Rich List: Famous Faces Who Were Born Blessed as Heirs and Heiresses

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Some of the world’s best-known celebrities made it big by themselves. They ventured out into the world alone and became self-made millionaires. Others were a little more blessed. These famous faces had won the genetic lottery of life and were born into wealthy family dynasties. Still, they didn’t just rest on their families’ privileged trust funds.

Famous Faces Who Were Born Blessed as Heirs and Heiresses But Still Spun Their Own Fortunes

These high-rollers were also blessed with talented genes, and many built their own empires too. Some stepped into the world of showbiz and made it big as famous actors or singers. Others became self-made entrepreneurs themselves. So let’s scroll through the richest heirs and heiresses, who were born with a silver spoon but still took a major bite out of life and spun their own fortunes.

Paris is an Heiress To The Hilton Empire

As the heiress to the flagship Hilton Hotel empire, and great-grandaughter of Conrad Hilton; Paris Hilton already had a major head-start in life. She was born into privilege, socialized with the elite and was all set to inherit billions. Paris was the prodigal rich girl. So, she could have just breezed through her bejeweled life of pure luxury.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 25
Image: Allure

Instead of being just another socialite, Paris switched the high life for The Simple Life with her reality TV show. She then spun her own branded business empire and turned her privileged life into a lucrative career. She has since branched into fashion, perfume, business and is now focusing on her DJ life. She now has a net worth of $300 million and counting.

Balthazar is The Heir To Getty Oil Fortune

Interestingly, Balthazar Getty’s real name is Paul. Another fascinating fact is that his great-grandfather Sir John Paul Getty, is the founder of Getty Oil. So, he is the heir to the Getty Oil empire. Still, Balthazar didn’t just cash out as another rich kid. He started out early on in life as a ’90s child actor.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 7
Image: Idol Net Worth

After landing his first role in Lord of The Flies, he has carved a star-studded career as an actor and a producer. Some of his credits include Young Guns II, Charmed, Alias, the primetime drama Brothers & Sisters and Unity. He has a net worth of $200 million, and in his spare time, he’s also a philanthropist.

Olivia is The Daughter of Andrew Cockburn

Olivia Wilde was born in New York into a life of privilege. Her father, Andrew Cockburn was a successful journalist, author, and editor. It’s clear that she inherited the creative gene. So instead of living the high life, she channeled her talents and became an actress, producer, and director.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 24
Image: NPR

Olivia is well-known for her role as Remy in the TV series House. She also showcased her talents in TV shows and movies like The O.C, Love The Coopers, Meadowland. Plus Olivia recently made her directorial debut in the film Booksmart. She has a net worth of $20 million and this will only grow.

Anderson is Part of The Vanderbilt Family

Anderson Cooper was born into one of America’s richest family dynasties, The Vanderbilts. His mother is a fashion designer and heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt. So he was given a fashionable head start in life. He made his TV debut at the age of three on The Tonight Show and landed modeling deals with the likes of Calvin Klein at the age of ten.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 18
Image: CNN

Anderson was still ambitious and wanted to pursue his own path. He became a successful journalist, TV personality and author. He then moved up the ranks to become a news anchor for the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. He has a net worth of $110 million, both due to his family fortune and his own money-spinning career.

Kate Hudson is The Daughter of Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson is the daughter of the legendary Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn. Her step-father is another Hollywood icon, Kirt Russell, so she was born into an acting dynasty. Still, she also used her talents to her advantage and charmed her way to becoming a Hollywood starlet in her own right.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 2
Image: Happy X Nature

Kate shot to the limelight after landing her breakthrough role in Almost Famous, and cemented her fame in hits like Fool’s Gold, and Bride Wars. She even landed a Golden Globe for starring in Penny Lane and recently starred in Marshall. She also other business ventures like a fashion label, so it’s not surprising she has amassed a net worth of $80 million.

Chevy is An Heir To The Crane Company

Chevy Chase is another star who was born into a prominent New York rich family clan. His mother was a concert pianist and his stepfather was Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane. This means he is not only part of the Vanderbilt dynasty, but he’s also an heir to the Crane company empire.

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Image: IMDb

However, Chevy set out to prove that he didn’t define himself by his ancestry. Chase carved his own career and became an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He was one of the original cast members of SNL, and landed his big break in the National Lampoon’s movies. With credits to his name like Caddyshack, Three Amigos, Lovesick and The Last Movie Star, Chevy is unstoppable. He has a net worth of $50 million, and he’s still going.

Ariana is From The Rockefeller Dynasty

Ariana Rockefeller is another blessed heiress, who was born into the Rockefeller family. The family patriarch John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil, which became a multi-billionaire business. That wealth was passed on through the generations and only spiraled with time.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 6
Image: Daily Front Ro

Ariana was born into privilege and attended an Ivy League school. Although she has lived a more low-key life, she also followed her passions and launched her own fashion line in 2011. She is also an amateur showjumper and a philanthropist who is a major supporter of the Human Society. Ariana currently has a net worth of $2.8 billion.

Stella is an Heiress To The Beatles Fortune

Stella McCartney is the daughter of the iconic Beatles frontman, Sir Paul McCartney. Her mother Linda was an established photographer, musician and animal rights activist. Although she was brought up in the public eye, unlike other heiresses, her parents wanted her to lead as normal a life as possible.

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Image: The Independent

Since Stella wasn’t brought up like a privileged heiress, she was determined to make her mark on the world her way. She always had an eye for fashion, so in 2001 she launched her own self-styled fashion house. She has since turned it into a global fashion empire and has collaborated with the biggest names in the business. She’s worth $75 million and is still expanding her empire.

Petra is The Daughter of Bernie Ecclestone

Petra is the daughter of the billionaire motor racing mogul, Bernie Ecclestone while her mother, Salvica, made a name for herself as an Armani fashion model. So the heiress was born with a silver spoon, surrounded by privilege, luxury and the finer things in life.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 32
Image: Wealthy Gorilla

Petra was definitely well connected and became a seasoned socialite. However, she also wanted to carve her own career as a model and fashion designer. She created a successful menswear label, Form, at the age of 19 and is one of the richest models in the world, with a net worth of $400 million.

Jake is The Son of Director Stephen Glynehaal

Jake Gyllenhaal was born into the Hollywood elite. His father is a Stephen Gyllenhaal, a prestigious Hollywood director. His mother Naomi Foner is a prominent screenwriter. While he had a privileged head start, he has proved his acting chops too. He started out as a child actor in City Slickers.

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Image: Yahoo Style UK

Jake then landed his breakthrough role in the movie October Sky. His career then went from strength to strength after hits like Donny Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Love & Other Drugs and the high-grossing Marvel superhero hit, Spider-Man: Far From Home. With his inherited wealth and acting fortune combined, the Hollywood star is worth a cool $65 million.

Dylan’s Father is Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren was born to be a fashionista. Her father is Ralph Lauren, the founder of the iconic fashion empire and she grew up surrounded by the finer things in life. It might come as no surprise that the heiress was blessed with style and was nominated as ‘Most Stylish New Yorkers’ in 2007.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 10
Image: Redbook

Dylan is also an entrepreneur and has spun her own money-making empire too. Inspired by Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, she created New York City’s Dylan’s Candy Bar. According to the hype, it claims to be the “largest candy store in the world.” She is now worth $4 billion and has ventured into other areas like reality TV, releasing a book and charity work.

Carly is The Daughter of Richard Simon

Carly Simon was born into a family of creative talents. Her father, Richard Simon was the co-founder of the Simon & Schuster book company. He was also a classical pianist. Carly clearly inherited his musical genes and rose to fame in the 1970s as a pop singer-songwriter and musician.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 3
Image: USA Today

After a brief stint in a duet group, Carly embarked on a solo career. She churned out iconic hits like You’re So Vain, and Nobody Does It Better, scored a Grammy Award, an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for the hit Let the River Run. She’s also a published children’s author. Carly now has a net worth of $65 million but is still recording and singing to this day.

Lydia is a Descendant of William Hearst

Lydia Hearst-Shaw is the great-granddaughter of publishing magnate and politician, William Randolph Hearst. Her mother Patricia Hearst is an actress and author. Lydia clearly socialized in the right circles. But she became an actress, fashion model, and lifestyle blogger in her own right.

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Image: Celebrity Net Worth

Lydia was first discovered by the fashion photographer Steven Meisels in 2004 and became a cover girl for Vogue Italia. She then graced many magazine covers and became an international fashion model for brands like Prada. Lydia has also landed roles in movies like Velvet Morning and Between Worlds. She’s worth $28 billion and she’s just getting started.

Edward Norton Descended From James Rouse

Edward Norton is now one of Hollywood’s leading legendary actors. He’s also the heir to a legendary fortune. His grandfather James Rouse was a big shot urban planner, real estate developer, philanthropist, and civil activist, so he was also born into a wealthy family dynasty.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 27
Image: Hollywood.com

Instead of becoming a trust fund kid, he was inspired to follow his passion for acting. After breaking out in the hit Primal Fear, Norton cemented his Hollywood status in Fight Club and is now a filmmaker too. The legend has amassed $80 million, and that figure is only set to accumulate.

Tinsley Was Born into The Mercer Empire

Tinsley Mortimer was also born into a business empire. Her grandfather George founded the Mercer Rug company and her father was a wealthy real-estate developer. The heiress grew up as a blessed socialite. She even documented her life in reality shows like High Society and The Real Housewives of New York.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 16
Image: Town & Country Magazine

Aside from her reality TV career, Tinsley also had a passion for beauty and fashion. She worked at Vogue, became a beauty ambassador for Dior, and graced magazine covers. She’s now worth $28 million and is still plugging away. She designed a line of handbags, a Home Collection and has just announced the launch of beauty and fashion accessories.

Julia is a Descendant of Leopold Dreyfus

Julia-Louis Dreyfus is well-known as a legendary actress, comedian and producer, and the star from the iconic sitcom Seinfield. You might not realize that Julia is also the great-granddaughter of Leopold, founder of the French shipping company, the Louis Dreyfus Group.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 21
Image: Microsoft

Although Julia was born into money, she was also blessed with comedy talents. She landed her big break on SNL, before achieving worldwide acclaim as Elaine in Seinfeld. With plenty of acting credits to her name, she has recently starred in Veep. You would never think that the down-to-earth comedian has $200 million in the bank!

Armie is a Descendant of Armand Hammer

Armie Hammer is another blessed heir on our list. As the great-grandson of an oil tycoon and philanthropist, Armand Hammer, who founded Occidental Petroleum. His father is also a successful businessman and he was clearly born with the entrepreneurial gene.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 28 1
Image: Golden Globes

Instead of following in his family’s footsteps, Armie wanted to pave his way into Hollywood. Interestingly, he said his parents disowned him when he told them. But, he gained worldwide recognition after playing one of the Winklevoss twins in drama, The Social Network. From there, he’s starred in hits like Entourage, and indie films like Wounds and is worth $16 million.

Kyra is The Daughter of Henry Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick was another fortunate face to born into a rich family dynasty. Her father is Henry Sedgwick, is a successful venture capitalist and she comes from a long lineage of family money. One of her ancestors is William Ellery, who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 22
Image: Entertainment Weekly

Kyra also another figure who impressed the world with her acting talents from a young age. She made her TV debut at 16 in the series Another World, before transitioning to be a Hollywood star. Her acting accolades include Closer, Something to Talk about and Villains. She’s still acting, despite amassing a fortune of $16 million.

Dakota is The Daughter of Melanie Griffith

Dakota Johnson may be a budding Hollywood starlet now, but she was also given a major head start in life. Her parents are both acclaimed actors, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. She was practically born on a movie set and landed her first role in Crazy in Alabama at the age of ten, which starred her mother.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 20 2
Image: The Sun

Dakota’s parents discouraged her from acting until graduating from school. But once she started, she’s proved to be unstoppable. She landed her breakthrough role in the Fifty Shades film series and her career went from strength to strength. With hits like Black Mass and Peanut Butter Falcon, she’s all set for Hollywood greatness, even though she already has $14 million in the bank.

Nicky is an Heiress To The Hilton Fortune

Just like her sister Paris, Nicky Hilton was born into privilege. As the heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, she was a natural socialite, who brushed shoulders with the elite. She’s also a natural fashionista with an eye for design, so she created her own branded fashion empire.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 12
Image: People

In 2004, Nicky harnessed her passion for fashion and launched her own clothing and handbag line. She is still collaborating with brands and launching collections. Nicky is also a fashion model and opened two hotels of her own. Incidentally, she is also married to James Rothchild, who has his own family fortune, and is worth a fabulous $20 million.

Amanda is an Heiress To The Hearst Empire

Amanda is another member of the Hearst family clan. Her grandfather is William Randolph Hearst, the publishing magnate and her father Jay McInerney is a famous novelist. So, the heiress was also born into a high-rolling world of luxury and privilege.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 17
Image: LA Fashion Festival

Amanda has since made a name for herself as a socialite and model. She has graced covers like Vanity Fair and embarked on a career working at Marie Claire. She has $100 million in the bank and aside from her glamorous life, she founded an organization for puppy welfare.

Brooke Shields Descended From a Prince

Brooke Shields is the daughter of the actress and model Terri Shields. Her father Frank Shields was a business mogul. Even better, her great-grandfather was an Italian Prince. With her noble blood and model genes, she was destined for big things. She started her career by following in her mother’s footsteps and became a child model.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 8
Image: Forbes

At the age of 12, Brooke then jumped into the limelight in the controversial movie Pretty Baby. She starred in TV hits like Suddenly Susan, Lipstick Jungle, Law & Order, Jane the Virgin and movies like Blue Lagoon andThe Hot Flashes. With her family fortune and glittering career, she’s amassed $25 million in the bank. And yet she’s still going strong.

Ally is The Heiress To The Hilfiger Empire

Ally Hilfiger is the daughter of the prestigious and preppy fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. As the multi-millionaire owner of his self-styled fashion empire, this means Ally was born blessed. Tommy Hilfiger is reportedly worth $400 million, so Ally is one wealthy heiress.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 5
Image: Image: Instagram / Ally Hilfiger

After spending her formative years surrounded by privilege, Ally then starred in the reality TV show Rich Girls with her equally blessed best pal, Jamie Gleicher. Ally has since turned her attention to TV production and writing best-selling novels. So, her fortune is only set to accumulate.

Billie Lourd is From an Acting Dynasty

Billie Lourd is another heiress who won the genetic lottery of life and was born into a legendary acting dynasty. Her mother was Carrie Fisher, who cemented her fame as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. Her grandmother was another Hollywood icon, Debbie Reynolds.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 19
Image: Scream Queens Online

Billie was also born with star quality. And we’re happy that she tapped into her talents and became an actress too. She also followed in her mother’s footsteps in the most fan-pleasing way and starred as Lieutenant Conniz in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. She is worth $25 million and is well on her way to Hollywood greatness.

Spike Jonze Descended From Joseph Speigel

Spike Jonze is the heir to an advertising empire. His grandfather is Joseph Spiegel, who founded the iconic Spiegel advertising Catalog and a health consulting firm. While he was given a major head start in life, Spike followed his passion for photography and film making from a young age.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 26 1
Image: Daily Express

Spike started out filming skateboarders and BMX riders. From there, he co-founded a youth culture magazine and directed music videos. He then transitioned into feature films and directed award-winning hits like Being John Malkovitch, Her, The Wolf of Wolf Street and many short films. He’s also an actor and has amassed $50 million and counting.

Aerin is a Descendant of Estee Lauder

Aerin Lauder is a multi-billionaire heiress whose set to inherit a fortune from one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world, Estee Lauder. Her grandparents Joseph and Estee Lauder are the co-founders of the flagship brand.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 4
Image: Town & Country Magazine

For Aerin, it seemed natural to harness her talents and channel them into the family business. She has been working for Estee Lauder since 1992 and has climbed the ranks to be appointed the Style and Image director. She’s also an entrepreneur herself, so she has her own cosmetic, fashion and accessories brand, Aerin. She’s currently worth $3 billion and counting.

Andrew’s Is an Heir to the Ralph Lauren Empire

As the firstborn son of the preppy fashion mogul, Ralph Lauren, Andrew Lauren was born with the keys to the fashion empire. His mother, Ricky, is an author, artist, photographer too. So he really was all set to take a big bite of Ralph’s $8.2 billion fortune. Still, Andrew chose to pursue his own path.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 38
Image: Page Six

Andrew went down the Hollywood route and carved a star-studded career as an actor and movie producer. He’s now one of Hollywood’s most sought-after producers and is behind some of the biggest hits, from Life 2.0 to Vox Lux with Natalie Portman and The High Life. With his inheritance and earnings combined, he’s really made for life.

Riley Keough is The Grandaughter of Elvis

Riley Keough is the eldest grandchild of the legendary “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis. Her mother is Lisa Marie Presley, a singer, and songwriter herself, and her father is musician, Danny Keough. Riley admits that she “grew up very privileged with my mother.” However, she added that her “dad didn’t live like that, he didn’t have much money.”

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 33
Image: The Apricity Forum

This made Riley a little more grounded, and she said, “I think experiencing both sides has been helpful.” Riley is now making a name for herself as an actress, model, and producer. Some of her most celebrated roles have been in Magic Mike, Logan Lucky and Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s still climbing the Hollywood ranks, and already has a net worth of $5 million dollars.

Zoe’s Father is Lenny Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of the legendary rock star, Lenny Kravitz. Lenny is the voice behind hits like “Wild Thing,” and has definitely earned his place in musical history. Zoe’s mother is Lisa Bonet, who is also a talented actress. So, Zoe really could have just lived off the royalties of her showbiz family forever.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 30
Image: The New York Times

Just like her talented ancestors, Zoe was born with star quality. So she channeled her talents and became an actress, singer, and model. Zoe broke out as Angel in the superhero X-Men series and cemented her fame as Catwoman in The Lego Batman Movie and in Little Big Lies. She also fronts her uber-cool band, Lolawolf. She’s unstoppable and is currently worth $8 million and counting.

Brandon Is the Heir to an Oil Empire

Brandon Davis is another privileged heir who was born into a mega-rich family dynasty. His grandfather Marvin Davis was an oil tycoon and Chairman of Davis Petroleum. He was also a media mogul and once owned 20th Century Fox. So, Brandon really had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 31
Image: Hollywood Reporter

Brandon’s family is the epitome of high society, and Aaron Spelling loosely based some characters in the hit show Dynasty on them. Unsurprisingly, Brandon became a socialite himself and he’s still trying to shake off his “playboy” reputation. But he is now pursuing other ventures like real estate, curating art shows, and acting. Brandon is now worth $55 million and that’s set to grow.

Willow & Jaden Are Heirs To a Big Hollywood Fortune

Willow and Jaden Smith really need no introduction. They are the children of the Hollywood legends, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. They were born into a showbiz family and were already well-connected. Still, they proved their worth and each made a name for themselves as a star in their own right.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 35
Image: Rolling Stone

Jada Smith made her acting debut with her father in I am Legend, and is well known for her hit “Whip My Hair”. She’s still releasing albums, acting and co-hosting the family show, Red Table Talk. Jaden Smith is also a successful rapper, singer and actor, who starred in hits like Karate Kid and The Get Down. Jaden is worth $8 million and Willow is worth $4 million, and they’re only in their twenties.

Nicole Is the Heiress to Lionel Richie’s Fortune

Nicole Richie is another blessed heiress, with a unique back story. Her biological father is Peter Escovedo, a musical director. He was also a close pal of the best-selling artist and soul balladeer, Lionel Richie. When she was young, her parents couldn’t provide for her, so Lionel and his wife agreed to adopt her.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 37
Image: Us Weekly

Growing up, Nicole became another privileged princess, surrounded by the elite and a luxurious lifestyle. She later swapped the privileged life for The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and became a reality TV star. Nicole also branched into other areas like fashion and writing and was named “Entrepreneur of The Year” in 2010. She’s also still acting and graced hit shows like Great News. Nicole is worth $10 million and counting.

Allegra is The Heiress To The Versace Empire

Allegra is the heiress to the Italian fashion powerhouse, Versace. Her mother is the ex-model and fashion designer Donatella Versace and her late uncle Gianni founded the designer Versace brand. Allegra was raised in Italy and was surrounded by high society, luxury, and privilege.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 29
Image: Gala

At eighteen, Allegra became an overnight millionaire and inherited 50% of her late uncles’ company, Gianni Versace S.P.A. Still, she chose to focus on her studies and later returned to become a director of the company. The socialite and fashion director have now amassed a whopping $800 million.

Tori is The Daughter of Aaron Spelling

Tori Spelling was also born into a showbiz family dynasty. Her father is the world-famous TV and movie producer, Aaron Spelling and her mother Candy Spelling is an author, theatre producer, and philanthropist. Tori really grew up in a Beverley Hills bubble, surrounded by the who’s who of Hollywood.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 39 1
Image: People

Tori already had a “rich girl” reputation and aspired to be an actress. So she made a name for herself as Donna Martin in her father’s iconic rich kid’s TV sitcom, 90210. The heiress continued to make her mark on Hollywood in hits like Kiss The Bride, but her bubble burst when she didn’t get as much as she hoped from her father’s will. Still, she’s worth $600 million, and that’s set to soar as she recently reprised the role of Donna in the 90210 spin-off show.

Scarlett’s Mother is a Top Film Producer

Scarlett Johansson is now one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. She’s also one of the world’s highest-paid actresses and regularly tops the Forbes rich lists. Still, the actress also had a jump-start in life. Her mother Melanie Sloan was a successful film producer, and her grandfather was a film director.

Famous Faces Who Are Heirs and Heiresses to Big Family Fortunes 15
Image: Interesting Green

Scarlett was born into a creative family and aspired to be an actress at a young age. Still, she earned her place on the Hollywood red carpet, and her talent has landed her multiple awards. Her memorable roles include Lost in Translation and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. After reprising the role of the Black Widow in the Marvel film series, she is now amassed $140 million.