im Gegenteil, für manche beginnt nun erst eine neue Phase der Selbstverwirklichung. Egal, ob es um Liebe, Job oder Hobby geht. Vor allem für Frauen ist das eine gute Nachricht, selbst in der Filmszene sind sie heute nicht unbedingt auf dem Abstellgleis, wenn sie die magische Zahl überschreiten. Einige der Stars sehen allerdings auch noch beneidenswert toll aus, andere scheinen sogar mit jedem Jahr mehr zu strahlen. Schließlich tragen Erfahrung, Selbstbewusstsein und eine gewisse Gelassenheit auch zur Ausstrahlung bei. Wir zeigen Ihnen unsere “reiferen” Lieblingspromis…

Just for Laughs

Harry Potter but Make It Fashion: The Instagram Account That Puts the Potter Cast in Haute Couture

March 9, 2021

There’s one Instagram account, Gryffindior, that’s taking our favorite witches and wizards and updating their wardrobes. But only with designer items from the world’s top fashion houses. If money wasn’t a factor, perhaps we’d see the Harry Potter characters wearing these luxury items. From crop tops to mini skirts, the biggest haute couture labels clearly set up shop in Diagon Alley. Take a look at what happens when the Ministry of fabric gets involved.


At 40 Years Old, Paris Hilton Has Once Again Found Her Happily Ever After

March 7, 2021

In a world where celebrities have access to whatever they want, there is one thing that’s authentic and can’t be bought – and that my friends is love. Paris Hilton may be a mega celebrity, but that doesn’t mean that true love has been easy for her to find. But luckily for her, it seems that 2021 just might be the year that good things start happening for her.