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People Who Lost Their Battle Against Sleep and Caught Some Zs In the Funniest Ways Imaginable

We’re all human, and this means we all need sleep. Most of us manage, one way or another, to stay awake and somewhat alert until we get into bed at the end of the day. But not all of us are so successful in that struggle. There are people out there that lose their battle against sleep.

Image: The Sun

Whether it’s falling asleep inside an airplane engine, on an escalator, or in a grocery cart, these people will make you crack up. Obviously overpowered by the warm blanket of tiredness, they fall asleep in the craziest places and in the wackiest positions imaginable. Get comfy and get ready to LOL as we take you on little tour.

Fly Boy

Airports and planes are kind of schleppy. But as a passenger, at least when you get checked in and then get through security and passport control, you can hop on the plane and clunk out. But what about airport personnel and other aviation affiliates?

Image: Instagram / We Are the Mighty

We don’t blame this guy for taking a little snooze. Being in the air-force is hard work. Sure, he’s not like us commercial flyers, so he doesn’t get to sleep in a little cramped plane seat. But is sleeping in an engine worse? Apparently not, cause this flyboy looks really comfy. Sweet dreams.

Party Hard, Bro

You don’t need to be a forensics expert to know what’s happening here. Red cups, deep sleep, awkward position, and a Budweiser can. We know what’s up. This guy probably had one too many ‘refreshments’ if you know what we mean.

Image: Drink Tails

If the refreshments theory is not true, then the alternative is crazy. It would mean that this guy is the most patient party goer ever, sitting still while his friends use him as a foundation for a cup tower. No, the first case seems more plausible: he probably partied a little too hard. At least he’s having a good time.

What Do You Want?

We guess that if you’re tired and you need to sign off for a couple of hours to recharge your batteries, then falling asleep on a big soft couch is pretty standard. And we all know that reading as you’re lying down has a tendency to make your eyes heavy. But what is truly unique and whacky about this photo is the magazine.

Image: Photogeeks

Everything fits perfectly: the droopy expression, the skin tone, the hair, it’s all there. The timing is perfect. When you look, you really have to see it twice to understand what’s going on. Our hats go off to the genius that thought of doing this. And of course, they also go off to the slumbering model who fell asleep and paved the way for this magic to happen.

Look for Him In the Sleep Section

Students are master improvisers. Use a Coke bottle as a speaker, don’t study for a test, just wing it, use a library shelf as your bed, no problem at all. This guy was just trying to hit the books and brighten his future when suddenly he fell prey to the relentless forces of an imminent siesta.

Image: A News

His choices were either the floor or the shelf; he chose the later. We’re not sure why. We figure that if you’re going to take a snooze in the library, then why not just admit defeat and spread out on the floor where at least you have some leg room? Well, to each their sleepy own.

Layovers Be Like

We all know what it’s like to have exhausting flights. Lugging your luggage through the airport, waiting in line for millions of years, yuck. But the worst is when you a tiring flight that is compounded by a lengthy layover, double yuck. This ingenious traveller has a solution for you.

Image: UK Home

By using his suitcase as a pillow, he was able to prop himself up and use the (reliably uncomfortable) airport seats as a bed. Nice. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this guy is an experienced engineer. Anyway, as they say: needs necessitate innovation. This poor guy must have been seriously fatigued, so we’re happy he found a fix to his problem.

Ugh… Mondays

There’s almost nothing more tiring than coming into work early in the morning on a rainy Monday morning after a crazy weekend. We’ve all been there, and somehow, miraculously, we survived it. Some of us, however, are no so lucky when it comes to defending ourselves against the blissful tide of drowsiness.

Image: The Design Inspiration

This woman was one of those unlucky ones. We think she got to the office, put down her umbrella, climbed up on her work desk, and proceeded to sign off for a few hours. Hey, it happens, no one is judging. We’re just grateful that it happened to be photographed.

Worn Out Cellist

Being a musician is tiring. Especially when you’re a cellist and you have to haul around your massive instrument. It takes a lot of energy. This person is one of those heavy cello casualties. It looks like they’re either getting ready for a rehearsal or just finishing one.

Image: gazzetta.gr

Thankfully, a cello case is meant to protect whatever it holds. This means that its interior is lined with huge slabs of comfy padding. Voila! Problem solved for the sleepy cellist. He or she crawled in there and passed out. Also, since the case is enclosed, it provides some darkness, further improving the sleeping experience!

Dreamy Houdini

Some people just have hidden talents. We don’t know what this guy does for a living, but if his day job doesn’t work out, he definitely had a promising career as a contortionist. Who sleeps like this? Have you ever seen anything like it?

Image: Mirror Online

This guy must have been majorly worn out, running on fumes, to have been able to sleep like this. Someone (thank you amazing person, whoever you are) took this awesome photo. But we wonder what went through the photographer’s head when they stumbled upon this Houdini. We’re surprised they didn’t call 911.

Sleepily Ever After

This is adorable. In Venice there are no roads. Only canals. There are no cars. Only boats. One of the main attractions is going on a little boat tour through the beautiful Italian city. That’s what’s going on in this picture. But unfortunately for the cute couple, sleep got to them before they could finish the ride.

Image: Twitter / Liberta

As they careened down the canal in the comfortable boat, they started to get tired. As they continued to float, they fell asleep, hard. The boat driver was unfazed. We’re sure he sees this kind of thing all the time. Anyway, as he smiled away, and as the couple continued to snooze, the tour came to an end. This is certainly a relaxing vacation.

Hang Tight

Ok… honestly, how can someone sleep like this? It’s just crazy. It looks extremely uncomfortable. In fact, it even looks a little dangerous. What if he falls? What if it cuts off circulation? Obviously this guy doesn’t care. He seems to be catching up on some Zs by dangling from the poles and rails on a bus or train.

Image: Yahoo

We wonder what the bus driver or the train conductor thought when he stumbled upon this guy, hanging tight and suspend-sleeping. And what about his fellow passengers? Yikes. If we got on public transport and we saw this guy we would for sure be worried about him.

Drop Down and Give Me…zzz

It’s not just a myth, it’s real: soldiers can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Consider for a moment a typical day in the soldier’s life. You wake up at the crack of dawn. Get all cleaned up, wax your boots, shave, and then finally have breakfast. Sometimes, though, you get out of bed, and go running in the brisk morning air before anything else.

Image: Worldation

You’re extremely active throughout the day, doing this and that, often exerting yourself almost to the breaking point. And then, as if this wasn’t exhausting enough, your sleep in disturbed when you have to do guard duty in the middle of the night. So we don’t blame this guy for dozing off on the floor. He deserves a little rest.

Train Wreck

We have all been there! Those pesky early mornings on our way to the office. By no fault of your own, like this gentlemen, you take advantage of commute and have a little nap. While some do it in a slightly more elegant way, we can’t argue with results, the man looks comfortable.

Image: News Bursa

Maybe work hours should begin later if this is to be avoided. In any case, he clearly got all ready for work, put on his best power suit and got on the subway like everyone else. Shortly after that, he fell asleep. As a side note, one can’t help but notice the other passengers’ nonchalance about the situation, clearly this happens often! We advise him to order a double espresso next time before getting on the train.

Burned Out Doggo

Hey, dogs are people too! Well, not exactly, but kind of. One thing is for sure: they get tired and they love to take naps. Sleep got the best of this cute doggy as he was making the journey from couch to floor. The trip was too long, the destination too far.

Image: Facebook / Christina Stielli

Before he could make it all the way, sleep grabbed him or her. And we have to admit, it’s totally adorable. Dogs usually don’t have too many responsibilities, so they get to spend a lot of their days dozing off. Again we admit, we are actually kind of jealous.

Lego Man

This little guy is not human. When most people step on a piece of Lego, it’s the end of the world. It’s extremely painful. It’s almost as if the toys were designed to punish parents for entering their kids’ territory. Anyway, this kid apparently doesn’t feel the pain because sleep got the best of him and led him to a nap smack down on top of a pile of Lego.

Image: Imgur / yassoo

How could this happen? Well, we should remember basic physics, namely, weight distribution. We suppose that because this kid’s whole body is lying on the Lego, then each individual piece is less painful. The weight (and pressure) is evenly distributed. Still, that this little tired boy could just face-plant snooze on a pile of Lego is amazing!

Roadside Relaxation

Have you ever had to wait for a friend in the car while they shop? Well, this guy has got that down! Why sit uncomfortably in a metallic box when you can lie down for a nice nap while waiting. We are just wondering how long it took him to set up this leisurely slumber spot.

Image: The Sun

With his arms under his head, you can really appreciate the level of comfort this dude is enjoying, slightly suspended above the street. Clearly, the work of setting this up was worth it. Next time someone asks us to wait by the car while they hit up a store, we’ll answer “sure”, as long as you bring the hammock.

The Perfect Work Day

This is the perfect way to nap at work, your boss walks in and you can just state that you were just thinking really hard about how to meet that deadline. The key is to have your hand on the mouse as if you are currently clicking away at work tasks.

Image: Yahoo

So clearly our man here is practicing for when he will be older and at the office. He is either trying to trick his parents with his perfect “I am working so hard on my math homework that I fell asleep mid-calculation” face or he fell asleep mid intense homework. Either way, he is out cold and we can only hope that after that snooze he will be good and regenerated, ready to take on any homework assignment.

The Experienced Sleeper

Just by looking at this guy, we can tell he’s chill. He’s got an awesome haircut, dresses really nicely, has sweet shoes, is into music, and not least, he’s not fussy about where and how he falls asleep. People like this guy, meaning people that go with the flow, are always a joy to have around.

Image: Twitter / Nisa

For this particular un-fussed individual, it was just too early in the morning. He hopped on the subway, planted himself down in this tiny seat, made the best of the situation (yes, he’s very resourceful), and let sleep bring it on. At least he was ready – he even remembered to leave one headphone out so that he wouldn’t miss his stop.


We’ve all heard of Catwoman. But did you know that there is also a Catman? Look at the below photo for the proof. We guess having a Catman isn’t that much of a stretch. But we never imagined we would see him at his most casual hour, having a nap on the couch with all his partners in crime.

Image: TUT.BY

We imagined that Catman would be fierce, dressed in black, ready to kick some serious butt. We didn’t exactly think we would find him curled up on the sofa. Special points go to the left-most feline friend, whose sleeping position goes into a category of its own! In any case, even superheroes need to sleep.

Cushion Time

This is just cute. The little guy you see in this picture had a busy day. Typical kids stuff, but very tiring: running around for hours, spending some quality time with Mom and Dad, carrying around heavy juice boxes – it’s not easy stuff. So we can’t blame him for crashing. We’ve all been there.

Image: The Sun

Thankfully, just as this little blondie was getting drowsy, the trusty cushion was there to catch him before he hit the floor. Thank you, dear cushion, you can pat yourself on the back. The exhausted kid did pick a good spot. We have to admit, the cushion does sure look comfy.

Closet Nap

“Yes sir, I’ll just go grab some paper to refill the pr….. and there’s a guy in here.” This was what some office worker said when he or she stumbled upon this closeted sleeper. We certainly applaud the sleeping man’s innovative spirit and bodily flexibility.

Image: News BFC

Like so many others who have fallen prey to the hungry mouth of sleep, this man just could not make it through the day without recharging his batteries. We give him credit for doing it in relative privacy though. We just hope it’s not his boss that found him sleeping on the job!

You Can Crash On My Couch

This woman really puts the “crash” in “crash on my couch.” She must have had a wild night. As you can see from her left hand, she didn’t even have the energy to remove her jewelry. She just got home, had a little snack before bed, and signed off for the night. Good times.

Image: Europa 2

At some point during her deep slumber, she shifted positions. as her torso rotated, her head slipped below the couch and her feet started to protrude from the precipice of the back cushions. Still, (assuming that there’s no exorcism going on here) the woman is comfortable, and that’s really all that matters.

The Awesome Power of Books

This photograph is (for the most part) not that unusual. It’s pretty late at night and it’s cold outside. This woman has had a packed day and now she faces a commute before she can finally get home to her family and rest. She’s tired out. She falls asleep on the bus. Pretty normal, right?

Image: Twitter / Hector Cabrera

Take a closer look. Notice the book in this woman’s hands. The title reads How to Sleep Well. Obviously, as the empirical reality shows, there is a good chance that the book is super effective. The woman clearly does not have trouble sleeping well on public transport. This is the polar opposite of irony, folks.

Park-Side Sleepy Guys

We can see why these two gentlemen are friends. They both wear sandals, they like baggy grey pants, they both sport short hair cuts. They have a lot in common, we get it. Oh, and of course, they both share a passion for falling asleep backwards on a park bench when they’re feeling worn out.

Image: kknews.cc

Even the positions of their arms (aka pillows in this case) are identical. We wonder how exactly this situation came to be. We suppose these two friends were taking a stroll in the park when sleep suddenly descended on them. They were just lucky that the trusty park bench was there. Well, the grass could have also made a decent impromptu bed.

Chairwoman of the Sleep Council

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.” True. But as you can see, two chairs do make a bed! Kids have an incredible talent (just like soldiers) that enables them to fall asleep anywhere sleep takes them. This little girl didn’t even have the time or energy to properly snuggle into a conventional sleeping position.

Image: clutch.ua

As soon as she got tired, it was already too late. She was already on her way to Sleepville. Her little head plopped down on one chair, her legs on the other. And her arms proceeded to lazily dangle onto the deck. Sleep tight little one, you’re tired and you deserve a well-earned rest.

Mt. Sleep

You know you are in a state of deep sleep when your buddy can build a castle out of cups on top of you. But hey, I guess that’s what happens when you put away one too many of those cups. We really appreciate the imagination put in by the builder with the added toilette paper.

Image: Europa 2

Clearly, this man was having a bit of fun with his friends when it all went a little too far. The friend, luckily, knew how to amuse himself and had a great deal of imagination. So he built a massive castle. We wonder how long it took him to build, but luckily for him the sleeping beauty didn’t wake up and ruin his architectural masterpiece.


Interesting fact: almost a third of the of your body’s energy is consumed by your brain. So when you’re studying for that big exam, you’re burning tons. Doing your math assignment can easily make you just as hungry and exhausted as going for a long run.

Image: The Sun

No wonder why this college kid just had to take a little siesta while she was hard at work in the library. It helps, however, that in a marked contrast to most airports, where the seats are notoriously uncomfortable, this library gives studiers and readers big comfy, pillowy arm chairs to crash on.

The Beauty of Expertise

Stewardesses are pros when it comes to catching some Zs in the most uncomfortable and atypical positions. When you ‘re on a plane and you get up to go to the bathroom, you can often notice a stewardess or flight attendant cramped into a seat or two, out cold.

Image: Europa 2

They have long shifts, sometimes almost 24 hours long, so they have to perfect their Z-catching techniques. Look at the woman in this picture and take note of how a real pro does it. Though she doesn’t have much room at all, she still manages to completely extend her legs.

Heels Over Head

Some people fall asleep in the weirdest positions. But besides the bizarre limb arrangement, there’s nothing extraordinarily weird about this picture. After all, the woman appears to be sound asleep in a bed – the most conventional sleep spot.

Image: New qq

The mystery lies in the impossible position. Is this woman a gymnast? Maybe an escape artist? Who knows? All we know for sure is that there is no way we could ever consciously twist our bodies into this ungodly shape. But during sleep, in the realm of dreams, strange things happen, so we’re not ruling it out. Maybe we all get this twisted at some point?

Midnight Bus Mid-day

Usually, when we think of people sleeping on the bus, it’s the travelers who come to mind. They have long days and early mornings, so it’s seeing someone dozing off during a bus ride is commonplace. We never stop and consider that the bus sleeper could also be the driver!

Image: The Sun

To be fair, this sleepy driver seems to be doing the right thing. We’re happy that he’s catching a little shut-eye during a break rather than during his route. That would be dangerous. What this driver is doing is smart. Also, we have to admit, he looks pretty darn comfy. He has tons of space to stretch out, and he even has rooms for some pillows. Well played driver, well played.

Sloop Dogg

Suddenly being assailed by an unrelenting wall of fatigue is not unique to humans. Of course, dogs are in the same sleepy boat as us. And succumbing to sleep wherever it happens to get a hold of you also means sometimes ending up in some crazy positions.

Image: Twitter / Marta Gallar

Besides being incredibly cute, this boxer is also exceedingly tired. Any bedtime routine plans this cutie might have had (walking around in circles in his bed ten times, for example) must have gone right out the window. When this big pup hit the couch, he hit it hard, and he’s not waking up until dinner is served.

Testing the Product

Noooo, this kid didn’t incidentally fall asleep! Can’t you tell? He’s simply shopping for linens and decided to test out his new potential pillow before he makes the purchase. Kids are so smart and independent these days, no doubt.

Image: Naps Happen

We recently looked up “tips for buying a new mattress” and one of the first pieces of professional advice we saw said to always (as part of the decision process) have a real snooze on a mattress before you buy it! So clearly, this kid is a pro. He knows what’s up.

Calling All Passengers

We hope this guy isn’t that deep a sleeper. We wouldn’t want him to miss his flight should his gate change. We’re not sure what this man’s profession is. Maybe he’s an inventor? Or possibly an architect. It seems he knows a thing or two about structural support and construction.

Image: Sohu

This genius traveler has managed to bypass the problems posed by the infamously agonizing airport gate seats. By using his suitcase as a central support column, he is able to support all of his body while he takes his airport sleep. Amazing. Human innovation and creativity at their best!

Boxed In

In our first years of life, it brings us comfort to be cramped and confined. It’s the opposite of claustrophobia. But once we grow up and grow out of our baby brains and bodies, we seem to develop an aversion to being enclosed in tight spaces. Not everyone though. Get a load of this guy.

Image: Star Times

He was worn out, maybe from partying, maybe from working so hard, so he decided to go to sleep at the office. Hey, it happens, no judging. But he didn’t want to be exposed to the harsh elements of the office environment, so he decided to make himself a little box fort. Just as babies love being enclosed by their parents, this man loves being entombed in office chair boxes.

Not Saved by the Bell

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. Let’s face it: trying to stop yourself from falling asleep in class is one of the trickiest things ever. The teacher is blabbering on about some mundane fact and all you can do is dream about getting home and getting to bed. If you’re lucky, maybe you can manage to defend yourself against the drowsiness onslaught until that bell rings.

Image: University Fox

If not, this could be your fate. As you lose the rancorous battle against sleep, you might find yourself face-planted on your desk with a pile of school supplies stacked neatly (but precariously) on your head. Well, what can you do? Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

All Out

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and cut your losses. That’s the exact conclusion this guy came to when he said “screw it, I’m tired, I’m having a nap.” Most of the time when you see people dozing off on public transport, they are trying to be a little bit inconspicuous and subtle.

Image: Sohu

This dude threw all of that out the window. At some point, he realized being in a bitter battle with sleep was a lost cause, and he decided to get down to the floor, spread out, and hit the hay. In the photograph, if you look closely at the guy’s face, you’ll notice that he’s not just casually dozing. He’s deep, real deep, into a commuter’s slumber. All the power to you, sleepy passenger, you’re an inspiration for all of us aspiring nappers.


Every year across the U.S. and Canada, there are tons of country music events. They can get pretty wild. And of course, it goes without saying, these events tend to not be alcohol-free. Because what fun would that be? Some people tend to take the festivities a little too far, like this part-hard cowgirl, who had one too many drinks.

Image: Facebook / Chive on St. Pete

Not judging. We don’t care what anyone does as long as they’re safe and keeping others safe as well. What’s too bad here is that this woman is risking missing her favorite artists! Oh well, we guess she’s having a good time nonetheless. Yeehaw!

Bed on Wheels

Being a kid is awesome. You don’t have too many responsibilities, you’re young and healthy, life’s good. But this little drowsy fellow reminds us of a much-overlooked perk of being little: you can use a suitcase as a bed. As adults, when we picture a potable bed we usually imagine some wretched blowup mattress that makes you lose consciousness when you try to inflate it. We’re too big to sleep in a suitcase.

Image: The Sun

But this little guy has got it all figured out. It’s loaded with clothes which he uses as a spontaneous mattress and pillow. And he’s just small and compact enough so that he can lie down without being too contorted. When his parents found him like this, their hearts must have melted because it’s super cute.

Unflattering Faces

This guy had everything lined up perfectly in the classiness department. He’s got a cool, kind of hipster, kind of emo haircut. He’s wearing an amazing Christmas sweater. And he has a nice coat and a sleek pair of jeans to complement everything. What could possibly go wrong?

Image: DJ Moyma

After all his classed-up style, he sabotaged everything by falling asleep with his nose leaning on a poll. The angle and the posture happen to be just unfortunate enough so that the guy’s nostrils are stretched our for all of us to see the nasal cavity. Yikes. It doesn’t help that his mouth is wide open either… Oh well, things can’t always be perfect.

Harmonica Baby

This kid id getting an early start riding the wild roller coaster that we call life. He can’t be more than two or three years old, and he’s already playing harmonica and passing out on the table from exhaustion. This little guy has a promising future.

Image: Naps Happen

Retracing the scene of the crime (the assault on this little cutie at the merciless hands of sleep), we can infer that the kid was eating some grub. This was after practicing his instrument. Then, the forces of fatigue converged upon him. Sweet dreams little man. You’ll be fully energized for a good jam session tomorrow!

Productive Study Session

College can be exhausting. We try hard to deal with its pitfalls. Of course, there’s coffee. There are also energy drinks. But at the end of the day, you can’t avoid it: sometimes the college life makes you just drop everything and pass the heck out. We know the feeling of losing the battle against sleep.

Image: UK Home

Lucky for this studious library sleeper, her friends were there to help her out and get her freshened up so she could go back to hitting the books. But not before they could capture this amazing photo. We wonder if they were worried about him when they came to his desk and suddenly found him out cold.

The Knackered Bookworm

The seats in airport terminals do nothing to make you comfortable. There’s some twisted logic in this fact. If the seats were comfy, then we’d all be falling asleep. No one would make their flight. The airlines would go bust, the economy would collapse, and it might trigger the end of civilization. Ok, maybe that’s too far, but you get the point.

Image: Must Share News

Luckily for this sapped traveler, she’s got her secret weapon: a trustworthy book. Here, it’s a double whammy. First, it’s well known that books can help you relax and fall asleep. So that helps her counter the discomfort of the awful seats. And second, once sleep does finally take her, she can use the book as a pillow. Lesson learned: always take books when you travel.

Standing Up to Your Foes

Wow, just wow. This jubilant party goer found himself at a shindig with his sleep-meter running on empty. Maybe he couldn’t walk home. And perhaps there were no couches or beds available at the party house. We guess there weren’t even any chairs on the premises. Poor guy.

Image: Caak.mn

He had no choice. The only option left (besides falling down and passing out) was to get his head to whatever surface was around so he could snatch a little bit of sleep. The story is strange, true, but on the bright side, it’s clear that this guy had a hidden talent. Soldiers, doctors, and other essential workers around the world wish they could just crash while standing. It’s not easy.

Countertop Drop

This little girl was clearly worn out. So she decided to take a little countertop snoozaroo on the island in the kitchen. Nice, good call kiddo. For her, the countertop is like a big bed, she’s free to completely stretch out and get as comfy as she wants.

Image: The Healthy Mummy

Because kids are so prone to spontaneous naps, they really don’t need anything special. We’re guessing that the countertop is not cushiony at all, yet the little girl is happily sound asleep. No pillow, no blanket, no change of clothes, just a 100% no-nonsense power nap! We’re kind of envious.

That Escalated Quickly

This man must have been indescribably tired. This is the first time we’ve ever seen someone asleep on an escalator. We don’t quite get how it’s even possible. Escalators have the little spiky teeth on each step, so how are they not digging into this man’s flesh? It’s kind of alarming actually.

Image: Imgur / bulenthasan

So many questions, so little time. Why is he so tired? Is the escalator moving? What does the photographer think? Whatever the case is here, things sure escalated quickly. This is just another piece of proof showing that no matter who we are, no matter where we are, regardless of the time of day, sleep can find us and take us.

Sleepy Commuter

We all know how tired we can get when we’re taking public transportation. One minute you’re happily scrolling through an article on your phone or bopping your head to the rhythm of your music, the next minute you’re drooling while your head bangs against the window.

Image: Twitter / Anita Garcia Lozano

It seems this woman is a winner in most things. She’s pretty, she’s young, she’s obviously on her way to a colorful social event or a good workplace. But one thing she is not winning at is fighting off the firm claws of sleep. On her way to wherever she’s going, the need for a power-nap got the best of her.

Tired Shopper

We know that grocery shopping can be exhausting. There are all the choices you have to make, and the selection of products is daunting. You have to walk around, interact with people, and resist the temptation to stuff your face with all the delicious food on the shelves.

Image: HuffPost

For some of us, like this little guy here, it’s just too much. It’s just too energy-consuming. As he was getting his weekly shopping done, he had to take a little nap in the middle of the store. Luckily, he had the facilities. He had a big comfy shopping cart to sit in and he had a nice roll of paper towel that he could use as a pillow. Dream on, little shopper, dream on.

Crash Landing

We’re not really in control over when sleep creeps up on us. And sleep is actually quite opportunistic. This little girl was riding around on her tricycle when it seems that she had a collision with the exercise ball. She flipped over, and then sleep swooped in and took over.

Image: Vicer

Before she even had a chance to get up, she fell dozed off. At least the carpet that she’s using as her makeshift spontaneous bed looks pretty comfy and fluffy. When whoever came across the snoozing little girl, they had to take a photo before they probably helped her up and put her to bed.

Good Times on Spring Break

Uh-oh! Looks like someone had a little too much fun and a little too much punch while enjoying his spring break. We don’t blame him though. Beautiful weather, a pause from the drudgery of college, spring in the air, packed beaches. What else is there to do besides party?

Image: E! News

He was partying on the beach, living it up with his buddies when at some point – for reasons unknown (insert winky face here) – he suddenly got tired. He decided to head back to the hotel. Before heading to bed he decided to get cleaned up and wash off the beach sand. By this point it was already too late, sleep conquered the day. We guess this guy can really ‘sink’ into a comfortable position.

Day Dreaming?

True, there is nothing especially weird or unimaginable about this woman’s sleeping circumstances. On the contrary, she was chilling (possibly by the pool), having a little drink, listening to some music, and reading a magazine when sleep took ahold of her. She even has a pillow, so clearly, sleep was always an option on the table.

Image: The Sun

The interesting thing here, and props go to the moment-savvy photographer for stealing the fleeting photo opp, is the perfect fit between the magazine and the sleeping woman. The dimensions are perfect and the photograph of the man is perfectly lined up to match the woman’s sleeping.

Business Is Booming

Since we’re all human (well, most of us are), it doesn’t matter which walk of life you come from, there will come a time, maybe glorious, maybe less so, that you will doze off in public. Nothing you can do about it, just embrace it; sleep is good for you. Of course, if we told this to the businessman here, we’d be preaching to the choir. Because he gets it. He’s tired, and he’s down to snooze.

Image: The Sun

It’s early in the morning in the big city. The business meeting is only mid-morning, so he essentially has a couple of hours to kill. And this man is no shame, all game. He knows what he needs. He didn’t get to the executive branch of his company by denying himself what he wants. And now, he wants to sleep on a brick wall outside the office building. He’ll be energized for that big meeting. Go get ’em, tiger.

Automated Slumber Machine

We guess that in Korea, it’s totally legit to fall asleep standing up on a transport ticket vendor. So what happened here? Let’s put on our C.S.I. gloves and investigate. Well, it looks like this weary traveler couldn’t take the fatigue anymore. He didn’t even afford himself the luxury of lying down or sitting.

Image: kknews.com

Nope. He just fell asleep while leaning on the machine. Honestly, that’s a real talent. He’s able to position himself in such a way that he doesn’t fall down. This seems to all be well-rehearsed. It’s not his first sleep-stand. He’s well versed in the art of conquering tiredness. Or, is tiredness well-versed in conquering him?

Ok… Shopping Cart, Sleepy Dude, We Guess?

This guy partied a little too hard. At least he was responsible and didn’t hop into his car and drive while tired or after having some drinks. Instead, he hopped into a (motorless) shopping cart. But we do hope he cleans up the trash beside him. We’ll let him nap off his headache first though.

Image: kknews.cc

This guy must have been absolutely knackered after a night of partying in the bush. Late at night, he needed to catch a little bit of sleep. He didn’t want to spread out on the ground because he didn’t want all sorts of bugs crawling on him, so he decided to squeeze himself into this shopping cart. Major points for being cool, more points for creativity, and even more points for flexibility, dude!

Tactical Maneuvers

One resource that all military personnel are low on is sleep. When you’re in the military, you take what you can get, when you can get it. And, as we see in this awesome shot, it’s not just the grunts who are sleep deprived, it’s also the upper brass; the officers, too, are always looking for an elusive eye’s full of sleep.

Image: Reddit / Funny

In this picture, a group of young officers is seen slumbering, almost in complete positional unison, on a bench. And we don’t blame them, they have probably been up since the crack of dawn, and now they have a full day ahead of them. So whether they decided, or this happened against their will, they all dozed off, hard.

Napping Mom and Daughter

Naps happen. Whether you’re a kid, adult, animals, or alien, you have to recharge your batteries sometimes. Just ask this mother/daughter pair. We don’t know who started emitting Zs first, but as you can see, they’re both out cold. Admittedly, you do have to look carefully though.

Image: Reddit / Funny

The mother was passed out so hard, that she didn’t even notice when some mischievous comedic prodigy stuck a fake on her! Lol, nice. Now when you look at these two happy slumberers, you need to really have an in-depth stare, or else you might think the mother is awake.

The Sleeper and the Scroller

Hard day at the office? Late night of partying? Up way too early in the morning? All of the above? This pair of young up-and-comers clearly have different levels of resistance to the onslaught known as tiredness. Whereas the guy on the right is chilling, watching a video or scrolling after having just eaten a tasty burger, the left-hand guy is down for the count.

Image: Thestival.gr

The non-sleeper is obviously a good friend though. He’s not making a fuss. He’s just hanging out and letting his buddy get some much-needed sleep time. And look, he even saved him some of his fries and conveniently put them on his head so that he can have them the second he wakes up. This, dear reader, is what friendship is all about.

How Low Can You Go?

Commuting can be exhausting, so no one is blaming this commuter for falling asleep. On the contrary, we’re riveted by the amazing technique. When it comes to falling asleep in public, we’re generally plagued by a couple of problems.

Image: Sohu

For one, no leg room. And second, no comfy place to put your head. But this passenger has got it all sorted out. We guess after years of taking the train to and from work, anyone can learn the skills exhibited here in order to get some Z’s during your daily commute.

Face-Down Exorcist

Some things are normal in this picture. Namely, the fact that this woman is sleeping in a bed and not in some crazy public place. It looks like she might even have brushed her hair before actually falling asleep. But after looking for a sec, we start to have second thoughts, such as “by demons be driven?”

Image: Imgur / filipbitola

There is something creepy about the woman’s sleeping position. Her arms and legs are contorted in an almost unnatural way, and her face is buried so deeply in the pillow that we wonder if she is getting any oxygen. And then we ask: Is this some version of the Exorcist? Maybe she’s possessed by some sleep demon that drives her to sleep in whacky positions. To be fair, this would be a pretty laid-back demon – no point in calling in the priest.

Stairway to Sleep Heaven

“And she’s climbing the stairway to…” ok too late, she fell asleep. This little girl did not make it too far up the stairs before being kidnapped by the sleep monster. She was worn out after a long day of running around and eating good food, and on her way to bed, she just signed off. What can you do? Kids will be kids.

Image: PTT News

A couple of ingredients teamed up to give us this awesome shot. First, of course, is the fact that this little girl was tired out. But not to be overlooked is the fact that the stairs happen to be covered in cushiony, thick carpet. This would probably not happen on a hardwood staircase. It’s even making us a little sleepy thinking about how comfortable those stairs must be. Who needs pillows these days?

Toilet Napper

Wow. Ok. This dude has 100% been a little too eager at the party. Just think of it. The party starts, he’s happy, and by no means going easy on the refreshments. People start arriving. Refreshments keep flowing. The party starts to gain momentum. Guests start to pile in, then boom! Where’s Mike? “Oh, he’s in the bathroom…”

Image: Twitter / Martin Torresano

Yikes. It happens. We’ve all been there. Haven’t we? Right? No? At least in this story, the toilet napper is somewhat clothed and someone even brought him pillows. Here at the office, there is a true story circulating that this happened to someone, but when guests finally picked the lock on the bathroom, they found the guy (no clothes) headfirst in the toilet. So at least Mike is not ‘that’ guy. Sleep tight Mike.

Library Motel

Studying is one of the most draining activities out there. If it wasn’t, then we’d all be professors by now, no doubt. To compound the exhausting nature of a study session, you also have all the quirks of college life. The partying, the socializing, the late nights, the cheap nutrition-lacking food – all of these things conspire to make the average college kid worn out.

Image: Student Money Saver

This guy is the perfect example. He came to the library to do some research for his mid-term bioethics paper, and soon after starting, his eyes started to get heavy. Shortly thereafter, he started to nod off in his chair. He decided that the chair didn’t cut it. All inhibition went out the window. So he chose to get comfy and spread out and clunk out properly, turning the library into a motel.

Cross-Platform Dreamer

This guy managed to fall asleep on two platforms simultaneously. The lower half of his body belongs to one, but the upper half is clearly in the territory of the other. It really injects new meaning into the term “cross-platform.” Unfortunately, like airports, train stations purposefully install the most uncomfortable seats on the market.

Image: Instagram / Shibuya Meltdown

They do it to discourage people from getting too comfy and missing their train. Despite the horrendously uncomfortable seats, this guy manages to sleep. No headrest? No problem! He just lets gravity do its work as he falls deeper and deeper into a fatigue coma. This is what adaption is all about.

Remedial Sleep Course

You just had a huge lunch. You really didn’t sleep well last night. The lecturer is droning on during some diatribe of his about a subject so boring that you can’t even remember what it’s called. Still 57 minutes to go before the end of class. And then you have another whole three hours of class left before the end of the day. And then, to top it all off, after class, you have a six-hour shift at the ice cream parlor. What are you going to do?

Image: Twitter / bad81andy

If you’re human (and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are), then you might take an example after this lady and her-mid lecture snooze. She doesn’t care about the subject matter. She doesn’t care about Tuesday’s exam. And she certainly has no problem sleeping in public. Sometimes, “you gotta do what you gotta do.” When sleep calls, you have to answer.

Tired, Enough Said

This guy was on the bus and on his way home when the powerful tendrils of sleep whisked him away to dream-land. At least he tried to be considerate and refrained from putting his feet up on the other seats. He put them on the window instead. At least people aren’t sitting on the window (we think), so it shouldn’t matter.

Image: Mirror Online

But on the other hand, he seems to think he has the right to take up two seats. Sleep and fatigue sure make us do crazy things. Consideration, no consideration, we admire to some extent this man’s sleep-ethic. He can pass out midday, no pillow, and in public. Not to mention the crazy position.