The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand

Pulling off the perfect marriage proposal can be a lot of pressure. But some people rise to the challenge to make it the most special moment of their partner’s life. But proposals have been done every which way at this point, and it’s hard to come up with something that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand32
Image: Inside Edition

Some romantic individuals have thought well outside of the box and come up with the most unusual way to propose. At Hype Galore, we’ve compiled a collection of the most creative and innovative ways that people have gone about proposing. But heads up – these arrangements aren’t to everyone’s taste…

The Checkbox Proposal That’d Be Awkward If She Said No

Vinny Capaldo-Smith gave his girlfriend Brooke Wodark the shock of her life during a tattoo session. He talked Brooke into inking him on his ankle, which is something she had never done before. She was ready with the needle when he suddenly lifted up his shorts to show her his latest tattoo – and it just happened to be an adorable proposal.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand4
Images: Allure (left) Bored Panda (right)

But it wasn’t finished. “It was an idea from elementary school from when you pass somebody a note to check off the boxes,” Vinny explained. “She drew it one night at dinner on a paper tablecloth, and I took a picture of it that night.” Brooke thought he was joking until she realized it was permanent. “I was just over-the-top ecstatic,” she explained, and luckily marked “X” on the yes box!

She Had the Shock of Her Life at the Photo Collection Booth

You don’t need to spend a ton money to give your loved one a hilarious and creative marriage proposal. As this guy shows, he found a unique way to ask his girlfriend Lindsey for her hand in marriage. When riding a rollercoaster with friends, he had everyone hold up signs for the obligatory “scared face” photo.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand6
Image: The Sun

Lindsey had no idea what everyone had planned, literally, behind her back. We’re impressed at the groups self control, as they had to ensure they were all ready with the papers by the time they got to the camera. And the best part of all is her priceless reaction – to the high-speed ride, of course!

Getting the Dolphin To Do All the Hard Work

If you’re worried about being too nervous to talk, why not get the help of a marine mammal. That’s what this guy opted for in his proposal. He had a cannister specially made that had the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” printed on the front. With the help of a dolphin handler, the sea animal popped its head above water to relay the message.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand7
Image: The Daily Edge

His girlfriend thought they were just there to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with dolphins. She didn’t expect that she would be walking away from the sea life center as somebody’s fiance. We’ve got to give this guy props for ensuring that his loved one had an unforgettable proposal moment.

A Proposal That’s Sure to Sweep Her off Her Feet

Xavier Andrews wanted to sweep his girlfriend, Shante Cosme, off her feet for her marriage proposal. He managed to do exactly that after booking them an experience on ZERO-G’s space simulation flight. It’s the only way you can commercially experience weightlessness, and it was the perfect place for this adventurous couple.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand2
Images: Brides (left and right)

Xavier had to tie the ring to a piece of string to stop it from floating away. “I saw he was holding a ring and I immediately burst into tears. After that, all I remember is spinning in circles with him while hugging and crying,” Shante recalls. It didn’t come cheap – the whole thing cost him almost $15,000! But judging from the photos, it was well worth the money.

Giving Five Diamond Rings for Each Finger on Her Hand

Not only did this guy surprise his girlfriend when he proposed to her, but he surprised the world and their story went viral. He wanted to do something that made his loved one feel extra special, and decided to go for the biggest gesture of all by gifting her not one but five engagement rings!

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand33
Images: People (left and right)

Chat showhost Gayle King even gave the couple a shoutout: “It was very creative, and the fact that he cared that much. To me, it sounds like that marriage is off to a very good start.” If his girlfriend had any doubts as to the worth of the rings, the groom-to-be brought a diamond tester to the proposal so she could check that all five rings were the real deal.

Getting Her Whole Family To Rehearse a Pride and Prejudice Chapter

When Washington-based bookworm Bethany Albert went to visit her parents in Tacoma on Christmas Eve, she had no idea that her boyfriend David Slater had planned an elaborate Pride and Prejudice-themed marriage proposal involving all of her family. To her amazement, everyone involved was there to re-enact the proposal scene at the end of Jane Austen’s novel.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand1
Images: HuffPost

Not only did Bethany’s mom sew together all the period pieces for the couple and extended family, but all of Bethany’s relatives met up in secret to rehearse with David! Since she walked through the door, everyone stayed in character and the whole proposal took about 30 minutes to complete. It looks like Mr. Darcy really does exist.

Plenty More Fish in the Sea but You’re the One for Me

Brandon took his girlfriend Nicolette back to where they went on their first-ever weekend away to pop the question. And on that weekend, they went for a romantic trip to the aquarium. “That weekend we spent together was the exact moment I knew he was something special,” she recalled. He wanted to recreate those special days, exactly like it was before.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand3
Image: How They Asked

Brandon arranged for one of the aquarium divers to get in the shark tank and hold up a sign that read “Will You Marry Me?” and it totally caught her off guard. But who can blame her – no one expects their partner to hire a spandex side-kick to hover over them for their big moment.

What Happens if Your Marriage Proposal Is a Rush Job

Not everyone has the foresight or the funds for an elaborate marriage proposal. But this guy proves you that those things shouldn’t stop you getting creative with it. He may not have much, but he does have a ring, some chalk, and access to a public bathroom. And this is what he came up with.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand8
Image: The Sun

We can’t tell if she’s hiding her face in ecstatic joy or burying her face in her hands out of shame. This young man scribbled a “yes” or “no” checkbox onto the door of a public toilet, and even went so far as to label the proposal room “The Dumper.” He was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t even wait until all the stalls were vacant.

That’s One Way To Keep the Adrenaline Rushing

Skydive Indianapolis were able to assist this guy in his romantic marriage proposal. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend when she least expected it, and judging from the photos he totally managed it. He chose to pop the question just after they landed, when both of them were no doubt still surging with adrenaline.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand10
Image: Skydive Indianapolis

But this wasn’t a spure-of-the-moment proposal. This guy enlisted the help of expert tandem instructors to time the moment perfectly. They ensured that he was the first one out of the couple to land, so he would have time to take his harness off, get the ring out, and wait in position. Photographers, friends, and family were also waiting with balloons to congratulate the couple on their magical moment.

Nothing Says “Happily Ever After” Like the Cast of Star Trek

One “Trekkie” (AKA mega Star Trek fan) proposed to his girlfriend during a Star Trek: The Next Generation cast photo op. They were at Austin Wizard World Con when he got down on one knee, much to the shock of his girlfriend and the cast members. Their faces say it all!

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand11
Image: E!

“Once we knew what was happening, it was awesome. I’m incredibly happy for these people, and I love that I got to be part of what is hopefully a moment they’ll celebrate and remember for the rest of their lives,” said actor Wil Wheaton. Apparently, this guy made the decision to pop the question earlier that day after actress Marina Sirtis gave them a hard time for having not tied the knot already.

There’s a Very Good Reason Why She’s Already In a Wedding Dress

At first glance, you’d probably think this young woman was crying crocodile tears. She’s already wearing what looks like an elaborate wedding gown and even an engagement ring! So surely she’s just acting this moment out for the perfect proposal photo, no? In reality, she was totally taken aback to see her boyfriend on one knee.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand12
Image: Brides

Meredith, pictured, was modeling for a wedding dress photo shoot with her real-life boyfriend Matthew. They were on the job when he suddenly got down on one knee and popped the question for real. We love how this proposal moment is both picture-perfect and confusing, all at the same time.

He Succeeded in Pulling off a Confusing Card Game With Friends

This creative proposal only required some close friends, a card game, and a bit of planning. “On Friday night, we had some of our friends over for a game night. Halfway through the game, I rigged it so that my girlfriend would draw the card on her turn.” She ended up pulling the “marry me” card just as he had planned. “I had the ring hidden in my hand [and] as she drew, I shouted out a lot of fake guesses like “ring!”, “propose!”, “getting engaged!” he explained.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand15
Image: New Jersey Bride (left and right)

“I wanted her to work for it.” He finally shouted “MARRY ME!” to which she confirmed, was the correct guess. Then he presented the ring “and it took her a good few seconds to realize what was happening” because “she was equal parts shocked and confused.” She said “WHAT?!?”, What is that?! Where did you get that??” before confirming that she would, in fact, become his fiance.

He Bearly Got Away With This One

Alex Wee came up with the perfect proposal idea that was both meaningful and hilarious. When he and his girlfriend Cheryl Foo used to message eachother at the start, the bear emoji “Brown” quickly became a favorite for her. Now that a pop up store of their favorite app emoji was coming to town, he devised a clever plan to sweep her off her feet.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand17
Image: The Straits Times

Alex arranged for Cheryl to go to the store with her sister. When they were waiting in line to take a photo with Brown the bear mascot, shop staff flashed placards at Cheryl that read “To me you are perfect” and “I hope by now you understand how much you mean to me”. The bear mascot then took off his head to reveal Alex inside, before he got down on one knee with a ring. And her reaction is absolutely priceless.

Getting Kicked Out of an Iconic Museum in the Name of Love

Chris knew how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Marybeth, but it required some assistance from family members. He made sure Marybeth’s mom gifted her a red polka dot dress for their Metropolitan Museum of Art trip. Then, they wandered into the Picasso exhibition, which just so happened to be her favorite artist. “My brother and sister-in-law were able to then hang the painting,” Chris explained online.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand19
Images: Artnet Worldwide Corporation (left and right)

“After I was given the signal I brought my girlfriend to the painting where she began immediately began crying when she realized that the painting was of what was about to take place.” As the painting depicted, he got down on one knee and proposed. The museum didn’t appreciate his romantic gesture and ended up kicking them out, but he did get himself a big fat yes!

Everyone Needs Themselves a Pair of Friends Like These

This daring dude wasn’t as experienced as his girlfriend was with standing on top of cheerleading pyramids. But he forced himself to so that she could have an unforgettable proposal. They were having a fun day at the beach when she stood on a friend’s shoulders and showed a classic cheerleading pose.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand21
Image: Brides blush

Their friends were in on it and made sure to act as the perfect cheerleading base. The last thing she expected was to see that her boyfriend had snuck up behind her and stood on someone else’s shoulders. But then he went the extra mile and asked for her hand in marriage. If he’s willing to do that, he’ll do anything for you!

A Month of Secret Selfies as He Waits for the Perfect Moment

Professional athletes Edi Okoro and Cally Read had been dating for several years by the time he figured out how he wants to propose. “After a month or so of waiting for the right moment it hit me… I should just start documenting these moments!” Edi took several selfies with the ring over the course of a month with Cally in the photos too. Only she had no idea.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand24
Images: Facebook / Cally & Edi (left and right)

“The idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until I found the perfect moment to propose, or until I got caught, at which point I would propose!” Edi explained. In the end, Cally was pictured with the engagement ring almost every day of the month leading up to the actual proposal. He actually pulled it off!

The Guy Who Chose a Pack of Dogs Over Doves

Maurice knew exactly what he was doing when he got 16 dogs together for his romantic proposal. “The guy surprised me with a 5K race on a date night six months into the relationship,” Laura recalled. “It wasn’t until I saw the rose petals that I knew it was more.” But there wasn’t a dog in sight.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand27
Images: Bored Panda (left and right)

The second Laura said yes, 16 dogs were released and came running onto the scene. Maurice saved his surprise until the end, which might have been a good idea. Laura might have been too distracted to say yes if the dogs had been there from the start. She was already crying at the proposal, but seeing the dogs just made her bawl her eyes out even more.

Let Me Spice up Your Life How You Spice up Mine

Nothing says I love you like hot red peppers – at least, that’s the case for this young guy. In planning for his romantic proposal, he opted to order 99,999 spicy red peppers and arrange them into the shape of two giant hearts with an arrow going straight through the middle. Cupid would be proud.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand28
Image: International Business Times

The arrow was made up of exclusively green peppers, but there weren’t nearly as many of those compared to the hot red ones. It may not seem like a usual proposal, but that exactly the point. You’ve got to give this guy credit at least – this proposal is up there in terms of creativity.

He Loves Her to the Moon and Back

The young guy who did this is an absolute genius. He had a telescope at home and invited his girlfriend over one night for some quality star gazing time. He positioned the telescope just right so that it was facing the moon and in good focus. Once she was there, he got her to look through the telescope and tell him what she saw.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand29
Images: The Sun (all)

As if by a miracle, the moon had the words “Will you marry me?” inscribed across it. Of course in reality, this boyfriend had the foresight to order a custom telescope lens with his proposal written across. Either way, the gesture was totally one of a kind and pretty spectacular.

She Got To Live Out Her Biggest Fantasy

Daniel and Rachel are hardcore cosplayers – i.e. they love to dress up as specific characters for detailed costume play. He knew that Rachel would love a proposal that involved their shared passion. Rachel explained how it came to be so picture-perfect: “Daniel secretly set up a little mermaid photoshoot for my friend and I.”

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand30
Image: Offbeat Bride

Rachel continued: “and then [he] showed up in the middle of it dressed as Prince Eric. I was in my mermaid tail on the riverside when he got down on one knee, with a little seashell box, and asked me to marry him. It was like something out of a fairytale.” How could it not be?

You Say It Best When You Say It With a Kinder Egg

Lifestyle blogger Lori Richmond had the sweetest (literally) proposal from her then-boyfriend Matthew. The idea of a proposal with a Kinder Surprise came to him quite naturally: “It was quite common for one of us to pick one (or two) up, and bring them home for each other as a little treat,” Lori explained. “I knew that a little robot me holding a ring would be a pretty excellent gesture,” Matthew admitted.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand5
Image: The Daily Edge

For some reason, he already had the robot toy lying around at home. But the instructions took a while to put together, as did the resealing of the Kinder egg. “I painstakingly practiced cleanly unwrapping the aluminum foil wrapper and opening the chocolate eggs in a manner that would allow them to be resealed.” Luckily, it paid off because Lori was in shock!

The Most Romantic Climbing Gym Anyone’s Ever Seen

Maddy and Luis are big adventure lovers. So what better way to get engaged than at one of their favorite activity spots, the climbing gym. Especially since rock climbing is one of their favorite activities to do together. Luis planned it to a T – first, Maddy had to climb to the top of a specific climb. But it took some gentle encouragement first.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand13
Images: Green Wedding Shoes (left and right)

All of their best friends were behind the scenes and shut off the main lights when she descended from the climb. But then they turned on the strings that were over a hundred feet long, scattered around the gym. Their favorite song “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes came on and Luis asked her to be his wife. Of course, she said yes.

A Proposal That Kills Two Birds With One Stone

Maybe you didn’t find the perfect engagement ring yet, maybe you’re still waiting for the custom-cut diamond to get to you, or maybe you just can’t afford one right now and you need a stand-in. Whatever the reason, a blow-up inflatable “diamond” ring could just about do the trick for your proposal.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand16
Image: RecreoViral

The best thing about this inflatable engagement ring is that it doubles as a pool float. So you can bask in the hot summer sun while dreaming about your future nuptials. Not to mention, you’ll get a bunch of likes on a post with this photo as an inflatable ring is super Instagram-worthy.

San Francisco Beach Graffiti That’s Done Right

If you’ve got some serious art skills, what better way to propose to your loved one than by using your talent. One guy decided to propose to his girlfriend on a romantic beach in San Francisco because the view was just too good to pass up. But he wasn’t going to do it without a creative touch.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand9
Image: Bored Panda

He made a sand mural in the perfect spot that had a cliff over-looking it. That way, his love could approach the cliff edge and see his impressive floral design, complete with the words “Angela Marry Me.” A creative and unique proposal doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Scribbling Love Notes to You Number One Crush

This guy decided to go for a bold gesture and write on the wall of their home for his marriage proposal. It’s simple yet effective… he used his own handwriting to pen her a romantic message that read: “This wall isn’t nearly big enough to show how much I truly love you.”

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand14
Image: The Knot

He continued by writing, “You are my best friend…” before giving her a cheeky checkbox to answer the question, “Will you marry me?” But the only answer she could tick was yes… luckily she seems happy with that and marked both boxes, just to make it clear. It’s both simple and personal, but still a special moment.

A Retro-Style Proposal That Also Worked Around the Pandemic

2020 was a tough year, made even tougher with social distancing restrictions. Cinemas and theatres were a total no-go as most of them were closed. But it gave rise to drive-in movie theaters, which began popping up all over the place. That’s what inspired one guy to pop the question at their local Rooftop Cinema Club in Texas.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand22
Image: Vandi Fair

“Rooftop Cinema Club is a new drive-in theater that shows throwback, classic movies beneath the stars and against the backdrop of the twinkling lights of downtown Dallas,” wrote the bride-to-be’s sister. But before the movie was over, the classic film stopped and on came a slideshow of their favorite couple pics. They were also parked right at the front, so she had the best view. Needless to say, she was totally shocked.

Will You Moo-rry Me Despite the Smell Around Here?

An Irish farmer wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a familiar location, so he opted for the farm where they both work. They had both just finished a shift of milking the livestock when he suddenly popeed the question, in the company of two cows. They were the two cows that she had a soft spot for.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand23
Image: Irish Farmers Journal

Claire, the girlfriend in question, said after the event that “the cows have a lot of sentimental value to us so it was really lovely.” They had been dating seven years at that point, so Claire wasn’t entirely shocked. She admitted: “People say they have never seen a proposal like it. Jamie had it all well thought out – but I suppose he had long enough to think about it.”

She Had a Whale of a Time at Her Suprise Proposal

This young guy opted for a once-in-a-lifetime experience day to pop the question to his girlfriend. He posted his romantic proposal on Imgur as he had some awesome photos to share with the world. They went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to meet some white beluga whales – her all-time favorite animal.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand18
Images: Imgur LLC / OneWithACollar (left and right)

He thought of a creative way to involve the whale in the proposal, by throwing a box for the whale to collect. “The whale brought the box back to my girlfriend. When she opened it, there was a note inside that said, “Will you marry me?” He then presented the ring to his girlfriend, which was safely tied around his neck. She said yes and cried, to which the guy admitted: “I started to cry too, because there was a random basket of onions behind me.”

He Found a Perfect Reason To Get His Girlfriend to Paint Her Nails

Steve was a genius in planning for this proposal. He told his girlfriend that he was working with his friend on a photoshoot project, and thought she could be an ideal model for it. When the date got closer, he told her “Oh and paint your nails since you’ll be holding beer.” Steve really thought of everything.

The Most Creative Wedding Proposals That Sometimes Get Out of Hand25
Images: HuffPost (top and bottom)

“Steve began snapping photos of me on the terrace. He screamed ‘What’s that down there!?’ I looked down and saw all of these open umbrellas. Each umbrella had a different letter on it spelling ‘Tiffany Will You Marry Me?’ And best of all, after looking a little closer she saw that the people on the bridge were her friends and family!