These Celebrities Made It Big, But They Never Let Go of Their Day Jobs

    Sometimes, we regular people forget that celebrities are humans too. Who can blame us though? Stardom comes with wealth, fame, glamour, and a whole host of other shiny nouns which make us perceive celebs as superhuman. But underneath the thick layer of enchantment, we find ordinary, breathing and eating, flesh and blood people. Who would have known?

    Image: Popular Everything

    What better way to make the case to you that celebs are people too than to show you a bunch of them that work day jobs? Don’t believe us? No worries. We went on an excursion through the vast nebulae of the internet and managed to unearth some awesome stories of people never gave up on their 9-5s despite making it big. Stick around, take a little break from work, get comfy, and enjoy the ride.