Queer Eye Transformations That Will Make You Wonder If It’s Even the Same Person

Mon Jan 24 2022

In the old show, Queer Eye focused on giving straight men makeovers that would give them a new sense of purpose. When the show rebooted, they decided to head in a new direction. The producers at this Netflix original series decided to give makeovers to those who deserved it most: community heroes.

When you go into any episode, viewers are left to think: how on earth can you possibly give this person and their space a total overhaul? Will they look mostly the same or will they have a completely different outward appearance? These are some of the best transformations we’ve seen on Queer Eye these last 6 seasons.

From Sloth to Slay

Thomas Diggs was a shy videogame-obsessed guy approaching his 21st birthday. People knew him as sweet, but hard to engage. He spent all of his time at school, at work, or in his room and was attached to his computer. He didn’t have much of a social life, until the Fab 5 helped him get his ducks in a row.

Other than completely making over his personal space, they gave him a wardrobe update and helped him shape his face into his best form. They also brought him to outings where he could meet people he had things in common with. “I just want to say thank you all for spending this time with me and really getting to know me,” he said. “You’ve played a huge role in breaking down those barriers and like those walls that I’ve put up.”

Big Little Lies

Arian was one particularly difficult case for the Fab 5 to crack. The young man had a hard time holding himself accountable in any sense and hadn’t finished his degree… but led his family, specifically his mother, to believe that he had indeed finished his course. He spent his days playing video games, smoking cigarettes, and eating sunflower seeds.

You can see nearly every member of the Fab 5 drop off one by one, not wanting to put up with Arian’s smut attitude and refusal to take responsibility for his bad habits. They still gave him a great makeover, though. He’s really lucky that Karamo whipped him into shape like it was no one’s business.

Jones Bar-B-Q

These two Kansas City sisters have been running their little eatery, Jones Bar-B-Q, since 1970. This family business has been run by these two sisters for years in honor to preserve their father’s memory. Not only did these ladies get a gorgeous and dramatic makeover, but they also got a makeover for their restaurant.

Before the Queer Eye team took over for these two, they managed to have long lines that went through the parking lot and then some. Queer Eye helped these sisters utilize the space they had in their lot with a new window to order from, seating, and gave them an overhaul of their facilities that they desperately needed.

Lost Boy

The Fab 5 found themselves at camp once again. Queer Eye helped hero Joey Greene, a program director at the Wildwood Outdoor Educational Center. He’s also a dad that, before the Queer Eye team connected with him, appeared to have a tough time putting down official roots. His son needed more stability than that, though.

They took this grown man and turned him into a real grown-up. They gave him a space that seemed liveable and made sure his son had a place to call his own when coming to hang out with his dad at home. That way, he wouldn’t seem more dedicated to running the camp than he was to his own kid.

A North Philadelphia Story

Tyreek Wanamaker is a Philadelphia community activist. He was recognized for his work with the nonprofit organization, The Block Gives Back. This organization helps organize free meals, neighborhood clean-ups, anti-violence campaigns, and support for those experiencing homelessness, something Tyreek himself had experienced.

The Fab 5 turned Tyreek into a suaver, cleaner version of himself. They helped him transition his look from participant to leader, giving him the look to match. He’s only moved up since the pandemic began, servicing his community in style since receiving his makeover.

DJ’s on Repeat

Queer Eye hero Ryan Dyer, better known as DJ HiDef, is a big fan of family life and hopes to have his own some day. However, he’s stuck in a rut of someone who feels a bit younger than he actually is. He desperately needed to grow up and get his adult life outside of DJing started.

They helped take his youthful look to someone who was a little more fit for adult society. They helped him make his casual t-shirt and flip-flops look into something a little more professional. They also gave him spaces necessary to live harmoniously as an Italian Jersey Shore DJ possible.

The Handyman Can

Jason is a handyman from Atlanta who had a passion for one thing: his beloved Burning Man festival. He was getting ready to relocate and restart his life near the festival out in Nevada. However, a lot of people in his life were firmly against him leaving and ended up nominating him for Queer Eye as an effort to get him to stay.

His nominator was his good friend, Beth. She didn’t want him to leave because it would be a major loss for her. The Fab 5 could tell that she really wanted to see what kind of man he could become to further grow their relationship, so they polished him up and gave him a living space that totally fit his personality. Good for him, and her; they’re still together, according to her Twitter!

Baby on Board

Tony found himself appearing on Queer Eye just days before he welcomed his first child into the world. His wife had nominated him in an effort to clean him up. Luckily, the Fab 5 swept in to give this dad-to-be a good polishing before he jumped into his fatherly responsibilities.

This new dad needed to get organized and he especially needed to learn how to take care of himself before any good habit would probably disappear in the process of trying to adjust to fatherhood. The Fab 5 really did a number on this one, that’s for sure.

A Decent Proposal

This guy seemed a bit like a lost cause. However, he was beyond passionate and wanted to pursue his passion for film while simultaneously cleaning himself up to propose to the girl of his dreams. At the end of his makeover, he wanted to pop the question in style.

The Fab 5 gave him a space that made his movie buff life much more glamorous. He had spaces in his new home dedicated to watching movies and had the Fab 5 even help him come up with the best of all proposals: a self-made movie professing his love for her.

Make Ted Great Again

Ted didn’t really give off the aura of a man who held political office. Well, this mountain man was actually the mayor of a town in Georgia called Clarkston. The town has also been called “the most ethnically diverse square mile in America.” So, it’s no surprise that the citizens of this city would want someone that looks like them.

What Ted needed was a makeover that would allow him to show off his unique style of governance whilst still appearing like a prominent community leader that people could depend on. He let the gang clean him up and really used what he learned on the show to better serve his community.

Silver Lining Sweeney

Jennifer Sweeney is a Philadelphia housewife who spent all of her time tending to her husband, an ALS patient. She loved to spend her time with her three adult daughters as well as cook Polish delicacies. Antoni was extremely pleased with this, because he was raised by Polish immigrants who raised him with their traditional cuisine.

She received maybe the best home glow-up of all, but she also managed to be on the receiving end of one of Queer Eye’s most gorgeous home and personal makeovers in Queer Eye history. Her home was given a gut renovation and turned a Philly city classic into something beautiful and unique.

Saving Sasquatch

Neal was a total transformation on the Queer Eye set. “We need to give that man some ‘sass’ in that Sasquatch,” Jonathan Van Ness proclaimed when describing the work that needed to go into making over this app developer. He was another one of the makeovers that struck us as pretty extreme.

The Fab 5 gave this scruffy king a makeover that would stick with him for years. Recently, he wrote on an Instagram post,”Nothing to see here. Just a dude who buttons his top button, bites his bottom lip and takes bathroom selfies. Move along now.” He was really confident in a new way! Plus, Bobby Berk commented telling him how good he was looking, so it seems like they’re still in touch!

Camp Rules

Bobby Camp was one of the more strict and religious people that appeared on the show. This hero is a father of six, and before the Queer Eye crew took him under their wing, he struggled to balance home life, work-life, and church life while keeping everyone in check at home.

Giving Bobby Camp the makeover of a lifetime for a household with six kids required a little bit of effort from his kids. They went shopping for supplies so the kids could see what was needed. Antoni helped the Camp family with a unique chili recipe, while Karamo went as far as giving Bobby and his wife, Vera, a make-up wedding reception they deserve.

Unleash The Sexy Beast

Leo had an episode that will probably make you cry, as it made us wail like absolute babies. He was nominated by his wife, who believed that her bartender and father-of-two husband had a major self-confidence issue. She saw him in a completely different light and wanted him to see how amazing he was.

Leo was really worried that the other parents at his kids’ school didn’t like him, and that they saw him as inferior to them. That wasn’t the case, and Karamo helped him overcome his fears by setting up group playdates for these kids. He cleaned up really well in so many manners of the word.

Black Girl Magic

So many of the earlier seasons of the show had episodes centered around straight (mostly white) men and women, this gay black woman needed the Fab 5 to help her get out of a rut. She had been having a hard time adjusting to life on her own after her adopted family let her down and ditched her when she came out as gay.

The Fab 5 gave her a makeover that would help her see that she is truly worthy of being loved for who she is. They helped him gain confidence in her own skin and even helped her find a community of like-minded people. They helped this independent woman feel a bit more independent.

Craw Zaddy

The Queer Eye team helped hero Todd Maddox give both himself and his family crawfish eatery a total upgrade. The 67-year-old lost his wife in 2011 to a sudden brain aneurysm, leaving him and his daughter utterly heartbroken. He was too afraid to upgrade the restaurant because he didn’t want to lose any part of what she built.

Karamo worked with Todd to help him put himself back in the social scene and helped him enjoy things he loved to do before losing his wife. Antoni helped him get comfortable giving restaurant responsibilities to his daughter. Bobby completely redid the restaurant and made it look clean and modern, and Jonathan Van Ness gave him the ultimate grooming makeover. He looked like a new man!

From Hunter to Huntee

Jody is one of Kansas City’s finest. She’s a homesteading hunter who had a hard time giving herself love and attention. She had a hard time seeing herself as sexy and sophisticated because she didn’t think that she could do it on her own. She was wrong, that’s for sure.

The episode wrapped up with an extreme home makeover and help with her homemade produce packaging. She was dolled up and cleaned up, reminding herself that she’s actually quite sexy. She finished the week with a date night with her husband in which she got to have some sexy time herself!

Dega Don’t

Cory came onto the series as a cop with a weird sense of humor but clearly a heart of gold. His episode in rural Georgia didn’t start out in the best way, having one of his cop buddies who nominated him pull over a vehicle with a black driver, Karamo, and asking him to get out of the car. We had no clue that one that started out so rough could have ended with lasting friendships.

He went from a NASCAR-loving jokester who threw major race-day ragers, to a dad that was presentable and cleaned up beyond party and racing season. He also reportedly stopped working in law enforcement recently, and we can’t help but wonder if Karamo’s influence inspired his change.

Below Average Joe

Joe had low self-confidence but was trying to make it as a big stand-up comedian. He was still living at home with his parents and had recently lost a ton of weight, so his clothes didn’t quite fit him. He struggled to see himself as the new person that he was.

The Fab 5 managed to help him come up with his own signature look for his career as a stand up comedian. The Fab 5 gave him a makeover unlike any other he had before. He was finally cleaned up with a nicely trimmed beard and clothing he wasn’t completely drowning in.

Disabled But Not Really

Though this episode was a bit controversial, this was a pretty epic transformation. Six years before his episode, Wesley Hamilton was shot during an altercation that left him paralyzed from the waist down. This “former bad boy” got a major makeover.

His wild hair was tamed and his beard was hydrated and cleaned up. He learned how to dress himself up in ways that accommodate with his needs. They even made his entire home wheelchair accessible, which had been a major problem for him through the years.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

The Fab 5 consists of five LGBTQ+ men that are experts in their fields. They’ve had six seasons and it doesn’t appear that they’re slowing down at any time soon. They’ve explored cities like Kansas City, Atlanta, Philly, and Austin to name a few.

The Fab 5 doesn’t seem to be winding down any time soon. Every season brings something a little different to the table. In their most recent season in Austin, the group helped build a barn and even helped a high school group plan their prom. These guys know what’s best.

The Fab Five Takeover Always Influences a City

When the Queer Eye team comes into a city, they make sure to utilize the best and brightest of any city. They incorporate the best salons, boutiques, restaurants, and really any other local company that they can. They are really committed to benefitting their city of choice’s local economy.

One of the best examples of this is when JVN, Jonathan Van Ness, would find local salons and barbershops, sometimes even a spa, to encourage their best self-care habits. This simple effort likely helps local businesses to a whole new extent they couldn’t imagine.

Is Queer Eye Staged?

Believe it or not, Queer Eye is not staged. If it was, we’d say fire the editor because they didn’t cut out a ton of the eye-rolling we’d see them do. Many people don’t realize that each one of them had to audition. They had different professional backgrounds and auditioned based on that.

Karamo was a social worker, Antoni had never professionally cooked but became someone’s personal chef; that someone was Ted Allen, the original food and drink specialist on the original show. He was the one that gave Antoni the push to take his expertise to the silver screen.