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Tanushree Dutta Sparks #MeeToo Movement in India. Here’s Her Story:

This brave woman opened up about sexual harassment and sparked the MeToo Movement in India.Here is Tanushree Detta’s story:



The Me Too movement has made its way to India! Indian, Bollywood celebrity, Tanushree Dutta sparked the MeeToo movement in India after she tweeted about her own experience of being harassed by a costar and a producer.

Here’s Her Story

Dutta was asked to perform in a dance with Nana Patekar. The initial contract stated that Dutta would not be dancing with Patekar, that she would be able to control how modestly she dressed and that she did not have to do intimate scenes with the actor. Dutta arrived on set to do what she’s done for years; dance and act.

How it Started

Since Dutta wasn’t dancing with Patekar, he was not needed on set at all. However, he sat and watched the filming on the days Dutta filmed. At one moment, Patekar got up and rushed toward Dutta.

Dutta says he grabbed her arms and started moving her around. He said he was trying to teach her how to dance. Dutta claims that at one point he started to grab her inappropriately and made her feel completely uncomfortable.

No One Stopped It

In an ideal world, this behavior would be interrupted and punished, but the story took a turn for the worse. Over 100 people were on set but no one stopped what was happening. Dutta says that Patekar even told the producer and choreographer to back away so that he could show her how to dance the right way. The sad part is that they listened and let it happen.

Her Contract Changes

When Dutta complained to the producers they told her they would take care of it, but the next day, they told her that now she must dance with Patekar. She refused to dance with him and the producer said he’d ruin her career if she did not comply. She called her parents to pick her up. Patekar ordered a mob to attack her and her family.

They ambushed her and her parents, jumped on their car, smashed the windows and chanted right-wing political statements claiming shes what’s wrong with the political situation in India.

Her Public Take Down: Twitter Backs Dutta Up

Dutta filed a complaint against Patekar and the producer. She also tweeted the video of her getting attacked by Patekar’s mob. The Twitter world showed their massive support for Dutta.

Patekar and the producer may or may not be brought to justice but now that the story is out, their name will forever be remembered in shame.

India Is Taking a Stand

The Mee Too movement inspired other Indian celebrities to open up about their experiences and try to take down the people who harassed them. A public Google list of professors who sexually women is going around India and can be filed anonymously.

Indian women are hoping to bring these men to justice, but in the meantime, these actions are shaming the men who sexually harassed them which is a start to justice in itself