Shia Labeouf’s Come Back Year Started With His Biographical Script, Honey Boy

    Shia LaBeouf has been in our lives since the early 2000s. He found his fame as a 14-year-old boy on Disney’s popular kids show Even Stevens. But while he was providing us with laughs and entertainment, we didn’t know the less than perfect life that he was experiencing at home. LaBeouf actually became an actor as a way to support his family who struggled financially. His dad pushed him to work as hard as he could, and a lot of his success can be drawn back to his father. But so can a lot of his trauma.

    Image: The Independent

    The Struggle

    It is has been openly publicized that LaBeouf has struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse for years. He was actually arrested back in 2014 but the arrest that is more relevant these days occurred just a few years back. In 2017, LaBeouf was arrested in downtown Savannah, Georgia for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction. It was talk of the town because not only was he arrested, he did not go easily and caused some trouble with the policemen at the scene.

    Image: Daily Feed

    Working Through It

    This is when LaBeouf was ordered to a drug rehabilitation center as well as therapy to manage his anger and substance use issues. We’re glad this all happened because not only did it really work for him in terms of therapy and recovery, an incredible film also come out of it. LaBeouf recently released the movie Honey Boy. The movie is a story about a child actor and the relationship he has with his father. The screenplay was actually written as a part of LaBeouf’s PTSD therapy and writing the screenplay was used as a therapeutic tool.

    Image: W Magazine

    Moving Forward

    According to the Honey Boy director, Alma Har’el, “He played his own father with whom he has the most complicated relationship with. … Whenever the demons came, we danced with them.” LaBeouf has spoken about the process and how it has helped him forgive and understand his father. But we see this whole process as LaBeouf’s rebirth. He has been interviewed by all of Television’s biggest hosts with whom he spoke about the transformative and healing experience.

    Image: The Business Insider

    Changing the Narrative

    We can’t deny that in the last few years, we had started riding Shia LaBeouf off as one of the child stars who just lost it a little. But as it seems, LaBeouf’s new movies, including new release Peanut Butter Falcon, are changing his story. The narrative of LaBeouf’s disagreeable nature is hopefully one of the past. The journey of filming the movie with the team was what LaBeouf felt was so powerful. He mentioned that “It felt like a loving and collaborative team sport the whole way,” and “I’m trying to stay in self-love mode.” And we’re glad he’s back!