These Celebrities Made It Big, But They Never Let Go of Their Day Jobs

Sometimes, we regular people forget that celebrities are humans too. Who can blame us though? Stardom comes with wealth, fame, glamour, and a whole host of other shiny nouns which make us perceive celebs as superhuman. But underneath the thick layer of enchantment, we find ordinary, breathing and eating, flesh and blood people. Who would have known?

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What better way to make the case to you that celebs are people too than to show you a bunch of them that work day jobs? Don’t believe us? No worries. We went on an excursion through the vast nebulae of the internet and managed to unearth some awesome stories of people never gave up on their 9-5s despite making it big. Stick around, take a little break from work, get comfy, and enjoy the ride.

Filmstars, Mustaches, Farmers, and Avocados

When Tom Selleck isn’t busy being awesome in all sorts of films and TV shows, what’s he up to? Well, as it turns out, he’s farming avocados. Yup, believe it or not, that’s his day job. When it comes to show biz, Selleck has been rockin’ it since the 1970s, and his big break came for his leading role in Magnum P.I. Since then, he’s been consistently delivering the goods. His last role was just a few years ago, where he played in Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise.

Image: Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

Once Selleck hit it big and started earning some cash flow, he bought an avocado farm in California. Over the last few decades, he’s been spending time there, getting his hands dirty, and farming. There is, however, a little controversy. Apparently, Selleck unlawfully acquired water for his avocados when Cali was in the throes of a drought (insert shrugging emoji here). He consequently paid a hefty fine. Ironically, Selleck doesn’ even like avocados!

Getting In the Game

Maybe you know Alyssa Milano from her role in My Name Is Earl, or maybe you more recently recognize her from the hilarious over-the-top comedy series Wet Hot American Summer. In any case, she has had a steady presence in show business for quite some time. But between her TV and movie gigs, does she just sit at home all day and do nothing? Does she travel the world on extensive and expensive vacations? Nope, neither actually.

Image: Fanpop

It turns out that she’s heavily involved in all things sports. Well, she doesn’t play, but she does commentate and make apparel. She gets NFL season pass tickets for example, and she goes to every game that she can make it to. She carefully watches, and then she writes columns about the games, players, and results. Milano also runs Touch, a sports apparel company that aims at making warm and comfy clothes for sports fans to wear to games.

Some People Really Make Our “Day”

Remember Doris Day? Well so do we, because she was an absolutely spectacular woman. Her career started in 1939. She was the singer in a band, and she reached incredible commercial success in the 1940s. In that decade, she also made her way to Hollywood during the fabled “Golden Age.” There too she was a hit. When her film career was still considerably in great shape, she also started a new project.

Image: Twitter / SPCAmc

When her dog, Tiny, was involved in an accident, though Day was sad, inspiration struck. She had always been an animal lover, and animal well-being had always been on her mind. So she decided to found the Doris Day Pet Foundation. The goal of the organization was simple: to help animals and the people who love them. Around 15 years later, when her acting days had wound down, she funded another non-profit organization aimed at helping animals. Shoutout to Day for the great work. Talk about being busy!

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Lately, Prince Harry has been the talk of the town. Royalty, Megxit, the planned move to Canada, you probably know the story by now. Of course, being a prince and all, one of the things that come along with the gig is superstardom. No doubt, Prince Harry is a superstar. And we guess that his job title is “Prince.” But maybe you’re also aware that he is a helicopter pilot.

Image: London News

Yep. Besides being a prince and dominating the tabloids, he’s also still loyal to his unit and spends a great deal of time dealing with military affairs. He holds a bunch of titles in the British armed forces, including squadron leader of the Royal Airforce. Sure, he’s Mr. Prince and the locus of gossip, but at heart, and in practice, he’s still a flyboy.

The Fine Art of Double Tasking

Since the late 1960s, Ali MacGraw has been killin’ it. She has amassed a ton of awards and nominations (not to mention, a great deal of wealth) throughout the course of her long film career. When we say “long”, we’re not exaggerating. She’s been in the business for around 40 years!

Image: The Scout Guide

But acting isn’t McGraw’s only craft. She’s also a yoga master. In her early 50s, she entered the yoga world and completely went native. She and another yoga master, Erich Schiffmann, worked hard to produce a yoga video called Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind and Body. The video became a bestseller, and McGraw still teaches yoga (more than part-time) today.

Ice Ice Baby, We’ll Take It

Is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, a.k.a. Vanilla Ice one of the main players when it comes to defining the term “one-hit wonder”? Hmm, well, maybe, but not that there’s anything wrong with that… Jokes aside though, Vanilla has been putting out rap tunes with a remarkable degree of success since 1989. He’s also had some acting jobs here and there. Great, but during his working hours, is he always in the studio, on stage, or on set? Nope.

Images: Careers

It happens to be that Mr. Van Winkle (lol…) also has a more “regular” day job. He’s a renovator, savvy real estate agent, and builder. He scouts out nice but shabby houses (yes, that’s an oxymoron), buys them with hard cash, remodels and renovates them, and then sells them. He loves his job. At one point, he said “You can cross your arms at the end and say ‘Wow. I did that’, and you can take pride in it.”

Garlic and Stakes Go With Flour and Butter

If you’re anything like us, or like most 90s kids, you’ll know Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she slew monsters and kicked lots of butts. Some say that that show was the climax of her career. But in fact, for your information dear reader, Gellar has had a steady Hollywood presence ever since. Just Google her filmography record and you’ll be surprised.

Image: InStyle

But her film and TV jobs can’t take up all of her time these days, can they? No. Quite a while ago now, Gellar put down her crosses, stakes, and garlic. And just a few years ago she buried them for good and got some new materials: flour, butter, and a passion for baking. Alongside her current acting career, she has also been making delicious treats for quite some time. Sweet day job Sarah, literally.

Mmmm, Sushi

Does anyone remember the Sherminator? Great, cause so do we. The American Pie films were awesome and hilarious, and Chris Owen certainly contributed some magic to them. Sure, Chris Owen is no megastar George Clooney-type, but he’s there (in show biz), and he ain’t square. Since the 90s, he has been playing in a bunch of stuff.

Image: Instagram / chriscoleowen

Still, for reasons not entirely clear, maybe financial, maybe personal, maybe other, Owens has been working as a waiter in a sushi restaurant. All sorts of people have spotted him and taken a variety of terrible quality “gotcha” pictures, but we will not be the ones to judge him, and no one else should either. Everyone eats, everyone cries, and, unfortunately, everyone has got to work. Celebs are included in our “everyone” category.

Winning, On and Off the Court

Serena Williams can sure play tennis. She’s amazing at tennis – she had the number one spot for a while, and today, she has over 23 titles. Also, according to some enthusiasts and experts, Williams has had a major impact on young girls and boys and has been a real role model for aspiring sports players. Really, there is no other word to describe this tennis god other than “legendary.” She loves the sport and still plays professionally.

Image: Instagram / serenawilliams

But you know what else this amazing lady does? She’s a contactor. That’s right, she not only builds fables on the tennis course, but she also builds schools in a bunch of different countries. Her efforts have had a huge impact, as she has built schools in less developed areas, including places in Jamaica and in Africa. Clearly, for Williams, the act of winning is not confined to the tennis court.

Fleas and Bees

Everyone knows Michael Peter Balzary, professionally known as Flea, the bass player from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Arguably, this man is the real brains and talent behind the band. Yeah sure, some say, Anthony Kiedis can sing, but without Flea’s insane and original bass riffs, the band wouldn’t be where it is today. Anyway, the band started in the 1980s, got huge with a capital H, and are still rocking the world today. Impressive.

Image: Instagram / mikebtheflea

But when Flea isn’t traveling all over the world playing shirtless gigs, or when he’s not locked in the studio recording the RHCP’s next hit, what does he do for work? Interestingly, he raises bees (maybe due to his nickname, he feels a certain insect affinity). And major props to him for that. Scientists have increasingly been bringing the decline of bees to our attention, and it’s great to see people who care, and who have the power to do something about it.

Ambitious Mommas

Jessica Alba is a Hollywood icon, loving mother, and genuine sweety. If we were to list all the acting work she has done, we’d be here for way longer than anyone is comfortable with. She’s talented, she’s beautiful and as it turns out, she also has entrepreneurial ambitions, which lately, she has been bringing to fruition. A few years ago, she opened a business called Honest.com.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

Between being a mom and working huge movie contracts, she runs the business as her day job. She says the goal is to simply carry out the mission every good mom sets out to do: make a healthy home. On her website, you can find a colorful array of cute and useful things, ranging from diapers to skin products and everything in between. And by all accounts, it keeps her really busy.

It’s Alive! (Swap Exclamation Mark for Question Mark If You Want)

Justin Timberlake is sometimes so awesome that you could pretty much cry a river over his talent. Popstar, actor, and… tech guru? Stay tuned. Timberlake began his career in NSYNC in the 1990s and then at some point, he became his own thing. He was propelled to hyper-stardom due to his performances at the MTV Video Music Award, and, of course, at Super Bowl XXXVIII. The rest is history.


Ok, back to the tech guru thingy. Well, in 2009, Timberlake acquired Myspace for something like 35 million bucks. Small potatoes right? Since the acquisition of the social networking site, he has been getting involved in both the tech side and the business side. His goal is to stimulate a MySpace comeback. He spends a lot of time going around giving talks in hopes of making his hipster-friendly music platform vision come (back) to life.

The Beauty of Life

Erica Abi Wright, a.k.a. Erykah Badu, is a singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Since 1994, she has been putting out great music. She has an amazing voice and her tunes are infused with soul and emotion. Some have called her the “Queen of neo-soul.” Also, she has bagged herself a boatload of nominations and awards, including a Grammy.

Image: HelloBeautiful

In addition to being an R&B diety, she’s an accomplished midwife. She says that she kind of got into it by default. She gave birth naturally, and although it was incredibly difficult of course, she thought the experience was profound. Then, as she was traveling in Europe, she found out that back home, her best friend went into labor. She immediately rearranged her travel plans and flew home to be there with her. And thus, her midwife career was born.

Class Is a Construct

Nick Offerman is quite a heavyweight when it comes to show business and the Hollywood scene. Since the 90s, he’s been popping up in all sorts of entertainment. Maybe he’s best known for playing Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, but he’s also appeared in great movies like 21 Jump Street and Sin City. Sure, celebs often work really hard, but we’re sure Hollywood life has its major comforts and perks.

Image: Los Angeles Times

Offerman, however, isn’t afraid of getting down in the ditches and working blue-collar gigs. Because besides being an accomplished actor, he’s also a woodworker – the quintessential working man. Mainly, he builds boats, instruments, and furniture. In 2008, he also released an instructional woodworking DVD, which has done quite well. Cool! Maybe we’ll call him up and ask for a canoe or something.

Stars of Records and Pages

Madonna is one of those superstar celebrities that don’t need any extensive introduction or explanation because she’s so huge. Loved by millions and millions all over the globe, she’s been making people happy with her music and messages or tolerance for decades. It seems also that she has a real knack for keeping up with trends, always capitalizing on the current culture’s musical vibes to help her put out more awesome music.

Image: Instagram / madonna

What’s she up to when she’s not writing music, performing all over the world, or taking it super easy in her luxury penthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel? She writes amazing children’s books. Check it out, they have super colorful and creative covers and titles, and they’re apparently really good. Madonna has always been into philosophy, and interestingly, she tries to translate some of the lessons she learned into valuable takeaways in her books.

Don’t Find Time, Make It

It’s hard to say what Rita Wilson is most famous for. Is it her acting, her producing, her singing and music writing, is it the fun fact that she’s the beloved wife of Tom Hanks? Who knows? Whatever, she’s big news. But wait, it doesn’t end there. She is also involved in activism and philanthropy. Wow, how much time does this woman have? Along with all of her activities, she is also editor-at-large at the Huffington Post.

Image: Instagram / ritawilson

This position means that, in contrast with a “regular” editor or journalist, she can literally write about whatever she wants. Sounds great. Some years ago, the Huffington Post launched a new website, with news aimed at the baby boomers. She was tasked with directing the vision of the platform. Where does she find the time to work this day job? Some things are shrouded in mystery…

Some Folks Have “Explosive” Careers

These days, Jeremy Renner is a sort of apex Hollywood creature. The smashing success of The Avengers films has really kept him in the spotlight. But even before Marvel started to revolutionize superhero movies, Renner was on the action scene. Flashback to 2008. Renner starred in The Hurt Locker, which was a phenomenal film. It even won Best Picture at the Oscars.

Images: Instagram / renner4real

But when Renner is not defusing IEDs or saving the world, he is hard at work with his real estate gig. That’s right, he’s a high-end real estate agent and talented house flipper. Look him up on Google, and you’ll see all sorts of great advertisements for absolutely beautiful abodes that he markets. His day job works him hard: within the last decade, he has sold over 20 homes, and allegedly racked in over six million dollars.

Now You’re One of Us

Danielle Fishel has an energic career, to say the very least. She’s kind of a polymath, a Jill of all trades if you will. She started her career as a theatre actress, and then in the mid-90s she got her big break when she was cast in Boy Meets World. Over the subsequent decades, she has kept a steady presence on the entertainment scene. In addition to acting, she also does directorial work.

Images: Justdial

But with another addition to her impressive CV, she is also a journalist. Who does she write for? PopSugar! So you know what that means. Essentially, she’s a double agent. She is a celebrity, but, among other things, she reports on celebrities. You see, even celebs can switch sides, it’s not limited to spies. So when she’s not busy directing movies or them, she’s writing about them. Cool day job, we speak from experience!

La Belle Vie

In French, “La belle” means “the beautiful” or “the beauty.” When looking at Patti LaBelle’s expansive career, the name is certainly fitting. She started her career as a singer, but she has also done acting work, and she rocks at both. In fact, she is even part of the first African-American vocal group to land itself a spot on the front cover of Rolling Stone. She’s such a star and master at her craft that she’s commonly referred to as the “Godmother of Soul.”

Image: Cooking Channel

These days though, in conjunction with her singing and acting jobs, she has also taken up another tasty trade: cooking. In an insightful article by a Philadelphia magazine aptly called Sing, Bake, Slay, Repeat, the author notes that when it comes to cooking, her talent really shines. She even has a cooking show and her own line of baking products. She’s now 75, she still acts and sings, but a large portion of her days consists of the fine culinary arts.

Royals Don’t Always Mess Around

Maybe these days with Megxit and the Sussex fiasco, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is getting a little jealous that his brother gets all the attention. But then again, maybe not. After all, he is a prince, so he probably has a pretty good life. Royal duties are not all easy though. You have obligations, you have to uphold the royal legacy, you’re burdened with millions of British pounds. You know, life is hard.

Image: Los Angeles Daily News

According to some royals – not mentioning any names – it’s not all fun and games. But Prince William is no stranger to hard tasks. For almost a decade, William was in the Royal Air Force where he served as a pilot and flying officer. If you’ve been in the military or know someone who has, you’ll know it’s not easy. After the Royal Air Force, he transferred and became an air ambulance pilot. So yes, William has it good, but his day job wasn’t easy.

One Thing Leads to Another

Meet Nikki Blonsky. Actually, come to think of it, we’re sure you’ve met her before. Remember Hairspray from 2007? We definitely do, cause it was awesome. Starring John Travolta and other colorful actors, the musical became a huge hit. Blonsky has also been in all sorts of other films and series, including, The English Teacher, The Last Movie Star, and Smash. Those are just a few.

Image: Instagram / nikkiblonsky

But when she played in Hairspray, something must have clicked, because what was her next career move? She became a hairdresser! There have been a lot of haters that judge her for working a 9-5 as if there’s something wrong with it (there isn’t). But Blonsky says she’s proud, fulfilled, and she enjoys it. She gets Hollywood jobs, but she also cuts and styles hair (probably using hairspray), and by all accounts, she’s happy.

Hollywood and Way Beyond

Sometimes people say politics and show biz don’t mix. Well, clearly, they’re wrong, because whether or not we like it (we usually don’t), most institutions, including Hollywood, have their politics. Also, remember that we had a president who was a movie star before he came to office. Anyway, now let’s move along. Remember the legendary Shirley Temple? Good, cause so do we.

Image: U.S. Public Diplomacy

She started her career in Hollywood, and throughout the 30s, 40s, and 50s, she was a major film star, forever inscribing herself into the book of legends. By the way, she also did a lot of great radio work. Anywho, while her Hollywood career was winding down, she got into politics. She eventually became the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia! What better way to represent the US abroad than through a classic Hollywood sweetheart?

Help Us Stay Entertained, but Also Help Us Help Ourselves

Cameron Diaz is a classic American Hollywood sweetheart. She made her debut in comedy, playing the beautiful Tina alongside Jim Carrey in The Mask in 1994. Whoa, major nostalgia – that movie was awesome! So, when she’s not busy being a great actress, and when she’s not chilling and enjoying her wealth and fame, what’s she up to? Well, she’s in the US Navy. Just kidding, she’s actually a pretty accomplished writer though.


Her book is called The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body. According to the biggest book review and reading enthusiast platforms, it gets pretty scores. Cameron gets into some interesting discussions about nutrition, habit-forming, and other well-being-related topics. Sounds like a nice fulfilling day job to us.

It Runs In the Family

Wow. The Williams family didn’t bring us only one tennis goddess (even that would be impressive), but two crazy (good) tennis ladies! You all know Serena Williams of course, but don’t forget her sister: Venus Williams. Venus is a fivefold Wimbleton champion as well as an Olympic gold medalist. These girls have some serious tennis genes. But like her sister Serena, Venus also has another day job.

Image: The Blueprint

She’s a super successful entrepreneur who owns and runs her own interior design company and sports apparel label. There are a few celebs that own companies, but Venus is different. She doesn’t just sit back and rack in the Benjamins, she’s actively involved in the enterprise at pretty much every level of operation. As of last year, her businesses are in hyper-growth, so obviously, she’s doing something right. Keep up the good work!