An Insider’s Look at How Kate Middleton Has Been Preparing to Take the Throne All This Time

Thu Sep 24 2020

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2020 has been a rollercoaster, leaving many of us adjusting to life in lockdown. And somehow, the Duchess of Cambridge is proving to be just as busy as ever. It’s not all for nothing, which is why we’ve taken a deep dive into how Kate Middleton has been prepping herself for her future role as a queen.

Whether she will take the title of queen consort or not is heavily debated… But everyone agrees that regardless of her title, she would be reffered to as “Queen Kate” by the public. But there’s been a lot of drama on her way to the top, and we’re unpacking all of it. Check out what’s been going on in her hectic life.

It Started Off Promising…

Meghan Markle became engaged to Prince Harry at the end of 2017, by which time Kate understood she should gain a friend among the senior royal circle. With Meghan moving in Kate would no longer be the new-comer, allowing the duchess to seem more established as a royal.

Things seemed friendly at first between the two young women. Meghan even began wearing clothes from Kate’s favorites designers at public events – a show of solidarity and good feeling. With Meghan there in the background, it was sure to help Kate on her quest to climb to the top.

Damage Control

The good feeling wouldn’t stick around for long, however. It becomes apparent quite quickly that Kate and Meghan dont have much in common and dont really see eye to eye. Where Kate keeps to the rules, Meghan wanted to be non-traditional. And that wasn’t going to get Kate the crown.

Still, they had their royal commitments and their reputations to uphold. As time went on, we could see that they had chosen to remain civil with eachother, at least in front of the public eye. There was alot of fake smiling, sitting by eachother, and friendly nodding.

Kate Steps Up Where Meghan Refuses To

Signs of strain with the famous foursome started to show through Meghan and Harry’s lack of attendence at royal engagements. They started attending to events far less than expected, with Kate, Will, and the other senior royals being left to keep the show afloat.

Meghan personally came at the bottom of the list in relation to the other royals for most events attended in 2019. Obviously, royal life just wasn’t in line with what Meghan had in mind for herself. But it did nothing for her and Kate’s relationship and it was starting to show.

Pushing Meghan Out

For the Queen’s 93rd birthday Kate and Will posted a family picture to their Instagram, and many noticed one particular person missing. All the most high-profile senior royals were present in the balcony pic except Meghan, who was nowehere to be found. People accused them of snubbing the Duchess of Sussex.

If that isn’t a sign that things weren’t going great between them, we dont know what is. Even Harry was in the picture – but still no Meghan. Public opinion on the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t that great, as many saw her as a trouble-maker and rule-breaker. It’s possible that Kate wanted to distance herself from the criticism Meghan was recieving in order to stay in everyone’s good books.

Meghan Complains and Kate Looks Bad

Meghan gave an rare interview for the ITV documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey. But what she had to say reflected badly on the Duchess of Cambridge. She terily stated that “Not many people have asked if I’m OK,” which people understood to be a swipe at Kate for not being supportive enough.

Meghan also spoke about just how struggling it is as a new mum to baby Archie, and how tough her role can be as a woman. Surely, no one knows more about that struggle than Kate. Obviously things were a bit sour between the two duchess’ which wasnt a great look for an aspiring queen like Kate.

Harry Has Something To Say, Too

In the same ITV documentary that made Kate look unsupportive, Prince Harry chimed in about his relationship with Prince William. The public had been speculating that the two brothers had a feud, to which Harry had something to say. “Inevitably stuff happens. But we’re brothers, we’ll always be brothers,” he explained.

Harry continued: “We’re certainly on different paths at the moment.” Despite his best intentions, it seemed even more likely that the brothers had fallen out. But it was becoming very clear that he and Meghan weren’t trying to compete with Kate and Will for the throne.

Meghan Finds a Big Way to Upstage Kate

The world was shocked when Meghan and Harry told the world that they would be stepping down as senior royals back on January 8th. But you probably wont have been aware of the huge snub they gave Kate by announcing their news that day – it was the day before Kate’s birthday!

Less than 24 hours before Kate was ready to reign in her 38th year, the news broke out and sent the media crazy. Meghan was the hottest topic for weeks, meaning that Kate’s birthday was pretty much overlooked by the public. Clearly, Meghan didn’t mind playing dirty.

Kate Benefits From Meghan Coping Out

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ wish to bow out of all royal responsibilities meant one thing for Kate – a lot more work. Now that Meghan was stepping out of the picture, Kate would have to step in and replace her for all the public events and occasions that they could otherwise share.

While Kate found herself under more pressure, it did allow for good things. First of all, Kate wouldn’t have to play nice with the member of the family that she clearly didn’t vibe with. And with meghan gone, Kate could prove herself twice as capable by stepping in even more.

Kate Proves Just How Capable She Is

Meghan and Harry’s departure from royal life also made Kate look good – really good. If Meghan couldn’t cope with the pressure, and Prince Harry wanted to leave behind his family, what did it say about Kate and the last nine years she’s been in the royal family?

It did wonders for Kate’s reputation and she knew it. She and William were attending more public functions than ever, proving to the world that they were the capable and reliable young royals who hold the future. Even with three young kids to look after, too. Afterall, Queen Elizabeth also had three children when she ascended the throne.

New Information Sheds Light On Their Relationship

A couple of months after news of Harry and Meghan’s decision, a new book was released by royal family biographer Tom Quinn. It claimed that the duchess’ relationship suffered majorly after Meghan shouted at one of Kate’s staff members.

He reported that Kate was “horrified” by Meghan’s temper towards the help, and further solidified in her mind that she shoudl distance herself from Harry’s wife. Either way, it didn’t make Kate look bad one bit. If anything, she seemed even more like the “people’s people” for siding with her staffer.

Kate’s Bent the Rules Before

Kate is referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge and not Princess Kate but the truth is, she is officially a princess through her marriage to William! On the birth certificates of all her three children, her occupation is listed as “Princess of the Untied Kingdom”. That’s quite a job title…

Interestingly, the title of princess or prince is reserved exclusively for those born into the royal family, like Prince William. However, the palace made an exception for Kate, even though she’s more commonly referred to as the duchess. It certainly gets you thinking as to why the queen chose to make this rare exception.

Crafting a Supportive Image of Herself

National lockdowns and social distancing regulations have brought about a perfect opportunity for Kate to interact with the public. She has shown herself to be interested in the country’s subjects and invited people of all ages to participate in a photographic lockdown project. Titled the “Hold Still” project, she teamed up with the institutional National Portrait Gallery in London to create an upcoming digital exhibition.

By taking on a project that reaches out to Britain’s individuals, Kate’s building a reputation for herself as being in touch with the people. The initiative aims to portray “the spirit, the mood, the hopes, the fears and the feelings of the nation,” with Kate noting “how different and diverse everyone’s experience of Covid-19 has been.” Many royals have chosen to take a time-out during these uncertain times, but not the Duchess.

She’s Trying To Tell Us She’s Relatable

Kate is on best behavior when it comes to being on the public’s good side. With all the drama constantly revolving around Meghan and Harry, Kate is trying to consistently stay in everyone’s good books. While Meghan is often criticized for being distant and aloof from the everyday person, the Duchess does her best to bridge that gap.

In her recent Zoom video calls that were broadcast to the public, Kate has been donning ultra affordable high-street clothing made from synthetic materials. Could she be any more down to earth? Most recently, she threw on a floral $13 Zara dress that is 50% viscose. But her hair and makeup were impeccably done, as fitting for a royal.

A Former Royal Chef Had a Lot to Say About William and Kate

Chef Darren McGrady spent 15 years of his career cooking for the royals. This included cooking for Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana whom he had only good things to say about. As you could imagine McGrady has had the opportunity to get to know the royal family quite well. And recently he spoke out specifically about William and Kate.

The former royal Chef criticized William and Kate for trying too hard to be relatable in order to gain the public’s favor. He believes that the couple should instead focus their energies on charitable causes. He elaborated saying “I saw that whatever charity Princess Diana was involved in, their profits came in tenfold. I think that is what William should be doing and I think every charity in England would accept him as their Patron.”

Please Notice How Hard Im Working

The Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t just been working from home during the pandemic. Like the queen she ventured outside of her house, in this instance to show support for a the Shire Hall Care Home in South Wales. Considering how barely any other royals have made a public appearance since lockdown, Kate is clearly showing solidarity with Her Majesty.

She was accompanied by William, and they did what high-profile royal family members usually do. They made a surprise visit, spoke to the staff, thanked for their services during such uncertain times, and so on. Kate was wearing a decorated and reinforced face mask – not the usual surgical type – as one might expect of a Queen-to-be.

Strategic Glimpses Into Her Home Life

Taking after Queen Elizabeth’s example, Kate allowed a photographer into her home (sort of) to snap photos of her, William, and the kids. They were standing outside the front door and “clapping for the carers”, showing appreciation for key workers who are doing their necessary jobs despite the rocky times we’re in.

Giving a glimpse into their private family lives is something that Queen Elizabeth started back in 1969, with a documentary following the royal household’s day-to-day lives. It’s remembered to be Her Majesty’s attempt at humanizing the royals in the public eye, during the also unstable late 60s. Kate following in the queen’s footsteps is a sure sign of her upcoming position in the royal family.

The Queen’s Symbolic Photo Placement

One of the biggest signs that Kate would emerge as a future queen of England came at the end of 2019. Queen Elizabeth gave her annual Christmas speech at her study in her Sandringham House residency, where she carefully positioned a small collection of family photos.

Who was front and center of her photo collage? None other than Kate, Will, and the kids, who were given the biggest photo frame and most strategic position. The Cambridges were placed next to a photo of her father, King George VI, and a photo of Prince Charles and Camilla, who will most likely be next in line to the throne until Will and Kate take the reigns. It seems like Her Majesty is dropping hints about the royal’s future.

Exclusive One-on-One Time

One of the most telling things that suggests Kate will one day hold the reins is actually one of the lesser-known events of 2019. The queen and Kate paid a visit to the university, King’s College London, where they helped open a new campus building. They attended only with each other, which got people talking about how close they must be.

On top of that, the paparazzi pictured them in the chauffeur-driven car on the way to the campus sharing a blanket with each other! Attending an event together is one sure-fire way to make sure that Kate gets all the training she needs to be queen. Every step of the way, Kate trailed behind Her Majesty, possibly taking note of her behavior.

Look Who Has the Jewels

Wearing a tiara is a special occasion, even for the Duchess of Cambridge. She has only worn a tiara 10 times to date, with the queen picking and choosing which one would be appropriate for each occasion. Most recently, she donned the regal accessory for a reception the queen hosted at Buckingham Palace, December 2019.

She even looked like a queen, wearing a conservative formal gown with her hair pinned back. It’s not a privilege that is even given to most of the queen’s family members, but Kate has earned the honor. It’s not hard to imagine that there’s a big reason why the duchess is granted tiara-time above everyone else.

Travel Broadens the Popularity

Kate has steadily taken on more and more responsibilities since joining the royal family. But not many royals are given the chance to go overseas on a state visit or tour. But Kate has now been to several locations on official business, including Canada, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Australia, and India.

Most recently, the duchess embarked on a three-day royal tour of Ireland in March of 2020, in a bid to strengthen Britain’s relationship with the Emerald Isle. It brought the royals a ton of good press, with Kate’s striking fashion statements making headlines above all else. She’s clearly a huge asset to the crown and, with such a central role in the royal family, she shows no sign of slowing down.

Hosting All By Herself

Aside from travelling to far off locations, her role in representing the crown is often needed right on her doorstep. Not only has the duchess received important overseas guests with Prince William, but she’s even been asked to host all on her own! She had only been married in to the family for six months when she was asked to step in for her father-in-law and host a private charity dinner.

It would have been a big ask for most families but Kate was more than happy to oblige. She did an amazing job, rubbing shoulders with the socially elite and shmoozing her way through the crowd. Kate was also only given 24 hours notice, but she pulled it off all the same. If ever the queen needed proof of whether Kate can handle the pressure, she proved herself in 2018.

Style Tips From Her Majesty

The queen doesn’t need to kick and scream when out in public to assert her authority. But she makes sure all eyes on her all the same, through her lively outfit choices. She is most often seen sporting bright and cheery colors, making her even harder to miss. As the Queen of England, she wants to make a bold and confident statement everywhere she goes.

It looks like Kate is taking a leaf out of Queen Elizabeth’s book when it comes to fashion philosophy. The duchess also opts for bright, eye-catching colors to stand out more than anyone. Just like the queen, Kate chooses to steal the limelight time and time again. It is part of her role as a representative of the royal family to dress to impress. We wonder if its indicative of Kate’s future ascention to the throne.

Changing Laws For Charlotte’s Gain

In 2015, the Succession to the Crown Act was passed. It meant that, for the first time, the heir of the throne would be determined by age regardless of gender. This means that any girls born to an heir, such as Kate and Will’s daughter Princess Charlotte, would be in line for the throne.

The act of changing a centuries-old law highlights the growing equality between male and female royals. It was passed in order to allow the Cambridges’ children to benefit from it, and perhaps tells us something else about how Kate’s role might grow in the coming years. The future is female!

Princess of Power-Dressing

Another hint at Kate’s burgeoning role as a monarch is in her painstakingly perfect outfit selection. She always dresses extremely appropriate for any occasion and has been doing so for a good few years now. For example, when she got off of the commercial flight to Ireland in March 2020, she stepped out wearing Ireland’s national flag colors.

As a royal, she is not permitted to reveal too much about her personal opinions. That’s why wearing clothes that reflect the monarch’s feelings or alliances is strategically smart. The queen does the same thing, like when she had symbolic embroidery stitched into her 1953 coronation gown. For Kate to emulate Queen Elizabeth’s royal protocol in such a way, they could be purposefully dropping major hints as to Kate’s future.

Producing an Heir (Or Three)

An important role for Kate to fulfill in order to become the queen would be to provide heirs for the future of the crown. Now, three kids down with Prince William, she has successful completed tackled that hurdle. And she didn’t wait long – it took her only seven years to marry into the royal family, start her new life in Kensington Palace, take on a new job and have three children.

It’s almost as if she was racing against time, wanting to fulfill this requirment while still in her prime. She gave birth to not only one heir to the throne but three, further securing the future of the royal family. Kate appears to be acting by-the-book, which puts her in a good position for being even more integral to the royals.

Distancing From Problematic Family Members

You might not be aware of the fact that the duchess has a particular uncle that the royals try hard brush under the rug. Multi-millionaire and businessman Gary Goldsmith is the brother of Kate’s mother with a pretty sketchy history. He’s been arrested on suspicion of domestic assault and publicly admitted to taking class B drugs.

Suffice to say, he’s not good publicity for the royal family. Kate has made efforts to distance her public persona from that of her relatives, and many have speculated as to why. It is thought that if she is to become the queen of England, she needs to disassociate herself with her problematic family members. Interesting.

Personal Interests Come In To Play

Much like the queen, Kate Middleton has been allowed to involve herself in passion projects. Queen Elizabeth is a known horse-lover who buys and breeds racing horses for competition. She has been riding since she was three, and carried her life-long love for them all the years. Kate, on the other hand, studied the History of Art at university and has a strong pull towards all things creative.

This lead her to becoming the first Royal Patron of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and National Portrait Gallery. “The Patronage reflects Her Royal Highness’s interest in the visual arts, photography, design and textiles,” the palace explained. She also gets involved with any hands-on events that might require her to pick up a brush. Like the queen, Kate is encouraged to take an official interest in personal passion projects.

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes

Looking at how much Kate has changed can really put into perspective what she is trying to become. The duchess used to be your average young college student who spent more time socializing than really studying. She came from a suburban upbringing and made her way into higher education, just like her peers.

But one thing in particular made her a good candidate to be Prince William’s wife; she was very unproblematic. There were no dramas surrounding her and none of her peers had a bad word to say about her. In fact, she was so vanilla that the nickname she earned herself amongst her university peers was simply “Beautiful Kate”. How ideal.

She’ll Do Whatever It Takes

Kate wasn’t ready-made to slot into the high-profile life of a royal, however. She started her relationship with Prince William in the comfort of their university dorms, but after awhile she would need to make an appearance at some higher-profile events. For example, she was invited by the royals to join them in watching William become the thousandth Royal Knight of the Garter in 2008.

She was quick to realize she needed a new wardrobe to bring her into the royal circle. Her casual college outfits got replaced by fitted skirt suits and buttoned cardigans, as she proved herself to be willing to adapt. It was an ongoing process over the several years that they dated, whereby she elavated her style to fit in more with high society. As they say, dress for the job that you want!

Adopting a Reserved Style

The duchess tried out several different looks along her style journey. But one thing has become a noticeable mainstay of her signature look; her modest outfit choices. The more promiment of a royal she has become, the more reserved her dress sense has become. So much so that today, you would never find her wearing anything too short or too low cut.

Much like Queen Elizabeth, she has adopted sctrict clothing guidelines in order not to offend and to uphold her regal identity. We used to see the duchess in a racy silhouette or deep V neck sometimes, even after she married Prince William. But for the last couple of years she has been keeping her dress sense safer than ever.

A Royal Portrait to Legitimize Herself

The fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has sat for an official royal portrait could be very telling about her future in the family. Not many members of the royal family have had an official portrait commissioned for them, but Kate has. Created by British artist Paul Emsley, the duchess hand-picked him to produce her likeness in oil paint.

It receieved considerably negative criticism, with many people thinking she looked far older and more masculine than she should have been depicted. Regardless of the reception it received, however, the fact the royal household saw fit to give Kate her very own official portrait might say a great deal about her role to come.

Putting in a Glamorous Appearance

The duchess attended her first ever Royal Variety Performance in 2014, but didn’t return again the following years. That is, until the last couple of years where Kate and William have now been regular attendees. Held annually to raise money for one of the Queen’s charities, guests of honor include senior royal family members every year.

Before the queen was quite so senior, she used to attend year after year. But for the last couple of years, the responsibility to attend has fallen on the shoulders of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We wonder if it’s saying something about Kate and Will’s approaching duties.

Hiding Her Nasty Habits

Kate may have a squeaky clean image these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t skeletons hiding in her past. The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, was famously a cigarette smoker for thirty years before eventually kicking the habit. But there’s also evidence that Kate used to be a frequent smoker in her past too.

Kate’s been pictured with a cigarette in hand according to first-hand accounts, with paparazzi once snapping a photo of some Malboros in her purse. It’s possible that she was holding them for a friend… but unlikely. Either way, she’s been especially careful not to be seen with them again. Having a squeaky clean image is important if one is to become a reigning monarch.

Taking the Queen’s Patronage

Have you noticed that lately Her Royal Higness has been alleviating herself from some royal duties, and passing them off to the duchess? Kate has been taking on some of the queen’s patronages as Her Majesty retires from representing some 600 organisations.

The organizations Kate has acquired include the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association, and big charities like Barnardo’s, Save the Children UK and the NSPCC. Most recently, Kate took over the queen’s 65-year patronage of the Family Action charity at the end of 2019. It sounds like HRH trusts Kate very much.

Crying at the Right Time and Place

The queen might be unwaveringly formal most of the time, but she does have a soft side that she’s not afraid to show the public. We’ve seen her cry a handful of times over the years at especially poingant moments, like remembrance days or when visiting the 1966 Aberfan disaster site. By being vulnerable and letting her guard down, she forms a stronger connection with the public.

Kate appears to be taking a leaf out of the queen’s book in regards to this one. When visiting the Tower of London’s “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” installation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I, Kate felt especially tearful and let her true feelings show. It shows the public that her heart is in the right place.

Making It Seem Like She Cares

If there’s one thing that the queen spends a lot of her time doing, it’s managing her correspondence. As you might imagine, lots of people from all over the world would like Her Majesty’s attention, including important members of office. And Kate’s caught on to just how important it is that one responds to their contacts.

The duchess also dedicates much of her time to replying to letters, both analog and digital. Recently, she let on to the fact that she signs emails off as “C” for Catherine. It’s time consuming stuff but it’s important for her image as, like the queen, she needs to show that she’s taking an interest in correspondence. After all, its not what you know but who you know!

Keeping Her Skirt Down

The duchess hasn’t always been so graceful. These days, you’ll hardly find her with a hair out of place. But while she was still learning the ropes of being a royal, she had plenty of accidentally unflattering moments. One of her common frustrations was that she couldn’t help flashing the cameras when wearing a dress or skirt.

But now Kate’s far more experienced with ways to keep her modesty. She utilizes dress weights along the hem of the skirt to keep the dress weighed down and stable. She also doesn’t wear skirts that are too short anymore and has learned how to bend down to greet a child without exposing her underwear. She’s getting real good at maintaining discretion.

William’s In On It Too

Since Kate is Prince William’s better half and partner in life, we can look to his behavior to see if there are signs of a future monarch. And signs are exactly what we’ll find. When the magnitude of the global pandemic started to sink into the nation conscience, Will was the first royal family member who was chosen to address the nation.

He addressed the nation directly in a moving and inspiring speech. And it’s telling that he should be the first one to reach out about a national crisis. As the British newspaper The Daily Express put it: “His calm manner and reassuring rhetoric in the clip suggests William is ready to one day be king.”

Hosting Important Members of State

Many people think it’s significant that Kate and William have had a sit-down meal with the Obamas when they came to town. First in 2011, when Kate was newly married into the royal family, and also in 2016 after the duke and duchess had had their first child, Prince George.

If Kate is being asked to host important members of state like Barack and Michelle Obama, it looks quite indicative of their coming role as monarchs of Great Britain. After all, it was the president of the United States and the first lady we’re talking about.

Kate’s Best Weapon: Fashion

The queen has been a life-long champion of British clothing brands and designers, choosing to show support to home-grown talent. Kate has chosen to do the same with her wardrobe, in a bid to show the same solidarity as Her Royal Highness. It exhibits pride in Britain, which would be expected of the Queen of England.

The queen often opts for expensive English designers such as Angela Kelly, whereas the duchess is a die-hard fan of high-end designers like Jenny Packham. Kate is definitely smart about her outfits – they’re intended to represent her fierce loyalty to the country.

She’s Swung Things in His Favor

Did you know that Prince William was given a bunch more official titles after he married Kate? He may have been born a prince of England, but it was only after he tied the knot with the duchess that queen saw fit to really bring him in as a senior royal.

As well as being His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, he acquired the Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, and Baron Carrickfergus to his list of titles. It’s indicative not only of Prince William’s growing importance to the crown, but also of how Kate’s hand in marriage was looked at favorably by Her Majesty.

Kate’s Work Laugh

If there’s one thing the queen understands it’s the importance of having a sense of humor. When she laughs or tells a joke, she humanizes her image as an impenetrable monarch and keeps herself in everyone’s good books. For example, she joined Daniel Craig in a James Bond skit for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, which depicted her parachuting into the stadium!

And Kate’s been catching on to just how important it is for her to exhibit her own sense of humor. She makes light of almost every situation she finds herself in, and has received compliments from family to acquaintances about how jokey she is. Her husband Will to her hairdresser, everyone comments on how she has a “naughty sense of humor”.

The Nation’s Favorite

An important factor to consider is just how well-liked Kate and Will really are. In particular, the British public has welcomed Kate in as a new addition to the royal family. One royal family expert, Rebecca Long, believes that the British public wants the Cambridges to rule eventually. “William and Kate are the favourite royals to take the crown in many generations, so the people of the UK are very excited about it,” she told Us Weekly.

Kate’s popularity is made evident by how in-demand her style is; any item she wears publicly ends up selling out within minutes. Rebecca also believes that the duchess has been training to one day take the reins from Queen Elizabeth. “Kate’s been taking on new responsibilities little by little over the last few years, so it won’t be a shock when the time comes,” she explained.

Supressing Her Espadrille Urges

Those of you who are fashion-savvy might remember how frequently Kate would wear wedged heel sandals. At any given opportunity, she would spring for a tall espadrille shoe if the occasion allowed it. But you might have noticed a gradual decline in her wearing them at public outings.

While she still loves the shoe, she reserves the comfortable thick heels for more low-profile events. Some are speculating that it has something to do with the queen’s disdain for the shoe. Now, Kate only appears to wear them on occasions where Her Majesty won’t be appearing. We understand – it’s best to stay in her good books.

Kate Steps It Up During Lockdown

For those of you who might not be aware, Queen Elizabeth has been residing in her Windsor Castle residence since the pandemic outbreak. She’s not even planning on returning to Buckingham Palace this year because of it. But Kate has been just as busy as ever, holding down the fort between her country home in Norfolk and her London residence.

It’s clear that Her Majesty feels comfortable letting Kate take the reins of public royal life. And now that Kate’s two oldest kids, George and Charlotte, have started school again in London, she will have even more responsibility given to her while the queen is away. We can expect more public appearances during lockdown.

Choosing Timeless Styles Over Trending Looks

Have you noticed that over the last few years, Kate’s style has become increasingly less trend-based? People have been speculating that she’s staying away from designer looks or seasonal styles, in order to create a sense of timeless beauty, classical elegance, and stability.

These are all aspects of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe that she has maintained throughout her reign. As the creative ambassador for Barneys New York, Simon Doonan, put it: “If I were a royal, I would avoid anything that smacked of trendiness, self-indulgence or excessive vanity. Queen Elizabeth is the gold standard.” And it looks like Kate is taking that opinion onboard.

Using Technology To Her Advantage

Usually it’s the younger generation teaching the older generation all about social media accounts. But in the case of the royal family, it seems like the queen has been passing down Instagram tips to Kate! HRH joined the photo-sharing platform back in 2013, but Kate and Will were much later to the game, publishing their first ever post as recently as 2019.

The queen is well-aware of how important it is to stay in frequent contact with her subjects, and Instagram is the perfect way to connect. It may have taken Kate a while, but she’s eventually caught on to how important it is she joins in on the social media fun. It seems like she resisted it all the time before, but now it’s imperative that she does as the queen does.

Creating Her Own Signature Wave

A sure sign of royal seniority is proudly displaying one’s personal quirks without having to expend too much energy. The queen has her iconic hand wave, whereby she twists her wrist from left to right while her hand makes a cupping shape. In this way, she is able to preserve her energy during what is normally an energetic motion.

And Kate has taken after Her Majesty in finding her very own signature wave. You may not have noticed, but Kate’s personal style is to face the palm of her hand out and extend her pinky finger. It’s both subtle and dignified for someone who will one day become queen.

Strategic Balcony Placement

You will have noticed that Kate is always placed in a prime position on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. It’s very much on purpose and acts as a clear way to signify the power structure within the royal family.

Just look at how she’s standing directly to the left of Her Royal Higness. With such strategic placement on the palace balcony, it’s surely indicative of the family’s future. The duchess often stands directly behind the queen, as if to suggest that she is waiting for her turn.

Restraining From Being Too Touchy Feely

Aside from the balcony kiss that Kate and Will shared after having just gotten married, you probably can’t remember a time when they publicly displayed affection towards eachother. It’s most likely because a senior royal – or future queen – is expected to be reserved and restrained when it comes to romantic gestures.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are an example of a royal couple who don’t adhere to such formalities. But Kate and Will have chosen to uphold the convention, just as the queen has done for over six decades as the ruling monarch. It seems like they’re doing everything right in order to win the queen’s trust.