The Last Remaining Blockbuster Is Now Listed on Airbnb Allowing Guests To Relive Their 90s Childhood

For a limited time, the world’s last Blockbuster video rental store will be open as an Airbnb giving guests the opportunity to have the most nostalgic night away from home that we have ever heard of. As we know, since Blockbuster first opened its doors in 1985 it quickly became one of the world’s largest providers of in-home movies and game entertainment.

The Last Remaining Blockbuster is Now An Airbnb Wheres Guests Can Relive Their Childhood 2
Image: The Economic Times

Families from across the country would visit the many store locations to explore rows on rows of movies and games available to take home. The company was a huge part of the 90s lifestyle and continued to be so up until 2010 when it sadly went bankrupt due to the rise of online streaming.

Lucky for us, the owner of the last remaining Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon decided to do something a little different with the space after being forced to close its doors. Before handing over the keys, store manager Sandi Harding listed the property on Airbnb, giving visitors the opportunity to press rewind back to those beloved childhood slumber parties.

What You Will Find There

Harding did not hold back when it comes to laying out the nostalgia. Not only is the store stocked full of countless family favorite movies, but he also has them in VHS. To make the slumber experience as real as possible, the store is equipped with a fold-out sofa, a beanbag chair, a TV set, and a VHS player. Hardinge has also laid out classic movie snacks such as popcorn, raisinets, milk duds, and more.

The Last Remaining Blockbuster is Now An Airbnb Wheres Guests Can Relive Their Childhood 4
Images: Architectural Digest (left) JOE (right)

Harding has ensured that he will be taking any and all measures to fully comply with CDC guidelines to avoid the spread of COVID19. This includes ensuring that all guests staying the night are from the same household and following proper cleaning measures between guests.

How You Can Stay There

While this idea sounds amazing and I am sure all of you are wondering how you can reserve a spot, unfortunately, the doors will only be open for residents of Deschutes Country in Oregon. But you never know, maybe this will inspire future nostalgic endeavors.

On August 17th at 1:00 pm PST, Harding opened reservations on Airbnb for Deschutes Country residents only. Those interested were able to then book one of the three one-night reservations that will be open on September 18, 19, and 20. So it’s really was a question of first come first serve.

The stay will only cost $4 plus tax and once inside, visitors can marathon with unlimited movie access. For those not staying the night, the store will be open for a limited time following the last overnight so that the general public will also get the chance to check out the space.