The Joy of Being Humble: Celebrities Who Live the Simple Life Despite Their Fame and Fortune

    Some of us spend our days stargazing, and dreaming of fortune and fame; and the lavish lifestyle that accompanies it. After all, when you’re blessed with an unlimited bank account and celebrity status, you can live the high life. For these bankable stars, the sky is the limit. Without thinking twice, they can drop their millions on extravagant mansions, ludicrous cars, and exotic getaways.

    Image: Page Six

    Other people are a little more grounded. They stay humble despite being super-rich. Some “started from the bottom,” and even though “they here,” they never forgot where they came from. A few shunned the lavish life for the simple life. Others didn’t forget to give back. So let’s glimpse at these refreshingly modest celebrities who didn’t let wealth change who they really are.