Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father?

Everyone knows Prince Harry. He’s the man who stepped away from one of the most powerful families in the world. He’s the most famous man in society today…But he’s also one of the most controversial. Yes, while Prince Harry may be a name we’ve uttered countless times, this fallen prince has fans and foes across the globe. He’s the ultimate royal outsider, but what’s the real reason for that?

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Well, some suggest this is all down to his royal – or lack of royal – lineage. And while it’s been no secret that Prince Harry isn’t like his brother, his father, or even his grandfather, conspiracy theorists across the globe have finally come to a conclusion as to why Harry is so different. After all, it’s not hard to leave a family that isn’t biologically related to you…

Prince Harry Has Always Been Different and His Decision to Step Away From the Royals Wasn’t a Surprise

In January 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle released a statement confirming a move to step away from royal life. Harry had been involved in a difficult conversation with his grandmother, the Queen, and even Buckingham Palace announced that “that they will not be returning as working members of the royal family.” This came as a tough blow to royal fans everywhere… but not as a complete surprise.

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Over the course of his life and career, Prince Harry has always been viewed as the royal outsider, and many assumed that it would be only a matter of time before the youngest brother made a drastic move. In fact, many people saw it happening way before it was confirmed due to the rumors surrounding his father. But which father do they mean? Prince Charles? Or perhaps the man in the famous photos that’s rumored to be his father?

The Prince Has Always Been Compared to William in a Negative Way, but Some Suggest They’re Not Even Brothers

Anyone with siblings will know that brothers and sisters always get pipped against each other. People can’t help but compare two siblings from the same family, and it’s long been suggested that Harry struggled to live in Prince William’s shadow growing up. While William was taught that he would one day become king, Harry took a back seat and was often portrayed as the less important member of the family. And during this time, he started to rebel.

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And while Prince Harry did follow in his family’s footsteps to create an impressive career for himself within the military, he ultimately forged his own path. He became the party boy, he became the bachelor, and he became the trickster brother who had all the fun while William focused on his future duties. He was the talk of the town, but as Harry got older, rumors of his personal life became even more intense. And they surrounded his biological genes.

The Young Prince Grew up in a Household That Was Struggling at the Seams, and This Led His Parents Astray

Although the royal family has always tried to keep up appearances to prove that everything is planned and precise, it was clear during Harry’s childhood that life was a struggle. While his parents tried to convey a happy family, the world knew better. In fact, we knew that Prince Charles and Princess Diana weren’t happy even before they got married.

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Yes, fans of The Crown will know that Charles didn’t even want to marry Diana. He was in love with Camilla Shand and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. However, the royal family did not approve of their relationship, and instead encouraged him to propose to Diana Spencer instead. And while forcing their love seemed to work for a short while, it ultimately ended up in indiscretions that have led many people to question Harry’s biology.

Many Have Questioned Whether Prince Harry Knew His Parents Were Being Unfaithful While He Was Growing Up

Prince Charles and Diana made royal history when they tied the knot in 1981, and to many people, they were the “it” couple. Charles was the future king and Diana had become the “People’s Princess” and won over the hearts of the world. And while they later welcomed Princes William and Harry into the world, their marriage began to break down almost as soon as it had begun. While they officially divorced in 1996, their marriage was over way before.

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Both during their marriage and during their separation, both Charles and Diana sought comfort from other people. And while these stories made their way into the press, it’s been noted that the royal family tried to keep this information from the two young boys. However, many have questioned whether Harry could sense that his family unit wasn’t as tough as it seemed. Perhaps he knew all of the royal secrets? Or maybe he was the result of one…

While Charles Had an Affair With Camilla, Diana Had a Five-Year-Long Affair With James Hewitt

It’s believed that the real cracks between Prince Harry’s parents began to show after a few years of marriage. After struggling to keep away from his former girlfriend Camilla Shand – who at that point had become Camilla Parker Bowles – he resumed a relationship with her behind his wife’s back. This information soon got back to Diana, and it wasn’t long before Diana’s eyes also started to wander.

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In fact, Diana confirmed in her infamous 1995 Panorama documentary that she had been involved in a five-year affair with her riding instructor and former army officer, James Hewitt, during her marriage to Charles. While both of their parents were having affairs with other people, William and Harry lived by the rule that Prince Charles was their father… But some believe that this wasn’t the case for Harry. And certain pictures seem to suggest otherwise.

Diana First Met Hewitt at a Party and The “Womanizer” Quickly Won Over Her Affection

Despite the fact that Charles and Diana put on a united front for the sake of the royal reputation, their lives were very separated. They often attended different events, and Diana reportedly first set eyes on James Hewitt when they both attended a party organized by her lady-in-waiting, Hazel West. Hewitt was single at the time, but he was known for being a “natural womanizer.”

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Ken Wharfe, Diana’s former bodyguard, wrote in his book Diana: Closely Guarded that Diana and James’ first meeting was a memorable one. He wrote the first conversation between Diana and James “felt natural, she said, and it was this that sparked her attraction. As she put it, they got along famously. He told her he was a riding instructor and, when she confessed she was afraid of horses, offered to help her overcome her fear.”

James Became Diana’s Riding Instructor, but Soon Their Arrangement Became More of a Romantic One

After their initial meeting, the pair decided to utilize this new connection in order to improve Diana’s horse-riding skills. He aimed to help her become more confident on a horse, but as they spent more and more time with each other their attraction grew. They ultimately ended up in a private love affair that lasted around five years. However, they tried to keep the whole thing quiet – just as Charles and Camilla did.

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However, when you’re one of the most famous women in the world, keeping a romance away from the public eye can be difficult. While Diana and James took every precaution to ensure that they weren’t seen together, there were often occasions where rumors would come out of the woodwork. Especially because James Hewitt’s mother wanted to shout about their affair from the rooftops.

The Couple Would Escape to the Countryside to Maintain Their Affair, but This Didn’t Go Unnoticed

Ken Wharfe wrote in his book that, when they wanted some serious alone time, Diana and James would make their way to Devon and away from the prying eyes of London. They would meet at an old cottage owned by Hewitt’s mother, Shirley Hewitt, and they would play happy families. In fact, even James himself noted in an interview that “I’d cook and [Diana] would wash up. Just dinner and relaxing and laughing.”

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But during this time, it’s been noted that “the creaking bedroom floorboards told the story more loudly than any other confession.” And when Shirley Hewitt heard these creaking floorboards within her own house, she knew that the couple was more than just horse riding partners. She knew that they had something special, and it’s been suggested that she would brag about her son’s relationship with the princess to her friends.

While James and Diana Continued Their Affair, James and Charles Met on the Polo Field

While Diana and James retreated to their Devon getaway home when they wanted some time alone, their lives back in London were much more difficult. As a member of the royal family’s Household Cavalry and a member of high society, James Hewitt ran in the same social circles as Prince Charles. While it’s not known whether Charles was aware of his wife’s indiscretions with her riding instructor, Diana’s two men often met on the polo field.

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During the 1980s, both Charles and James Hewitt were keen polo players. And high-society polo matches not only involved high-society players, but also a huge audience of like-minded people who all ran around in the same social circle. Because of this, there are many photos of the two men together, even though there were countless secrets running through their minds.

Because of Their Tight-Knit Social Circles, Diana and James Hewitt Had to Pretend as Though They Were Strangers

Despite the fact that Charles and James often played polo together – with Diana watching them from the sidelines – the two lovebirds tried not to get too close to each other during these events. They didn’t want to raise suspicion, and they didn’t want any more rumors to start flying around. But in August 1989 Diana had no choice but to get up close and personal with the man she had been having an affair with for five years.

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For a polo match at Tidworth in Wiltshire back in the late 1980s, Diana had to present the Captains’ and the Subalterns’ Cup to her lover in front of a crowd of high society members. As many had already heard the rumors of their affair, whispers could be heard from those in the audience. And what makes this picture and this event so exciting for conspiracy theorists is that this is the only place where James and Diana were photographed together.

While They Had an Amazing Five-Year Affair, Diana and James Were Forced Apart in 1989

Although Diana and James’s relationship was not your normal relationship – mainly because she was married to a man who will eventually become king – she noted that their love was real. One year before she officially divorced Charles she was interviewed by BBC’s Panorama. And when speaking about James, she confessed that “Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him.” But sadly their love came to an end in the late 1980s.

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In late 1989, James was asked to lead the command of the Tank Squadron, which meant that he had to leave the UK and head for pastures new in a different country. According to Ken Wharfe, “Diana felt betrayed: He had chosen his career over her. At first, she did everything she could to prevent him from going, even threatening to speak to his commanding officer. When James refused to give up his career, Diana let the affair wane.”

But Many Believe That Their Affair Left One Thing Behind… Prince Harry

After Diana was left distraught by her breakup, details about their affair soon made their way into the public. Both Diana and James Hewitt confirmed on many different occasions that their love had been real and that Diana had been unfaithful during her relationship. And while they were often less up-front about the dates of their relationship, many people couldn’t help but think that these timings seemed to match up with the date of Prince Harry’s birth.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father18
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However, it wasn’t just the dates that got everyone talking. From a young age, it was clear to see that Prince Harry was different from his older brother. Not only was his personality different, but his appearance also led to a huge amount of speculation. After all, Prince William had dark blond hair, while Harry had red hair… just like James Hewitt himself.

Theorists Believe That Harry’s Red Hair and Coloring Prove That He’s the Love Child of Diana and James Hewitt

Conspiracy theories surrounding Prince Harry have been around since his birth. But they really came to light in 1995 when Diana took part in her Panorama interview to confirm the affair, and four years later when James Hewitt wrote all about their affair in a scandalous tell-all book. By this point, Harry was gearing up for his teenage years, and the differences between him and his brother were becoming increasingly obvious.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father3
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Everything from their hair color to their facial coloring was different, and many couldn’t help but think that this stark difference was due to the fact that Prince Harry was not Prince Charles’ son at all. Instead, Prince Harry had been born from an illicit royal affair going on behind the scenes. And when people saw other pictures of Harry and James together, they couldn’t help but question everything they thought they knew…

As Harry Has Grown Up, It’s Been Suggested That He Has Begun to Look Even More Like James Hewitt

Questions surrounding Prince Harry’s father have surrounded him since he was just a youngster, and despite naysayers pushing the theories back underground, they have always come back up again. Especially as Prince Harry has grown up and his appearance has grown older, as the comparison photos between James and Harry have become difficult to ignore.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father28
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Theorists believe that this is one of the most convincing pieces of evidence in the James/Harry/Charles case. They believe that everything in Harry’s profile matches perfectly with Diana’s former lover, from the slightly curved nose to the round chin and, of course, the red hair color and beard. But despite this supposed “proof” what does James Hewitt himself say about the rumors?

Hewitt Has Outright Denied That He’s Prince Harry’s Father but Some People Aren’t Convinced

Since Diana tragically passed away in 1997, James Hewitt has become the only member of the Diana and James affair that can speak about the specifics of the relationship. And because of this, he has been inundated with questions surrounding Prince Harry for decades. In fact, when James appeared on the Australian television show Sunday Night in 2017, the interviewer outright asked him: “Are you Harry’s father?”

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father15
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Every time James has been asked this same question, he has the same answer: No, he isn’t Harry’s father. During this particular interview, he noted that the story was created “to sell papers” and that the whole scenario was “probably worse for [Harry], poor chap.” But never once has James denied that he was in a relationship with Diana while she was still married to Prince Charles.

Many Think That Harry’s Rebellious Side Came From Hewitt’s Side of the Family

While James Hewitt has always claimed that he is not Prince Harry’s real father, many of the theorists who believe otherwise believe that the proof is never-ending. From the similarities in their appearance to the similarities in their personalities, they believe it’s a strong case that Prince Charles is not his real father. And so maybe that’s why he didn’t find it hard to leave the royal family behind?

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father26
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And it’s not hard for those who follow the royal family to understand the similarities in James and Harry’s personalities, either. During his early 20s, Prince Harry was described as the royal rebel who loved partying the night away and dating as many ladies as he could juggle. Considering James Hewitt was described as a “natural womanizer” and was brave enough to have an affair with a prince’s wife, you could say they were one and the same.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Stark Differences Have Also Been Used as “Proof” Within This Paternity Case

However, it’s not just the comparison between Harry and James alone that has raised eyebrows. Prince William has also been brought into the mix, as siblings within the royal family have always seemed to be similar in terms of their appearance and their general life timeline. But this hasn’t been the case for Prince Harry and William at all.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father27
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When Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in 2011 and started having their children, Prince Harry was way behind. He was still a bachelor moving from one girlfriend to the next, and he didn’t seem to really know what he wanted in his life. Could this be because they didn’t share the same father? Or just because they really were that different?

The Brothers Have Always Remained Silent About the Rumors Surrounding Their Mother

Both Prince Harry and Prince William have had a strained relationship with the press over the years, especially since their mother passed away. And while they have often spoken out about topics that are important to them, neither of them has publicly acknowledged the rumors that suggest that they are only half-brothers.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father25
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Instead, up until recently, they have kept their relationship as tight-knit as possible, and they spent most of their younger years playing polo together – just as Charles and James Hewitt had done decades before. And while their silence has led theorists to believe their claim is true, others just can’t believe that Harry really is the son of James Hewitt. Especially because they believe he looks so much like Charles.

Despite the Claims About Harry and Hewitt, Many Still Believe That Harry Is the Spitting Image of Charles

Over the years, the conspiracy theorists that believe Prince Harry is the love child of James Hewitt and Princess Diana have been shut down by royalists who outright believe it isn’t true. And in their eyes, they think that Prince Harry is the spitting image of Prince Charles – especially when Charles was younger and had a beard.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father6
Image: Harper’s Bazaar (left) and Cosmopolitan (right)

These two photos show that the father and son duo also have similarities – just as Prince Harry and James Hewitt do. They have similar ears and a similar face shape, and even their slight smile seems to be reminiscent of each other. Plus, those who have seen pictures of Charles and Harry when they were much younger can’t deny the resemblance.

They Believe That Harry and Charles Were Almost Identical When They Were Both Children

Thanks to their place in society, the royal family has shared their family photos with us for hundreds of years. Because of this, we can compare and contrast them all in one way or another – including Charles and Harry. And many people believe that not only do the father and son look alike now they’re older, but that they also looked alike when they were children.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father14
Image: Instagram/Clarence House (left) and Glamour (right)

This old photograph of Prince Charles, his siblings, and his grandmother shows the heir to the throne in a very different light. He still looks as he does now, but some have suggested that he looked even more like Prince Harry when he was this age. Of course, there are still others who don’t quite see it and are still convinced that Harry is a secret love child.

Alongside This, They Also Think That Harry Is Almost Identical to His Late Grandfather

It seems as though Harry doesn’t just look like Charles, though. Over the years, those who have been trying to refute the claims that Harry is the secret love child of Diana and James Hewitt have fired back with their own collages. And in this case, it seems as though he looks exactly like his late grandfather, Prince Philip.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father12
Images: Elle

In these two photos, you can not only see the fact that both Prince Harry and Prince Philip were honorable military men, but that they also sported a similar beard during their service. Just like Prince Charles, both of them have a sly and humble smile, and it seems as though the only difference between these two photos is that one is black and white while the other is color.

And You Can See This Family Resemblance Within Both of Their Military Photos

While Prince Philip has sadly passed away, it’s been noted that he was extremely close with his grandson. Prince Philip also famously struggled with his role in the royal family and struggled with his place in society as a whole, and it’s been suggested that both of them bonded over this shared experience. Alongside their military adventures, of course.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father4
Images: Elle

This is just another photo that showcases the supposed similarities between the two royal family members, but it seems as though even these photos aren’t enough to change the minds of those who are convinced of their conspiracy theory. In their minds, Prince Philip wasn’t Harry’s grandfather, and Prince Harry wasn’t Prince Charles’s son.

More Than Anything, People Don’t Believe That Diana Would Lie About Prince Harry’s Real Father

Over the course of her lifetime – and specifically during her time in the royal family – Princess Diana became known somewhat of a rebel. She was an independent woman who didn’t like the way that she was being treated by the family, and so she often tried to break the rules. Her “revenge dress” proved as much, but many have questioned the extent of her rebellious ways over the years.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father23
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

While Diana was known to push the boundaries, would she have really have lied about her child’s father? But then if James Hewitt really was Prince Harry’s father, this would have put her life, her marriage, and her whole family in jeopardy. In the conspiracy theorists’ eyes, Princess Diana had to protect herself. But the counterargument is that she had nothing to lie about in the first place – especially as the dates don’t add up, apparently.

According to Royal Insiders, the Date of Diana and James’ Affair Don’t Match up With Prince Harry’s Birth Date

Perhaps one of the biggest arguments against Prince Harry being James Hewitt’s son has actually come from James himself. Apparently, the two lovebirds began their affair in 1986 – two years after Prince Harry was born. And James has noted that when they began meeting up secretly behind the scenes, Harry was already a toddler and was already walking.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father16
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

If this is to be believed, then there is no way that James Hewitt really is the father of Prince Harry. However, we’re simply going on the words of royal insiders and the man who was involved in one of the most infamous affairs in history. Due to the fact that there were so secretive and were only photographed together once, their affair could have started earlier than we originally thought.

Harry’s Red Hair Also Reportedly Comes From Diana’s Side of the Family and Not From James Hewitt

Harry’s red hair is perhaps the most striking similarity between the prince and James Hewitt, but those who were close to the late Diana have noted that this wasn’t because he was Harry’s father. In fact, Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, has noted that the claims are “farcical” and that “James Hewitt is NOT Harry’s dad. It’s something that’s been made up. It was just because Harry had red hair, but all the Spencers have red hair.”

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father20
Image: Daily Express

Yes, it’s been suggested that Harry’s unique trait – that was not passed on to Prince William or has any prevalence within the royal bloodline – is actually from Diana’s side of the family. Many of her relatives have red hair, including her sister. For those who believe that Charles is Harry’s father, this should squash the rumors once and for all.

Diana Heard the Rumors About Harry Before She Passed Away, and They Reportedly Left Her “in Tears”

Diana always knew that she was a black sheep within the royal family, and through her sources, she was able to understand what the public thought of her too. While most people absolutely loved her, the rumors that plagued her relationship and her family eventually made her way to the “People’s Princess.”

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father10
Image: Daily Express

Ken Wharfe, her former bodyguard, noted that Diana was “greatly angered” when she heard the rumors that Harry was the secret love child of her affair with James Hewitt. While she had been open about this indiscretion and the fact that both she and her husband had been unfaithful, these particular rumors reportedly left her in tears because she feared what it would do to her family.

It’s Not Known What Prince Harry Thinks About the Rumors, or Whether He Believes Them

Since moving away from the royal family and starting his new life in the US, Prince Harry seems to have opened up more about his childhood, his family life, and his mental health. However, he has been very quiet when it comes to his mother’s personal life and relationships. He has never spoken about James Hewitt, and it’s not known whether they have even met before.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father1
Image: Huffington Post

However, it would be hard to believe that the rumor of him being James Hewitts’ son hasn’t made its way to the prince over the years. He may have heard the rumors and learned of his mother’s affair, but it’s not known how he feels about it or even whether he believes it. While he has a strained relationship with Prince Charles, it seems as though he regards him as his father.

Prince Charles Has Also Refused to Talk About Diana’s Affair in Public Over the Years

In fact, it seems as though Prince Harry isn’t the only one who is keeping schtum on these rumors. Over the course of his life, Prince Charles has rarely spoken about his personal endeavors in the press. In true royal form, he has kept his own life to himself to avoid a royal scandal. Because of this, he’s never approached the subject of James Hewitt.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father11
Image: The Mirror

While Prince Charles and James were once polo pals, it seems as though they now have nothing to do with each other. We can only assume that in Charles’ eyes, Hewitt is an unimportant member of society who has no place meddling in his family business. And considering Hewitt is now reportedly living outside of London and keeping a low profile, Charles may have had something to do with that.

While Opinions Are Still Divided, the Rumor Will Haunt Prince Harry’s Life Forever

It’s fair to say that the world is divided when it comes to Prince Harry and his father. While the prince has always been different in terms of his looks and personality, does that really mean that he’s not Prince Charles’ son? While many theorists stand by the claim that he’s the secret love child of Diana and James Hewitt, others are convinced that he has royal blood running through his veins.

Prince Harry Has Always Been a Royal Outsider but Is Prince Charles Even His Real Father17
Image: Town & Country

Because of this divide, we can assume that – even in his new life out in the US – these rumors will plague the prince for the rest of his life. And it seems as though the further he pulls away from the royal family, the more this rumor gains even more traction and even more followers…