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Pre and Post Revolution: The Beautiful Paradise Iran Once Was

Before the Islamic Revolution, Iran looked like a whole different world compared to how it is today, The country and the people in it are completely unrecognizable.



From a vibrant, cultured and beautiful country, to a restricting and oppressive rule, Iran’s drastic changes make it hard to believe it was once a paradise. Hype Galore gathered rare images of a time when Iran flourished, a time most people have no idea existed.

Before the Islamic revolution of 1979, Iran looked a whole lot different than it does today. Someone who visited Iran before the revolution had its way with it, would think the country was headed in a western direction. Iranian people had most of the basic freedoms that much of the people in the western world have. In one relatively quick turn of events, it all changed. The people of Iran had to alter the way they spoke, dressed acted and believed in such a short amount of time. Now, Iranians are under strict watch with every movement. The most freedom they have is experienced when they are within the walls of their home.

Many people visit Iran today and think that that is the life that people choose to live. While there are large groups of people who agree with the laws enforced after the Islamic revolution, there are many who do not. In fact, some people that agree with the philosophy behind the new restrictions, they don’t believe in having a country full of people without the freedom to choose.

Iran was run by the Shah whose dictatorship-styled ruling restricted political freedoms but at the same time encouraged Iranians to take on a bit of secular modernization. So there was room for a bit of cultural influence. Today the country and the people in it are completely unrecognizable.

The before and after pictures of Iran are some of the most alarming on the internet. They show just how quickly a dictatorship can strip people of all their rights. Those of us enjoying our freedoms may think that a dictatorship is way far off, but these photos prove how close they can be if we don’t pay attention to our government’s powers. Just wait till you see this drastic flip, its unbelievable.

1. PRE-Islamic Revolution: Woman Protest for Their Rights

Before Iran implemented new strict rules, the women went out on the streets to protest. People knew a big change was coming and did all they could to try and secure their rights and freedoms. These women bravely stand up for themselves and voice their opinion. Back then, Iran was a place for political expression, even if these expressions were controversial.

Before & After Islamic Revolution: The Beautiful Paradise Iran Once Was

Women protest for their rights in Iran before Islamic Revolution