The Russian Child Genius Who Claimed He Was From Mars Was Proven Right About Some of His Bizarre Statements

Wed Mar 01 2023

This article was originally published on For What It’s Earth and has been republished to Hype Galore with permission.

People noted that a Russian kid called Boris Kipriyanovich had an aura of uniqueness about him which made people take notice. Despite that, his wild claims about having lived on Mars were, of course, not widely accepted. He had a series of peculiar stories and strange predictions, which were naturally met with skepticism.

Yet, over time, when some of his predictions started to come to fruition, people sat up and started to reevaluate their opinion of him. Was this child telling the truth? How did he come to predict events that no one could have foreseen? This is the story of Boris Kipriyanovich, a boy who claimed to be from another planet.

Boris Always Seemed Eerily Different

Boris wasn’t like the other kids he went to school with. His parents were convinced he had been born and raised in Russia, but Boris had a strong feeling that he had come from somewhere else, somewhere far away from Russia. He was determined to uncover the secrets of his past and find out where he had come from.

From a young age, it was clear that Boris was extraordinary. His parents, grandparents, and those who knew him in his youth could all sense that there was something special about him. They saw that he was different from other kids in a way that went beyond the typical pride parents feel in their children.

His Mother Read Up on Child Development

Nadia was Bori’s mother, and he was her first child. While she was pregnant with Boris, she read a lot of literature about child development in preparation for his arrival, much like many first-time parents. It was the knowledge that she gained during this period that helped her recognize early on the uniqueness of her baby boy.

Boris showed signs of being different from very early on. When Boris was only 2 weeks old, Nadia was amazed to find that Boris could hold his head up all on his own, for example. In comparison, the average baby takes 2-4 months to reach this milestone. Nadia was, of course, surprised to find that her newborn was so ahead of the curve.

Boris Was Incredibly Intellectually Advanced For His Age

Boris Kipriyanovich was a remarkable baby that was exhibiting unusual strength. It wasn’t just reserved for when Boris was holding his own head up – his parents marveled at his growing strength and agility, watching in amazement as he could lift objects much heavier than one would expect for his age. Aside from his physical achievements, however, his parents noted that he was far more emotionally and intellectually capable than other kids his age.

Boris began talking early, surprising his parents with his precocious language skills. His mother reported that he said his first words at just six weeks old, while most children typically begin speaking around 1 year. Excelling in language development, by around 18 months, Boris was already reading, while others his age were just beginning to learn how to talk.

He Started Attending School at the Age of Two

Nadia was now well aware that her son wasn’t like other kids of his age. But now she was left wondering what on earth to do with a child that far exceeded expectations. Luckily, it wasn’t long before she figured out what to do with her unusually talented child. Nadia knew that she wanted to allow Boris to achieve his full potential.

Boris was only two years old when Nadia decided to try and enroll him in school, making him a full three years younger than the other kids in class at the time. She was in luck, however, as the local kindergarten decided to accept him upon witnessing some of his unusual capabilities. He started attending class with other five-year-old kids, and soon enough, he began to surpass his peers.

A Brilliant Grasp on the Working of Outer Space

It wasn’t just Boris’ physical and intellectual capabilities that bamboozled the people in his life. It became clear over time that there was a particular subject in which he had an unusual amount of knowledge, and that was astronomy. Somehow, to the confusion of everyone, Boris knew an awful lot about the workings of outer space.

Now the topic of space wasn’t particularly well covered in his kindergarten classes. Nadia attempted to explain Boris’ expertise on the subject, stating, “From early childhood, we had a lot of books on astronomy.” According to her, “When he was 3-4 years old, he opened these books and started to tell numbers of the galaxies, although they were in Latin. It was amazing.”

He Was Declared To Be Some Kind of Child Genius

Indeed, Boris appeared to have remarkable capabilities while still in infancy, physically, mentally, and now – bizarrely – when it came to science and physics. He was able to recall a vast array of facts about outer space and complex concepts that even the adults around him were unfamiliar with. How had he acquired such an array of knowledge?

The boy’s impressive knowledge of astronomy intrigued experts, and it wasn’t long before psychologists and researchers around the world came to hear of his unique abilities. Eventually, these international scholars traveled to meet the infamous Boriska Kipriyanovich, to see the child for themselves. Unsurprisingly, the experts believed him to be something of a child genius, but little did they know what more Boris had in store.

An Unexpected Story Around a Camp Fire

The family regularly went on camping trips together with each other and sometimes other family friends. They would sing songs and tell stories while sitting around a campfire, like most other people. On one particular occasion, they were doing exactly that, and everything seemed normal until Boris decided to tell them a story of his own.

But before Boris would tell them what he had to share, he informed them that it was a huge secret. Of course, that caught everyone’s attention, and they waited on tenterhooks to find out what was so important. Boris was, after all, the child genius who far exceeded anyone’s expectations from a boy. What could he possibly have to share?

He Reveals That He Had Lived on Mars In a Previous Life

The family and friends around the campfire half-expected him to give them some new information about outer space, but that wasn’t what he had to offer this time. Boris told them his big secret – he said that he had originated from Mars and, somehow, found himself living on planet Earth.

Naturally, everyone sitting around the campfire was shocked and had little to say. But Boris began to explain to them aspects of what he called his previous life, back on the red planet. He explained that he had been reborn into the body they saw before them on planet Earth. And while everyone listening was dumbfounded, Boris’ mother, Nadia, appeared to be not so shocked at the revelation.

Boris Claimed That He Wasn’t Alone

Nadia wasn’t that surprised because she’d heard Boris make this claim before. That being said, this was the first time she had heard him go into so much detail about his previous life. Still, this story that Boris claimed was completely true was consistent with what he had been saying ever since he was as young as five years old.

Now Nadia had more than a few doubts about Boris’ dubious claims, along with everyone at the campfire. But in spite of everyone’s suspicions, Boris stayed true to his statement. Eventually, he revealed more information that further shocked everyone on the camping trip – he wasn’t alone.

Boris Was One of the “Indigo Children”

Interestingly, Boris was telling the truth in that there were other children around the world who had claimed to originally have come from Mars before they were reborn on planet Earth. These “Indigo children,” as they were called, were reported as having strange and sometimes supernatural abilities, as well as indigo-colored auras.

Boris claimed that not only was he one of these children but that he and these kids had a special task to fulfill. Nadia, not completely sure what to think, decided to leave it up to the experts to decide if there was any validity to Boris’ claim. When she brought him to scientists, however, they were shocked to learn of some of the things he was saying.

Sent To Earth For a Specific Mission

Boris dazzled the scientists with his knowledge of space but totally dumbfounded them when exhibited knowledge about things that only a few experts knew about it. Because of this, the scientists listened up to what young Boris had to say. He told them about how he had been sent to Earth for a specific reason.

Boris revealed that he was on Earth to change the direction of human civilization and that something very precious was hidden on our planet to help the human race unlock its full potential. He claimed that this precious thing was located in none other than the world-famous Sphinx, the limestone statue of a mythical creature in Giza, Egypt.

A Secret Door Behind the Sphinx’s Ear

The exact words that Boris used were supposedly, “human life will change when the Sphinx is opened.” Not only that, but Boris claimed that he knew exactly how to access what was inside. Only once the Sphinx was opened would humanity understand the real reason why Boris had been sent to Earth.

With total confidence Boris explained that a secret door was located behind the ear of the Sphinx and that this was how they should enter. But, Boris conceded that while he knew of the door’s location, he didn’t know how they needed to open it. Nonetheless, he had more wisdom to impart.

Something Supernatural Was at Play

The whole point of getting inside the Sphinx was to reveal certain secrets that would greatly benefit the human race. According to Boris, the Indigo children had known this for some time, and had been trying to impart this wisdom on to the human race. It wasn’t just a question of opening the secret door, but understanding what they would find inside.

Ancient Egyptian structures have long been believed to be tied to some kind of mystical force, and Boris’ outlandish claims about the Sphinx only heightened people’s curiosity about something supernatural. After all, the state itself was of a magical creature with a human head and a lion’s body.

It Took 15 Years For Boris’ Claims To Be Proven

Boris was just a seven-year-old child when he made his claims about the Sphinx and his special mission. Scientists listened to his claims and were taken aback, but they didn’t pursue it further. Before long, the excitement around Boris’ claims died down and everyone continued with their own lives. Boris’ warning was becoming nothing more than a distant memory.

Interest in Boris’ claims would arise, however. It took 15 years but eventually, certain aspects of Boris’ story appeared to be totally true. But the attention in Boris’ story shifted away from what he said about the Sphinx and on to what he had claimed about the pyramids in Egypt, as researchers stumbled upon something that was in line with the boy’s prophecy.

Cutting-edge Technology Reveals Hidden Chambers In the Pyramids

Thanks to cosmic-ray imaging technology that had been greatly improved upon in 15 years, archaeologists were able to discover what exactly was inside some of Egypt’s great pyramids without having to excavate them. At the time when Boris had made his claims, this technology did not exist.

Experts found that the pyramids were, in fact, hollow. Not only that but there was a secret chamber hidden inside that hadn’t seen another human being in 4,500. The pyramids had been excavated by Egyptian researchers back in the 1800s, but there were more discoveries to be made.

An Empty Chamber Only Lead To More Questions

The cosmic-ray imaging technology revealed that inside the hidden pyramid chamber, there was a vast area of around 100 feet situated above what was known the the “grand gallery.” This open space must have served an important function, they thought, so excavations into that specific area started immediately.

The archaeologists went into it with high hopes, but the excavations didn’t pay off. They were disappointed to find that the hidden chamber was empty, seemingly holding no secrets within its walls. Still, it didn’t end there. The research team had come too far to leave this mystery behind, plus, they were convinced that the chamber had to have had a greater purpose.

22-Year-Old Boris Came Out of the Woodwork To Talk More About Aliens

Upon discovering the hidden chamber, scientists recalled Boris and his claims from 15 years ago. The discovery reignited the public’s interest in Boris, and once again, he was making headlines and being reported on in Russia’s news channels. Only now, he wasn’t a seven-year-old boy anymore, he was a 22-year-old man.

Now that Boris was a matter of public interest again, he started appearing on talk shows and news programs for interviews, revealing new information about his previous claims about Giza and about his previous life on Mars. He explained that aliens had a familiar humanoid shape, but that they still differed from us in a big way. He also claimed that these beings from outer space were “more able” in many regards compared to human beings.

Boris Knew That He Had Been a Pilot In His Past Life On Mars

Boris had even more shocking claims. Other than talking about beings from outer space, he also had something to say about UFOs, also known as unidentified flying objects. He revealed that he had remembered something important over the years about his past life on Mars – he had been a pilot.

According to Boris UFOs were very much real, “round” in shape, and in his past life he used to be the one flying them. He claimed that some type of plasma power was used to fuel alien spacecraft and that these complex machines allowed beings from outer space to “travel in time and space” to other galaxies entirely. That meant that they had access to other foreign planets, such as Planet Earth.

In Boris’ Former Life, He Witnessed an Planetary War

Boris’ story got a little darker. He recalled a particular memory of his former life, in which he witnessed a full-blown war. “People from Mars traveled in many galaxies and planetary systems,” he stated, implying that he had witnessed a war take place between Martians and non-Martians.

In his memory from a former life, he was still just a teenager when the war broke out. He was actually taking part in the war, and even remembered losing a friend of his in battle. Boris stated: “I remember that time when I was about 14 or 15 years old.” he continued, “The Martians were waging wars, so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.”

Nuclear Weapons Were a Part Of the Martian War

Boris’ memory of events that had taken place had a sad ending, and interestingly, it was one that was not such a stretch of the imagination for us on Planet Earth. He recalled in great detail how the Martians ended the war with the use of nuclear weapons, much like the nuclear weapons in existence today.

Apparently, after this intergalactic war turned towards the use of nuclear power, Boris found himself reborn onto Planet Earth in the body he’s in today. He claimed that there were several tribes on Mars that were warring with one another, and that he was reborn onto this planet for a very specific reason.

The Remaining Martians Are Watching Planet Earth Very Closely

The war that Boris remembered had been a tragic and impactful one. He claimed that almost all of those Martian beings had lost their lives, all bar a few who were lucky enough not to die in the nuclear war. It’s those few survivors who had an interest in life on Earth, and, apparently, were keeping a close eye on the human race.

Naturally, having remembered the events that transpired during his former life, he was concerned about the threat that nuclear weapons pose on Planet Earth. Countries today are still doing all they can to possess such deadly power, with the threat of using them should international relations take a turn for the worse.

The Real Reason Why Boris Was Brought To Earth

So why was Boris given a second chance at life, this time on another planet? He claimed that Martian populations were, much like those on Earth, unhappy with the few leaders that they had in important political roles. Boris had been part of a group that wanted to overturn those in charge.

Boris claimed he was brought to Earth for the express purpose of ensuring that the destruction that had occurred to his Martian folk didn’t repeat itself on another planet. He stated that the Martians had become “militant and [they started] wars against each other,” leading to their ultimate downfall.