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Unexplained: White Sharks Migrate to This Spot Once A Year and Act REALLY Strange

Scientists noticed that every year large group sharks migrate to a totally random and deserted part of the ocean. The migration is abnormal and unexplainable, but the way they behave at this “White Shak Cafe” takes on a whole new level of strange.



We Are Not Alone

Humans are not the only living species on this planet that enjoy spending an hour or two at a little cafe with friends. Sharks are also really into the cafe vibes…minus the who breathing air and drinking coffee thing. Sharks actually meet up to hang out, at least these specific sharks do.

What They Thought Was an Underwater Desert

Around 1,200 nautical miles east of Hawaii is a part of the ocean that looks like an underwater desert. There’s not much life going on there, and it’s surely not a place that underwater creatures are attracted to. However, marine biologists noticed that every winter, there’s some sort of shark party happening over there. Sharks leave their areas filled with food and underwater vegetation to just chill in this dry spot.

Scientists were weirded out!

Scientists at Stanford University and Monterey Bay Aquarium in California monitored this place to try and figure out why it’s so popular.

The area is not small, it’s about the size of Colorado. Contrary to what the satellite pictures suggest, the area of the sea is filled with tiny, light-sensitive creatures that sharks are crazy about. There you find squid, blue and mako sharks, and bigeye tuna fish. So, it’s not coffee but it is a nice little yearly gathering.

Sharks DO Like to Hang Out

Years ago, scientists began tracking great white shark behavior by putting tracking tags on their bodies and setting them free. They noticed that, like clockwork, every December, great white sharks make a pilgrimage to what seems like a cool hangout spot. Together the scientists named it White Shark Cafe.

The Sharks Get Down

If it’s not strange enough that these white sharks meet up every year at this one spot, they also behave in a way that the scientists still cannot explain. During the day, the party is on. The sharks dive 1,400 feet deep to where they almost reach pure darkness.

At this depth, there are bioluminescent fish. It gets weirder, the male sharks travel in a V-shaped pattern about 140 times a day. Then, they float on up to 650 feet below the surface when its night time. It’s strange, and almost like some sort of music festival. Maybe we’re not so different from sharks after all.

Here’s What All the Mysterious Business Could Be About:

Scientists predict that the sharks get so close to darkness to hunt bigger fish that are attracted to the bioluminescent fish floating around. However, they cannot explain why specifically male white sharks, move in a V-shaped pattern about 140 times a day.

It’s possible that is has to do with mating but that’s just a guess. Hopefully, the figure out what’s really happening over at the White Shark Cafe, because if it’s a party, we should be invited too!