Star-Studded Weddings: These Celebrity Bridesmaids Raised the Bar at Their BFFs Wedding

We’ve seen what it’s like when the rich and famous celebrate their nuptials. But what are they like when it’s someone else’s turn, and the spotlight’s not on them? When asked to be one of their best-friend’s bridesmaids, do they act the part of a doting friend or try to steal the show?

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Image: Living Magazine

Luckily, you won’t have to go digging around through photos, as we’ve done the hard part for you. At Popular Everything, we’re revealing rarely seen pictures of stars who became a bridesmaid for someone else. And we have to say, it shows celebrities in a totally different light.

Keira Knightley Was on Her Best Behavior

Keira Knightley is used to playing the part of the lead actress in several blockbuster films. But how does she do when it’s someone else’s time to be in the spotlight? On this occasion, the British actress was on her best behavior as a bridesmaid to designer Kerry Nixon. But she had a very good reason to be.

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Image: HELLO! Magazine

It was actually her brother’s wedding that she attended, wearing a deep purple colored swing dress that stopped right above the knee. She went for a simple hair do and a matching berry-toned lipstick, making her look simple and lovely. For someone who’s used to be the center of attention, she acted more reserved on the day so Kerry could steal the show!

Alessandra Ambrosio Isn’t the Only Model Here

Alessandra Ambrosio couldn’t hide her supermodel proportions when she was a bridesmaid back in 2016. She’s best friends with the bride, Ana Beatriz Barros, who is also a Brazilian model like Alessandra. Is it just us, or do all the girls make it look like they’re modelling for an editorial spread?

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 78
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

Since it was a destination wedding on a beach in Mykonos Island, Alessandra was wearing a strappy cut-out panel dress in a lovely light pink. And she was just there to celebrate with her friend: “I’m so happy to be by your side at the most beautiful and loving time of your life” she wrote on Instagram.

Rachel McAdams Couldn’t Help but Glow

Rachel McAdams probably wasn’t all that surprised when she was asked to be one of the bridesmaids at her sister’s wedding back in 2015. And no doubt she’d have wanted her sister to have the day of her life. But Rachel was just so radiant on the day herself, all eyes were also on her!

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 85
Images: Cosmopolitan (left) Daily Mail (right)

It didn’t help when she stood in front of the bride for a few moments and made it look like she was wearing the veil. Nonetheless, her bright blue Zimmermann dress lit her up like a torch. Then again, she was actually her sister Kayleen’s maid of honor, so why not throw her in the spotlight too.

Hailey Bieber Couldn’t Even Crack a Smile

When Stephen Baldwin’s younger daughter Alaia Baldwin got married in 2017, guess who stepped up to her bridesmaid duties as the big sister. Yes, Hailey Baldwin was her right-hand woman for her nuptuals, which took place at the upstate Blue Hill venue in New York.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 32
Image: The Things

Bride Alaia gave her bridesmaid’s gothic black gowns with lace details. Pretty unconventional. Especially with Hailey wearing that vampy choker… And to top it all off, she couldn’t even force a smile for the photographer, falling back instead on her supermodel smize. It’s giving us Morticia Addams vibes.

Nina Dobrev Dove Headfirst Into Bridesmaid Duties

Professional dancer Julianne Hough is already pretty famous for being in Dancing with the Stars. But when she got engaged to pro hockey player Brooks Laich, people knew we’d see a few more famous faces at the wedding. And one of those faces just happened to belong to actress Nina Dobrev.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 38
Image: Martha Stewart

Nina and Julianne are total BFF’s, which is why she had the honor of being an extra special bridesmaid. And she completely loved the experience: “Oh and did I mention that this was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to?” She told her Instagram followers, “I got to be a big part of that,” and she took to the role like a natural.

Meghan Markle Didn’t Repay the Favor

When princess Meghan married into the royal family back in 2018 she opted not to have any bridesmaids or maid of honor, and it’s not really clear why. But she still showed up to be a bridesmaid for her BFF, Lindsay Roth. Meghan looked radiant in a tight-fitting halter dress with a huge neck bow, and definately stole the show.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 44
Image: Pop Sugar

The only thing is, the dates are a bit awkward. She was Lindsey’s bridesmaid in January 2018 and had her own wedding day just four months later. But she didn’t reciprocate the bridesmaid invitation… Let’s hope it wasn’t too awkward between the old friends.

Kate Bosworth Only Met the Bride Three Years Ago

In 2008 Kate Bosworth became a bridesmaid in black for her former personal assistant, Jacqui Louez. Bosworth and Louez first met back in her Superman Returns days three years prior, and have been the best of friends ever since.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 48
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

We think it’s unusual the bride opted for a dark colored bridesmaid dresses at a beach wedding, but to each their own! Either way, Kate looks totally stunning in her barely-there makeup and simple up-do. Also this way, the bride has a chance at being the star of the show!

Georgia May Jagger Is Angelic In Blue

When former model and actress Jerry Hall got married to media mogul and billionaire Rupert Murdoch, her famous daughter Georgia May Jagger had to be on bridesmaid duty. Here she is on the left, pictured with her sister Elizabeth Jagger. They have quite the family tree, especially considering their dad is Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 22
Image: Telegraph

When Jerry and Rupert got married in 2016, we got to see Georgia like we’ve never seen her before. She’s usually pictured strutting down the hottest runways or starring in a high profile fashion campaign, but here she’s unusually timeless looking. We have to say, a traditional style really suits her.

Rose Byrne Was Nothing Like Her Bridesmaids Character

Rose Byrne is best known for her iconic role as Helen in the 2011 comedy film Bridesmaids. But only a year after the movie release she had become a real-life bridesmaid for her friend Krew Boylan. Interestingly, she wore a white bridesmaids dress to the wedding… which is something we’d expect from Helen!

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 70
Image: Daily Mail

But to be fair to Rose, she seemed like an amazing bridesmaid to Krew. She was totally hands-on, bending down to adjust the bride’s dress and check she had every hair in place. As it turns out, Rose really might be the best kind of friend you can have.

Christina Hendricks Was an Eye-Grabbing Groomswoman

When Mad Men actor Michael Gladis (who plays Paul Kinsey) tied the knot with his blushing bride Beth Behrs, he called for his groomsmen to have his back on the best day of his life. And one of those groomsmen was a woman, but not just any woman – it was Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks!

Star Studded Weddings These Celebrity Bridesmaids Raised the Bar at Their BFFs Wedding 91
Images: Martha Stewart (left and right)

While all the other groomsmen wore grey suits with baby blue ties, Christina, wore a nude-toned plunging dress. It was definately an eye-grabbing outfit, but it matched the color and style of the bridesmaid’s dresses. And FYI, the bride Beth also had a man-of-honor in her bridal party!

Lottie Moss Was a Sophisticated Flower Girl

You probably have a fuzzy recollection of when Kate Moss married indie guitarist, Jamie Hince. Nonetheless, they were husband and wife for a few years after tying the knot in 2011. And looking back through the photos, look who we can spot as one of her lovely bridesmaids – Lottie Moss.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 50
Image: The Sun

Lottie Moss is now a model herself, but no doubt she had a helping hand along the way from her super successful big sister. Kate gave Lottie her very own dress design too, that was more figure-hugging and mature than the other bridesmaid gowns.

Emily Ratajkowski Is All or Nothing

Emily Ratajkowski has been married to Sebastian Bear-McClard since 2018, where she decided to wear a mustard-yellow jumpsuit rather than a wedding dress. But when it was time for her friend to get married and she was on of the bridesmaid’s, she wore something a lot more traditional – kind of.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 51
Image: Pinterest / Abby Romero

I mean, it is a light pink dress… but it’s especially revealing. Pictured posing with the other bridesmaid’s in the girl’s bathroom however, we can see that everyone got to choose whichever style they were most comfortable in. Maybe unsurprisingly, Emily opted for a very plunging neckline.

Tracee Ellis Ross Has Frozen Time

Tracee Ellis Ross was asked to be a supportive bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding back in 2017. Her brother is Ross Naess, and since their mother is Diana Ross you can be sure they brought style to this ceremony. Ross married his longtime girlfriend Kimberly Ryan in a gorgeous Californian wedding.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 63
Image: W

The Blackish star wore a simple yet elegant gown with thin spaghetti straps and a charming flower crown. And for 48 years old we have to say, she looks nothing like her age. No wonder she was confident enough to wear such a revealing dress – she looks half as young!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Still Do Everything Together

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way since their days starring in Two of a Kind. They grew to prominence in their youth as the adorable Olsen twins, and reinvented themselves in many ways as fashion designers in their adult years.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 19
Image: Elle

But some things never change. The twins were seen strutting behind the bride at their friend Cassie Coane’s wedding. Even in their adult life, they still show up as a pair. As fashionable “it” girls, they opted not to wear traditional bridesmaid dresses, but something altogether unique and playful.

Kirsten Dunst Looked Ever So Innocent

Even when Kirsten Dunst isn’t on set, she looks like a movie star. Pictured at her childhood friend Cindy McGee’s wedding in 2017, she had flown to Italy to be there by her side. We’re surprised Cindy didn’t have second thoughts about making Kirsten one of the bridal party considering her acting history.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 37
Image: InStyle

Kirsten played nightmare bridesmaid Regan Crawford in the 2012 romantic comedy film Bachelorette. Regan was jealous and vengeful that her plus-size bestie was tying the knot and she wasn’t. But we’re glad to see her friend saw past her envious character and cast her in their wedding.

Beyonce Turns Up Looking Like a Bride

Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles should have known that Beyonce would turn up to her wedding looking like the actual bride. Tina married Richard Lawson in 2015 and had all her favorite girl’s as bridesmaids – including Solange and Kelly Rowland.

Star Studded Weddings These Celebrity Bridesmaids Raised the Bar at Their BFFs Wedding 92
Image: Refinery29

While everyone wore white, Beyonce was the only one to turn up in a lacy long dress. She’s also the only one wearing a hair accessory, which makes it look even more like she should be the blushing bride. But we can assume that when you’re Beyonce, no one dares tell you to wear something else.

Paris Hilton Puts Her Wishes Aside

Paris Hilton turned up the heat at her sister’s wedding in 2015. Not only was it a high profile wedding because of Nicky Hilton and her wealthy family, but the groom was James Rothschild. In the photo, Paris stand’s beside her mom Kathy, in a powder blue chiffon dress.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 75
Image: Daily Mail

Paris has a reputation for being pretty self-centered, but she managed to put her sister’s wishes above her own for the joyous occasion. When asked about her bridesmaid outfit Paris replied: “It’s Nicky’s day so whatever she wants me to wear, I will.” It’s not her usual style of clothing but it does look amazing on her tall frame.

Jessica Biel Is a Faithful Friend

When country music singer and actress Beverley Mitchell was tying the knot in 2008, she asked her famous friend to do her the honors of being a bridesmaid. She said yes, and turned up in an unsual chocolate-brown chiffon dress. And she had the best date on her arm, husband Justin Timberlake.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 79
Images: Pop Sugar (left and right)

Jessica and Beverly had been co-stars back in the nineties for the TV sitcom 7th Heaven. Jessica climbed through the ranks of Hollywood since then while Beverly never made it as a big movie star. Nonetheless, their friendship has stayed strong all these years and they’re incredibly close.

Taylor Swift Gave an X-Rated Speech

Taylor Swift was a bridesmaid to one of her oldest friends, Abigail Anderson, in 2017. Abigail has been such a huge influence in Taylor’s life that she actually inspired one her first hit songs, “Fifteen.” And for her bridesmaid speech, Taylor made sure to repay the favor with a pretty embarressing memory.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 60
Image: Living Magazine

Taylor recalled the couple in their early days: “She’s running after him, there’s falling, there’s stumbling. They make it to the bathroom, and I hear sounds that I can never un-hear… And then there’s silence.” Well, well, well. She shouldn’t have let Taylor get a hold of that microphone!

Sofia Vergara Is a Superstitious Bridesmaid

Sofia Vergara looked like a Greek goddess at her best friend’s wedding, and it’s only highlighted when she’s wearing a floor-length gown. When her bestie Chi tied the knot with now-husband Todd, Sofia was right by her side as a supportive friend.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 18
Image: Instagram / Sofia Vergara

Sofia wore the exact same dress as the other bridesmaids – a pale yellow strapless floor length gown. Having turned up with her then-fiance Joe Manganiello, she gave her Instagram followers a little wedding advice during the event: “It’s bad luck if you don’t eat wedding cake.”

Victoria Beckham Gave All of Her Love

Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her Spice Girls days in the nineties. She’s now a super successful fashion designer, and she’s picked up some famous friends along the way. When Eva Longoria got married to Jose Antonio Baston in 2016, she chose Victoria as her Maid of Honor.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 74
Image: Independent

Since her best friend is a major fashion designer, guess who designed Eva’s custom wedding gown. “I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love” Eva admitted. Victoria was even with her in the morning making minor adjustments to the gown. “Victoria was one of my witnesses, too – she signed the paper that says I was here – so it was a Victoria Beckham weekend,” Eva gushed.

Jessica Simpson Gives Her PA the Stage

Jessica Simpson was front and center at CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison’s wedding in 2013. She wasn’t just a familiar face around the dinner table that night, but she was one of CaCee’s trusted bridesmaids. In fact, she was actually the Maid of Honor.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 23
Image: Martha Stewart

Who is CaCee? She’s Jessica’s long-time former personal assistant who appeared on shows with her such as Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair and Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. But when CaCee got married it was finally her turn to be the center of attention.

Cara Delevingne Has Her Sister’s Back

Cara Delevingne is pretty close to her sister Poppy. So close in fact that they bought and moved into a house together despite being total opposites. And when Poppy tied the knot with James Cook, Cara was there to carry her train and trail right behind.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 83
Images: Bustle (left) Glamour (right)

It wasn’t just Poppy who wore white at her wedding. Cara was wearing an elegant chiffon dress in the same dazzling color. Both of their dresses were also Chanel, and Cara’s even came with a cape! It’s clear that these sisters share a very close bond and it’s reflected in their outfits for Poppy’s wedding.

Dianna Agron Is the Picture Pefrect Bridesmaid

Dianna Agron, pictured on the left, is best known for her role as Debbie Marshall on Heroes or Quinn Fabray on Glee. She’s used to be playing a supporting acting role, so it wasn’t all that unfamiliar when she was asked to be a bridesmaid for her best friend Megan Mitchell.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 27
Image: Vogue

It was 2016, and Dianna had just finished performing in the West End. She usually plays a queen-bee type of character, but she toned that side of her way down for her friend’s big day. That being said, she still gives us high school cheerleader vibes.

Kate Middleton Repay’s the Favor

In 2011 Pippa Middleton became the most famous bridesmaid on the planet. But in 2017, she got to have her very own wedding to James Matthews, this time with Kate acting as the Maid of Honor. And if you ask us, Pippa’s dress was actually pretty similar to Kate’s wedding gown.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 64
Image: Daily Record

Kate dressed as she usually does for a formal occasion – timeless sikhouttes, neutral shades, and a fancy fascinator on top of her head. And she was surprisingly hands on when Pippa was coming in and out of the church. Kate was mainly keeping busy by trying to keep the wedding dress pristine.

Margot Robbie Gives Us Old World Beauty

Take a look at Margot Robbie emerging from tropical plants during her friend’s wedding. She was the Maid of Honor for bestie Julia Koenig’s destination wedding in 2017, which took place in Hawaii. Margot had actually married her now-husband Tom Ackerley only five months earlier.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 43
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Margot looked like a figure in an old renaissance painting. She sported a cute flower crown and floral print dress with delicate lace trimming. And she made sure to be on full alert during the ceremony. She was pictured trailing behind Julia, trying to help the bride with her flowers.

Miranda Kerr’s Deceiving Dress Sense

Miranda Kerr is used to wearing nice clothes as a former Victoria Secret angel. She’s been killing the fashion scene for a while now and is one of the most famous models around. And she was asked to a bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding in 2017. It took him less than a year to pop the question!

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 76
Image: Bob’s Hideout

Pictured on the far right, Miranda’s brother Matty knew his boyfriend was the one in no time at all. But we’re surprised to see Miranda looking as bridal as she does. We could have easily confused her for the bride in this situation.

Emma Roberts Is a Dream In Cream

Emma Roberts, the famous niece of Julia Roberts who walks in her theatrical footsteps, was a bridesmaid for her close and personal friend Kara Smith in 2015. Kara is fashion designer and co-founder of the brand Elkin, so everyone just knew that she was going to come through with the bridesmaid dresses.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 87
Images: Wedding Journal Online (left) Vogue (right)

All the bridesmaids wore pretty gorgeous dresses that were similar in style but featured different necklines. Emma wore a deep plunging V-neckline that made her gown look a little like a lingerie, but she looked breath-taking all the same. The conbination of a fashion designer bride and a movie star bridesmaid made this an unforgettable wedding outfit.

Eva Longoria Walked Around Bare Foot

In 2015, the year before she walked down the asle at her own wedding, Eva Longoria was a bridesmaid for her bestie Alina Peralta. It took place in Spain, and Eva wore a dreamy blue strapless dress that made her look red carpet ready. Right up until you see her lack of footwear anyway.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 7
Images: US Magazine (left) Daily Mail (right)

Why exactly was she running around barefoot in the streets of Spain, we can’t say. All we know for sure is that she definitely didn’t have clean feet during the ceremony. But then again, the long tulle gown was long enough to cover her toes so who knows, maybe she thought she could just give the heels a miss.

Bachelorette Besties Make the Best Bridesmaids

Remember Nikki Ferrell from The Bachelor? She married Tyler VanLoo in 2017 and made sure to include some of her reality show besties in the bridal party. Bachelorette stars Kelly Travis, Christy Hansen and Andi Dorfman served as bridesmaids for her Kansas City wedding bash.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 77
Image: Alea Lovely Photography

Nikki wasn’t marrying Juan Pablo Galavis, the guy she fell for in the television show, but she did end up marrying her one true love Tyler. We love the classic look she went for the bridesmaid dresses. All matching but no one dress is exactly the same.

Britney Spears and Her Suspicious Glance

When Britney Spears’ assistant Brett Miller was set to tie the knot in 2011, guess who was asked to serve as one of the bridesmaids. The pop music hitmaker tried her best not to steal the show and let her assistant have the stage for once. It must have been hard for her.

Star Studded Weddings These Celebrity Bridesmaids Raised the Bar at Their BFFs Wedding 90
Image: Popsugar

We’re not sure why she;s side-eyeing one of the groomsmen but she sure does look suspicious. Either way, bridesmaid fashion really suits her, especially when its as timeless in style is this dress. We only wish they’d chosen a different color, as this powder blue shade makes her tan look a little too strong.

Selena Gomez Went Above and Beyond

Selena Gomez was the Maid of Honor for her cousin Priscilla DeLeon in 2019. The wedding took place in Dallas, Texas, with Selena wearing an elegant and simple black strapless dress. She had surprised her cousin with her dream wedding dress months before, making her one of the most generous bridesmaids we’ve ever heard about.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 52
Image: Yahoo

On top of that, Selena threw her a big bachelorette party in Punta Mita, Mexico, and gave an emotional speech during the toast to the couple. “You taught me to be strong for anything in life that happens… I pray for you guys all the time,” she admitted, adding “Jay you are an outstanding man.”

Lena Dunham Slip’s Into Something Blue

The creator of HBO hit series Girls, Lena Dunham, is pictured on the right at her friend Audrey Gelman’s wedding. It was 2016, and Lena was 100% down to be a bridesmaid for her oldest and dearest. In fact, Audrey was actually Lena’s inspiration for Allison Williams’s Girls character, Marnie.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 49
Image: US Magazine

We’ve come to expect Lena to wear quirky and unusual clothes, but for her PR executive friend she agreed to dress more traditionally. And it’s amazing to see that even in simple blue gown, her bright personality shines through.

Shanina Shayk’s Ill-Fitting Dress

Shanina Shayk got married herself in 2018 to musician DJ Ruckus, before announcing their separation in late 2020. Still, she was there for her best friend when it was her turn to walk down the aisle in 2018. Shanina suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the day however, which got her pulse racing.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 67
Image: Pure People

On the day of the wedding, Shanina realised her dress was far too big.”I began to panic and didn’t know how this problem was going to be solved as it was only 20 minutes prior to the ceremony.” But she had help: “Luckily, the amazing Michael Costello and his team were on standby and somehow altered my dress in fifteen minutes. I had just enough time to run out the door, take photos with my bestie, and walk down the aisle.” Close one!

Jennifer Lawrence Makes up for the Bad Weather

Jennifer Lawrence was asked to be a bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding in 2014. Blaine Lawrence was making it official with his fiancee Carson Massler during the summer, and he wanted his movie star sister by his side. Here, we get a rare glimpse into Jennifer’s close-knit family life.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 71
Image: HuffPost

Unfortunately for the couple, it happened to be an incredibly rainy day in Kentucky. But when you have a bridal party this good looking, you don’t need to rely on the weather for gorgeous wedding photos. Take a look at Jennifer by her brother’s side, wearing an understated chiffon dress.

Kim Kardashian Grins and Bears It

When Kim Karashian’s famous sister Khloe got married to basketball player Lamar Odom in 2009, Kim was asked to be one of her bridesmaids. As we can see from the picture, Kim is looking very different to how she looks today. It’s crazy to think that this was only a decade ago!

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 17
Image: World Celebrity Dress

She donned a satin mermaid dress in a muted lavender color, and did her best to let Khloe have the stage. But she does look amazing, although her dress doesn’t look to comfortable to wear. If you ask us, we imagine she probably had a hard time sitting down in such an unforgiving outfit.

Amanda Bynes Was Gorgeous and Glowing

Amanda Bynes seems to most people like she’s gone a bit off the rails zlately. But rewind it back to 2008, and she was still relatively recognizable as the Nickelodeon star. Here she is at her sister’s wedding in California, where she was performing her duties as a beautiful bridesmaid in electric blue.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 30

Actually, she was the Maid of Honor to her older sister Jillian Bynes, who she’s always been pretty close with. And she looked absolutely radiant on the day in a floaty floor-length gown. We must say, she looks totally gorgeous when she dresses up.

Jennifer Garner Switches Roles For One Day

In 2006 Jennifer Garner was on bridesmaid duties and she took her role seriously. It was her personal assistant who was getting married, and now it was time for Jennifer to be at the bride’s beck and call. Her then-husband Ben Affleck was looking after their daughter Violet, while she attended the ceremony in Santa Barbara.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 68
Image: Marie Claire

Jennifer wore a lilac-toned satin number and had her hair in a sleek side part, but she still looks like a movie star. Maybe it’s her amazing bone structure, or maybe it’s her pearly white Hollywood smile. Either way, she can’t hide the fact that she’s not like other bridesmaids.

JoJo Fletcher Nails the Understated-Yet-Seductive Look

JoJo Fletcher became a star after appearing as a constestant on The Bachelor in 2016. Pictured with her fiance Jordan Rodgers who won her heart on the show, she was a bridesmaid for her bestie in 2017. It was quite a wedding, and it took place on the exclusive Necker Island.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 1
Image: People

Jojo wore a classic bridesmaid gown in a dusty rose color from the designer Watters, and it fit her like a glove. They actually released a statement about it: “For JoJo’s gown, we think the fitted bodice with the nipped-in waist and intricate neckline hugged her curves perfectly, creating an understated sexy look for the occasion.” We couldn’t agree more.

Vanderpump Costars Come Together in Swathes of Silver

Katie Maloney’s big day had come in 2017 when she married Tom Schwartz. The wedding was televised on season five of Vanderpump Rules, which featured a bunch of her castmates as bridesmaids. Brittany Cartwright, Scheana Marie, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder were the lucky four who got to be involved.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 62
Image: People

And it definitely looks like a high-profile affair, but there were aspects that Katie was able to cut back on. The bridesmaids wore matching silver halter-neck gowns that Katie had managed to grab at a steal of a price. The dresses cost less than $180 and they were from Vera Wang’s White collection at David’s Bridal.

Lauren Conrad Puts Her Friends Above All Else

Lauren Conrad put her best foot forward for her friend’s wedding back in 2017. She was a bridesmaid for her close pal Cassie Herschenfeld when she was marrying Ben Katz, and attended with her husband William Tell by her side. Judging by her facial expression she’s pretty excited to be there.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 42
Image: US Magazine

Impressively, she had only just given birth to her first son Liam James a month prior to this wedding. We just dont know how she does it. Not only did she have to venture out to the lavish location, but she needed to do it in a high-cut slit dress with a plunging neckline. Pretty brave if you ask us.

Jessica Alba Raises the Bar

Jessica Alba was an bridesmaid for her friend in 2010 at a Beverly Hills wedding venue. It was 10 years ago, but if you’ve seen what Jessica looks like today you’ll know that she hasn’t aged a day. She looked stunning in a cobalt blue summer dress with one shoulder strap.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 24
Image: Just Jared

What makes this wedding especially important for Jessica is that her husband was actually involved in it too. He was the best man for the groom! A Hollywood power couple, they definitely raised this bar for this wedding. Can you imagine having the Fantastic Four lead actress as your bridesmaid on hand?

Rachel Bilson Looks Magical In a Mermaid Gown

In 2016 Rachel Bilson had some duties to attend to when her brother was getting married. Here she is posing with Gelareh Khalioun, her now-sister in law. She wore a stunning mauve mermaid gown that clung to every curve. We could honestly believe that there are two brides in this picture.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 29
Image: People

Rachel called Gelareh a gorgeous bride in her Instagram post that day, adding that “My beautiful baby bunns is married,” she told her sister-in-law. Adding “I love you to the moon and back,” to her sweet message. Bilson was married to actor Hayden Christensen at the time.

Pippa Middleton Put Bridesmaids on the Map

Who could forget one of the most iconic bridesmaids in history, Pippa Middleton. She wasn’t just any bridesmaid, of course – she was actually the Maid of Honor to her big sister, the Duches of Cambridge. Kate and Pippa have always been close.

Star Studded Weddings These Brides Had Celebrities for Bridesmaids 73
Image: Huffpost

It might be because the sisters are only one year apart from eachother. If anything, they probably grew up more like twins. Pippa’s form-fitting ivory gown made its debut in 2011 and has influenced bridesmaid and overall wedding fashion ever since. Truly iconic.

Mila Kunis Gives Us Prom Queen Vibes

Mila Kunis has been married to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher since 2015. But before she walked down the aisle herself, she was a bridesmaid at her brother Michael’s wedding in 2013. Maybe she was getting some practice in for her own big day that was right around the corner.

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Is it just us, or does Mila’s bridesmaid dress look more like a highschool prom dress? Either way, it was a stunning shade of ballerina pink and looked very elegant. While she does look lovely, the style totally makes Mila look a lot younger than she actually is.

Rihanna Was a Bad Gal Bridesmaid

Rihanna killed it as a bridesmaid in 2018 when her friend and personal assistant got married. The wedding took place on April 20th AKA 4/20, which might explain what Riri’s doing in the photo on the left. But we can say in full confidence that she totally looked the part of a Popstar bridesmaid.

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Rihann’s stunning gown was a light lilac color and had intricate beading all around. It was floor-length and matched with her purple lipstick color – an unusual choice for a wedding. But then again if you invite Rihanna to be your bridesmaid, it’s expected that she’ll bring some of her own unque style too.

Lady Gaga Came To Have a Good Time

With how much of her life Lady Gaga spends in the public eye, it’s no surprise she ended up becoming besties with her makeup artist Sarah Tanno. That’s why she was asked to be one of Sarah’s bridesmaids for her big day in 2019. And unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga sure turned things up a notch.

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Check out how the queen of pop matched her long flowing hair to her blushing bridesmaid dress. She was wearing a spaghetti-strap, figure-hugging silk number in a gorgeous dusty rose. And to add some spice to the outfit, she died her hair electric pink for the occasion. We love the combination.