The Best Senior-Friendly SUVs Are Being Sold For Under $40,000

Emma Smith | Mon Apr 24 2023

SUVs, or sport utility vehicles, are gaining more popularity among seniors for good reason. They appeal to those who want a more spacious driving and riding experience, as they tend to have more room than typical four-door passenger cars. They also tend to offer more space for cargo and passengers alike, making them perfect for seniors with larger families that sometimes need to be accommodated.

SUVs tend to offer more safety features and have greater versatility than many other cars when it comes to off-road driving. Generally speaking, they have a high ground clearance and a more hardy infrastructure. Nowadays, it’s now possible to purchase a state-of-the-art SUV for under $40,000. Take a look at which manufacturers and models won’t break the bank and are being designed with seniors in mind.

Honda CR-V | Starting at $28,410

With a starting price of around $28,000, the Honda CR-V makes for a great SUV option for those who want to stay on the more affordable end. But there are tons of benefits to buying this model for senior drivers. People found it especially easy to get in and out of this car, crediting the wide door openings and unchallenging seats in particular.

If you should pick up the 2023 CR-V, you’ll find an upgrade in safety systems such as a collision warning, LED exterior light, automatic emergency braking, and lane-departure warning. There are also some comfort upgrades, like the heated front seats. This SUV was also chosen to be the Top Safety Pick Plus winner by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 2023, so it’s definitely worthy of consideration.

Hyundai Santa Fe | Starting at $28,200

The latest iteration of the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV is now in its fourth generation and offers a surprisingly luxurious experience for its inexpensive price tag. The Santa Fe is a midsize crossover with a stylish interior and improved safety features compared to its 2022 model. There have been slight changes to the rear bumper and door-handle finishes as well as the lower door, but the security additions make it especially attractive for senior drivers.

The 2023 Santa Fe SUV has blind-spot monitoring, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a 360-degree camera system, and adaptive cruise control. Older drivers are sure to enjoy the larger touchscreen and power boost from 277 to 281 hp, as well as the dual-zone climate control so everyone can choose to maintain their optimal temperature.

Volvo XC40 | Starting at $36,350

The Volvo XC40 now benefits from a hybrid status ever since the Swedish manufacturer chose to incorporate electric driving into every model. With this mild hybrid SUV, you can expect a greater focus on the tech and safety features with a little less attention spent on the interior. There’s also a better fuel economy in the 2023 version than with the previous model, so it probably works out better worth your while to pick up the latest iteration.

For those who are adept at navigating Google’s systems, you’ll benefit from the XC40’s change to Google-based programming. However, this may be trickier for those who aren’t familiar with Google Maps or Google Play. Reviews also speak highly of the SUV’s interior storage solutions, compact size, and absorbent ride quality, making it an excellent option for senior drivers.

Kia Sorento | Starting at $30,090

The Kia Sorento has come out on top of the polls for numerous reasons. This seven-seater SUV is perfect for larger families who are looking for a stylish interior and state-of-the-art infotainment. Drivers can choose between a front or all-wheel drive thanks to their two-engine system, and the upgrade in security features is sure to provide greater peace of mind.

Some of the safety features now included in the 2023 model include safe exit assist, blind-spot collision avoidance, and rear cross-traffic collision avoidance. Some of the more luxurious features include rain-sensing wipers, power-folding exterior mirrors, and a power-adjustable front passenger seat. On top of that, there’s more legroom in the first two rows than with most comparable SUVs.

You don’t have to spend over $40,000 to pick up a 2023 SUV fitted out with all the latest safety features, strong performance, and innovative interior spaces. Depending on your priorities, you can find that any one of these highly-reviewed sport utility vehicles offers a compelling combination of features and value for money.