Preschool Best Friends Unexpectedly Reunite After Years Apart And Now Their Bond Is Stronger Than Ever

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This love story started about 25 years ago when Matt and Laura met at their preschool orientation in Phoenix, Arizona. They became great friends almost immediately. It was like puppy love at first sight.

Preschool Sweethearts 33

Matt felt instantly connected to Laura and wanted to to be friends with her. He did whatever he could to get Laura’s attention. Their parents thought this new friendship was cute. They couldn’t have imagined it would turn into a future together.

Laura Thought Matt Was Goofy

When Matt first saw Laura, he immediately knew he wanted to be her friend. The little guy did what all boys that age do when they have a crush; he followed her around! Laura didn’t mind Matt following her around.

Love works in mysterious ways. Some people find their soulmate late in their 20's, but these two lovebirds found each other when they were only 3 years old. The story about how fate brought these two back together after being separated for nearly a year has us believing in fairy tales.

In fact, she liked the attention. She thought he was goofy, but still wanted to be his friend. Soon enough they were best pals who did everything together.


Matt and Laura would frequently ask their parents to set up playdates. Their parents had met through their preschool teacher, who had told them about their sweet friendship.

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The kids met for playdates regularly and one time went to watch a movie at the theater with Matt’s parents. Matt’s mother said Matt would grab Laura’s hand during all the scary scenes.

Matt Was a Showoff When Laura Was Around

It’s funny when we think about the things we used to do to look cool in front of our friends, especially as kids. We would swing extra high on the swingset or brag about how old our siblings are.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in112

Matt has his own way of impressing Laura. He would recite lines from the movie The Lion King. This was a tactic that worked on Laura.

Laura Was the Teacher

Naturally, the female brain develops a bit faster than males. Laura used this to her advantage and would often try to teach Matt new things. She was the first one who taught him how to swing on the swingset.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in111

She also taught him how to eat string cheese “the right way” and how to draw and color rolling hills.

Young Matt Proposed to Laura

Everyone at school knew that Matt and Laura were best friends. They were pretty much attached at the hip. Regardless of what anyone thought, they continued to have play dates and hang out during recess.

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One day, the four-year-old Matt gathered the confidence to profess his love for Laura. He stood up in front of the class and told everyone he would marry her. The classmates laughed and discussed his serious case of cooties.

Preschool Buddies

No one took Matt’s love declaration seriously, however, he and Laura still remained best buddies throughout the remainder of preschool. The four-year-olds had each other’s backs.

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Their bond was truly extraordinary. Matt’s declaration that he would marry Laura one day seemed like nothing serious at the time. No would imagine that eventually, he would become a man of his word.

Kindergarten Begins

Before they knew it, the two were already in kindergarten. They moved onto a new chapter of life together. Although they were very proud of themselves, Matt, Laura, and their parents were worried about kindergarten.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in110

The two best friends were always in the same class. They could not imagine school any other way. However, they lived in different districts so they couldn’t send their children to the same schools. Their parents had no choice to separate the two best friends.

They Attended Different Schools

Sadly, Matt and Laura were not in the same class. They did not even attend the same kindergarten. The days of going to school with each other were over.


Matt and Laura were still best buddies but did not get to play as much as they used to. Their parents reassured them that playdates will be scheduled on the weekends.

They Tried to Hang Out as Much as Possible

Although Matt and Laura were assured they could hang out on the weekends; they hardly got a chance to see each other. Life gets pretty busy, and weekends became more and more dedicated to family time.

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It was hard to find a weekend where both of them would be free; they still hung out as much as possible. After Kindergarten, Matt and Laura would be attending different schools once again.

Communication Through Christmas Cards

Matt and Laura went from hanging out every single day to only seeing each other on the weekends, to communicating strictly through Christmas cards. The friends missed each other but shifted their focus to their new friends, homework, and new schools.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in114

They went through the motions of everyday life without each other. They secretly wished that one day they would no longer have to go this long without seeing one another.

Distance Did Not Make Their Hearts Grow Fonder

Some people say that when you’re far apart from someone you care about, your heart grows fonder for them. However, this was not the case for Matt and Laura. Their story is romantic but unlike the movies, their love had a few dull moments.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in113

They went on to lead separate lives, often not even thinking about one another. At one point, they completely forgot about each other. Their childhood friendship was sweet but it seemed to be just a “thing of the past.”

Fate Brings Them Together Again

Before Matt and Laura knew it, they were off to their first year in high school. Once again, they were enrolled in separate schools. It eventually got to the point where they hadn’t seen one another in almost a decade.

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However, fate had it’s the way with the world and made the impossible happen. Laura was holding her friend’s phone when she saw a familiar name pop up.

Old Memories

Laura was shocked to see Matt Grodsky’s name for the first time in almost ten years! All of their childhood memories came rushing to her mind. Laura asked her friend how she knew Matt. Her friend said that they met in middle school.

Preschool Sweethearts 26

Laura told her friend about her silly childhood romance with Matt. She didn’t want to reach out to him and thought it was best to leave things as they were, but her friend had a different idea.

Laura’s Friend Decided to Play Cupid

Right after Laura told her friend about her history with Matt, her friend had a crazy idea that would change their lives forever. She wanted to set Matt and Laura up on a date.

Preschool Sweethearts 16

At first, Laura was hesitant about the whole thing. She was close to Matt at a young age but knew nothing about who he had become in high school. Laura thought it was silly to think that just because they were childhood sweethearts, they would have the same spark this time around.

Getting Back In Touch

Laura was nervous about being set up with her childhood sweetheart. She also was not sure about dating in general. Not all 15-year-olds want to have a boyfriend.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in115

Laura told People Magazine “I was a freshman in high school so I was like, ‘I don’t think so!’” Laura’s friend said she had a good feeling about setting her and Matt up, so, despite all of Laura’s reservations, she gave Matt Laura’s number.

Matt Texted Laura Right Away

Matt did not hesitate to text Laura; in fact, he sent her a message right away. They ended up chatting for a while and eventually agreed to meet up for the first time in almost ten years.

Preschool Sweethearts 5

They set up a date to go to the movies. When they met up they said they felt as if no time had passed at all. Laura and Matt described their reconnection as love at first sight; just like their first day of preschool.

Reunited and It Fells So Good

Matt and Laura had such a good time on their first date that they decided to continue their meetings. Their bond as a strong as it was in preschool, and with a decade of added age, they decided to make it official. Matt and Laura were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Preschool Sweethearts 29

They continued attending different high schools but were able to drive to each other after school and on the weekends. It was nice for them to finally be back together, but their relationship would face another challenge soon enough.C

Matt and Laura Had a Serious Decision to Make

With college applications due, the couple had to discuss their future plans. They had already been apart from each for so long before and were afraid to lose each other once again. They were accepted into colleges in different states but wanted to share their experiences together.

Preschool Sweethearts 31

“Right after we graduated from high school, we were pretty hesitant,” said Laura in an interview with People Magazine. “We were like, ‘Do we stay together? Do we try to make it work?’” The lovebirds knew they were able to make things work in different schools, but they were not sure if they could make it work at different schools that were 1,000 miles away.

This Time, Distance Made Their Hearts Grow Fonder

Eventually, Matt and Laura agreed to go to different colleges and try their best to make things work while they were apart. Laura’s University was in Arizona while Matt attended a college in Chicago.

Preschool Sweethearts 10

To be exact, they were 1,600 miles apart. While distance made them forget about each other years ago, it pushed them to stay together this time around.

Matt and Laura Were Ready for the Challenge

The couple knew that being so far away from each other would make their relationship a challenge, but they were committed to making everything work. They were both fully involved in college campus life and were able to maintain a healthy relationship. The distance was not the only challenge.

Preschool Sweethearts 12

Their time zones were different as well! However, they upgraded from Christmas cards and used Facetime and social media to stay in touch. They used every opportunity they had to see each other.

The Difficult Six Month Stretch

Matt and Laura did their best to talk once a day and visit each other as often as possible. However, with exams and pricey plane tickets, they had to wait a long time before their next break.

Preschool Sweethearts 39

Matt and Laura’s biggest test was their 6-month stretch. They knew they wanted to be together but they also felt the harsh reality of how difficult it was to be apart. Matt knew he had to do something about it.

Matt Decides to Make a Crazy Plan

Senior year in college was coming, and Matt wanted to celebrate their last year of college. He wanted to surprise Laura with something she could never expect.

Preschool Sweethearts 37

Matt arranged a romantic date for when they were both back home for the summer. Matt decided to set up a picnic at the preschool where he and Laura met.

Matt Had a Bigger Surprise

Matt planned the date as a relaxing hour together at the place they first met. “I convinced Laura that we were going to a picnic at the preschool.”

Preschool Sweethearts 34

“We had just finished up our junior year of college, so I framed it as a nice relaxing date,” Matt told the Huffington Post. At this point, the two had been together for four years already, yet Laura never saw this surprise coming.

Laura Was Touched by the Thoughtful Gesture

Laura knew that she was going to have a picnic with Matt but had no clue that she was going to the same spot where they met almost 20 years ago! Matt is a total romantic.

Preschool Sweethearts 41

He said he thought she would like to visit the place where their love story first began. He was right.

Matt Was Very Nervous

Laura noticed that Matt was acting weird. Yes, it was exciting to be with him at the place where they first met but it didn’t make sense for him to act this nervous over a “simple date.”

Preschool Sweethearts 8

Laura was super impressed by the surprise location. Her emotions were running high! She felt so lucky to have Matt in her life and was about to find out just how lucky he also felt.

Will You Marry Me?

Matt got down on one knee, right in front of the place they first met. He looked her in her eyes and told her how much he loved her. Then, he asked if she would be his wife..

Preschool Sweethearts 6

Laura was shocked. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, is this happening?’ I saw the ring and was like, ‘This is gorgeous. I’m so happy. I had no idea,” she told People Magazine. Of course, she said, “Yes!”

The Planning Happened Months in Advance

Matt proposed to Laura on May 23, 2015, but he planned the lovely event months before it took place. Before anything else, Matt asked Laura’s father for his blessing. After he got permission to ask Laura for her hand in marriage, he bought her an engagement ring.

Preschool Sweethearts 13

Matt asked his brother to hide out at the preschool so that he could take pictures of the special moment. Matt even used the same picnic basket that his father used to ask his mother to marry him. His parents packed the basket with sparkling cider and wedding magazines.

Matt Didn’t Want to Wait Until They Graduated

Although the couple was still in college, Matt decided he did not want to wait until after graduation to ask for Laura’s hand in marriage. Matt told Huffington Post that he believes if you want something you must find a way to do it.

Preschool Sweethearts 9

Matt had found a way to say what he wanted years ago in preschool and found a way to make it happen almost 20 years later at the place they met.

Tying the Knot

Matt and Laura got married on December 30th, 2016. The ceremony took place at the Arizona Historical Society. Their song was “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John, from the movie The Lion King. This brought back childhood memories for them both.

Preschool Sweethearts 24

Matt’s uncle officiated their marriage. He said, “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them, it was about finding their soulmates.

Everyone Came to See the Real Life Fairy Tale

Matt and Laura were very happy to be able to share their story with their friends and family. Everyone danced the night away together.

Preschool Sweethearts 23

“Our favorite part of the wedding was the dancing and having everyone we love there to celebrate with us,” Matt and Laura said in an interview with People. “We tore it up on the dance floor and it was great being surrounded by everyone who played a part in bringing us together,” they added.

Honeymoon in Maui

Matt and Laura celebrate their honeymoon in Maui together. They jetted off to the gorgeous island to finally be together alone and enjoy this exciting time their lives. They spent two weeks relaxing and exploring the island together.

Preschool Sweethearts 17

At last, Laura was able to be with the man she loved without things like separate schools standing in the way. It was a comfortable feeling for both of them knowing this would be forever.

Laura Tells the Story of How They Met

Matt and Laura always knew how special their relationship was. Stories like this usually happen only on the big screen; that’s why she they wanted to get their story out in the world.

Preschool Sweethearts 3

Laura shared a photo from preschool alongside a current photo of her and her husband.

Matt and Laura Went Totally Viral

“I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” Matt said.

Preschool Sweethearts 1

Everyone who saw the photo as kids beside the picture taken on their wedding day could not stop talking about it. The story started to spread like wildfire. Matt and Laura eventually went viral

Hundreds of Thousands of People Read Their Story

An Instagram account called “The Way We Met” shared Matt and Laura’s story, resulting in 30,000 likes and about 1,000 comments. Laura got a notification that their story was shared with almost 400,000 followers.

Preschool Sweethearts 4

Before they knew it, several media channels were reaching out to the couple to get all of the details about their love story. The couple was contacted by media outlets like the Huffington Post, The Today Show, and People Magazine; which all featured stories about the couple.

They’re Dog Parents

These two are waiting a little longer to have children, but they did adopt a dog. They are dog lovers and are not quite ready for kids, this is good practice for a family.

Preschool Sweethearts 15

These puppy parents are learning what it means to be a team within a family step by step. So far they are living life happily ever after.

An Inspirational Story

Now that these pre-school sweethearts were finally happily married and had become dog parents, what was next for the pair? Well, their story had just begun. It had gone viral and attracted the attention of news outlets far and wide. Their social media pages were now flooded with comments too.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons108

One user wrote, “This story is one of the most refreshing stories” and that it “gladdens the heart to see that in this world there is still some hope and joy.” So as Laura and Matt’s story had brought so much joy to the internet, everyone wanted to know more about their “happily ever after” relationship.

More Media Appearances

As media interest in their story grew, Laura and Matt started to appear on TV talk shows together, such as Steve Harvey’s. As soon as they appeared on camera, it was clear the couple had an infectious energy. They’re just comfortable in each other’s company and have so much love for each other.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons104

Steve asked them to delve deeper into how they met and what attracted them to each other. Matt gushed how is still drawn to her “fantastic smile” and still describes her as “the happiest person I know.” Matt also revealed some intriguing elements to their story, that could have changed everything.

They Almost Never Met

Matt and Laura have already had to overcome obstacles like separate schools, time-zones, and long-distances. Still, Matt revealed how they almost never met at all. You see, Laura was originally born in New Dehli, India. Her parents were working there at the time for the US government.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons109

Her parents visited an orphanage in India and happened to meet Laura. They knew instantly that they had to adopt her, and we’re thankful they did. They brought her back to live in Phoenix, Arizona and enrolled her into a pre-school. Luckily, Matt’s parents had just enrolled him at the same school.

That Fateful Proposal

On the talk show, Steve asked Matt and Laura about the fateful day where Matt proposed in kindergarten. It’s clear that Matt was as sincere about Laura back then as he is today. He was “drawn to her infectious energy, even as a kid she still has it now.” Still, how did Laura react to the proposal?

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons107

Well, when Matt proposed in front of his entire class, Laura was flattered. But she was a little more realistic than Matt, even at a young age. She recalls how she assured Matt that “we need to slow down and wait until we’re a bit older” Matt then joked how “I took her advice and waited a little longer.”

A Real Happily Ever After

So another burning question on everyone’s lips was, what does happily ever after look like? Well, we’re happy to see that after getting married, Matt and Laura are just as crazy in love as ever. Even when they celebrate other occasions like friend’s weddings, their love is still just as contagious.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons106

Matt often shares photos of Laura with captions like “the woman of my dreams.” Well, the couple had been separated by distances, countries, states,
schools, and colleges. They had overcome so much to be together. This is probably why they appreciate every day that they now get to spend together.

Following Their Dreams

After Matt and Laura tied the knot, they also graduated from college. Now they were reunited and living under the same roof and in the same zip code. Still, they had to decide what they wanted to do with their lives, and which career paths to follow.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons102

As you can imagine, they are just as supportive of each other’s careers. Matt shared how “My wife does amazing things. Every day she helps kids in foster care.” Matt is happy to attend events with her and said, “It is always a blast to support her on nights like this, what a great toy drive at Arizona Helping Hands. Great job Lor!”

Crossing Paths Once Again

While Matt is happy to support Laura and attend events for her work, Laura is equally as supportive of Matt. He now works in an advertising agency. He recently shared how at one point, their careers crossed paths. It all began when Matt was helping to produce a foster care commercial.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons105

Matt couldn’t think of a better person for the foster care commercial than Laura. Well, he couldn’t quite cast all of her in the ad, so he cast her hands. He still couldn’t be prouder, and said, “When you get to cast your wife as a hand model in a foster care commercial it is a pretty cool day!”

An Awesome Team

Matt and Laura make an awesome team in marriage, and in life. They are also passionate and supportive of each other’s careers. So we’re happy to the dynamic duo also take the time to hang out and do regular couple activities too. They also make a pretty awesome team for the holidays.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons100

For Halloween, they followed the time-honored holiday tradition of dressing up in a couple’s costume. They clearly share a love for lattes, so Matt dressed up as a barista and Laura dressed as the beverage. Of course, they had to include their beloved pup, who made a great caramel topping.

Celebrating Milestones

Matt and Laura clearly have a lot of appreciation for each other. Even though they are married, they aren’t complacent. They still take the time to take each other out on date nights. Matt often shares loving photos of Laura, with captions like “Thankful for her.”

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons101

The couple still also celebrate every milestone together. They recently marked their second marriage anniversary. Matt gushed how even after two years, and almost a lifetime together, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

What’s Next?

Matt and Laura clearly make an awesome team. They also make great parents to their beloved pup, and he’s part of the family now. So only time will tell when they will welcome some more family additions. They are both at the start of their careers and have so much to achieve too.

These Preschool Best Friends Did Not Think They Would Cross Paths Again… and Then Fate Stepped in Add ons103

Matt and Laura are also still proving to be an inspiration to so many people as well. They still receive comments like, “Your story is by far the most heartwarming story I’ve read in my life!” So, what’s next for the pair? Well, this is only the beginning of the next chapter for them.