The Most Memorable Award Show Moments That Will be Trending Until the End of Time

We’re all super quick to tune in whenever the next biggest award show hits our television screens. Admit it, who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of glamorous A-listers get together for one special evening? Of course, these yearly ordeals can sometimes get a little tiresome, but every year viewers hold onto the hope that something unexpected goes viral.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 2
Image: Twitter / The Ellen Show

Whether it be a movie star poking a subtle jibe at a fellow celeb in their award speech, or a clumsy star taking a tumble on stage, we viewers will catch these stars out, and we will make it into a meme! Get ready to have your jaws dropped, as Hype Galore has handpicked some of the most memorable moments from the award shows over the years.

Movie Star Down

Life of the rich and famous is such a far cry from our own, it’s often hard to believe we share anything in common with them. Can you imagine a top movie star scraping all their change to afford a Starbucks frappuccino? Neither can we. For this reason, we were all shocked to learn that Jennifer Lawrence is actually just as goofy as us regular people.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 3
Image: The Independent

This is a tad embarrassing. Back at the 2013 Academy Awards, J-Law was over-the-moon to discover she had just won the Best Actress award. Clearly, the excitement got a little too much, as she took a fall while walking up the stairs to the stage! Luckily, Jen doesn’t take herself too seriously and was able to see the funny side of it.

Wand-Waving Talkshow Host

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres first graced our daytime television screens, the world has fallen in love with her! Pair this woman’s overwhelming generosity with her sense of humor, and you’ve got yourself a true legend. We’ve got to admit, her stunt at the 2014 Academy Awards may have been her funniest one to date.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 41
Image: Just Jared

After watching the US comedian rock up to the Oscars in head-to-toe glitter dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from the “Wicked” musicals, the audience was caught in a fit of laughter. If there’s one woman brave enough to get on stage and make a mockery out of herself, it’s this girl!

Calling Out the Host

Celebrity feuds have been going on since before we can remember. What often starts as a Twitter war between two A-listers, can occasionally expand onto a full-out verbal battle live on our screens; talk about awkward! During the 2015 VMAs, Nicki Minaj couldn’t wait to get a few things off her chest about the current host.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 28
Image: Time Magazine

We could almost feel the tension watching Nicki Minaj walk up on stage to receive the award for Best Hip Hop video. Why is this? Her and host, Miley Cyrus, weren’t exactly the best of friends at the time. During her speech, Minaj aggressively asked “Miley, what’s good?” and the sass just radiated off her. This is one rapper you do not want to get on the bad side of!

Caught in the Crying Act

Cameramen at the award shows are a clever bunch of people. Why is this? They have the ability to capture some of the biggest stars in the industry, making the most hilarious faces we’ve ever seen! Chrissy Teigen was one of the top stars who drew the short straw in getting caught off guard during one of these prestigious events.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 1
Image: Entertainment Tonight

Timing is everything. At 2015’s Golden Globes, John Legend accepted an award for Best Original Song. One person even more overjoyed at the news than John himself, was his wife. In a brief moment of emotion, the cameras turned to a tearful Teigen; and her awkward expression was priceless! People were so tickled by her face that it became a popular meme.

Peace and Love Vibes

Jim Carrey has paid a visit to his fair share of award shows. After all, with acting skills as good as this man’s, who wouldn’t want to congratulate him? With every ceremony, the Canadian-American actor continues to live up to that wacky reputation he’s earned over the years. 1999 might have welcomed his kookiest appearance yet!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 10
Image: IMDb

After giving this image a double-take, we can confirm it is indeed the acting sensation himself! During the MTV Movie Awards, Carrey stunned the crowds by rocking up to the show dressed as a curly-haired hippie and kept in character all night. While we’re not 100% sure about his reasons for this fancy dress idea, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the star!

The Most Deserving Winner

The wait is finally over! That’s probably what a lot of you were cheering after hearing one specific result from the 2016 Oscars. All of you Leonardo DiCaprio fans will be well aware of how long it’s taken this man to get his talents recognized, and boy, does the star have a lot of talents!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 5
Image: Us Weekly

We’re calling it: this was the most tearjerking moment in award show history. After years in the spotlight, performing in endless box office hits and learning thousands of iconic lines, Leo finally won his first Academy Award for his role in The Revenant! As if this wasn’t moving enough, the star made us all well up with a speech that came right from the heart.

Not-so Dynamic Duo

Most of the time, award shows are presented by celebrities who’ve rehearsed their scenes well, know what joke to make at the right time, and generally succeed at getting the crowd excited for a glamorous evening ahead! Sadly, the same just couldn’t be said for the disappointing performance given at the 2011 Oscars.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 22
Image: CBS News

Who remembers this cringe-worthy couple? Some people just don’t gel together, and Anne Hathaway and James Franco were certainly one of those. During the pair’s hosting of the famous award show, viewers were met by unfunny jokes, an overly theatrical Anne and an uninterested Franco! They tried, but we hope these two don’t collab again in the future.

Intruder Alert

Getting a spot performing on an award show is a pretty big deal for any celebrity, just imagine how many millions will be tuning in to watch you do your thing! For that reason, it comes as no surprise to learn that over the years, there have been a few hiccups regarding intruders stepping on stage at this time.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 23
Image: Access

Jay Z and Alicia Keys were having a ball performing “Empire State of Mind” at the 2009 VMAs before Lil Mama decided to get in on the action! Right at the end of the song, the rapper jumped on stage and copied their poses for the camera. It was a controversial move, to say the least, but the star eventually apologized for her risky stunt.

Will They Won’t They

We love an onscreen romance that eventually branches off the cameras! After filming was complete for the Twilight saga, viewers were left wondering what was next in store for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It’s safe to say, a lot of us were backing their real-life relationship while it lasted, and they so almost gave the Twihards what they wanted here.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 33
Image: People Magazine

The suspense is killing us! After picking up the award for Best Kiss at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the stars were inches away from recreating the very moment in the vampire thriller that got them the golden popcorn trophy in the first place! It may have been a mere joke between the costars, but it certainly made headlines.

Speech Stopper

James Franco is like no other. Not only did he impress us with his re-enactment of actor Tommy Wiseau in 2017’s drama, The Disaster Artist, but he even invited the star on stage with him when he won an award for it! It was a groundbreaking moment to see Wiseau and Franco stood side-by-side at the 2018 Golden Globes, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 24
Image: CNN

Cue the uncomfortable slip-up! The audience started cringing after Wiseau approached the mic to say a few words on stage, and Franco completely stopped him in his tracks! This moment instantly became viral, with fans joking that Franco wanted to give the man credit, but not that much credit.

Iconic False Starts

Adele has reached so much success over the course of her career, she’s become quite a familiar face at the award shows! She may have earned her share of shiny trophies with her powerful vocals, but at 2017’s Grammys, the singer came on stage for a different purpose, and we were all welling up when she did so!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 11
Image: Rolling Stone

Adele is a perfectionist. Don’t believe us? Just check out the tribute she paid to George Michael at this award ceremony! In order to do the late-singer justice, Adele was adamant about pulling out all the stops. If that meant restarting the first few verses of “Fast Love” then so be it. You do you, Adele!

Super Unpopular Hosts

Whether you keep up with them or not, the Kardashian crew is here to stay. As the younger half-sisters to socialite Kim Kardashian, the Jenner sisters are probably the most successful teens we’ve ever read about in the headlines! Despite their fame and ultra dedicated clan of followers, not everyone is so keen on the glamazons.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 36
Image: Capital XTRA

Well, that escalated quickly! At 2015’s Billboard Music Awards, the stunning duo introduced Kanye West’s next performance. What was the issue? The sisters were met by a ton of boos from the audience. You can’t please everyone, and we’ve got to give it to them for keeping their cool in such an awkward situation!

The Name Game

If you’re an accident-prone celebrity, your safest bet is to prepare yourself for every possible outcome at an award ceremony. This is a live show, and that means there are no excuses for mistakes, people! One big A-Lister who learned this lesson the hard way was Hollywood legend, Jon Travolta.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 27
Image: CBS News

If you remember anything about Mr. Travolta’s time at the 2014 Oscars, you’ll remember the epic faux pas he made when he messed up Idina Menzel’s name! There wasn’t a single member of the audience not left cringing after the movie star announced the next performance by an “Adele Dazeem.” Luckily, the singer was able to see the funny side of it all.

Cake Mistake

Katy Perry is a born performer. There isn’t a single length this vocal powerhouse hasn’t taken over the years to keep her audiences on the edge of their seats while she’s on stage. In 2008 though, we suspect the pop singer took her flair for flamboyance just a step too far. Get ready to cringe at this one!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 37
Image: Zimbio

Oh, the humiliation! During a rendition of her hit single “I Kissed a Girl” the singer defied all odds by launching herself into a giant cake on stage. This jump immediately backfired, as the star slipped around and tripped over on the way up! Next time Perry, we suggest you just stick to a choreographed dance routine.

Keeping It Bare

Emma Thompson has enjoyed a multitude of successes through her fruitful acting career. From Nanny McPhee to Sense and Sensibility, there’s not a genre this actress hasn’t had a go at! Proving that her flair for keeping audiences entertained branches outside of motion pictures, the star stunned us all in 2014.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 7
Image: The Guardian

So, what happened? Clearly, the star was starting to feel the effects of her six-inch stilettos on this night. As soon as it was her turn to present the Best Screenplay award at the 71st Golden Globes, Emma was quick to whip off those heels and present the award barefoot! Safe to say, it was not exactly award show etiquette, but Emma is so successful, she can do whatever she wants.

Crawling to Success

We’ve seen celebrities fall on stage upon accepting an award for their exceptional work, but have you ever seen one crawl? Let’s refresh our memories back to the 2015 Emmy Awards. Things were going smoothly, and the hilarious Tina Fey was up to present the next award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. Cue the clumsy Jon Hamm!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 39
Image: The Independent

Well, this is not what you’d expect to happen at a prestigious awards ceremony! Crowds were pretty much in a state of confusion, amusement and general concern after the Mad Men actor took a leap and crawled up onto the stage to receive his shiny new trophy. Stairs are just so overrated these days, hey Jon?

Religious About Fashion

Nicki Minaj has been making headlines since her debut album in 2010. As one of the very first successful female rappers, this is the star every man and woman wants to meet. For these reasons, it’s paramount for the hip-hop legend to be ahead of the trendsetting game. The year 2012 certainly proved that!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 42
Image: POPSUGAR Australia

We’re used to seeing this A-lister in bejeweled gowns and girly corsets, so when she stepped onto the red carpet for the Grammy Awards in a red Versace cloak, alongside someone dressed as the Pope, audiences were a little dumbfounded! This religious trend may have only been a one-time thing, but it certainly turned a couple of heads.

Fighting for Gold

As we’ve previously mentioned, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the very few A-listers in the business who doesn’t like to take herself too seriously. As a born performer, the actress is never too shy to show off her wacky side to the crowds. During 2014’s Oscars, the Hunger Games star continued to show her true colors.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 29
Image: Access

Before you start making assumptions about a hidden rivalry, let’s make it clear that this is a joke. After receiving the award for Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong’o met with J-Law backstage. In a quick moment, a snapshot caught the actress trying to yank Lupita’s award from her hands. It may have been in the name of fun, but it makes for a hilarious photo!

Suspicious Speeches

Usually, celebrity speeches at award shows tend to follow a very basic routine. First they express their astonishment at even being nominated for such an award, then they thank everyone involved in the making of their work, followed by a wish for everyone to continue enjoying their evening. For Jacqueline Bisset though, it appears this star followed a different rule!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 38
Image: CBS News

2014’s Golden Globes were a bizarre time and Miss. Bisset is hugely responsible for that fact! After receiving the award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, the star gave a speech that was, well, unforgettable to say the least! After not speaking for the first few seconds, the star continued by not being able to string a sentence together. Nerves get to the best of us!

The Tribute to All Tributes

The hills are alive, with the sound of Gaga! We’re headed over to the 2015 Oscars now, to pay a special thanks to one of the biggest pop stars of all time throwing tribute to a legend. If you haven’t already guessed who we’re talking about, it’s Lady Gaga and that iconic rendition she gave of “Sound of Music.”

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 17
Image: Vox

In celebration of the musical’s 50th anniversary, Lady Gaga wanted to congratulate Julie Andrews in the most special way she knew how to. There wasn’t a dry eye in that audience once the montage was complete and the two legends warmly embraced. You best believed, this pop star completely lived up to the original!

DIY Video Music Awards

We can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to get up on stage in front of not only a huge audience, but an entire nation tuned in to scrutinize your every move at an award show! No matter how many times a big-time celeb might have faced a large crowd, it would appear the pressure never gets easier. Britney Spears would certainly agree with that!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 16
Image: NME

Let’s go back to 2002’s VMAs. Britney Spears had just performed “Bille Jean” and was set to present the next award to the King of Pop. All was going well until a nervous slip-up led Spears to announce the award as “artist of the millennium.” What’s the problem with this? This award is non-existent! Still, Michael Jackson was none the wiser and gladly accepted the false title.

Flying A-Listers

Every year, viewers watch an A-lister try to break down the barriers of formality which usually ensue during an awards ceremony. Whether it be a joke to subtly mock the event, a publicity stunt to raise awareness for their latest project, or simply a case of too many margaritas, we’ve seen it happen too many times! Here’s what went down in 2009.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 8
Image: Access Hollywood

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s Sacha Baron Cohen! During the MTV Movie Awards, the audience’s attention quickly shifted to this English comedian. A crazy stunt saw the star dressed in a jockstrap and wings as he impersonated the main role for his latest movie, Bruno. Flying around the venue, the star made headlines after he landed on Eminem’s head!

Goodbye Disney Channel

Life for a child star isn’t easy, and Miley Cyrus will be the first person to second that fact! As we all know, this Tennessee-born star made a name for herself in the Disney Channel hit series, Hannah Montana, but it wasn’t long before the celebrity realized she was done with living the best of both worlds. Cue that controversial VMA performance!

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 19
Image: WBUR

This was a gig absolutely no one was expected, and we mean no one! By the time 2013’s VMA Awards came around, the star was ready to strip herself from that girl-next-door title, and let people recognize she’d grown up, so this raunchy performance of “We Can’t Stop” needed to happen! It’s no surprise to learn this video went totally viral.

Putting the Break in Record-Breaking

No matter how many times a celebrity might enter an awards show, the excitement of winning your very own trophy never quite dies down! Proving this point in the most hilarious way is all of our favorite vocal powerhouses, Adele. In 2017, the British superstar made a bold move in her acceptance speech no one could forget.

The Most Memorable Award Show Moments in History 25
Image: The Sun

Adele really is quite something. No matter how much success this woman has racked up over the years, she likes to humbly remind us she’s never gonna let it get to her head. Keen to prove she’s still Beyonce’s top fan, the vocal star surprised us by breaking her Grammy in half, and giving a piece to Queen Bey! There’s being down to Earth, and then there’s this lady.