These Celebrities Got Total Makeovers, Can You Even Remember What They Used to Look Like?

Thu Jan 13 2022

When celebrities get makeovers, everyone seems to take notice. We really do get accustomed to seeing our favorite stars look a certain way and it can be a bit jarring when they suddenly change their appearance. Some of these celebs look like completely different people than when their careers first started! Can you even remember their previous signature looks?

There are usually two main reasons why celebrities get major makeovers in their careers: One is that as their fame and money grow, they can afford updated glam squads. The other is if they want to move into a different phase of their career, this can often be signified with a new look. See how these stars changed their appearance and why.

Ariana Grande Got More Mature

Ariana Grande went from Nickelodeon star to pop princess, so it makes sense that she wanted to change her look to reflect that. She’s previously stated that her high ponytail is due to some damage that was done to her hair, but at this point, she likely keeps it because it’s become her signature look.

Ariana’s stylist, Law Roach, spoke about the singer’s signature pieces. He said, “I always like to say if you put anyone behind a screen with a long pony, an A-line skirt, an over-the-knee boot, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind now is Ariana Grande.”

Avril Lavigne Is Damned if She Does and Damned if She Doesn’t

Avril Lavigne just can’t seem to win when it comes to her style choices. When she first hit the music scene, she had a very tomboy-ish style and fans complained that she wasn’t feminine enough. Now that she’s returned to music, she’s adopted a more feminine style and suddenly everyone misses the “old Avril.”

Avril explains about her pre-glam squad days by saying, “I do look back and think some things are funny. I didn’t have a stylist, and I wore my own clothes out of my suitcase for a year, over and over. I didn’t have makeup and hair people. I was just like straight, dirty, rock hair. But that’s also what made me, me.”

The World Wasn’t Ready for Billie Eilish’s Makeover

When Billie Eilish suddenly went from her signature “rejecting Hollywood’s standards” look to a sexy-siren vibe, everyone was shocked. The world simply wasn’t ready for the sudden overnight transformation. That being said, some people took it extremely personally, given that it’s Billie’s body and she can put whatever clothes she wants on it.

Billie responded to the criticism by saying, “Don’t make me not a role model because you’re turned on by me.” She has a valid point. It’s strange how society likes to teach young girls that a woman can’t be a role model if she chooses to show some skin, and women who prefer baggy clothes should be looked up to. Billie has confessed that this was part of what was holding her back from reassessing her look previously.

Chris Pratt Became a Leading Man, Which Required a Different Appearance

Chris Pratt’s transformation from playing the “funny guy” to being a leading man required him to alter his appearance. When Chris got the leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy, he was expected to attend red carpet events looking like a typical Hollywood heartthrob, not that there was anything wrong with his look before that.

When Chris was asked what was the hardest thing he had to give up in order to achieve his superhero appearance, Chris answered, “I think my personality. Shedding that and replacing it with a guy who talks about pull-ups and stuff. Like, I turned into a bro for a minute and I was like, ‘Oh, this is the worst!'”

Evan Rachel Wood Wants to Change How Women Are Expected to Dress

Evan Rachel Wood has become political in her style evolution, as she wants to change how women are expected to dress. She says that when she was first starting out in Hollywood, she was forced to wear dresses, despite the fact that she doesn’t like them. She said that she’d cry sometimes by how uncomfortable she was in the clothes she had to wear. Luckily, she now has enough star power to change the game.

Evan proudly said, “I know that when awards season rolled around I wanted to walk down that red carpet in a Marlene Dietrich suit and just take a stance because I know there’s pressure and I know there’s all this fear involved of not being liked or not being wanted or not making a best-dressed list. And I just thought I don’t want to live my life like that – and I don’t think other people want to either.”

Kate Hudson Doesn’t Want to Buy Expensive Clothes

Despite her fame and success, Kate Hudson doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive clothing. She’s expressed that she prefers to use her wealth for her children and their education. She said that she was raised that way, as her famous mother never really spent a lot of money on clothes either.

Kate confessed that she doesn’t buy the clothes she wears to awards shows, she actually borrows them. “I can’t afford to buy that stuff. There are certain things I splurge on, but it’s very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition. I’m not a big high-end fashion shopper. I wish I could but the truth is things are just so expensive.” You’re telling us, Kate!

Katy Perry Needed to Gain Confidence

While we think Katy Perry has always looked gorgeous, the singer has said that a lot of her previous looks came from a lack of confidence. She would always make sure that everything was just right before going out in public, as many of us feel compelled to do. However, with age comes confidence.

Katy said, “When I was younger, I’d wake up early to make sure I had a full face of ‘natural look’ first thing in the morning. That’s a couple of hours of sleep I’ll never get back!” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with preferring to do your makeup rather than sleep in, as long as it’s coming from a place of having fun, not from a lack of self-esteem.

Jared Leto Went From Singer to Actor

Jared Leto went from singing to acting, and of course, his personal style had to reflect that change. Jared has said that his clothing choices are depending on what mood he’s in. That being said, he’s known to be a method actor, so it’s unclear how much of his style is his own and how much belongs to his characters.

Jared has said, “Style is such a personal thing. It’s a lot more than what someone is wearing. There are quite a few people who I think have excellent style not through their clothes but through their personality, their energy, and the positivity they emanate.”

Kelly Osbourne’s Style Reflects a Significant Change in Her Life

Kelly Osbourne’s style changed significantly when she got sober. It’s extremely common for people to want to change their outward appearance in order to reflect a change they’ve made within themselves, and celebrities are no different. Kelly’s new look showed the world that she was at peace with herself.

After a difficult relapse, Kelly changed her hair color which she announced by posting on Instagram saying, “New hair!!! New outlook!!!” She continued by saying, “I relapsed. Not proud of it. But I am back on track.” It’s clear that Kelly uses her appearance to mark various milestones in her sobriety, which makes each of her looks even more beautiful.

Khloe Kardashian’s Style Changed but We’re Not Talking About Her Clothes…

Khloe Kardashian has had multiple plastic surgeries over the years, changing her face along with her personal style. The TV star has been upfront about her altered appearance and maintains that she did it for herself and only for herself. You do you, Khloe!

Khloe spoke about her surgeries saying, “I think people should get plastic surgery or fillers or lasers or whatever they want – that should be your own personal decision. I just don’t like when someone else is like, ‘Man, I only want to date a girl if they have big tits,’ and then a girl’s like, ‘I gotta get double-Ds.’ If you want them, great. If you’re doing that for your man, that’s when it bothers me.”

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Care What You Think

Kristen Stewart is one of those celebrities that everyone loves to hate, despite the fact that she’s never done anything horrible (besides the Twilight movies, but those weren’t solely her fault). Recently, she’s reached a point in which she doesn’t care what the public thinks anymore and she just wants to do what’s best for her.

Kirsten confidently said, “It’s fun to wear clothes that show off my personality, and I feel way more comfortable and confident when I do. It’s boring if I look like everyone else. I like to be different, even if other people don’t like what I’m wearing.” You know what, if they don’t like it then they don’t have to wear it, but it doesn’t mean you can’t.

Hollywood Finally Started Taking Jonah Hill Seriously

Jonah Hill was originally typecasted as the “loser” sidekick but he proved to Hollywood that his talent deserved leading roles. Since then, his style has changed significantly to reflect his new status in Hollywood. With A-list status, comes an A-list glam squad and the ability to wear whatever you want.

Jonah explained that he was always interested in fashion but felt discouraged from focusing on it. “I think I was conditioned for the opposite based on my acting career. Because, (A) being overweight, and (B) comedy, you’re not supposed to be into fashion on either of those sides. When I was coming up in comedy, you would get made fun of if you cared about fashion, but I always did.”

Lady Gaga Didn’t Have to Shock Us Anymore

At the beginning of Lady Gaga’s career, she was constantly getting attention from the press for her shocking fashion choices. However, now that she’s sealed her status as a Hollywood icon, she no longer needs to get out attention through crazy clothing.

Lady Gaga wants to be crystal clear that her style is her own, “I like to feel that I can define my fame and define my beauty for myself, which is why I am so vigilant and relentless about my image and my music. I will not allow – no matter how successful I become – the public to define or indicate what it is that I create or what I believe is beautiful or what I believe is a hit pop record.”

Kim Kardashian Is Embracing the Mom Look

Kim Kardashian is known for being a style icon, but she’s toned it down recently since becoming a mother. She’s enjoying embracing the ‘mom look’, but let’s be honest, she’s doing it the Kardashian way. So, she’s basically embracing the celebrity version of the ‘mom look’, which is a completely different style.

Kim spoke about her appearance changing due to both motherhood and her personal fitness. “My style now has been very low-key, so busy running around being a mom.” “I feel like I’m in really good shape right now, like the best shape I’ve ever been, so I do wear a crop top a lot.” Crop tops are definitely a Kardashian twist on the mom-look.

Megan Fox Is Influenced by Her Man

Many couples like to match, or at the very least, color-coordinate their clothing and celebrities are no different. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly like to choose outfits that play off each other. Therefore, Megan’s look has changed significantly since getting romantically involved with the rapper.

Megan spoke about choosing what to wear by referring to Machine Gun Kelly, “That depends on what he’s wearing and he’s always wearing something insane, so I’m heavily influenced by whatever he pulls out of his closet.” That’s a new level of ‘couple style!’

Justin Bieber Has a New Look For Each Tour

Justin Bieber and his stylist put a lot of work into each tour’s outfits, with there being a specific thought process in mind every time. Although he’s never done anything too out-of-the-ordinary in terms of his fashion choices, Justin has still influenced the fashion world.

Justin’s stylist, Karla Welch, explained that Justin has always pushed men’s fashion. “If you look at the beginning of the Believe tour, he was getting head for the drop-crotch pants and super long T-shirts. But now, if you go to any menswear store, you see those styles reflected.” She went on to say that a lot of Justin’s style stems from his “haters gonna hate” attitude.

Meghan Markle Had Every Reason in the World to Change Her Look

Meghan Markle went from being an actress in LA to becoming a royal in England, so she had every reason in the world to switch up her style. Not only was she in a different country with a different climate and culture, but she was now literal royalty! Now that she’s given up her royal status, fans can assume that her look will change again.

Meghan is such a style icon that the fashion world has coined the term the “Meghan effect” to describe the fact that nearly everything she’s photographed wearing gets sold out shortly afterward. Fashion companies explain the “Meghan effect” by saying, “People love that Meghan is so relatable. She is just like us – an American girl from a modern family and normal upbringing! And yet, she magically captivated the world’s most eligible bachelor!”

Miley Cyrus Got Released From a Stifling Contract

Miley Cyrus was signed under a contract with Disney and they are notorious for completely ruling their talents’ lives. Once Miley was released from her contract, she was finally able to choose for herself what she wears. Of course, there was a period in which one could argue she went overboard, but that’s to be expected of anyone who’s finally allowed to make their own decisions.

Miley explained her recently toned-down look by saying, “In the beginning, it was kind of like saying, ‘F**k you. Girls should be able to have this freedom or whatever.’ but it got to a point where I did feel sexualized. People will say, ‘You’ve changed.’ And that’s supposed to be derogatory but you are supposed to change all the time.” We’re not sure Disney would approve, but we certainly do!

Nicki Minaj Got Tired of Putting on a Show

When Nicki Minaj first joined the music scene, she wore a lot of over-the-top costumes which is something many artists need to do in order to get attention from the press. However, she reached a point in which she was tired of constantly dressing that way and she wanted to be taken more seriously as an artist, rather than a spectacle.

Nicki is clearly enjoying her toned-down look, as she said, “I kind of feel now that I look more like my regular old self, like what I look like when I’m at home. I think there’s just a little bit more confidence and so I’m like, ‘It is what it is. I am who I am. I look what I look like.’ I don’t really have to change much of it anymore.”

Kylie Jenner Is Addicted to Change

Kylie Jenner’s appearance has changed a lot since she first became famous. Some of that is attributed to her age, but some of it is because she’s “addicted” to changing up her look. Kylie is known for constantly playing around with her hair, makeup, and choice cosmetic procedures, sometimes to the point of looking like a completely different person.

Kylie says, “Constantly changing up my style makes me feel creative and it helps me with my confidence. If any of you are going through something in your life and you want a change, experiment with your hair – it’s so much fun and you’ll feel totally liberated. It just makes me feel so good about myself.”

Rihanna Went From Singer to Fashion Icon

Rihanna had a bit of a career change when she pivoted from music to fashion. Of course, her clothing style had to reflect that career decision. Another reason for Rihanna’s new look is that she’s reached that coveted level of fame in which she has complete creative control over her image. It’s Rihanna’s world and we’re just living in it.

Rihanna explained her new path in life by saying, “I’ve been slowly evolving throughout the fashion world. First wearing it, buying it, being recognized for my style, and then collaborating with brands. I never just wanted to put my name on something and then sell my license. I’m very hands-on, so I wanted to take it slowly and gain respect as a designer.” Mission accomplished.

Shai Labeouf’s Style Is Dependant on the Movie He’s Working On

Shai Labeouf is known for being extremely dedicated to his craft, as an actor. He researches for every single role, and therefore, his clothing style reflects which movie he’s working on at the moment. For example, when working on Man Down, Shai felt it inappropriate to be dressed “too Hollywood” while researching for the role.

“I’m always talking to veterans. I’m over at the U.S.O. talking to people who’ve been through stress, and they don’t really want to see clean-cut Charlie… We’re always performing and we’re always thinking about who we’re going to perform for… You look in the mirror and you ask, ‘Who do I want to show up with?'” Spoken like a true actor.

Snooki Doesn’t Know Why She Chose the Look She Did

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has admitted that she was often intoxicated when filming Jersey Shore and does not remember choosing a lot of her looks. However, she still describes her old style as “fun” while her new fashion is more mom-like but still definitely has that Snooki vibe to it.

Now that Snooki’s a mom, she’s dealing with way more important things than just GTL (gym, tan, and laundry) and her new style reflects that. Snooki admits, “I was definitely more fun when it comes to dressing back then. Now being a mom of three like, I live in leggings.”

Angelina Jolie Is Raising Little Fashionistas

Angelina Jolie has learned a lot about fashion throughout her long-standing status as a Hollywood A-lister, and she’s passing that knowledge down to her children. She’s expressed delight and support in her kids’ endeavors to get involved in the fashion world. Angelina certainly has some experience with dramatically changing her own look, that she can share with her budding fashionista family.

Although her look has changed significantly, it has always been driven by self-expression. Angelina said, “I think we all know boldness when we see it. Nothing makes me smile more than when I see someone being fully themselves, with their own individual style and character, whatever that is.”