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Who is Mutsu? Prince Harry’s Special Guest of Honor Warms Everyone’s Heart

The royal wedding hosted the top A-list celebrities. David Beckham, George Clooney and of course the cast of Suits. Although the media couldn’t stop raving about everyone’s outfits, there was one special guest who deserves more attention. Mutsu, Harry’s guest of honor came all the way from the African country Lesotho to watch as his close friend, Harry, got married. Heres how they met



The day Meghan Markle became famous was a day where most of the world and their faces glued to a screen. No one wanted to miss the magnificent royal ceremony.

Meghan’s story is like any other that you’d find in a book of fairytales. She was just a regular girl that became a princess. Yes, she’s a famous actress but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that she never considered the chances that she would become a royal princess.

Although Megan’s experience sparked some hope in all of our hearts, there was another guest at the wedding with an amazing story. In addition to the usual and expected wedding guests such as family and some top of the line celebrities, there were 200 guests representing charities that Harry and the Royal family helped throughout the years. One, in particular, has a special place in Harry’s heart.

A Special Guest of Harry’s

Among the honorable guests was an 18-year old boy named Mutsu Postane. When Mutsu was only four years old he met and made an instant connection with Prince Harry. The Prince was on a mission to help children with AIDS and HIV in Lesotho, an African country. Harry was only nineteen years old at the time. Usually, boys at this age and with this privilege are very into themselves, but Harry proved to be different.

The young Mutsu followed Prince Harry all over the orphanage he lived in. They immediately formed a cute friendship that deeply touched Harry’s heart.

The Start of a New Charity

Two years later, Prince Harry met up with Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso, to speak about a way to help children like Mutsu. Together they opened up a charity called Sentabale’ which means “Forget Me Not.”

Sentabale’ is an organization that aims to help and gives hope to children who have AIDS or HIV in Lesotho. Over the years, Harry returned to the African country to check up on the organization and to visit Mutsu.

Now that Harry went on to tie the knot, it was Mustu’s turn to visit. Mutsu was one of ten representatives from the organization attending the wedding.

He’s as Kind as His Mother

Harry’s mother, Princess Diana is known for her charity work and kind heart. Many people look at Prince Harry and see a lot of this characteristic in him. His dedication to helping children seems so come more from the heart and less from his status as a prince. The British Prince’s kind acts really prove the similarity between his and his mother’s heart.

Mutsu is Still in Touch With Harry

Surely Prince Seeiso attended the wedding as well. Seeiso made a statement upon arriving at the event. “I’ve come here with all the wishes of Lesotho, I’m not here on my own behalf I’m here representing the entire nation who are so happy,” Prince Seeiso said.

Harry and Mutsu have been in touch for years. They meet each other every time Harry comes to Lesotho. Their bond is special and while Mutsi must have felt honored to be at the Royal wedding, it was clear that Harry felt just as honored when Mutsu showed up.

Mutsu was one of the first people who were able to congratulate the newlyweds, and Harry wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, Mutsu is doing well and is focusing on his studies.