The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That’ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After

As if celebrities didn’t already have everything we want and more, of course, they’ve also managed to find picture-perfect love along the way. From fame and fortune to fairytale engagements, these celebrities had priceless proposals that were obviously captured and plastered all over the internet. Beware, this article will either make you swoon or feel sick.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After30
Images: Instagram / Vanessa Morgan (left and right)

Whether it was done in an exotic location or their humble abode – your favorite celebrities experienced the dreamiest moment of their lives when promising their love to their forever honey. With such thought put behind each engagement, it would basically be impossible to reject proposals like these. Take notes people, these stars have set the bar high when it comes to curating the most epic “I Do” moment.

John Stamos Proposed at the Happiest Place on Earth

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then Caitlin McHugh lived a dream come true when John Stamos asked for her hand in marriage. Yup, you’re thinking right, Stamos proposed to the love of his life at none other than the happiest place on earth – Disneyland.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After16

In hopes of setting the mood just right, Stamos worked with the team at Disney to create a slideshow of the most romantic Disney and Pixar animation scenes to play in a private room for the two of them. The montage ended with a recreation of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid saying, “Just Ask the Girl.” With a set-up like that, there was no way Caitlin could refuse. And just like that, they lived happily ever after.

Tarek El Moussa Arranged a Private Beach Proposal for Heather Young

When it comes to Heather Young, you can expect two things: whatever it is, it has to be a big deal and documented. And we don’t blame her; who doesn’t like grand gestures and memories to look back on? Thankfully, her new fiance, Tarek El Moussa, knows her style and prepared an intimate engagement setting that would take her breath away.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After33
Image: Instagram / Heather Rae Young

In honor of their one-year anniversary, Tarek decided to say “I Love You” with more than just a pair of earrings, but a promise to be Heather’s Mr. Forever. What Heather thought was going to be a private dinner at the Descanso Beach Club was a private oasis covered in rose petals and candles, a magical sunset, and her handsome boo thing dressed to the nines. Without hesitation, she said “yes” to the man of her dreams.

John Cena Professed His Love in the Most Public Way Possible

He might be able to beat down anyone that steps in the ring to fight him, but believe it or not, John Cena is just a big ole teddy bear when it comes to love. From wining and dining Nikki Bella on their first date, it was apparent that if John cared about someone, he was not ashamed to show it. Sadly, these two are no longer together, but check out how the proposal went down in the heat of the moment.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After15
Image: E! Online

After spending five years together, John realized it was about time to put a ring on Nikki’s finger. It was only suitable that since they met through WWE, that he would let everyone in the wrestling community and beyond know that Nikki would officially belong to him. During WrestleMania 33, John had Nikki come to the ring, where he asked for her hand in marriage with a 4.5-carat custom rock from Tiffany & Co. What a display of love!

Ciara Was Surprised With More Than Just a Vacation When Russell Proposed

From basking in the romantic atmosphere of Paris Fashion Week, Ciara could have never guessed what would follow such an amazing time. Russell Wilson cleverly planned a surprise vacation for him and his fiance-to-be following their time in France. Because why end a vacation when you can just have another to commemorate the most special day of your life?

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After6
Image: Instagram / Ciara

For starters, Russell played a game of “travel roulette” with Ciara by having her pick one of 30 destinations that they would end up at. When she found out they would be going to Seychelles to stay at the exclusive resort on the North Island, she was completely shocked. But the biggest surprise of all was when he got down on one knee at the private, romantic Honeymoon Beach. There was nothing left for Ciara to say but “yes!”

A-Rod and J.Lo Got Engaged on a Bahamas Getaway

If we’re talking about #CoupleGoals, then no relationship can compare to what Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have. From the moment they became official in 2017, it’s been hard not to stalk them and crush on their love. These two have proven that just because love may not work out the first time around (or even the third for J.Lo), never give up on looking for your soulmate because your person is out there somewhere.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After4
Image: People

After strategically planning the proposal for about six months, with the help of his trusty assistant, Alex refused to let this moment be anything but perfect. From scoping out the best location to getting the timing just right with the sunset, to actually practicing three days prior to the actual proposal, Alex was more than prepared. While the wedding plans have been postponed due to the pandemic, this will be one epic wedding!

Jonathan Bennett’s Bae Customized “Their Song” and Ring for Their Engagement

We fell in love with him as Aaron Samuels on Mean Girls and still adore him to this day. When Jonathan Bennett announced his homosexuality in 2017, as much as our teenage hearts broke, they soared from the happiness and admiration we had for him. Since then, Jonathan has been blissfully happy with his partner Jaymes Vaughan. So when the details of their proposal were posted on Instagram, everyone cried tears of joy with Jonathan.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After34
Image: Instagram / Jonathan Bennett

What Jonathan thought was a family Christmas card photoshoot turned into being one of the most memorable days of his life. His partner James not only completely customized their rings with Kay Jewelers, but he even wrote and recorded what is now known as “their song.” When Jonathan had walked into the yard, he was shocked to hear his partner singing the special song for him and within seconds knew that his life would change forever.

Blake Shelton Proposed To Gwen Stefani at Her Birthday Party

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be two of the most unlikely people to have found compatibility within each other, but we are all for it. Who could’ve guessed that their witty banter on The Voice would bloom into the unlikeliest of relationships? With their shared love for music and each other, we just can’t get enough of watching how sweet these two are together, and thankfully there’s a lifetime left of it to come our way…

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After10
Image: Instagram / Gwen Stefani

While visiting Oklahoma to check on the house they were building, Gwen was having an intimate get-together at their property to celebrate her birthday. After several weeks of planning and asking Gwen’s father for his blessing, Blake decided there was no better moment to propose to Gwen than in their future home with their closest loved ones surrounding them. We wish we could’ve been flies on the wall to watch how it all played out!

Jesse Mccartney Sealed the Deal With His Fiance Over a Fancy Meal

Alright ladies, if you didn’t know then now you do – your teenage heartthrob Jesse McCartney is almost officially off the market. Okay that’s wrong for us to say because he is engaged, just not quite married yet. After years of courting, dating, and obsessing over each other, Jesse McCartney and now fiance Katie Peterson are on their way to becoming Mr. and Mrs. McCartney.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After14
Image: Instagram / Jesse McCartney

We all know that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. So when Jesse finally worked up the courage to propose to his long-time girlfriend, he knew the best way to do it would be over a delicious meal at one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. To make it even more special, Wolfgang Puck was there that night and participated in the cheers from the restaurant attendees when Katie said “yes” to Jesse.

Dwayne Wade and His Sons Asked Gabrielle Union To Officially Join Their Family

When Gabrielle Union started dating Dwayne Wade, she knew she didn’t just have to impress him, but his children and family as well. Coming into an already established home is never easy, but with a personality like Gabrielle’s, it was impossible for Dwayne and his kids not to fall head over heels in love with her. After five years of charming her way into their hearts, Dwayne knew that there was no one better for him than Gabrielle.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After8
Image: Essence

Like we said before, Dwayne came as a packaged deal from the start, so it was only right for him to have help from his mini-me’s to welcome Gabrielle into their family officially. After all, they were all on board to have her be the woman in all of their lives. So when the whole family went to the construction site of their house, his kids held up signs that said: “Will You Marry Us?” From that moment on, these individuals became a team.

Of Course, Bindi Irwin Got Engaged at the Zoo

If your father was a legendary animal enthusiast and icon, it’s only right that you would follow in his footsteps. Well, Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, is not only a conservationist, zookeeper, and actress – but she can now add “wife” to her profile as well. But before that obviously came the sweetest proposal, which of course, had to include animals.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After19
Image: Instagram / Bindi Irwin

After five years of being together, Bindi Irwin’s boyfriend, Chandler, knew exactly where and how he wanted to propose. Naturally, they first met at the Australia Zoo in 2013, so it was only fitting that he ask for Bindi’s hand in marriage at the same place where it all began. And the best part? Chandler even coordinated that Bindi’s brother would take pictures of the whole thing happening. Dear future husband, take notes.

Lily Collins’ Man Got Down on One Knee in Mexico With the Camera Being Their Only Witness

If you didn’t become obsessed with Emily in Paris and stalk Lily Collins’ life afterward, who are you? Lily is now recognized as the millennial version of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, and her very real love life is something to swoon over as much as her screen love life is.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After22
Image: Instagram / Lily Collins

After being stuck inside for way too long during the pandemic, Lily and her now fiance took to the great outdoors to enjoy mother nature from the comfort of a camper. What she thought was just a cute photoshoot with her beaux ended up becoming an engagement photoshoot! In what was a series of Instagram posts showcasing her happiness, she captioned one photo, “The purest joy I’ve ever felt…”

Hilary Duff’s Boo Created a Book About Their Love, With the Proposal Being One of the Chapters

Lizzie Mcguire, uh, we mean Hilary Duff, had a picture-perfect proposal – literally. Her long-time boyfriend was never shy about sharing their life with the world. Whether it was pictures of Hilary alone or the pair with their daughter, capturing moments of their lives has always been very important to the couple. But Hilary never could’ve guessed what Matthew had been up to with all that he’d documented…

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After11
Image: Instagram / Hilary Duff

One day when Hilary had returned home from an exhausting day at work, Matthew had coerced her into going for a walk. After taking a stroll, he stopped to present her with a book and said, “It’s our story. We are going to forget things along the way, so we need to constantly fill this out so our kids can know our story.” When she flipped to the last page, she opened a compartment that revealed her ring. Somebody pass the tissues!

Adam Devine Used His Love Boat To Reel in Chloe Bridges as His Fiance

We know Adam Devine best for his comedic roles in Workaholics and Pitch Perfect, but what we’ve never seen is the serious, nervous, or lovey version of Adam Devine. When it comes to the love of his life, Chloe Bridges, it’s like we’re talking about a completely different actor than who we see on the TV. And his proposal definitely gave some indication of the kind of man he really is.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After1
Image: Instagram / Adam Devine

Adam had it all planned out, like rehearsing the script for a show. He would do it on the beach during sunset. But Adam let his nerves get the best of him and just couldn’t wait for the end of the day to profess this big secret to his lady – ugh, how cute! Anyways, he asked her to drive their boat, stared at her, and just blurted out his proposal – but more like choked it out because he was overwhelmed with tears and emotion. Aw Adam!

James Middleton Wanted To Make Sure His Mom Was Included in the Proposal

James Middleton, or better known as the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, has been quite the catch since ladies have tried to make their way into the royal family. Aside from his “title,” James is definitely a sweetheart and has a sentimental value attached to most of what he does. His proposal would, of course, be no exception to this exceptional trait.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After12
Image: Instagram / James Middleton

In a private moment at the Lake District, James popped the question to his girlfriend with a gorgeous ring that was more valuable than the beauty it bestowed. The ring was his late mother’s engagement ring, a memento to keep her spirit alive and present. He mentioned, “It is very special to me. It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Nick Cannon Proposed To Mariah Carey Two Times

Oh Mariah, of course, you already look like you’re ready for the wedding during the proposal. But should we expect anything different? When it comes to Mariah, everyone knows how much of a diva she can be. How Nick Cannon decided to put up with that for the rest of his life, we’re not sure, but at least he knew what he was getting himself into. So much that he even knew one proposal for Mariah just wouldn’t be enough.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After23
Image: People

At first, Nick asked Mariah for her hand in marriage within the comfort of her Manhattan apartment. But that just wouldn’t do. So he whisked her away to Paris, where he could propose all over again. With stunning outfits and an unforgettable backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, he gave Mariah the proposal she had always dreamed of. Well, he gave Mariah the proposal we’ve all actually dreamed of.

Rio Ferdinand Made Sure His Proposal Would Be a Family Affair

Rio Ferdinand is one of those lucky people who found true love on more than one occasion in this lifetime. Unfortunately, his first truest love had passed away but left him with three children to carry on her legacy and memory. Since her passing, Rio was able to find happiness and a chance at love again with reality star Kate Wright. But it would take more than just Rio to make this next part of his life official with Kate.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After17
Image: Instagram / Rio Ferdinand

Since we all know men are no good at keeping secrets, we found it absolutely adorable that he had spilled the beans to his kids before getting the courage to pop the question to Kate. And shockingly enough, all of the kids kept their mouths shut and were there for the magical moment where Rio proposed to Kate on a rooftop helipad at the end of their vacation in Dubai. Everything about this moment and picture gives us chills.

Freida Pinto Gave Her Boyfriend the Best Birthday Present by Becoming His Fiance

Everyone has one big wish in their head before blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. And for Cory Tran, the only thing he wanted was for Freida Pinto to make him the happiest man in the world by becoming his wife. Luckily for him, his birthday wish came true.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After7
Image: Instagram / Freida Pinto

By revealing their sweet engagement news on Instagram, it was the caption that did it for us. “It all makes sense now. Life makes sense, the world makes sense, the past tears and trials make sense, what wise old lovers said about love makes sense, where I am makes sense and where I want to go completely makes sense. You my love are just the most beautiful creation to have ever walked into my life. And you are here to stay. “

Stassi Schroeder’s Hubby Proposed To Her in a Cemetery

When two TV personalities fall in love, it’s guaranteed that nothing in their lives will be ordinary and not caught on the camera. For Stassi Schroeder and her now-husband Beau Clark, this couldn’t be more true. As many have watched the stars of Vanderpump Rules fall madly in love with each other, they also got to be a part of the big moment when Beau asks Stassi to be his wife in the weirdest place possible.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After29
Image: Instagram / Stassi Schroeder Clark

And we don’t think we’re dramatic about this. Whether it was scripted into this episode or just pure creative strangeness from Beau’s mind, he decided to ask Stassi to be his wife in none other than a cemetery. We guess it’s a twisted sort of way to think about it when you’re asking someone to spend “until death do you part” together. Anyways, he hid the ring in an urn – yes, it gets weirder – to which he surprised Stassi, and she obviously said “yes.”

Anthony Rapp Proposed To His Partner at a Toronto Party

Anthony Rapp is known for his lovable characters in the Broadway musical Rent and, more recently, the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. And as much as we love him on the screen, there’s someone who loves him even more when he’s out of character. And that person is now Anthony’s beloved fiance.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After3
Image: Instagram / Anthony Rapp

Since they became official in 2016, it was only a matter of time before Anthony and Ken committed to being together forever. On a cold November night, Anthony decided to make a move to propose to his soulmate in front of all their friends at a party. Thankfully, and to no surprise, Ken was beyond himself to accept.

Meghan Markle Couldn’t Wait for Prince Harry To Finish His Proposal

Not to hate on being American, but Meghan definitely showed the virtue of American impatience during her engagement. Prince Harry, being the perfect gentleman that he is, of course, wanted to profess his love and proposal with a beautiful, well-prepared speech, but Meghan just couldn’t let him finish. Okay, Kanye.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After26
Images: The Telegraph

All while he was down on one knee, Meghan could barely let Prince Harry even finish his sentences before she interrupted by saying, “Can I say yes now?” In fact, Meghan was just so caught up in the moment she completely forgot about the element of receiving a ring! Prince Harry even had to come back and say, “Can I give you the ring?” But honestly, if we were Meghan, we probably would’ve reacted in the same way.

Bill Gates’ Daughter Got Engaged in a Winter Wonderland

As the daughter of the second richest man in the world, you could presume some intimidation can come from any friend, much less a boyfriend who runs in her circle. But for Nayel Nassar, he was more than up for the challenge when it came to securing Jennifer Gates to be his future lawful wedded wife.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After36
Image: Instagram / Jennifer Gates

After dating for over three years, the pair knew each other better than they knew themselves. For Jennifer and Nayel, they love to do everything together, but especially skiing. So in a wintry location special to them both, Nayel felt there was no better place or time to finally ask Jennifer to be his.

Sarah Hyland’s Boo Popped the Question on a Private Island

Imagine a romantic getaway for you and your boo thang. Okay, now imagine that your boo thang proposes to you on a private island and coordinates amazing photos to capture the whole experience. Yup, this is literally what happened to Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After28
Image: Instagram / Sarah Hyland

Now thankfully, her man knows how things work in the entertainment business and had the means to propose to Sarah in the most magical way. After all, he did compete on The Bachelorette. While Sarah and Wells were on vacation in Fiji, Wells gave Sarah the proposal that most girls can only dream of. And not to mention she was already wearing a fabulous dress with a delicious glass of rose in hand to make the moment that much better.

David and Victoria Beckham’s Oldest Son Got Engaged at Just 21 Years Old

Okay, not to be super judgmental, but we’re hardcore judging the fact that David and Victoria Beckham’s son is engaged. Top that off with the fact that he’s 21 years old now, and we’re completely mind blown. But love is love at any age, and if baby Beckham thinks he found the one, then so be it.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After35
Image: Instagram / Brooklyn Beckham

While the proposal was quite intimate on a private veranda with his new soon-to-be wife’s family, what you see above is the photo from their official engagement announcement. And with the sweetest caption, Beckham wrote “I am the luckiest man in the world. I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day. I love you baby.”

Kelly Dodd Knew Her About the Proposal, Just Not When It Actually Was Going To Happen

There’s a childhood rhyme that goes like this: “first is the worst, second is the best, but the third is the one with the treasure chest.” Well, Kelly Dodd, now known as Kelly Leventhal, might as well have this be her motto. Yup, it took three times for Kelly Dodd to get it right when it came to her Mr. Forever, but it seems this last time is here to stay.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After18
Image: Instagram / Kelly Leventhal

At 44 years old, Kelly got engaged, again, to Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal on the balcony of his home. While Kelly was stunned when Rick got down on one knee, she actually knew it was a matter of time before it happened. Of course, this Real Housewife diva had already picked out a ring beforehand. At least she got exactly what she wanted, and we applaud her for that.

Becky Lynch Got Engaged After Only Dating Exclusively for Three Months

For being the top champions in their respective divisions of wrestling, of course, the best would only date the best. In the world of wrestling, it just made sense that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins would be each other’s perfect match. And while we’re happy that the two found each other in this big crazy world, we can’t help but wonder if they rushed into their forever a bit too soon…

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After5
Image: Instagram / Becky Lynch WWE

Well, in May of 2019, the couple went public with their relationship via Instagram. And only a short three months following that post, they revealed another picture of their engagement. And a whopping nine months after they got engaged, they announced that they were expecting their first child. We guess what they say is true: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”

Kenny Lattimore’s Proposal Came as a Shock To Everyone

Known for his soothing vocal range and romantic character, it was nearly impossible for his now-wife, Judge Faith Jenkins, to not fall in love with Kenny Lattimore. While he had previously been keeping his life in the public eye with his ex-wife Chante Moore, Kenny decided to go a different route with Ms. Jenkins.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After20
Image: Instagram / Kenny Lattimore

First of all, these two had kept everything under wraps about their dating life. So when they both announced their engagement on social media, everybody was stunned to find out that they were even an item! Secondly, they sought out pre-engagement counseling. For us, we think that takes the magic away of the special moment – but if it works, then it works.

Jenny Slate’s Proposal Wouldn’t Have Been Complete Without Some Comedic Relief on Her End

There’s no way Jenny Slate could ever have a serious moment in her life, not even her own wedding engagement. This Parks and Recreation comedian nearly ruined her own romantic proposal in France, but thankfully her fiance didn’t let her weird tendencies ruin the moment.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After13
Image: Instagram / Jenny Slate

Amidst a secluded picnic in an abandoned castle, Jenny and her man were soaking in the moment on their vacay in France. As her boo was professing everything he adored about her, instead of saying “yes!” when he popped the question, she shoved handfuls of salami in her mouth and literally blurted out, “bleh!” Thankfully, a “yes” and tons of sweet words followed her previous noise.

Amy Jackson Had the Most Breathtaking Views for Her Engagement

I mean just look at the picture below, is the rainbow not enough of an indication of the proposal she had?! Amy Jackson not only had the vacation of a lifetime but had the proposal of our dreams. Aside from the fact that a multi-millionaire is in love with her, she got proposed to in Africa!

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After2
Image: Instagram / Amy Jackson

Surrounded by luscious greenery, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and a rainbow that only a leprechaun could wish for, the man of her dreams gave her a giant diamond ring and promised to be hers forever. Honestly, why do celebrities get to have it all? We are so happy for her, but still, could it not be any more of a perfect cliche?!

Kanye Decided To Do It Extra Big – With a Jumbotron – for His Proposal To Kim

When it was time for Kanye to propose to Kim he literally stated “If I wanted it to be romantic, I would have gone to a small restaurant or something.” In true Kanye fashion, there was no way this engagement was not going to be a big deal. And by big deal, we mean he rented out the entire AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. Jumbotron and all included in the big day.

The Sweetest Celebrity Proposals That ll Have You Wishing for Your Own Happily Ever After32
Images: Daily Mail (left) and Vogue (right)

Being the creative genius that he is, it made sense that he was also the brains behind the operation of his engagement. Aside from displaying his marriage proposal on the jumbotron, Kanye made sure that a live orchestra was playing – specifically – Lana Del Ray’s song “Young and Beautiful.” While the couple may be splitting, this proposal will forever be legendary.