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Like every soccer fan, Kylian Mbappe dreamed of one day meeting the world’s #1 player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The thing setting Mbappe apart from all other Ronaldo fans is that Mbappe will be playing against the star soccer player on February 14, 2018.
Mbappe has always been a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. There are pictures of him as a young teenager, sitting in his room filled with Ronaldo posters. The two players even met at one point, way before anyone knew who Mbappe would go on to be.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Face His Biggest Fan in Super Classico Games of 2018

Mbappe showed tremendous soccer skills at a very young age. He played for youth academies at AS Bondy, INF Clairefontaine and later the teen was asked to play professionally for Monaco. A short time after he joined Monaco, he became a regular starter bringing victory to his team. He scored 15 goals in 29 appearances with Monaco, helping them gain their first league 1 titles in 17 years. During the Champion’s League, young Mbappe played against some of the toughest teams and scored six goals. His talents gained a lot of attention. He was offered to join the top of line teams including Real Madrid where Ronaldo plays. Mbappe turned down that offer and joined Paris Saint Germain. “For any young person from the Paris region, it is a dream to wear the red and blue jersey,” he said upon signing his 180 million Euro contract.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Face His Biggest Fan in Super Classico Games of 2018

Mbappe will have a chance to do something that most soccer fanatics can only dream of doing. The 19-year-old soccer star will play against Cristiano Ronaldo in a Champion’s League match where PSG will face off with Real Madrid. When the two players meet, it will look a lot different than their first encounter. This time, it will not be a student meeting a master, but rather two masters playing the game.