These Comments by Celebs Have Us Shaking in Our Boots

Sun Feb 06 2022

We use social media like our lives depend on it. You know who else does? Celebrities. They interact with each other’s posts just as you would with your closest friends, and sometimes, they even interact with the random folks that are commenting random things on their posts.

Believe it or not, celebrities are people who doom scroll just like the rest of us. They interact with posts that mention their names, they express their love for other performers and influencers in the same way any other patron of social media would. Luckily, Comments by Celebs keeps track of these posts so we don’t have to.

Kim K Put Lindsey Lohan in Her Place

It’s always entertaining when a has-been tries to make an A-lister feel like she’s doing something weird. Well, Lindsay Lohan commented on a post of a photo of Kim Kardashian on Perez Hilton’s Instagram stating “I am confused,” probably in reference to Kim’s full head of braids.

Well, clearly Kim was not having it. She called out Lohan for what she felt was “confusing,” and man was she throwing shade like you’d never believe. Or, you’d totally believe it, because Kim K can throw shade at anyone she wants to, whenever she wants to.

President Jonas

Following a TikTok trend, “Live from Coney Island,” the three brothers Jonas decided to take advantage of the trend during their holiday visit to the White House in Washington, DC. The three used the sound effect that mispronounces the President’s name, constantly referring to him as “BYRON.”

BING-BONG! The three musical brothers used the sound effect that came along with the trend and took advantage of their presidential backdrop. The end of the video features “BYRON” himself, but he decided to nip it in the bud in the comments section. “It’s pronounced Biden, guys…” That certainly gave us all a laugh.

Stock Photos Caused Some Problems

When actor Simu Liu found that Bloomberg Business had used a stock photo that he was in, he was certainly not pleased. “Goddammit, guys,” he wrote in response to the business publication. The Kim’s Convenience star was clearly less than amused.

This doesn’t seem like it’s a screengrab from a scene the Asian-American actor had performed in, but maybe something from a modeling gig he’d done here and there. Maybe next time they use a stock photo, they should check to see if any of the models became a big shot in Hollywood.

Boy Band Throwdown

The season for TikTok’s is always here and always clear. It seems like TikTok is also a great place to reignite feuds between boybands as well. When *NSYNC star Lance Bass posted a TikTok addressing this undying feud, another artist chimed in.

Singer-songwriter AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys decided to weigh in on this everlasting feud. He was clearly over it, but felt fine enough to chime in with his opinion. It seems like he was not expecting it to come again and honestly, we can’t really blame him, either.

Katie Couric Supports Carrie Bradshaw

Actor Chris Noth played Mr. Big on the critically-acclaimed show, Sex and the City. Much like many other powerful figures in Hollywood, Noth was outed for sexually aggressive behavior and was ultimately dismissed from the SATC brand. That’s where this post comes in.

Tons of fans are total Carrie Bradshaw stans and they may have been disappointed to see the news that broke about Mr. Big. One fan, news legend Katie Couric, saw the bright side of the situation. Couric definitely would have been happy with a huge closet all to herself.

Really? That Photo?

When magazine GQ decided to write a piece on male stars that recently got fresh new haircuts, they certainly didn’t use their best judgment when picking what photo they would post on their Instagram feed to promote the story. Dan Levy decided to chime in.

We are huge fans of Dan Levy and think he’s attractive no matter how the photo looks, but we even know this isn’t his best look. Whoever was running GQ‘s social media that day clearly dropped the ball because they could have picked literally any other photo and it would have looked way better.

Pete Davidson and MGK Will Show You Their Undies

Tattooed bad boys seem to be a trademark of Calvin Klein’s underwear campaigns. Comedy legend Pete Davidson famously stays off of Instagram and Twitter, but makes appearances on other accounts from time to time. One place he appeared was on Calvin Klein’s account page.

Naturally, his bestie Machine Gun Kelly chimed in and pointed out that his friend was now appearing on an account where there would probably be photos posted of the two partners in crime posing in the nude. It doesn’t seem like MGK would have an issue with that, though.

Fergie Busts a Move

Honestly, who doesn’t love watching an artist like Fergie bust a move? Come on… she’s a Black Eyed Peas legend and she’s truly a unique performer. When the meme account diet_prada posted their Spotify Wrapped, they wanted to honor Miss Fergie-Ferg herself.

Luckily, the star herself decided to chime in and make sure the team at diet_prada knew that was her key dance move. No one can quite bust a move like Fergie and she wanted to make sure that the world knew she had some totally sought-after moves to work with.

Power Ballads of TikTok

Music producer Finneas is known for helping his sister, musical sensation Billie Eilish, rise to the top of the charts. When musician John Legend decided to turn a bunch of random TikTok sounds into power ballads, Finneas decided to chime in.

He basically saw Legend’s post as an excuse to join in musically. Who can blame him? He’s literally got the name “legend” so it seems like any kind of collaboration, on TikTok or otherwise, would end up yielding some kind of positive result. We definitely don’t blame him.

Who Wants to Look Like Any Other Old Person?

When a hater came for Travis Barker and his full-body tattoos, he was certainly not going to sit back and let this stranger take jabs at the way he chooses to decorate his body. Well, this rock star clapped back in the most Travis Barker way.

The rock star stated that he’s probably going to hang out with other old people that look the way he does and that if he wants to he totally can. He thinks it is weird to not use every inch of his skin possible. Why not make the most of it? He told this person that they’re gonna be the ones looking silly to him.

The HAIM Girls Remade Sandler’s Original Bop

The sisters that make up the band HAIM celebrate the same religious and cultural holidays as comedy legend Adam Sandler. This Israeli-American family band also celebrates Hanukkah, an 8-night festival of lights filled with special donuts, latkes, and dreidel toys.

Years back, Sandler’s song premiered in multiple parts because there weren’t (and still aren’t) many mainstream songs about the holiday of Hanukkah, compared to the many Christmas songs out there. The HAIM girls created an updated edition with more modern celebrities who are Jewish mentioned in the song, and Sandler expressed how much he loved it.

Kourtney Doesn’t Want Your Opinions Every Damn Time

Kourtney Kardashian is not on social media for your opinions. Really, she’s got better things to do than taking your thoughts and opinions into account when she’s posting photos. For real, she’s fed up with unwanted opinions and decided to call someone out for it.

Especially now that her relationship with rock star Travis Barker has gained traction in the public eye (can someone say PDA?), people are constantly starting rumors that she’s hiding a baby bump. Luckily, though, this starlet isn’t gonna let people get away with saying things about her.

Martha Stewart Cares Deeply For Penguins

Homemaking legend Martha Stewart made the most of her Instagram’s “discover” page one day while scrolling through. She stumbled upon a photo of a parade of penguins in Cooper Bay, in the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

The literal angel that she is, Stewart commented seeking answers about the livelihood of these beautiful creatures. “Are they healthy? Plenty of food?” Martha’s got a big heart and wanted to ensure that those she loved in nature were well taken care of.

Tom Holland Knows Something We Don’t Know

Ok, sure, this isn’t quite a comment by a celeb, but it might as well be. Meme account ladbible shared a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the film Twins, with a cheeky caption on the photo reading that “short guys have more sex,” and got a response we were unprepared for.

We don’t quite look at Spiderman actor Tom Holland and think, “ah, that’s a short guy.” Not even a little bit, but we guess that Tom Holland saw this post and it resonated with him. Is he short, and is he getting down and dirty as often as he’d like because of his height? You’d have to ask Zendaya for that…

His Crush Came For Him

One TikTok stand-up comic decided to see if talking about his childhood crush would change anything in his love life. Little did he know, manifesting this through stand-up routine that he posted on this popular social media platform, he received a response he would never forget.

Actress and dancer extraordinaire, Alyson Stoner, was the apple of this young comic’s eye when he was a kid. Luckily, with the advancement of technology in recent years, he was able to have his dream come true. This guy must have been so excited to see that she commented!

HGTV Weighs In

It looks like the team over at HGTV, a home improvement channel, had some thoughts on what the key to starting the day really requires. We don’t blame them for thinking their lives can’t go on without a little sip of iced coffee. We’re not surprised to see this.

It’s pretty relatable to see a meme like this. Who can blame them – it’s like you’re taking vows with yourself every day to start off on the right foot. In a world filled with uncertainty, it feels good to be able to stand for something like that. Coffee outlasts our romantic vows.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Got Your Back

When an account is dedicated to things that people say in a city that’s got a ton of famous celebrities living in it, there’s a chance one of those stars might also see that account as relatable. It brings them back to earth, wouldn’t you think so?

If Gwyneth Paltrow lives in the same city as you, it might not be that far off to think that maybe, just maybe, she could run into her. Stranger things have happened than driving your car a lane over from your favorite movie star. Honestly, we’d probably move to LA in the hopes of this happening.

What a Nice Couch

This post takes the cake. Model, actress, and entrepreneur Emily Ratajkwoski gave the content but Scrubs sensation Zach Braff really brought the photo to life. As this photo with optimal lighting proves to have a different, more seductive purpose, Braff did something great with it.

Braff pointed out the best part of it all, the lovely couch fabric. We can’t blame him for being attracted to such a beautiful fabric, it’s really one of a kind… or just like every other one, it’s hard to say. We really appreciate his approach to everything here.

But Seriously… Where’s Dad?

When model Cindy Crawford posted a particularly steamy modeling campaign photo, her daughter, Kaia Gerber saw her mom’s post as a chance for her to shine. She took the best opportunity she could to make a joke at her mother’s expense and we applaud her.

Kaia Gerber, the young adult daughter of Cindy Crawford, really saw the opportunity to take advantage of her mom’s posting. She had been posting lusty photos of herself with attractive young men missing pieces of clothing, and Kaia just went for it, probably laughing to herself for a while.

Hilary Speaks Up About Important Issues

Citing important historical events, one Twitter user found herself writing and reflecting on old teen relationships of the old days, specifically, the love triangle between Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter, and Lindsay Lohan. This 2003 relationship still needs to be put to rest.

After The Rock made a joke about this triangle on Twitter, one-third of the party decided to chime in. At least these child stars were able to have a good laugh about things all these years later. The pain could very well still be fresh, hopefully Hilary made it through.

We Don’t Think Charlie Puth Was Embarrassed, Even Slightly

One TikTok user decided it would be entertaining to poll other users to learn what the most embarrassing thing was someone had done with an intimate partner. Little did this poster know, her little video from the for you page turned into something bigger.

Musician Charlie Puth claimed that while he was getting down and dirty once, his own song came on. That’s pretty hilarious if you think about it. He was hopefully putting himself second and putting his partners in front of himself, so hearing his own voice play on the speaker was probably a mood killer.

That’s My Little Brother!

The smallest typo could make the biggest difference in the world. One Twitter user wanted to know what all the hype was about when discussing pro-skater Tony Hawk. Well, with just a single mistyped letter, the whole image changed. He wanted a pro skater, but got this…

It seems like skateboarding legend Tony Hawk definitely had a sense of humor. He’s also probably made similar mistakes, like accidentally typing the word tiny instead of his own name, Tony. His response was epic and really solidified him as our favorite celebrity around.

Chris Evans, Where You At?

The tale of lovers who never were, or rather, are still yet to be. Lizzo hasn’t been quiet by any means about her crush on Chris Evans, Captain America, or whatever you want to call him. He hasn’t quite rejected her either, and as far as we know, he’s a fan.

One TikTok user recorded the moment when Lizzo found out, at one of her own shows, that Chris was at her show. Her reaction was raw, and she was really not happy when she learned it wasn’t true. Here’s to hoping Lizzo gets the love story she deserves with him.

Did She Really Say That In Public?

Listen, everyone gets in the mood. Everyone’s also got a little something they prefer in the boudoir (and we see where she’s coming from). Musician Jhene Aiko really put it all out there to tell rapper Big Sean about what kind of performance she really wanted.

Things got a bit X-rated from her. She’s put it out because she wanted him to know that she wanted him to have a certain point of view, and we admire her for being so forward. We love when people don’t play games and put it all on the table.