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The Sport America Needs: Ninja Warrior Pushes People to be Their Best Selves

What sport do you think embodies the spirit of America the best? America Ninja Warrior might not come straight to your mind when you think about the answer but there’s a good reason why it should! The show has inspired people from a diverse number of backgrounds to push themselves to overcome personal obstacles as well as the giant obstacles on the ANW course.



The Athletic TV Show That Millions Love

What do you think the future national pastime sport will be? Will it be football? Soccer? Baseball perhaps? While all of these sports are most likely to be the winner, the TV show American Ninja Warrior may be the most accurate when it comes to representing the American spirit.

Taking Sports Entertainment to Another Level

American Ninja Warrior is a sports competition show that was inspired by the Japanese tv series, Sasuke. Hundreds of different competitors have attempted to get through a series of physically challenging obstacles.

As of July 2018, only two competitors have actually completed all four obstacles courses. These two champions, Geoff Britten and Isaac Caldiero, hold the official title of American Ninja Warriors.

What’s makes this sporting event unique is that the competitors are everyday people. Anyone who wants to take a crack at the obstacle course can with the hopes that they’ll achieve American Ninja Warrior status. Where else can you see a lawyer compete against a garbage man? A 25-year-old against a 60-year-old? Since the obstacles don’t change, it’s a pretty level playing field.

At the end of each obstacle, there is a buzzer that competitor must hit after completing the course. If you complete all four courses in record-breaking time you win 1 million dollars.

Another reason why this sporting event is great is that the atmosphere is all about positivity. You don’t have angry fans yelling at the other team or at the competitors. Everyone who attends cheers on the contestant as they attempt the course.

Each Competitor Has an Inspiring Story

ANW is also motivating women to challenge themselves and redefine boundaries. We mentioned the even playing field earlier and it’s true. Women who attempt the course must face the same exact course as the men. There are no size adjustments. Women don’t let that deter them.

One woman competitor, Kacy Catanzaro, became the first woman to make it to the finals. Her success at the course has inspired hundreds of young girls to work harder than they thought they could.

There’s no doubt that other sports like soccer and football aren’t entertaining to watch but there’s something inspiring about watching an individual attempt the obstacle course. To top it off, many of the contestants on ANW overcame extreme personal obstacles after seeing the show on TV. Many of them trained for the show to overcome a physical disability or escape poverty.

To train, they built similar ANW obstacle courses in their backyards. They were motivated by the show to get in shape and made no excuses to not train. An example of this is Ryan Carson who lost his right leg below the knee. He only trained for 3 weeks before appearing on the show and making it past more obstacles than others who have attempted the course.

ANW’s popularity is only increasing with the producers receiving more than 50,000 audition tapes. While this sport will probably always just serve as an inspiring TV show, it’s a show America needs. It highlights the importance of diversity, acceptance, and individualism.