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The Science Behind Your Love for Morgan Freeman’s Voice

Once Morgan Freeman opens his mouth, we feel safe and secure. When you hear his voice, you think “god.” Apparently, our affinity for this man’s deep and rumbling voice has a scientific reason behind it. There’s no way a majority of people just happen to associate one man’s voice with almighty powers for no reason.



We Can’t Help It, We Love Him

Morgan Freeman, what a guy. It is almost impossible to find one person who says “ugh that Freeman is mean, and I hate his voice!” His face makes us all feel hopeful and happy. Once the actor opens his mouth, we feel safe and secure. When you think Morgan Freeman, you think “god.” It’s strange but its true. Freeman played the role of god in movies such as Bruce Almighty.

The Science Behind Your Love for Morgan Freeman's Voice

He also was the voice over for god as well as the voice for animated characters, and narrators in several films. People don’t need to see the credits to know that rumbling voice, we all know it’s him, and we love it. But there has to be a reason why we’re all so in love with that heavenly voice. Guess what, there is!

We Love When Freeman Tells Us Where to Go

Not too long ago a fantastic thing happened. Morgan Freeman’s voice became available for the Waze application. Those who choose him as their navigating voice (who wouldn’t?) get clear directions from what feels like heaven. People’s fondness for the actor’s voice apparently has a psychological backing to it. However, it’s all theory, and the answer is not official, but it feels close enough!

Freeman Made Us Do It

Pamela Rutledge is the director of a Media Psychology Center. She believes that people are into Freeman’s voice because of the roles he played throughout his career. Over time we learned to develop these feelings towards it. “We’ve watched Freeman play the good guy over and over again, and those years of positive associations add up,” Rutledge says. According to her, we would not get the comforting, positive feelings from Freeman’s voice had he played the devil a few times.

If Freeman Were Not Freeman Would We Love His Voice?

Casey Klofstand, University of Miami associate Professor, believes differently. Klofstad thinks that the love for Freeman’s voice has more to do with the actual voice than what we associate it with.

According to Klofstad’s study, people tend to prefer hearing voices with lower registers whether it comes from a boy or a girl. They found a connection between lower voices and integrity, wisdom and power. Those are all the things we hope a god or a navigator has! Think about how much trust you’ll have in a squeaky voice that tells you to turn left when you have no idea where you are. Not so much. 

“What we found is that the perceptions of strength and competence were the most strongly associated with the preference for lower voices,” Klofstad explains. That means that had Freeman been the bad guy a few times, we’d still find ourselves in love with his deep voice.

Pro Tip On How to Lower Your Voice

Freeman, the expert of having a perfectly low voice, offers a tip on how to improve the sound of your voice. He says that when you frequently yawn, you relax your vocal cords. Once those babies are relaxed, the tone of your voice drops! So if you want to get people to love listening to you, try yawning a couple of times before speaking.