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Moscow Mules are a classic cocktail. They’ve been around for years and recently became a bit more popular. Why?, because of their “Instagram ready.” The Moscow Mule is traditionally served in a cute copper cup, making it perfect for a post. However, The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division just released some bad news about the drink— sorry bloggers. Apparently, the cute copper mug is bad for your health.

The Drama is Over: There is Hope for the Moscow Mule

It turns out, the Food and Drug Administration’s Model Food Code “prohibits copper from coming into direct contact with foods that have a pH below 6.0.” The pH scale measures how acidic something is, the lower the number, the higher the acidity.  Foods with a pH below 6.0 include vinegar, fruit juice, and wine. Because the drink is made with a vodka base, ginger, and line, it totally falls below a ph of 6.0!

Why is it bad to mix copper and acid? The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division explains “High concentrations of copper are poisonous and have caused foodborne illness. When copper and copper alloy surfaces contact acidic foods, copper may be leached into the food.” In regular people words, this means copper can cause illness, and when acid touches copper it can cause it to seep into the drink.

To the bars concerned with the classic cocktails attractive presentation, there is hope. Copper cups lined with another material on the inside are fully safe, and most of them are in fact lined on the inside. So all that drama in the media was overdone. America, you can go back to your Moscow Mules.