These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitt’s Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé

Whether you feel like the show has aged like a fine Herb Ertlinger wine or you’re watching it for the very first time, there’s no doubt that Schitt’s Creek has got everyone talking. But if you just missed out on the chance to stay at the legendary Rosebud Motel – where cinnamon buns may or may not be included – you’ll love these behind-the-scenes snaps that show the cast and crew in all their fantabulous glory.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé89
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Just like the motel itself, Schitt’s Creek grew from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful shows of all time. But we get it; six seasons just isn’t enough. And we wholeheartedly agree. With a cherry on top. That’s why at Hype Galore we’ve curated some of the best behind-the-scenes photos and facts about Schitt’s Creek that prove it’s simply the best. Just be prepared to cry. A lot.

Family Was at the Center of the Whole Show, Even if It Was a Little Dysfunctional

Ever wondered how David and Johnny Rose had such a good – if not slightly strange – relationship with each other? Well, we have the creators of the show to thank for that. Not only did they write and produce every single episode of Schitt’s Creek with the idea of family in mind, but they also got to experience this family unit at the same time. That’s because Dan and Eugene Levy are father and son in real life!

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé4
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But that’s not all. Did you know that Sarah Levy, who plays Café Tropical’s Twyla, is also part of the family? Dan loved the fact that he got to work with his sister on the show, and Eugene’s heart swelled with pride when he saw his daughter in front of the cameras. But again, that’s not all! Fred Levy, Eugene’s brother, also helped to produce the show. Mind = blown.

The Cast and Crew Only Heard Moira’s, Unique Accent When the Cameras Started Rolling

Catherine O’Hara has brought us some incredible characters over the course of her career, but none quite as iconic as Moira Rose. Unlike any other person the world has ever encountered, Moira was certainly a unique and, uh, eclectic individual. And her accent has confused/excited/positively bedeviled viewers since the very first episode. But did you know that O’Hara had complete free reign when it came to her characters’ accent?

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé45

Nobody except Catherine knew what Moira Rose would sound like until the cameras started rolling for the first-ever episode. Dan Levy spoke to Vulture about that wild moment, stating that, “I remember being so thrown off by it, because it’s this vaguely European accent that has no origin and yet is from everywhere.” Perhaps that’s why he couldn’t understand when his mom told him to fold in the cheese.

The Show Was Inspired by Two Rather Unusual People

Every idea has to be inspired by something, and when Dan and Eugene Levy were creating the concept of their show, they found inspiration from the most unlikeliest of places. Of course, the father-and-son-duo brought their own ideas to the table and did their own research. And for Dan Levy, this led him down the A-list path.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé73
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That’s because Dan was watching an episode of the almighty Keeping Up With the Kardashians when he began to wonder what would happen to Kim and her family if they were to suddenly lose all of their money. Would they survive? What would their lives be like? When doing even more research, Dan also learned that Kim Basinger bought a small Georgian town back in 1989, and he ultimately merged these two concepts together.

The “Screamnastic” Town Was Actually Three Different Filming Locations

As soon as Johnny Rose said that the town of Schitt’s Creek was “screamnastic,” we knew that it would make it into the history books. But as with any TV or movie production, the team had to make sure that they chose the right filming locations. After all, the show wouldn’t have been as successful if they’d chosen a high-rise hotel in the Big Apple.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé77
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As the show moved on, we learned that Schitt’s Creek was located in Canada – but Dan Levy decided that he wanted to keep the actual location fairly ambiguous to viewers at home. What we do know, though, is that the outdoor shots of the town were filmed in Orangeville, while the motel shots were filmed in Goodwood, and the interior shots filmed at Pinewood Studios in Toronto.

Roland Schitt’s Appearance Wasn’t Quite as Authentic as It Seemed

No town would be complete without an eccentric mayor, and considering Roland Schitt’s name was legendary in Schitt’s Creek, he had to be larger than life. But it turns out that his character was literally larger than he was in real life – because Chris Elliott is not as big around the waist as his mayoral counterpart.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé86
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If you go back and watch the whole show again (you know, because 56th time’s the charm) you may notice that his appearance changes in season two. That’s because Chris Elliott actually wears a prosthetic belly from that season, and this is tied in with even more scenes of him eating. Apparently, Elliott had no qualms about eating chicken and waffles and wings on a regular basis…

Catherine O’Hara’s Makeup Artist Sparked a Word Revolution

We don’t think any show has made us reach for our phones and type words into Google as much as Schitt’s Creek. And that’s all thanks to Catherine O’Hara, who decided to introduce words and phrases such as, “encumbered,” “practically dripping with ennui,” “capricious” and even more that we can barely even spell – let along pronounce. But it seems as though this word revolution was all thanks to Catherine’s makeup artist.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé46
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While working on season one together, Catherine’s makeup artist gifted her a book entitled Foyle’s Philavery: A Treasure of Unusual Words. Catherine then secretly changed her scripted lines to include some of these wild and wacky words without telling Dan or Eugene, but it seems as though this risk paid off. Not that we had any idea what she was talking about.

Even the Smallest Details Were Planned To the Tee

Eugene and Dan Levy were the ultimate power team on the set of Schitt’s Creek. Not only did they write the show, but they also took on leading roles while also directing many of the scenes themselves. That’s a lot to think about, but it’s fair to say that they were more than qualified. In fact, this show gave them the chance to prove just how talented they are – down to the smallest details.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé78
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Yep, even the props in Café Tropical were created with a huge amount of thought behind them. The father and son duo wanted the eatery to be wild and completely out of the Roses’ comfort zone, so the menus were custom made in order to look “comically large” on the screen. Dan wanted them to be “so big that no one person could open them on their own.” They were so large there were around 150 food items on there!

‘Camp Schitt’ Was Where the Cool Kids Stayed Over the Summer

The weather in almost every episode of Schitt’s Creek is sunny and warm, but if you know anything about Canada, you’ll know that this isn’t always the case. The temperature can drop in the winter, which is why the cast and crew of this marvelous show decided to keep their filming schedule within the spring and the summer.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé66
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Because they spent a huge amount of time together in the sun and frolicking around in the warmth in-between takes, the cast and crew decided to come up with a name for their new family. They called the production period “Camp Schitt” and we’ve never wanted an invitation for anything more than we do for this camp. We didn’t even like camp when we were younger. But we’d go to this one.

Season Six, Episode One Brought Us an Easter Egg We Were All Waiting For

If you live in a town or city with a strange name referencing water, there’s a high chance that there’s a river, lake, or even an ocean nearby with that particular name. There’s a reason for it most of the time, at least. That’s why many fans were confused when Schitt’s Creek didn’t have any water sources nearby. Where was the actual creek?

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé18
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Well, the first time we saw this creek wasn’t actually until season six! In the first episode of this season, Moira and Johnny take a walk down to the creek – and Johnny narrowly avoided being arrested. This was an easter egg that fans were waiting for, and it was an easter egg that Dan and Eugene were waiting for as well. They wanted the moment to be special, and they definitely nailed that on the head.

The Rosebud Motel Has Been Inundated With Five-Star Reviews

Sure, we know that the Rosebud Motel is a fictional form of accommodation, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t stay there. While it may not be a slice of luxury, the show has showcased the motel in a loving, warm, and friendly light – with the odd leak or two. And it’s fair to say that we’ve fallen head over heels in love with it over the years. But we’re not the only ones.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé76
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During the final season of Schitt’s Creek, fans decided to honor the life and legacy of the show. And the motel. So, they made their way to Google and left five-star reviews! They mostly had good things to say about the motel, but there were some who had a few grievances. One particular review noted: “Was pretty nice. The room next door kept blasting ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’ all night though.”

Thankfully, the Production Team Didn’t Wig Out When Catherine O’Hara Submitted a Request

Due to her incredibly successful career and her decades-long friendship with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara definitely had control over her character. She was able to make spur-of-the-moment decisions and transform Moira Rose into the character she always imagined her to be. And of course, Moira Rose wouldn’t be Moira Rose without her vast collection of wigs. All with their own names, naturally.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé47
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But Moira wasn’t always supposed to be a wig-lover. Catherine asked Dan and Eugene whether it would be an option, and they loved it! She noted that “I just asked if I could wear lots of wigs, depending on my mood. It works for fashion reasons. It works for hiding and revealing what I’m feeling. It works as a protective helmet. So it’s just too much fun.” Ugh, we agree.

Annie Murphy Has Always Been “A Little Bit Alexis”

If you’re singing “LA LA LA LA LA LA…a little bit Alexis” in your head right now, then you’re not alone. After all, we were totally transfixed when Alexis starting singing about how she was a Lamborghini, a Hollywood star, and even how she was expensive sushi – however that works. This scene has become a fan favorite over the years, but it seems as though Annie Murphy is more connected to this song than we first thought.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé14
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That’s because Annie actually co-wrote this awfully amazing song with the help of her husband, Menno Versteeg. Her husband is the frontman of the band Hollerado, and they worked together to create the perfect song for Alexis Rose’s reality television show. According to Annie, they were inspired by the life, times, and music of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. That’s hot.

Stevie’s Cabaret Debut Was a Literal Dream Come True

Like many of the actors and actresses, Emily Hampshire always dreamed of being on the stage and screen. Her life was turned upside down when she was given the chance of playing the cold-hearted but loveable Stevie Budd, and in more ways than one. That’s because, as a child, she always dreamed of playing Sally Bowles in a production of the hit musical, Cabaret.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé61
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But she had no idea that she’d later be offered that dream role – while also working on Schitt’s Creek! Emily spoke to Dan while they were filming season one and said, “If we do a musical, can we do Cabaret?” But she didn’t think anything would come of it. Fast forward a few years and she was blowing us all away with her outstanding singing voice. And that emotion was all real, baby.

To Read or Not To Read? That’s the Question in Schitt’s Creek

Every so often, when Moira or Johnny decided to take a break from hating every second of their lives, they could be seen reading a book – or at least placing one down on the table in front of them. You may have tried to catch a glimpse of the title or even tried to buy it for yourself but to no such luck.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé50
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You’ll be happy to know that poor Googling skills have nothing to do with your lack of results. All of the book covers for those seen in Schitt’s Creek were actually made up by the production team. Of course, they didn’t write books for the sake of the show, but they did make up titles that often had a relation to the storyline at the time. Pretty clever, huh?

Catherine O’Hara’s Favorite Memory of the Show Is Just Too Cute

We can’t even imagine how many memories the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek made over the years, but there are certain moments that stick out to them the most. In Catherine O’Hara’s case, her favorite memory is one that doesn’t even really include her. Instead, it was something that she viewed from afar.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé69
Image: LA Times

According to the actress, her fondest memory is when she was sitting on the bed in the motel room waiting to film the next scene. As she looked up, she saw father-and-son-duo Dan and Eugene Levy working side-by-side – and working so well together. She thought the moment was just too pure to forget, and we have to agree. In fact, we think it might be raining inside right now.

Filming Certain Scenes Left Them Needing a Good Shower

While most of Schitt’s Creek is filmed inside the motel or around the local town, the cast did have to get down and dirty sometimes. Quite literally. Because of this, some of your favorite moments had to be re-shot a few times to ensure that they weren’t too dirty or messy for the final cut. Including one scene that had us all feeling a bit hot and heavy.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé38
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Yes, in the scene where Mutt and Alexis kiss in the rain, the actress came away from the scene with black hair dye all over her face. That wasn’t her hair dye, though. Tim Rozon – who played Mutt – had to dye his beard darker for the sake of the show, and it seems as though the dye and the rain weren’t a good mix.

Annie Murphy Based Alexis Rose on Some Very Familiar Faces

Alexis Rose was certainly something, wasn’t she? We’re not sure whether we’d want to be friends with her or whether we’d be absolutely terrified of her, but one thing we do know is that Annie Murphy was the perfect actress for the role. But Annie didn’t just show up and hope that her natural talent would win over Dan and Eugene. Oh, no. This leading lady decided to do her research and take a fully-fledged character concept to the audition.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé20
Image: Instagram/ana_sorys

In preparation for the role, Annie decided to do what we love more than anything else; watch reality television. She was influenced by reality television stars and famous faces like the Kardashians, the Olsen twins, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. According to the actress, “I collected bits and pieces from them.”

Emily Hampshire Feels So Close To Her Character That She Even Steals Her Clothes

Emily Hampshire made all of us believe that her character was a cold-hearted ice queen at the start of Schitt’s Creek, but she slowly but surely thawed out and later became a firm fan favorite. It seems as though Emily also loves Stevie because she would regularly take home bits and pieces from Stevie’s wardrobe to wear herself!

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé63
Image: TV Line

Considering she’s a big name in the acting world, it may be surprising to learn that she prefers to wear checked shirts and hoodies over slim-fitting, figure-hugging clothes, but that’s just the way she rolls. According to Emily, the wardrobe department did so well to find such comfortable clothes that she couldn’t bear to not wear them all the time. We feel that.

Moira’s Monochromatic Wardrobe Was a Nod To One of Her Most Iconic Roles of All Time

Although you might not have realized it, Catherine O’Hara has been in some of the most famous films the world has ever seen – and she’s taken on some huge characters, too. Not only did she play the mom in Home Alone, but she’s also appeared in the likes of A Mighty Wind and The Nightmare Before Christmas. But did you know that she also starred in Beetlejuice?

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé36
Image: Instagram/luckymakeup

This Time Burton movie is a fan favorite, and Catherine had the chance to play the wonderful Delia Deetz. When forming the costume concepts for Moira Rose’s wardrobe in Schitt’s Creek, they wanted to honor this particular role. That’s why Moira wears black and white stripes quite often!

The Cast Bagged Themselves Their Own Little Mementos on the Last Day of Filming

It’s not uncommon for actors to pocket props from on the last day of filming, and the Schitt’s Creek cast was no different. They wanted to remember the good times – and probably a few bad with so many big personalities around – so they took things that really meant something to them. And yes, this will make you emotional.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé83
Image: Pinterest

Catherine O’Hara decided to take home a couple of Moira’s most outrageous outfits, Eugene Levy snagged himself a few (much smaller) versions of their iconic family portrait, and Annie Murphy took a few things, including her hilarious diploma in “pubic relations.” But the real tear-jerker is the prop that Dan Levy took home with him. It was the framed Rose Apothecary receipt that Patrick gave him for his birthday. We’re not crying. You’re crying!

The Iconic Wine Analogy Has Changed So Many People’s Lives Over the Years

Dan Levy always wanted to make sure that their show was as inclusive as possible, and he wanted to bring attention to topics that haven’t been easily accessible on mainstream television over the years. For him, he wanted to make sure that those at home knew about David’s sexual orientation, but that it wasn’t too much of a big deal. Then, out came the most incredible analogy we’ve ever seen or heard.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé54
Image: Instagram/lucymakeup

When David told Stevie that he liked the wine and not the label, it struck a cord with countless people at home who were struggling with their own sexuality or how they were going to approach this with their loved ones. Over the years, fans have reached out to Dan and the show as a whole to thank them for providing a light-hearted explanation of love and how it needs no labels.

Just Like Us, the Cast Struggled To Hold Back Tears in the Final Episode

We’re not sure if it’s possible for humans to experience a drought, but when we watched the last episode of Schitt’s Creek, anyone within the surrounding area was put under strict water restrictions. We were a mess. But it seems as though we weren’t the only ones. The cast also struggled to keep it together on the last day of filming.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé29
Image: Instagram/danlevyinsta

Speaking to GQ, Dan Levy confessed that: “I cried for, I want to say, five straight hours, to the point where I had a splitting headache and didn’t know what to do with my life.” He also noted that “I wept when I took David’s shoes off. I will never wear those shoes again – no do I want to – but I was very sad to take them off.”

The Musical Cover Was Simply the Best for All the Right Reasons

If you didn’t cry your eyes out when Patrick sang “Simply the Best” to David at Rose Apothecary’s open mic night, then you seriously need to get your tear ducts tested. In one of the most romantic moments of the whole show, Noah Reid also got to showcase his musical talents. Because he’s more than an actor, you know.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé91
Image: Instagram/noahreid

Noah Reid is an accomplished singer and actor, and he was the one who pitched the song for the show. In fact, he composed the version himself – but it took him a while to get there. As a true perfectionist, he recorded the song countless times before eventually sending it to Dan Levy for consideration. The final version was so beautiful that Catherine O’Hara admitted she cried every single time they filmed that particular scene. Us too, girl.

Omg, David! Alexis Rose May Have Been Played by a Completely Different Actress

It’s hard to imagine the character of slightly irritating but loveable Alexis Rose being played by anyone other than Annie Murphy. But it turns out that the part was first offered to someone else, and they even starred in the unaired pilot! In fact, the role was first offered to Abby Elliott, who just happens to be the daughter of Chris Elliot (AKA Roland Schitt).

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé1
Image: Instagram/sarahlevy

However, by the time the show was finally greenlit Abby no longer had time in her schedule to fit the role in – so the auditions opened up again. Dan has later noted that Annie’s audition showcased her “natural likability to this girl who is so unlikeable,” and he instantly called his dad to tell him the good news. But to begin with, Eugene wasn’t happy with the fact that Annie wasn’t a blonde. Thankfully, that was easily fixed.

Schitt’s Creek Was Almost Never Called Schitt’s Creek

We don’t really know where we would be in our lives without Schitt’s Creek, and while Dan and Eugene Levy were always going to bring the show to our attention – on one way or another – there was a time when the name was up in the air. In fact, many networks were worried about the potential uproar that the name would create, so they tried to get them to change it.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé85
Image: Entertainment Weekly

The Levy’s were asked to consider another name such as “Up the Creek,” but they weren’t convinced. They knew that they wanted to go ahead and use the original name, and Dan even did his research to prove that it was not a profanity that needed to be censored. Actually, “Schitt” is a fairly common last name across the world.

One of Moira’s Hilarious Words Was a Complete Accident, Bébé

Although one of Moira Rose’s most hilarious moments involved some cheese and instructions to “fold it in,” there’s no doubt about the fact that her pronunciations had us all screaming. With her eccentric accent, her wild ways, and pronunciations that left us questioning what the heck she was talking about, one word has since become iconic. Yes, we’re talking about “Bébé.”

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé37
Image: Instagram/lucymakeup

So how would you feel if you knew that this pronunciation was a complete accident? Although it fits Catherine O’Hara’s character perfectly – almost as though it was made for her – it turns out that it was a last-minute addition to the filming process. She noted that “I said ‘bébé’ as a joke or a mistake the first time. Once I hit on ‘bébé’ and got a laugh from the crew, that was it.” That goodness for mistakes, right?

Dan Levy Needed Some Extra Courage for One Particular Scene

Although they started off on strange footing, David and Patrick soon won us over with their adorable love story – and it’s fair to say that the soundtrack to this story just has to be ‘Simply the Best.’ Alongside Noah Reid’s composition of the song, Dan Levy also had the chance to perform this Tina Turner classic. Not that he was too happy about that.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé32
Image: Instagram/danlevyinsta

While he may be used to being in front of the screen, Dan was extremely nervous about his lip-syncing performance on the show. Because of this, he decided to give himself some extra courage with a whole bottle of Prosecco. Levy noted that “I would like to say it was method,” and that “Even though my character isn’t an alcoholic, I felt like he would’ve done something similar to that to ease him into it.”

Moira’s Eccentric Wardrobe Choices Were Wacky for a Reason

Ever wondered what inspired the strange and unusual (and what seemed to be very uncomfortable) outfits of Moira Rose? Apparently the wardrobe department didn’t just head to the nearest junk yard and pic out everything that resembled some kind of fabric. Instead, they were inspired by the English socialite and fashion designer, Daphne Guinness.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé64 1
Image: TV Insider

When Catherine spoke to the wardrobe department about her outfits, she knew that Moira would have to make a statement. She would have to stand out. And she told them that she wanted to avoid “your typical snooty rich that you see in old family comedies.” Instead, she “just wanted to be avant-garde.” And we think you can all agree that the overall effect was avant-garde on steroids.

David and Patrick May Never Have Been a Couple, and We’re Not Sure How To Deal With That Fact

David and Patrick became the ultimate couple goals, and while we definitely sided with David on the whole door-or-no-door-debate, Patrick certainly had a wholesome influence on the former trust fund kid. So, you can imagine how shocked we were to find out that Dan and Eugene hadn’t originally planned for the couple to get together.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé8
Image: Instagram/emilyhampshire

When Noah Reid was offered the role of Patrick in season three, Dan “went into it with the hope that he would become a romantic love interest for David.” But he also told GQ that: “I knew [Reid] socially – but I had never acted with him, so I didn’t know what our chemistry would be like. That’s why season three ended with a playful kiss. A kiss could lead to more, or it could lead to nothing.” Thank goodness it led to more.

Ted Quite Literally Had To Step up To the Mark When Kissing Alexis

Whether or not you are team Ted or team Mutt, there’s no denying that the will-they-won’t-they storyline between Ted and Alexis was a love story unlike any other. And at least we can rewatch the show and watch their make-out sessions again and again, right? In a super non-creepy way, of course. But what you might not know is that kissing was a little difficult for Annie and Dustin.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé51
Image: Instagram/ana_sorys

In real life, these two actors are basically the same height – but that’s before Annie donned her heels to become the fabulous Alexis Rose. So, whenever they kissed on-screen, Dustin had to stand on a box to make himself taller! He joked that “not only am I craning my neck forward like some kind of ungodly giraffe trying to kiss her, but I’m also propped up because I’m not actually tall enough for that to be even.”

Eugene Levy Isn’t as Solid as He May Seem

While most of the characters in Schitt’s Creek offered some light-hearted comic relief, Johnny Rose was a more serious man. Eugene Levy and his huge eyebrows made sure to keep his character stern and business-like, which is why it’s so hard to believe that he struggled to stay in character sometimes. No thanks to the mayor, of course.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé80
Image: PopSugar

During an interview with Yahoo, Eugene noted that he often struggled to keep a straight on set because of one man. He noted that Chris Elliot – who played Roland Schitt – made him laugh all the time. He confessed that “He’s got my number. He’s constantly making me laugh on set. He does it intentionally, of course, and he actually succeeds.”

Eugene’s Worst Episode Is One That Should Have Left Him High and Dry

If you worked with one of your family members, would you treat them with kindness or have a little fun every now and then? Go on; you’d probably choose the latter. Even just for a little giggle. That was also the thought process for Dan Levy when he was writing the scripts for Schitt’s Creek. Really, he was the one in charge of Johnny Rose – whether his dad liked it or not.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé17
Image: Instagram/annefrances

Because of this, Dan decided to have fun with his dad’s storylines, and focus on the things he knew his dad hated more than anything. Yep, apparently, Eugene Levy absolutely hates getting his hair wet, so that’s exactly what his son forced him to do! To this day, Eugene’s worst-ever scene happened in season one, where he had to be woken up by a leak in the motel room ceiling. We bet that was a tense family dinner afterward.

The Final Episode Just Naturally Came Together, Breaking Our Hearts in the Process

None of us were emotionally prepared for the final episode of Schitt’s Creek. It made us happy, sad, angry, distraught, lonely, and completely full of love and pride at the same time – and we haven’t really gotten over it just yet. But one thing that does make our heart swell is the fact that the final episode was natural and not forced. And that’s all thanks to Dan Levy.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé79
Image: The Independent

Dan has spoken about the writing process for this final episode and has noted that it took him just half a day to complete the whole thing. He has reported that he knew exactly where the characters would end up, and that “The last episode wrote itself… There was a sense of relief knowing that if it came to me this easily, we must’ve done something right.” You sure did, Dan.

Noah Reid’s Schitt’s Creek Performance Earned Him a Place in the Music Charts

Yes, we know we’ve already talked about Noah Reid’s performance of “Simply the Best” – but it needs more attention than that, right? Especially as it has proved so popular and become somewhat of the soundtrack to the whole show. And the best thing about it is that Noah and the crew had no idea just how famous it would be. He just wanted to sing a nice song.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé72
Image: Pinterest

Because of this, Noah was overwhelmed when his cover of the famous song was released and made its way into the charts. In fact, it became a Top 10 single within the iTunes chart in Canada and is still being streamed online today. At the time of writing, the song has reached almost 15 million streams on Spotify. We could make that joke again… but we won’t.

Alexis Rose’s “Ew, David” Said So Much More Than Just Two Words

You can hear that, can’t you? After all, once you hear Alexis’s voice once, it’s ingrained in your brain for the rest of your life. Even if you’re fed up with hearing about Stavros and his private yacht, you can still hear it in your sleep. That’s just your life now. And that’s all thanks to Annie Murphy’s incredible decisions when it came to Alexis’ voice and dialogue.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé10
Image: Instagram/annefrancis

While it may surprise you to hear that Alexis Rose only says “Ew, David” three times across the whole show – yep, only three – it’s become one of her most famous lines due to the way she says “David.” And when Annie found the perfect inflection for the name, she decided that she was going to put his name into as many sentences as she could. So that’s what she did.

Choosing the Right Schitt’s Creek for the Job Was a Long and Arduous Ordeal

Although we rarely think about the logistics of a television show, there’s so much more to it than just acting in front of a camera. Location scouts have to make sure that they find the right filming locations for the story, the characters, and the practicality of the project. And they have to ask for permits to film at the same time. Because of this, choosing the right Schitt’s Creek town wasn’t easy.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé84
Image: TV Line

Over 30 towns across North America were researched before a decision was finally made. While the other towns offered a little of what they wanted, it was the town of Goodwood of Ontario that really fit the bill perfectly. Thankfully, all of the fans think so too. Many now travel to Goodwood every year to walk in the shoes of their favorite characters.

David and Moira’s Christmas Medley Was Originally Meant To Be a Solo Affair

Seeing the flashbacks of their past, rich lives made us appreciate the new-and-improved Rose family even more, and while we probably would have steered clear of them when they were rich, we kinda wish we were invited to their Christmas party. From the looks of things, it was always pretty festive. During one particular flashback, we saw David and Moira doing a little jingle, but that almost never happened.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé19
Image: Instagram/ana_sorys

The Christmas medley was originally only meant to be sung by Catherine O’Hara, but the actress thought that it would look and sound even better with a few harmonies thrown in. So, she tried to convince Dan to join her on-stage, and she even sent him the harmonies through a voice memo to ensure he was prepared. Reluctantly, he agreed!

The Town of Goodwood Has Embraced the Schitt’s Creek Love

While we’re sure they weren’t too happy when they learned that their town was being used as the basis for a show called Schitt’s Creek, it seems as though the town of Goodwood has warmed to the idea. They have embraced the Schitt’s Creek love, and they have shown this in so many different ways.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé27
Image: Instagram/danlevyinsta

Apparently, those who live in the town were more than happy to stand in as extras or offer the cast and crew food or drink at the time, but their love of the show has grown even bigger than that. While the town’s baseball league used to be called the “Goodwood Bears,” they temporarily changed their name to “Schitt’s League” while the show was in its prime. Let’s hope they weren’t really Schitt, though.

Name-Dropping Is a Schitt’s Creek Special, and the Cast Nailed It

Human beings are often drawn to that rags to riches story, but we’ve rarely been so entertained about a story that works the other way around. Coming from money and then landing in Schitt’s Creek, the Rose family struggled to leave behind their old life – and the rich and famous people they used to mingle with on a regular basis.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé56 1
Image: Instagram/luckymakeup

So, you probably don’t need us to tell you that name-dropping is something that truly made its mark on the show. Particularly from Alexis, we’d like to add. But the whole Rose family got involved, and they name-dropped more than we could count. That doesn’t mean that someone else didn’t count, though, and they noted that there are more than 50 name-drops over the course of the six seasons. That’s pretty impressive. Rihanna told us so.

Dan Levy Refused To Compromise on One Particular Aspect of the Show

When Pop network eventually chose to take on the show, Dan and Eugene were over the moon – and rightly so. However, their whole hearts had gone into Schitt’s Creek, and they knew that they wanted to do right by it. For Dan especially, he felt it was important to showcase a same-sex love story without making a big deal out of it. And he refused to compromise on that.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé23
Images: Entertainment Weekly (left) and Instagram/danlevyinsta

When speaking to Esquire about this fact, Dan stated that he wanted “to be able to present a love story that’s without fear of consequence” and that it was something he had dreamed of “from the very beginning.” He also noted that he hadn’t seen any shows that normalized queer sexualities when he was growing up, so he wanted to take the reins and fill that gap himself.

The Schitt’s Creek Wardrobe Department Had To Be Thrifty With Their Budget

Although it’s hard to imagine a time when Schitt’s Creek wasn’t a major component of our overall existence and happiness, Dan and Eugene did struggle to hit the ground running when they came up with the idea. Despite numerous pitches to networks and studios, they only had a tiny budget to work with when they were finally able to bring the show to life.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé42
Images: Instagram/ana_sorys

This meant that the wardrobe department had to be thrifty. But it’s hard to imagine the wild and wacky clothes of Moira Rose were very cheap, right? While they may seem expensive – or extremely cheap, depending on how you feel about them – the costume designer managed to stick to her budget. She never spent more than $200 on an item, and she always bought second-hand from thrift stores or resale sites.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara Go Way Back

Johnny and Moira Rose are the kind of parents we wish we had. But probably only for a week or two, because they could probably get a bit too much after a while. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to understand half of what our mom would say. But one thing we have to credit Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara for is their impeccable on-screen chemistry.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé75
Image: Instagram/luckymakeup

There’s a reason for that, though. Eugene and Catherine go way back, and started working together in the early ’70s. They have worked on countless movies together over the years, and they have become known as somewhat of a pair. O’Hara didn’t even need to audition for the role of Moira. Eugene practically begged her to be a part of the show. Ugh, that just makes us love them even more.

Just Like His Character, Dan Levy Decided To Create His Own Path

After struggling with his life in New York City, one of the shining moments of David’s life was when he opened Rose Apothecary and established his own successful business. But it seems as though David’s success may have been a reflection on Dan’s own decision to create his own path.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé33
Image: Instagram/danlevyinsta

Before writing and creating the show, Dan was a struggling actor working as a host for MTV. He knew that he wanted more, but he was nervous about his next movie. He later explained that he wrote the show because, “If I’m terrible at auditioning, at least I can write something to my own strengths and try my best at whatever that is.”

You’ve Gotta Keep up With Alexis Rose’s Hand Gestures, Right?

We could talk for hours and hours about Alexis Rose, and while we’re (unfortunately) not going to do that, we can’t ignore one little nugget about this incredible character. Yep, ever noticed her hands? Over the course of the show, fans focused on the strange hand movements and gestures that Annie Murphy brought to the screen. But these weren’t just accidental. They were extremely well thought out.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé44
Image: Instagram/lucymakeup

In fact, Murphy has noted that she took inspiration from the one and only Kardashian klan when she created these iconic hand gestures. Like many of us before, Annie was watching late-night YouTube videos and came across the Kardashians holding their purses. She confessed that, “It was late one night and I was like, ‘What if there was no handbag?’ and I just flipped my wrist over and then added another wrist.” So simple, yet so effective.

Ted’s Puns Will Always Have a Pizza Our Hearts, and for Good Reason

Aww, the lovely Ted. We certainly wouldn’t have to ‘vet’ him to be our boyfriend, because this character won us all over the minute he stepped into Café Tropical and called Alexis the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. But he wasn’t just the most charming man on the show; he was also the funniest. And it turns out that was all down to Dustin Mulligan.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé13

According to anyone who has ever met Dustin, he’s just like Ted in real life. Not only is he the nicest person on the planet, but he’s also a firm lover of puns. In fact, when Dustin auditioned for the role of Ted and was ultimately given the part, Dan and Eugene decided to write his (wonderfully awful) puns into the show. What a punny guy.

Some of the Characters Had To Deal With Some Rather Heavy Costumes

Moira Rose’s wedding costume made us gasp as soon as we saw it. We were blown away, we were overjoyed, and we just found the whole thing completely hilarious. While it was Dan’s idea for Moira’s final outfit to be one that would stand out, it was Catherine O’Hara’s idea to dress like the pope and wear inches upon inches of heavy hair coming out of her giant hat.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé22
Images: Instagram/ana_sorys (left) and Instagram/luckmakeup (right)

But Catherine wasn’t the only one who had to deal with heavy costumes. Bob and his garage filled our hearts with love during every one of his scenes, but he especially made us laugh when he turned up in his leather suit. What you might not realize is that this suit actually weighed a whopping 45 pounds! That must have been too much to handle.

The Name of the Town and the Show Was All Eugene’s Ideas

Anyone else not realize just how funny the name of the show was until the last season? Or just us…? Okay, cool. Whether you realized it straight away or had to take a bit of time like us, there’s no doubt about the fact that this name is pretty funny. But how did they come up with such an idea? Without pointing out the obvious, of course.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé57
Image: Instagram/ana_sorys

Well, it turns out that it was all Eugene Levy’s idea. He was apparently talking to his friends about an idea he had, and they began to laugh about the idea of stores being called names like “Schitt Hardware” and “Schitt Grocers.” Eugene just couldn’t stop thinking of these names, and when the concept was finalized he knew that Schitt’s Creek had to be the winner.

Chris Elliott Decided To Re-Use, Reduce, and Recycle While Filming

Dan and Eugene Levy scored gold when they cast Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt, and as soon as he made his appearance on screen it was as though he had been made for the role. However, did you know that Elliott has actually been acting since the early ’80s? While he may not have starred in mainstream blockbusters, he has put his name to cult classics.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé2
Image: Instagram/sarahlevy

Perhaps his most famous movie role to date was in the 1994 movie, Cabin Boy. And if you’ve watched this film, you may have felt that something was a little familiar on Schitt’s Creek. That’s because Chris Elliott chose to use the same wig he wore in that movie for the whole first season of the show. Gotta love someone who recycles, right?

Eugene Gave His Son a Present on the Last Day of Filming That Will Break Your Heart

Eugene and Dan Levy have made no secret of the fact that they loved working together on Schitt’s Creek. Not only did it bring the whole Levy family together, but it also allowed them to explore their collective creativity – and they rocked it. While we’re sure they had a few father-son squabbles every now and then, Eugene wanted to thank his son for all of his hard work on the last day of filming.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé58
Image: Entertainment Weekly

So, he decided to get him a present. While he could have bought an expensive gift for his son, he instead opted for something with sentimental value rather than monetary value. Dan received a framed photo of the two of them, with “Daniel, it was an honor being your partner, son. Dad xo.” written on it. Would whoever is chopping onions right now please stop?!

Fans of Schitt’s Creek Have Bagged Themselves a Strange Nickname

If you’ve got this far, you can call yourself a real Schitt Head. No, we’re not calling you a rude name – however much it may seem as though we’re calling you out through the internet. Just as there are Beliebers, Arionators, Batmaniacs, Thronies, and other fandom names, fans of Schitt’s Creek have come up with their own as well.

These Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Schitts Creek Will Make You Bawl Like a Bébé26
Images: Instagram/danlevyinsta

While nobody likes being called that name (with a different spelling) it means something pretty different in terms of this awesome show. We have a feeling that we’re going to be a Schitt Head for the rest of our lives, and although our mom has been calling us for years, it’s now something to be seriously proud of. Wanna join the Schitt Heads?