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People Pay Big Bucks to See a Smelly Flower Bloom

Flower fanatics are passionate about their petals. However, there is one flower that only the real fans actually go to see. A museum in California has a rare flower in its library and people are lining up just to get close to it. Heres why:



People Gather Around Gigantic Flower “Lil Stinker” to Experience its Stench… Really!

Flower fanatics gather from far and wide to stand around a gigantic flower named Lil Stinker. As much as we want this to be fake news… it ain’t!

The Amorphophallus titanum, A.K.A the Corpse flower, gets its name for its horrible stench. People who captured a whiff of this stinky thing say the smell compares to road kill or moldy gym laundry… Ew. It’s Latin name literally means giant misshapen phallus.

Every smell has a specific compound, and some compounds are very similar to others. The chemical isolation of this flowers compounds has a lot in common with cheese, sweat, garlic, feces, rotting fish, and decomposing meat. So the real question is; “why in tarnation are people coming to smell this thing?”

Whats the Big Deal About Watching it Bloom?

The corpse flower is a very unpredictable part of nature. It’s set to bloom at any point within five to ten years. Now that’s vague! Flower lovers come to see the corpse flower, hoping that they’ll get to be there at the exact moment it blooms. Experiencing this part of nature would be entirely blossom…I mean awesome!

This mysterious flower stays open for only 24 – 36 hours. Experts say that the corpse flower at the Huntington Library on LA is set to bloom at any moment. Staff members at the Huntington have named their corpse flower “Lil Stinker” and have been tracking it’s growth ever since they brought it into their library. You can find daily updates on Lil Stinker if you follow the Huntington’s Twitter account. Updates are a total must since the time of the flowers blossom is nearing.

The Huntington Library has over 50 corpses flowers on display, and have only bloomed five times altogether since 1999. The last time the library had a bloom was in 2014.

There are a few reasons why a library would have these smelly flowers in their vicinity. Firstly… it’s pretty awesome! The other reason to house corpses flowers is that it’s a huge attraction. 10,000 visitors flocked to the Huntington Library on the years of the bloom.

The Reason Why This Flower Stanks:

The horrific smell coming from the Corps Flower serves a very important purpose in regards to the flower’s survival. The stench tricks bugs, such as pollen carrying Beatles, into thinking that the flower is actually rotting meat.

The bugs crawl over to what they think is a steak dinner and end up going vegetarian for the night. The pollen they carry helps the Corpse Flower stay alive.

The Corpse flower comes from Sumatra and holds the record for the largest unbranched inflorescence. Basically, this means that its the largest cluster of flowers that are arranged on the stem in the middle of the plant.

A Corpe’s flower grows up to ten feet when it’s out in the wild. Huntington’s Corpse flower may be tall enough to ride a roller coaster (42 inches), but it’s relatively small compared to the ones grown naturally in the wild.

Fans of the horrendous smell buy their tickets in hopes of seeling Lil Stinker open up! If you’re into flower power, you better get their soon.