The Drama That Followed Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, After She Stole Him From Bobbie Brown

Sun Dec 05 2021

Pamela Anderson would never call herself a homewrecker, even if that’s how it looks to the rest of the world. Talk about starting your relationship with sin; Playmate Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee began their love affair and got hot and heavy real quick after Lee broke off his engagement to another woman.

Their relationship moved at the speed of light and was destined for scandal from the moment it began. Really, the rock legend went from one girl to the next and they were engaged within days. Was this a preamble to the rest of their lives together? This sultry couple has gone through it all together, and it’s rarely been sunshine and rainbows.

How the Couple Got Their Start

Mötley Crüe’s drummer, Tommy Lee, was already a man about town. He had already been married to actress Heather Locklear for several years before he began his sultry and PDA-filled relationship with Anderson. His roster of women, before and after his relationship with the Baywatch actress, was already pretty extensive.

In fact, when they were first introduced, he was engaged to another woman; someone who was also in the spotlight and had strikingly similar physical features to Anderson. Lee was engaged to the “Cherry Pie” girl, another bodacious blonde, Bobbie Brown. Things got heated here, but more on that later…

Did Pamela’s Bombshell Status Help Tommy’s Rise to Fame?

Pamela Anderson did not need Tommy Lee’s attention to be in the spotlight herself. She’s independently famous, making her name as an actress, model, and of course, Playmate. Her role on Baywatch only solidified her hotness to the rest of the world.

Her true breakout role was when she was selected as the 1990 Playmate of the Month. From there, it seemed like she had a world of opportunity at her fingertips. She indulged in the lifestyle presented to her and she was more than happy to live it up.

Tommy Lee’s Rise to Fame

Drummer and certified bad-boy Tommy Lee found his fame with his band, Mötley Crüe. Lee was constantly getting up to no good, and had constantly been in the press because of fights he started, or fights started with him. He was a rockstar looking to live like one on his own time.

In The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, the Mötley Crüe autobiography, Lee and his bandmates chronicled some of their craziest encounters. To sum it up, they indulged in hard narcotics, love affairs with strippers, blacked out after playing sold-out shows, and just wreaked general havoc over everything.

Tommy’s Steam With Pamela Wasn’t Unique to Their Relationship

Just moments before meeting Anderson for the first time, Tommy Lee was fully engulfed in a steamy public engagement with music video vixen Bobbie Brown. In her memoir years later, Brown would talk about their interactions after they first hooked up; the way he spoke to her was much like the flirtatious ways he would talk to Pamela, later.

Brown wrote about the voicemails that Lee would send her. “You’re so f**king hot!” he’d profess over the answering machine. Seriously, if the cloud were around back then, it would probably be filled with dirty messages from Lee to his lovers. This behavior would be on display in his relationships to come.

Did He Leave Bobbie by Choice, or Was He Stolen by Pamela?

There is a lot of room for speculation here, because who knows how “engaged” Tommy Lee and Bobbie Brown were. Come on, a rockstar in the 1990s who feeds on groupies and partying staying faithful is kind of a tall order. Well, after meeting Pamela, it seems that any form of holding back was just not in the books for him.

If you look at the two women side by side, it shouldn’t take much to see their similarities. They were both known in pop culture for their beautiful looks, beautiful blonde hair, full lips, and of course, they could certainly fill out a bra. Upon meeting Anderson, there’s a good chance that Lee was just like, “Bobbie who?”

The Rockstar Left the Video Vixen in the Dirt

Bobbie Brown described the end of her relationship as a betrayal. She felt that Anderson had swooped in after meeting the drummer and started calling the shots, though, in reality, it takes two to tango. If he left her for another hot young thing, there’s no saying that he wouldn’t have done that with just about anyone else he felt attracted to.

Brown divulged more about how Pam and Tommy met, and how her relationship with him declined. “My new fiancé and I were out one night at Bar One on the Sunset Strip when Pamela approached us. I, of course, knew who she was because people were constantly confusing the two of us — two big-busted blond bombshells. But that night, my doppelgänger was on a mission,” she wrote. From there, things only went south.

How Bobbie Brown Remembers the Lee and Anderson Introduction

The question of “who made the first move” is a bit tough. She might have been the one to come up to him at the club, but he was the one who ultimately threw his pre-existing life away to be with her. Brown remembered the end of their relationship clearly. After his interaction with Anderson at the club, she knew something was off and they were doomed.

Things between Brown and Lee got rough, so much that she felt unsafe and left. She wrote, “I got a call from Tommy four days later. He said ‘I’m in Cancun with Pamela Anderson. We have sex toys. I’m going to f**k her really hard,’ he said on my answering machine.” What a brutal way to get dumped. When the duo eloped just days later, Brown was crushed. “Once I knew they’d sealed the deal, I went and sat on my toilet and cried.”

He Sent Bobbie Down a Path of Destruction, but Did the Same With His New Relationship

Just as abruptly ending his relationship with Miss Cherry Pie sent her to years of substance abuse and addiction, he also indulged himself and his new lady down a similar path. The two were constantly partying and taking narcotics, doing whatever they could to chase the party down.

When the drummer ditched his relationship with her in pursuit of another hot young thing, he started pushing his other bad behaviors onto the new girl. He continued to encourage heavy partying and substance abuse on Anderson, though she was already indulging herself.

Who Made the First Move: Tommy or Pamela?

This is where things get a little bit sticky. Depending on who you ask, it seems like they both moved in on each other equally. These lovers got hot and heavy seemingly right away, and even though they approached the situation in different ways, they both subtly made their own “first move.”

Anderson made her moves by approaching Lee and his fiancé at a club, having the guts to make moves on him in front of the woman he claimed he was planning to marry. His first move was not only licking her face upon meeting (yes, you read that right), but completely sabotaging his relationship with Brown after his introduction to the playmate.

The Cancun Kickoff

Just weeks after their initial introduction, Anderson called Lee out of the blue and let him know that she was heading down to Cancun. She told him she was heading down for some time for a modeling gig, and he was welcome to join her. This was their first date.

Following through, they had been together a matter of days before getting married in a skimpy white bikini and khaki shorts. They felt the time was right and they really had no reason to wait. They got hot and heavy quickly and decided to go all the way… down the aisle.

Making Their Mark More Permenant

Just after Anderson and Lee became legally wed, they immediately headed to the tattoo parlor. On each of their ring fingers, they had inked the other person’s name. Maybe it would’ve been more special if Tom hadn’t later covered his entire body in tattoos later in their relationship.

This couple opted for tattoos instead of wedding bands. This was a unique way to exchange vows, and this duo was all about doing things the unconventional way. Their ring tattoos would last through the years, even if their relationship soured and came to an end.

The Honeymoon Phase of Their Relationship Lasted a Lifetime

This couple lived their honeymoon life out loud and they were not afraid to show it. They spent the months following their nuptials rolling around in the sheets, partying in the public eye, and getting into trouble. These two were always getting into shenanigans and getting caught in the act.

They were known to get frisky no matter who happened to be in their home that day or night. Their constant frolicking without clothes and without boundaries would get them in trouble later, when their blatant ignorance of those around them finally caught up to them, in the form of blackmail.

Their Behavior Made it Impossible to Handle Committment

Individually, each member of the couple managed to get into their own mayhem. She was constantly partying with other pin-up girls, while Lee was already known for “bingeing on groupies, drugging heroically and swallowing small light bulbs for kicks.”

Their relationship was highlighted by extreme highs and lows, including multiple break-ups and reunions… probably even more in the future, if you think about it. Their behaviors would catch up with both of them, and their lowest points would end up making headlines throughout the years.

Pamela Broke Her Mother’s Heart By Marrying in Secret

Their relationship had moved so quickly from the get-go that there was no time to have anyone special watch them tie the knot. What started as a modeling job for Anderson turned into a wedding, not leaving much time or room for a guest list to be formed.

The wedding was small and intimate, with Anderson barely sporting any clothing on their beach ceremony. Her mother was reportedly heartbroken that she didn’t get to be there for her wedding. However, just as moms know so much, Anderson’s mother claimed she had always known their marriage was destined to fail.

They Often Played Dress Up

In an interview with the New York Post, Anderson divulged the details of their dirty dress-up games. “They were kickboxing in my bikinis once,” she shared while opening up about their frequent mishaps; with or without their clothing.

“When I bring a present home for Tommy, he’ll open the box and see that it contains high heels, size 10½, men’s [which he’ll put on]… if Tommy is in a bad mood, I go upstairs and come down wearing this 3-foot-high Mad Hatter hat. He looks at me and cracks up — because that is all I’ve got on.”

Their Relationship Moved at the Speed of Light

Not only did these two get married super quickly, but they also started building their lives together from an early point. They had only been together a couple of months when they first thought their family was going to begin. Soon, they would also find themselves dealing with their first true tragedy.

This couple did not take a moment to step back and make plans that would solidify their future together. They were in love and constantly wanted to engage in intimate ways, no matter where they were. In 1995, Pamela would endure the first of multiple experiences of losing a baby.

Their Ultimate Heartbreak

Unfortunately, the couple suffered from a major heartbreak. Anderson became pregnant in 1995 but soon lost the baby to a miscarriage. This wreaked havoc on the couple emotionally, bringing both of their spirits down for quite a while. They needed to overcome it together.

Rumors had also circulated that Lee had been quite controlling over his model wife. She seemed a bit more limited in projects she could take on and it was believed that Lee was the restrictive force behind her. Things were not quite looking up for the couple; there was trouble brewing in paradise.

They Had One Really Annoyed Former Employee

This couple did not mind being intimate in front of anyone, including the electrician that worked in their home for a few months when they moved in together. The couple had reportedly had a loud, nearly violent altercation with this technician and it really backfired on them.

The couple had reportedly fired electrician Rand Gauthier abruptly, throwing him out of the house. Gauthier had reportedly come back to the house to collect the last of his things and final pay, but he was chased out by Lee flashing his gun.

Before They Started Their Family, They Faced a Major Scandal

Electrician Rand Gauthier had come back to the Anderson/Lee residence with one goal in mind; he wanted to get the wages he was owed. When everything got messy and out of hand, Gauthier had had enough and was ready to seek revenge on the duo.

He returned to the house at a later point and broke into a safe in their garage, sifting through to see what he could find. He stole something that was rather… ehrmm… sensitive. When all was said and done, hopefully Pam and Tommy learned something valuable from the experience.

They Bounced Back and Started Their Family Together

Neither one of them was immune to scandal beforehand, so it appears these two kids steered into the skid. The blackmail incident was just an extra notch in their ongoing list of problems, so they decided to move past it in a totally-Hollywood way.

The two quickly became pregnant, not too long after the unfortunate complications they had recently run into.  Brandon Thomas Lee was born on June 5, 1996, and his life was going to be far from charmed. Having children only made things more tense for the couple.

They Welcomed Their Second Child

Dylan Jagger Lee was born on December 29th, 1997. Much like his older brother, Dylan was also born at home. This high-profile and unconventional couple had taken to the trend of at-home births long before the rest of Hollywood did. Were they trendsetters in childbirth?

These two boys lived far from an average life. Within a year of Dylan’s birth, the not-so-happy couple had ended their relationship. Tensions had already been running high between the two, things weren’t made much better by adding a couple of new pipsqueaks to their lives. Just look how good their kids turned out, despite it all.

The Beginning of Their End

Their fairy tale was not built to last, and reports of Tommy’s controlling behavior and restrictions over his wife got the best of him. Lee was controlling over projects she was or wasn’t booking, and even got a little too hands-on. There was more than one occasion when police had to be called on Lee.

The patterns that led to their split would also shine through the surface in Lee’s later marriages. His behavior would become increasingly aggressive over the years. This behavior would get him into trouble with the law, both in his relationship with his now ex-wife, and his children.

They Risked Their Health for Each Other, and Paid the Price

At the earliest stages of their relationship, these two constantly got new ink in honor of the other. Unfortunately, though, they did not keep up with the necessary hygiene that goes with tattooing. These two shared something that is a big no-no…

The couple shared their needles when getting new tattoos. That’s one of the first rules of tattooing, shots, anything with a needle; you use it, you’re done. Anderson contracted Hepatitis C as a result of this, and the couple underwent intense treatment to recover from it. They learned a harsh lesson from their mistake.

They May Be Divorced Now, but This Movie Chronicles Their Unruly Relationship

What a duo, right? After finally calling it quits after a crazy few years (plus, a backslide where they tried to make it work 10 years later… only to come into the same problems), their relationship was chronicled for the rest of the world to see. Now, the world can see inside their experiences.

The movie dives into the dirtiest parts of their relationship, those of the not-safe-for-work kind. The biopic exposes every detail from their many scandals. Though they’re both married to other people now, they can both take a step back and remember their crazy marriage for what it was.