Rings and Grand Slams: Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life

Whether or not you’re a fan of wrestling, you have to acknowledge one impressive aspect of the whole enterprise: the wrestlers are real pros at what they do. Well, what exactly is it that they do? They punch, kick, and choke each other. They slam chairs and other various objects against one another. But whatever crazy stuff they do in the ring, they put on a great over-the-top show.

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Image: WWE

They’re not fooling anyone, are they? They give a great performance, but at the end of the day, they are actors as well as athletes. For some of the wrestlers, though, one thing is not staged. Some of the couples who are portrayed as such in the ring actually coupled up in real life! Gear up, weaponize your chairs and table and get ready for a slammin’ tour through some of the biggest wrestling couples who boo’d up for real.

John Cena Gives Nikki Bella a Ring In the Ring

Everyone knows John Cena. He’s pretty much the face of wrestling. Raised in Massachusetts, Cena long had aspirations of becoming a bodybuilder, and then in the late 1990s, he transitioned to wrestling. These days though, he even raps and acts. He’s kind of a John of all trades. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, professionally known as Nikki Bella signed a contract with WWE in 2007, and for over a decade she was in the ring slammin’ people down left and right.

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Image: WWE

Cena and Bella are also known for contributing to wrestling romance legacy. In fact, they even got hitched on an episode of WWE! For a while, they were “the” couple of the wrestling world. And for the duration of their relationship (which, unfortunately, ended in 2018), they were probably the most public couple to have ever graced the WWE. They got hitched on stage, true, but for some years they were a real-life couple.

Booker T and Sharmell Make a Nice King and Queen

Robert Booker Tio Huffman, a.k.a. Booker T is a mega-champion in the wrestling world. In fact, he’s a six-time world champion. His resume is extensive and highly impressive. His current wife, Sharmell Sullivan, is also a mega wrestling star. Before she entered the wrestling galaxy she was actually 1991’s Miss Black America.

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Image: WWE

After winning the King of the Ring tournament in 2006, Booker T coronated himself and subsequently proclaimed his love for Sharmell, whom he then dubbed his queen. By that time, the two stars had had quite a bit of interaction in and out of the various wrestling leagues. In 2005, the pair tied the knot and went from wrestling rings to wedding rings.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett Sparked Some Wrestling Locker Room Intrigue

Meet the Jarretts, not your average American couple. Karen, a big-time wrestling champ who made her break in 2001, was previously married to the legendary Kurt Angle. Jeff played lots of sports as a youth, and in the early 1990s, he busted into the wrestling world.

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Image: The Sun

Jeff and Karen had been working together for a while, and it was clear that they had some serious chemistry in and out of the ring. To Kurt Angle’s justifiably great dismay, Karen and Jeff eventually got together. We’re not sure what aspects of this intrigue are staged, and what’s real, but Karen and Jeff did get hitched in 2010, and they’ve been together ever since.

Don’t Mess With the Garganos

This is one couple you probably wouldn’t want to mess with. True, they are actors in some sense, but their physical fitness and intimidation factor are for real. Candice LaRae started her wrestling career in 2002, originally appearing as a substitute, but she was so impressive (even though she actually lost that match) that the league organizers fell in love and she went on to become a wrestling superstar.

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Image: WWE

Her real-life boo is Johnny Gargano. He started wrestling when he was only eight years old. Even then, he was reportedly mopping the floor with people. He went on to hit it huge – now he’s one of WWE’s finest. Candice and Johnny got married in 2016 on a beautiful sunny day in Anaheim. They were flanked by some of their best wrestling friends. This is not a wedding you would want to crash and be bounced out of!

Stone Cold and Debra Are the Face of 90s Wrestling Romance

Steve Austin might have one of the “coolest” ring names ever: Stone Cold. He has one of the longest, most extensive CVs in the chair slammin’, head knockin’ biz. And as you know, he’s one of the tough-guy American wrestler archetypes. In the late 1990s, Austin coupled up with wrestling goddess Debra Marshall, whose resume is just as crazy.

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Image: Fanpop

She’s an incredibly fascinating woman; she wrestled, she acted, she managed, and interestingly, she graduated with honors from a criminal justice degree at Alabama U. These two wrestling champs got married in 1998. Their marriage went down in history as the biggest wrestler romantic link-up of the 1990s. It didn’t last forever though. Due to some substance problems and violent fights (stereotype much?), they split in 2008.

Mike and Maria Kanellis, the Tough and Playful Real-Life Couple

Maria and Mike Kanellis are for sure a power couple. We don’t think we would challenge them to a brawl (even if we had our significant other present). Their “real” last name is actually Bennett, but as Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” So who knows when and where wrestling blurs the line between show and reality? What is real, without a doubt, is that these two lovebirds have insane records.

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Image: The Sun

Maria decided to enter the Diva Search contest in 2004, and even though she placed 5th, she was hired by the wrestling firm. It’s all stardom from there folks. Mike made a super successful debut in 2002, and for him too, it’s been slammin’ and cruisin’ ever since. In their WWE storylines, Maria is always teasing Mike and being harsh, but in real life, off-stage, the couple are really sweet, and they have a great time raising their two children together.

Renee Young and Jon Moxley Show that Rivalry Doesn’t Always Follow You Home

One of the interesting things about Jon Moxley and Renee Young being a couple is that as of a few months ago, they competed/acted/commentated in two rival wrestling leagues. Moxley is from the AEW (All Elite Wrestling), and his beloved, Young, is in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). For years there has been a particularly acrid rivalry going down between the organizations, competing for fans and wrestlers.

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Image: Ringside News

Moxley and Young’s backgrounds are somewhat different. Jon wrestles, and Renee commentates and broadcasts. But they’re both hyper-famous wrestling personalities and cherished members of their respective leagues. After secretly dating for three years, the cute couple tied the knot in 2017. Allegedly, when they announced their real-life relationship, things got a little professionally awkward for some people… rivalry and all.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, a Match Made In Wrestling Heaven

Seth Rollins, born Colby Lopez, is a current WWE star. With a full mane of hair and prominent beard, Rollins has been professionally slamming and smacking since his debut in 2005. His fiancé, Rebecca Quin, known in the ring as Becky Lynch, is a star in her own table-throwing, pain-causing right.

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Image: Republic World

Her home country is Ireland. She made a name for herself there, and then later hopped over the Atlantic to pursue a career in the U.S. Her venture was successful, and now she wrestles with the best American gals and more from all over. It’s not entirely clear when the couple plan on marrying, but they’re deeply in love. We emphatically wish them all the best! (Lest they come after us and throw us out the window).

Miz and Maryze Are WWE’s Super Cool and Tough Villains

Meet Maryse and the Miz. Married in 2014, they’re one of these in-door-shades-wearing quintessential American wrestling couples. The Miz, or as his folks named him, Michael Mizanin, is currently signed with the WWE. His rise to fame was due to his membership in the cast of MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York in 2001. His career has since been very successfully living a dual life of wrestling and acting.

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Image: TheSportster

Maryse Ouellet, the Miz’s wife, is French Canadian, and she’s also a professional wrestler. She competed in WWE’s Diva Search. She rocked peoples’ socks off there, and despite winning the final, she was invited to some special WWE workout sessions because she was so awesome and tough. What’s really cool about these two boo’d-up lovers is that in the league, they’re major villains. We for sure wouldn’t mess with Mrs. and Miz.

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford Can Be Tough, But They’re Also Chill

Of course, you can’t see it here, but Bianca Belair, current WWE superstar has some absolutely insane abs. We don’t care if you’re 6’4 dude who works out five times a week, she could probably kick your butt. She started off in track and field, but in 2016, she transferred to wrestling. As if getting into a brawl with Bianca wouldn’t be deadly enough, you better hope her hubby, Montez Ford isn’t also involved.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 20
Image: Instagram / biancabelairewwe

Ford is part of the tag-team known as Street Profits. Currently, they compete in WWE, but they have also thrown down in Raw and Evolve. But Belair and Montez are not just tough guys and gals; they also have sweet, loving, and funny sides to them. The pair got hitched in 2018, and today, they’re going strong.

CM Punk and AJ Lee Live Happily Together, But With Some Burned Bridges

April Mendez is known in the wrestling world as AJ Lee. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and she started her wrestling career in the independent circuit in 2007. A couple of years later, she signed with WWE. In 2013, she was the No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship. Any way you put it, she kicks some serious butt. Her hubby, a no less tough individual, is CM Punk – Phillip Brooks by birth.

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Image: WWE

CM Punk is a mixed martial artist who regularly competes in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which, we’re sure we’d all agree, is a little more real than wrestling. So we know he can throw down. The webs of rumors and dubious information sources are hard to untangle, but we know these two are happily married. Some sources indicate that CM Punk was actually kicked out of the WWE for talking smack (a.k.a. slander).

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Show Big Contrasts Between Fact and Fiction

This is probably the first time in the history of our pop culture activity that we actually hear Triple H’s name: Paul Levesque. What’s about you? He’s one of those major wrestling stars that barely needs any introduction. It’s enough to remind ourselves that he has multiple WWE reigns, and he’s one mean-looking son of a gun. His loving and beloved wife, Stephanie McMahon is also a prominent personality in the world of wrestling.

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Image: WWE

She mostly commentates, but watch out! She also hops in the ring occasionally and isn’t afraid to throw down, so don’t get in her way on a bad day. The pair’s story is sort of strange though. One of the WWE storylines involving the pair tells a tale of Triple H drugging Stephanie and marrying her in a chapel in Vegas. In real life, however, the story is less outlandish; they got married in 2003 in a nice, mutually-agreed-upon ceremony.

Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe Salute Odin As They Tie the Knot

These two adorable bears are on fire in the wrestling world, and this is their Viking themed wedding. Sarah Logan, naturally Sarah Bridges, started out small in the independent circuit. After making an intense debut, she was soon signed with WWE. The other Viking we see here is Raymond Rowe, and he’s also signed with WWE.

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Image: WWE

He also wrestles with Raw, where, fittingly, he’s part of The Viking Raiders tag team. We think the Viking wedding is a cool touch. If you’re interested, we suggest you hit up Instagram and check out pictures. You’ll see people with battleaxes, capes, helmets, and everything in between. Since the union a couple of years ago, they have been happily married. For their honeymoon, they raided some villages in northern France. Jk.

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Got Married In the Ring in SummerSlam 1991

Appropriately ring-named, the macho man you see here is Randy Savage (born Randy Poffo). He’s a man of many projects. Foremost, he’s a wrestler, having bagged championship accolades in WWE and WCW (World Championship Wrestling). He also spits mad raps and does some acting. The pretty lady on his shoulder is the late Elizabeth Hulette, or in the world of wrestling and weaponized furniture: Miss Elizabeth.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 27
Image: WWE

In her long career, she did do some matches, but she was also heavily involved in the management side of things, as well as doing the occasional TV announcement. Sadly, she passed away in 2003 due to an incident involving acute toxicity. Savage and Hulette actually got married in the ring on live television! So here we have a complete breakdown of entertainment/reality boundaries, and the results were very sweet!

Bea Priestley and Will Ospreay, Kicking Butt Like It’s Nothing

These two look cute and innocent enough here as they’re photoed during a workout, gently smiling away. But if you got in the ring with either one of them, all smiles (especially yours) would quickly disappear. Bea Priestley is a tough-as-nails woman from England. She’s currently the champion of Goddess of Stardom. Last year, she turned down a WWE contract and subsequently made her debut at Fight for the Fallen.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 19
Image: Twitter / willospraey

Will Ospreay, is also straight out of England. He’s only 26 but he’s been making waves in wrestling circles in Europe. As a child, when teachers asked him what he wanted to do, he always said “pro wrestler”, but they never believed him. Sometimes people are wrong. Priestley and Ospreay started dating in 2016 after having met at a wrestling event in the UK. In 2017, the couple actually competed together against some opponents, and they kicked serious butt.

Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green, Vicious In the Ring, Love Birds Outside

Matthew Cardona, professionally known as Zack Ryder is one tough cookie. He’s currently wrestling for WWE, but he has a long resume of showdowns in other circuits as well. Ryder is very social media savvy, and he’s always capitalizing on the celebrity-enhancing opportunities provided by the web. At his side is Chelsea Green, who sometimes goes by the ring name Laural Van Ness.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 13
Image: Zona Wrestling

Green is from Canada, and she packs a no less impressive punch (and chokehold). She started in the independent circuit and after a series of high-octane showdowns, she was approached by WWE. Green and Ryder have been dating since 2017, and last April they announced plans to get married. Congrats! Wrestling rings to wedding rings, nice.

Naomi and Uso Are as Tough as Their Rock-Solid Marriage

Simple and sweet. This tough chick’s real name is Trinity Fatu, but in the ring she goes by the alias Naomi. She started her athletic career as a cheerleader and dancer for the NBA team Orlando Magic. We guess that wasn’t intense enough because soon after, she burst into the explosive world of wrestling. Now, she’s a WWE queen. Her beloved husband, Jimmy Uso is also a professional slammer.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 1
Image: WWE

He’s part of a two-man tag team with his twin brother Joshua. They both wrestle for WWE and if you watch their matches, you’re guaranteed an epic show. Naomi and Uso got hitched in 2014 in a sweet ceremony, and the pictures are so cute that you could easily forget that the pair are professional tough-people. Spicing things up, they often make ring appearances together, calling out and intimidating opponents.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya Were Teenage Sweethearts Who Eventually Tied the Big Knot

This Canadian-born tough dude’s name is Theodore Wilson, and he goes by the pro name Tyson Kidd. He wrestled his first match in Canada’s famous Stampede Wrestling at only 15. Then, he went international and eventually landed himself a juicy contract with WWE. His spouse, Natalie Neidhart, or Natalya in and around the ring, is also Canadian. She too started in Canada and eventually ended up throwing women around in WWE.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 3
Image: WWE

In addition to her intense wrestling career, she also does journalism, contributing a weekly column in her native city’s Calgary Sun. The couple has been married since 2013. The ceremony was held in private in Florida with only a minimal media presence. Apparently, the two have known each other since he was 14 and she was 12! So they’ve been sweethearts for a while.

Brock Lesnar and Sable Prefer to Keep Their Relationship Publicly Low Key.

Brock Lesnar is a tank. If you’re looking for an example of someone who muddies the distinction between actor and fighter, he’s your guy. He rose to fame in the wrestling world, but then he transferred to UFC, which is obviously more hardcore. He did some real damage there too. Now he’s back in WWE. Rena Lesnar, better known by her nom de guerre, Sable, is also huge.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 23
Image: Sports Illustrated

She started her athletic activities when she was just a little girl, as an avid gymnast and horseback rider. She made her wrestling debut in the 1990s, and quickly gained critical acclaim. Brock and Sable are pretty secretive about their relationship, preferring to largely keep it behind closed doors. This contrasts sharply with other wrestling couples, whose relationship or marriage is part of the show as well as part of real life.

Rusev and Lana Weave Their Personal Lives Into Their Professional Ones

Catherine Perry and Miroslav Barnyashev, a.k.a. Lana and Rusev (respectively) are one of those tough wrestling power couples you wouldn’t want to mess with. Lana throws down in the ring, but she’s also a manager, actress, dancer, singer, and model (where does she find the time?). Rusev, from Bulgaria, is a no-holds-barred, super-tough macho man who currently wrestles for WWE. He’s a three-time U.S. Champion.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 15
Image: TheSportster

The pair got hitched in 2016, and they’re going strong today. They are one of those wrestling couples that aren’t afraid of integrating their relationship and personal lives into their WWE storylines. Sometimes they spark controversy, as was the case when Lana kissed another wrestler on live TV. Maybe it was traumatic for Rusev, or maybe it was all part of the show, who knows?

“My Mom and Dad Can Beat Up Your Mom and Dad” Will Say No One Ever To Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s Kid

Brianna Danielson, known in wrestling circles as Brie Bella, is the twin sister of Nikki Bella, who also happens to be married to a wrestling superstar. After some successful years of waitressing and modeling work, Bella’s agent suggested they pursue another lead: wrestling. She was game, and thus the spark to her stardom was ignited. Her husband is the legendary Bryan Danielson, a.k.a. Daniel Bryan, is a mega WWE champ.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 7
Image: WWE

We wonder if instead of arguing like most couples, when these two fight, do they just see who puts who in a chokehold first and that’s how they resolve things? Anyway, the two love birds married in 2014 in a nice ceremony on a beautiful sunny day. Now, the two vegetarian wrestlers are expecting a child, so it’s safe to say that Bella is on a temporary hiatus from being slammed to the ground by incredibly strong women…

Brandi and Cody Rhodes Take Up the Rhodes Family Wrestling Torch

When looking at these wrestling couples, one thing stands out: they’re all really good looking. The fact that they slam each other into the floor and punch and kick relentlessly without messing up their pretty faces shows that they’re real pros. The cute couple seen here is Cody and Brandi Rhodes. Their real names are Cody and Brandi Runnels though. Brandi started as a figure skater, then focused on school, landing herself a job as a newscaster.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 17
Image: TheSportster

As she was completing her degree, she was approached by WWE. She tried out. She rocked it. Cody just has that wrestling DNA. He’s the son Dusty Rhodes, who’s now in the WWE Hall of Fame. It was clear he had talent, and together with his connections, he rose to fame. These lovers have been married since 2013. They often appear together at wrestling events and other media-laden happenings, and they always look tough, but cute.

Edge and Phoenix, A Wrestling Couple for the Books

Edge, born Adam Copeland is a classic wrestling personality and one of WWE’s best-known faces. He’s been wrestling since the early 1990s, and he’s won tons of championships. He’s also involved in all sorts of other ventures, like acting and writing. His auto-bio, Adam Copeland on Edge is supposed to be really good. As it turns out, he’s married to an equally huge wrestling star.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 5
Image: TheSportster

Elizabeth Copeland goes by the pro name Beth Phoenix. She wrestles and commentates. She immersed herself in the wrestling world right after she finished high school. She displayed a unique toughness and colorful showmanship, and she eventually was discovered by WWE. Edge and Phoenix married in 2016. But almost a decade before that, they were concurrent champions in their respective leagues! Nice.

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool Find True Love After All

Mark Calaway, best known as The Undertaker, is one of those fabled (scary) personalities that define what a WWE wrestler is. The dude is 6″10 and weighs over 300 pounds! So you get why the name is so apt. After a series of victorious slam downs (and different nicknames, e.g. Mark Callous and Texas Red), he signed with WWE and became a star. His boo/lover/wifey, Michelle McCool (cool name?) is also huge (though not quite as big physically).

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 40
Image: GiveMeSport

In the “rough” world of WWE, she’s a two-time WWE Divas Champion and also a two-time WWE Women’s Champion. After some really turbulent (in a good way) years in the initial stages of her career, McCool busted onto the big scene in 2008. The two champs tied the knot in a nice ceremony under Texan blue skies. Prior to their current union, the two have had each been married a few times. We wish them the best and hope that this time it’s forever!

Su Sung and Rich Swann, Not the Love-Bears You Want to Mess With

This freaky looking gal is Vannarah Riggs; known as Su Sung in the wrestling ring. As an amateur wrestler, she did work in a few independent leagues alongside some promotional work. Her technique and intimidating demeanor caught the eye of WWE scouts in 2010, she signed a sweet contract soon thereafter. Her equally imposing beau goes by the name Rich Swann. When he was young, his parents both passed away in tragic circumstances.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 41
Image: Pro Wrestling

After falling in with a rough crowd and struggling with some issues, he then got back on his feet and got in the ring. After wrestling for a few different tough-as-nails leagues, he signed with WWE, and since then he’s become eminent. These two love-bears have been together since 2012, and they officially tied things in 2017. That year though, there was a little trouble with the relationship, we hope everything is ok now.

Will Long Time Lovers Sara Del Rey and Cesaro Tie the Knot?

Sara Del Rey, née Sarah Amato, has been smacking down for years – since 2002 to be precise. For a few years, she wrestled overseas, in Japan and in Mexico. From there, she climbed the professional ladder and eventually cracked her way into the pro world of WWE. These days, she holds coaching positions in the league. The tough guy to her left is Claudio Castagnoli, who goes by the sleek ring name Cesaro.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 38
Image: TheSportster

He was previously well known for his work in Ring of Honor and some other independent promotions. Now, he plays with the big boys and gals, following a WWE contract he signed in 2011. We still don’t know if these two wrestling stars have plans to tie the knot, but we know that they have been dating for a long, long time. So we guess we’ll see what happens.

Despite Professional Gaps, Aaron Solow and Bayley Work Just Fine

These two look nice, and by the picture, we wouldn’t know that they could seriously mess us up in a fight. But under those sweaters, it’s all pure muscle and deadliness. But Bayley, given name: Pamela Martinez, is not exactly the type of lady you’d want to mess with unless you have a death-or-injury wish. She is the current and longest-standing SmackDown Woman’s Champion!

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 45
Image: Pinterest / Chanelle Cole

Her dude’s real name is Stuart Cumberland, his ring name is Aaron Solow. He’s super tough and well trained, and he has managed to bag himself a couple of champion accolades, including a Dojo Pro White Belt and WC Big Top Tag Team. These two stars and now engaged. Although they are far from professional peers – Bayley is a mega-pro and Solow is an indie wrestler – the pair manage to make things work just fine.

Britt Baker and Adam Cole Prove Dentistry and Wrestling Can Work out Their Differences

Meet Adam Cole (born Austin Jenkins) WWE’s NXT North American Champion, and Tag Team Champion. Here, he’s smiling away, and he looks like a pleasant dude you could go for a beer with, but in the ring, it’s a whole different story. After years of an explosive wrestling career, in 2019 he also went digital and became a playable video game character in WWE 2K19. Britt Baker, his current gf, is (get this!) a professional and a dentist!

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 46
Image: WWE

We’re serious, somehow it seems that professional wrestling would be counterproductive to taking care of teeth, but we guess we were wrong. She’s no joke in either world; in wrestling, she has a couple of nice champ titles. Baker and Cole actually started their relationship long-distance, which suited both of them because they’re both extremely busy, as you can see.

JoJo and Bray Wyatt Recently Welcomed Another Little Addition to the Fam

JoJo Offerman, or simply JoJo, is one of the celebs that seem to just be good at whatever they do. And she does a lot. In addition to being a pro wrestler, she’s also a ring announcer, a (wrestling) valet, and a singer. Since 2013, she’s been getting her hands dirty in the trenches of WWE, where she kicks butt. The guy you see here goes by the wrestling name “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 36
Image: eWrestlingNews.com

According to this photo, he doesn’t seem too fiendish. Well, maybe we could say here he looks like a love-fiend. Anyway, in the WWE ring, he’s a fearsome foe to many, and he certainly has the champion titles to back it up. There is some speculation that JoJo and Wyatt might soon tie the knot. But what is for sure, is that last year they had a really cute little baby. Congrats!

Alexis Rose And Jack Gallagher Show Us That red Hair and Mustaches Don’t Stop You From Being Tough

Clara Sinclare goes by the wrestling name Alexis Rose, which, in terms of this photo at least, certainly matches her hair. When she was pretty young, she started getting interested in all sorts of sports, including gymnastics and volleyball. Then, she became a bikini babe model for a while before getting into WWE wrestling. Her supremely mustached husband you see here is WWE star Oliver Claffey, a.k.a. Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 42
Image: Twitter / GentlemanJackG

He has been slamming bodies in the WWE for some time now, and he has been the contender for a couple of different champ titles. Don’t let the mustache fool you! Meet this guy in the ring, and he won’t pull out a pocket watch and tell you the time, he’ll probably tap you out. Gallagher and Rose married in 2017. For a couple a pro tough-folks, these two are cutesy. Hit up their Instagrams and you’ll see them making faces, kissing, and eating hotdogs.

Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro, Ultra-Tough Champs, But Also Cute Lovebirds

Trevor Mann goes by the name Ricochet in the wrestling ring. It’s an apt name because he is totally prone to bouncing off something with projectile force and smashing into an opponent. It’s no surprise that throughout the course of his professional and amateur wrestling careers, he has been the recipient of dozens of championship titles. Kacy Catanzaro, no less impressive, also has a stacked wrestling background.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 32
Image: Twitter / BigChrisSpirito

She’s been in various rings, smashing people left and right for years, and in 2017, she made her WWE debut, where she continued to cause pain. Although Catanzaro and Ricochet haven’t been together as long as some of these other pro wrestling boos, they have been a focal point in the wrestling romance scene for the last couple of years. People can’t get enough of their crazy chemistry.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky, Big Stars, Big Family

If you didn’t know anything about wrestling and you went on the internet to look these two up, you wouldn’t think that they are professional tough people and martial artists. The search results are full of cute pictures of them at sports games, with babies, and with food. Cuteness notwithstanding, they are intense. For years, Reby Sky (Victoria Hardy) has been busy wrestling, acting, modeling, and dancing.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 33
Image: WWE

In 2018, her talent and toughness landed her a contract with WWE. Her husband, the legendary Matt Hardy, has been in so many rings and won so many championships that we couldn’t possibly hope to list them all here. If you like wrestling, then you know he’s a superstar. The Hardys have been hitched since 2013 and they had their first child in 2015. Then another one in 2017. And then another one in 2019. Big family.

Rachael Evers and Kassius Ohno Prove That Sometimes, Your Partner Is Your Hero

These days Chris Spaldin wrestles under either the name Chris Hero or Kassius Ohno, depending on which league you find him in. He has quite the track record; amassing wins in WWE and elsewhere, and receiving multiple championship accolades. His sweetheart, Rachael Ellering, goes by the wrestling alias Rachael Evers. In 2016, she debuted in WWE, after success there, she decided to try her luck in the independent circuit, appearing on Impact Wrestling.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 44
Image: Twitter / RachaelEversWWE

During her career, in addition to some wrestling champion titles, she also won an award for powerlifting. The couple have been dating for a few years now, and by all reports so far, they’re heavily in love. In 2018, when Evers was in Japan, Chris came for a surprise visit. We guess during that trip, you could really say he was her Hero…

Keith Lee and Mia Yim Are a Couple You Don’t Wanna Mess With

These two are a power couple in the most literal sense. Keith Lee is a professional wrestler signed on to WWE, and the current NXT North American Champion. Such a decorated and well-esteemed wrestler needs an equally impressive woman on his arm, and luckily he found just his match in the form of Mia Yim.

Keith Lee and Mia Kim
Image: Pinterest / hkjuggalo13

Mia, born Stephanie Bell, works at World Wrestling Entertainment. She developed a name for herself in the wrestling world through various federations across the U.S, most notably Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling. This couple individually dedicated their life to wrestling; it only makes sense that they’d need a partner as involved in their passion as they are.

Marina Shafir and Roderick Strong Do Things at Their Own Pace

This wrestling couple went the next step and got married to each other in 2018. But don’t let that fool you, they’re not sticklers for following the rules, as they actually had their first son before their wedding. Troy Veniamin Lindsey was born in 2017, and it seems they’ve been the image of marital bliss ever since.

Marina Shafir and Roderick Strong
Image: WWE

Roderick Strong’s 13-year tenure with Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment (ROH) has given him his solid reputation, as has his numerous championship wins with ROH. And Maria is accomplished too, having been a mixed martial artist in her past who is currently signed on to WWE.

Nick Aldis and Mickie James Are Cross-Continental Lovers

When you know it’s right, you know. This wrestling couple certainly didn’t wait long after the birth of their first child before tieing the knot. Nick Aldis and Mickie James had their son in the fall of 2014 and married in the winter of the following year.

Nick Aldis and Mickie James
Image: Twitter / Mickie James

In this marriage, Mickey is the American one and Nick is British, proving that love really can conquer cultural differences. But luckily for them, they have a list of wrestling accolades as big as their biceps and have plenty in common. We can’t help but wonder if their son will be just as interested in their world as they are!

Deonna Purrazzo and Marty Scurll Prove That Love Crosses Rivalry Boundaries.

Deonna Purrazzo went against the grain and decided to use her real name as her pro wrestling name, we guess it’s just that hype. She’s only 25 but she already has an impressive butt-kicking resume. After wrestling simultaneously for years in the World Wonder Ring Stardom circuit and WWE, she made the fulltime transfer to the latter in 2018. Her bf is named Marty Scurll, who, get this, also uses his real name in the ring! Omg, soulmates.

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He has been in the game since 2005, wrestling in a variety of different leagues and bagging a bunch of championships. In terms of WWE, he certainly has what it takes, but he hasn’t been signed there. Maybe he prefers the grit of the other circuits. There is a rivalry between the leagues they compete in, and as of last year, although Purrazzo and Scurll are dating, she said she’s getting tired of people chanting his name at her match.

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy Show That There Can Even Be Trouble In Wrestling Paradise

The tank you see looming against the dark WWE arena backdrop looking kind of like Prince Harry is Matthew Adams, a.k.a. Buddy Murphy. He’s from Australia, and in his early career he made a living by throwing dudes around in Melbourne City Wrestling. After holding the champ title for 293 days, WWE scooped him up. The tough-gal you see here is Alexa Bliss, a.k.a. Alexis Kaufman.

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Since she was five years old, she was involved in sports, including (spoiler alert) kickboxing. By the time she grew up, she had won some fitness competitions. In 2013, she began her WWE career. Back in 2015, Bliss and Murphy started dating, and things looked great. But in 2019, things ended between them. We wish them the best though.

Jackie Gayda and Charlie Haas Enjoy the Some Quiet Time After Explosive Careers

Jackie Gayda was awarded a contract with WWE after co-winning on the reality TV show Tough Enough, where she proved that she was indeed tough enough. After signing the juicy contract, she went on to recently win the Worst Worked Match of the Year award, which, contrary to how it sounds, is pretty great. In 2005, she and her now-hubby pro wrestler Charlie Haas (blue shorts) got hitched.

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Image: Pro Wrestling

He’s pretty insane too, with a wrestling career dating all the way back to 1996. For the last few decades, he has been alternating between a bunch of different rings, including WWE and Ring of Honor. Mr. and Mrs. Haas are now semi-retired at a young pretty young ages, and they enjoy a lot of time with their four kids, and they run a smoothie shop in Texas.

Brian Caraway and Miesha Tate, Less Acting for Sure

We’re not sure if this is of concern, but we wonder if these two could kick anyone else’s butts in this article. Although Brian Caraway and Miesha Tate have trained in wrestling and intense ground-game, they both found their calling in a sport some would argue is way grittier: mixed martial arts. After a 6-1 record in his amateur years, he went pro. He did some cage fighting, competed in Ultimate Fighter, and then eventually signed with UFC

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Image: Sports World News

Miesha Tate also has a highly energetic career. She specializing in wrestling and grappling but she’s also a crazy striker. She has fought in a few different leagues, and she is always intense. Tate is the recipient of several accolades across a wide range of MMA areas. Caraway and Tate were together and very much in the public UFC romance light. However, they split up in 2017, but details of the break up scarce.

X-Pac and Chyna, Tearful Goodbyes and Fond Memories

If you’re even remotely a fan of pro wrestling, you’ll remember Chyna with lots of love. Sadly, she passed away due to substance use complications. She was great – one of the real OGs of the wrestling world. Starting in 1995, her career lasted over 20 years and she collected a ton of champ titles. Sean Waltman, who went by the ring name X-Pac, is retired from wrestling now, but he hosts a podcast and is super busy.

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Image: Bleacher Report

His wrestling career, starting in 1989, lasted almost thirty years! You name the league, and he probably wrestled there. Somehow, he survived and went on to become a two-time Hall of Famer. Starting 2003, X-Pac and Chyna dated, but things didn’t go well, and they eventually broke up. In a memorial for Chyna, X-Pac touched our hearts with a warm and loving speech about her.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Show Us That Tough-Folks Enjoy The Married Life

Ronda Rousey is a real artist, martial and otherwise. She’s a pro wrestler, judoka, actress, and author. She’s kind of a double agent also. Well, not that there’ any real rivalry between WWE and UFC, but Rousey manages to hover between the two. We wonder which sport she finds tougher. Rousey married Travis Browne in 2017. He’s all about the mixed martial arts, and has not been involved in the world of pro wrestling.

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Image: Wrestling-Edge

He’s a towering 6’7, 250-pound dude who specializes in smashing people out. What could go wrong if you got in a scrap with him? Anyway, Rousey and Browne got married in 2017, and they’ve been enjoying the hitched life ever since. They flew to Hawaii and had a nice ceremony under some coconut trees. If you only saw these two in there elements, though, you’d never think they have soft sides!

Sarath Ton and Sasha Banks Certainly Both Wear the Pants (and One of Them Makes Them)

Meet Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton. Sometimes, these two look more like some random hip, kind of hipster couple more than a pair of professional butt-kickers. Don’t let the glasses and the pink hair fool you. Sarath Ton, nicknamed Miakze, has been wrestling in WWE since 2012, and he’s now retired. He had eight different signature moves, including Shinobi Press and the Tornado Kick, which he leveraged to help him dominate in the ring.

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Image: TheSportser

His wifey, Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado goes by the ring name Sasha Banks, and she’s also gnarly. Her amateur career kicked off in 2010, and then a couple of years later, she made the switch to WWE and became a pro. Fun fact: she’s Snoop Dog’s cousin! Banks and Ton married in 2016. Since they tied the know, Banks has continued to wrestle, and since his retirement, Ton has been working as a pro costume designer for WWE.

Chris Candido and Sunny, One for the Eternal Books of Wrestling

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these two blondies certainly don’t leave too much work for the imagination. Sadly, the piece of artillery you see here, Chris Candido, passed away in 2005 from pneumonia. We lovingly remember him and his bone-crushing legacy though. He started way back in 1986, and for almost 20 years, he brought joy to wrestling fans all over the world, and the world misses him dearly.

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Image: Wrestling News Source

The heavily clothed lady you see here is none other than the legendary Tamara Lynn Sytch, known in the ring as Sunny. She has been going fiercely since the early 90s and she’s made quite a name for herself, having wrestled in WWE as well as in other prestigious circuits. Sunny and Candido were high school sweethearts, and while Candido’s career was starting up, Sunny traveled all over with him, which is pretty cute, for a couple of hard players.

Goldust and Terri Runnels Are Oldies But Goldies Who Always Got With the Times

When looking at this wrestling couple it highlights the contrast between present and past worlds of wrestling. Whereas the vintage wrestlers liked spandex, makeup, and masks the new generation seems to like the minimalist approach. The tough lady you see here is Terri Runnels. After having a successful career that started in the late 80s, she is now retired. At the end of her career, she was honored when WWE bestowed on her the WWE Hall of Fame accolade.

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Image: Sportskeeda

Yeah, she’s no joke in the wrestling world. Her husband, the equally intimidating Dustin Runnels, a.k.a. Goldust, is, if nothing else, a man true to his style. In the 80s and 90s, he rode the wrestling fashion waves, but he always had some kind of crazy mask. But as things went on, he got with the times and updated his style, but never lost his mask. At one point in their career, Terri and Goldust competed together and actually won a title!

Cris Cyborg and Evangelista Santos Show Us That Not Just Last Names Change After Marriage

Christiane Justino goes by the professional name Cris Cyborg. Trust us, you do not want to mess with her. Don’t believe us? Just look up one her fights and you’ll get scared. Somewhat incongruently, she started her sports career playing handball. Then, she found her calling and learned grappling, kickboxing, and of course, wrestling, and she excelled everywhere. In 2015, she was scooped up by the UFC, and she’s been going to war ever since.

Rings and Grand Slams Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 50
Image: UFC

She is married to the ultra-tough, no-punches-barred Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos. He’s a professional mixed martial artist who does not mess around. The Brazilian started his career in 1997 at 20 years old, and he quickly climbed the MMA ladder, ultimately bagging himself a contract with UFC. Santos and Justino got married in 2005, but they split in 2011. But not before Justino adopted Santos’s pro name! Hence, ‘Cyborg.’

Andrade Was Thrilled That Flair Said Si!

We’ll spare you Andrade’s full name because it would take up half the space we have to write this article. From Mexico with love, Andrade busted into international acclaim in 2010 when he messed people up (not really, but in the context of wrestling) in a tournament in Japan. He caught the attention of WWE headhunters, who later inducted him into their wrestler ranks.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 31
Image: Twitter / mscharlottewwe

Charlotte Flair (yeah, the name is too cool to be true), or as her parents named her, Ashley Fliehr, is sort of a polymath; she’s a pro wrestler, but she also acts and writes. In 2012 she signed a contract with WWE, and a few years later she transferred to SmackDown. Anyway, in January, Andrade and Flair got hitched. Just after their engagement, Andrade took to Twitter to rejoice, he happily wrote: “She said siiiiiiiiiiiii!!!”

Kimberly Page and Diamond Dallas Show That Even Stars Have Their Falls

These two stars are some of wrestling’s classics. The beautiful woman on the right is Kimberly Page. After graduating from college with a degree in public relations and journalism, Page met her husband-to-be and then decided to step into his world. Shortly after, she became a wrestling sensation. The hubby, none other than Dallas Page, a.k.a. Diamond Dallas, is one of wrestling’s icons.

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Image: armpit-wrestling.com

His career dates back to the late 80s, when he got a gig as a wrestling manager with the American Wrestling Association. At some point in the early 90s, Dallas took some advice from a friend and decided to wrestle himself. From then on, it’s all body-slamming history. The Pages got married in 1991, but they unfortunately divorced in 2005, citing irreconcilable differences. The break-up rocked the wrestling romance word.

They Look Tough, But Aleister Black and Zelina Vega Are Sweethearts

Tom Budgen, pro name Aleister Black, comes from Holland, with force. After wrestling in independent circuits for over ten years, he made the transfer to WWE in 2016. Black is a tough dude, and he succeeds in cultivating a truly unique wrestling character for himself (for example, all his Instagram pics are black and white). His mad-tough other half, the lovely Thea Trinidad, a.k.a Zelina Vega, comes straight out of NYC.

Rings and Grand Slams  Wrestling Stars Who Coupled up in Real Life 39
Image: Instagram / aleister_back

She has wrestled in a few different circuits, and then in 2016, she joined WWE. In addition to being tough, she’s also a talented actress and model, appearing on TV and in some video games. Vega and Black got hitched in 2018, and they’ve been happily married since. If you have a look, you’ll see they’re really cute together. For example, after they got married, they went together for a tattooing session.