These Former Staff Members Dish the Dirt on Why Their Celebrity Bosses Were the Worst

Mon Jan 18 2021

The closest most of us get to our favorite celebrities is furiously liking their social media posts the exact second they go live, learning all of their lyrics and passionately singing their songs in the car, and kissing their faces on our walls every night. Because they can do no wrong, right? Well, think again. These assistants, stylists, and all-around saints worked for A-list celebs in the past, and it seems as though they’re not quite as perfect as they seem…

Yep, it seems as though fame and fortune can’t always buy you manners and class – and these former staff members were able to witness their awful celebrity bosses first-hand. From dine-and-dashers to diva demands, these employees have well and truly spilled the tea. And you’ll be happy to know that at Hype Galore, we’ve got a bucket big enough to catch it all. You’re welcome.

Ryan Gosling Is a Cruel Prankster

It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t fallen madly in love with Ryan Gosling, but that might be because he’s found a place in our hearts from far away. You could say that we’re in a long-distance relationship with him. But those who work for this A-list actor have to get close to him on a daily basis, and that’s when the real trouble has started…

According to those who have worked with Ryan in the past, he’s a cruel prankster who loves nothing more than to sneak up on his staff and scare the living daylights out of them. This has left many of them fearful of what’s around the corner in his home, but we have to say that we’d take the risk if we were his personal assistant.

When Ariana Grande Doesn’t Want To Walk, She Gets Carried

When you’re as talented and as famous as Ariana Grande, you can get away with being a bit of a diva. That’s part of the territory, right? But it seems as though all of this fame and fortune has gone to Ariana Grande’s head a little too much. Not only did she feel the need to lick donuts for sale in a store in 2015, but she also refuses to walk when she doesn’t want to.

According to a few of her former assistants, Ariana likes to be carried from the stage to her car after she’s finished rehearsals. While the singing sensation has clapped back at this notion and stated that she has been carried because her feet were bleeding, that hasn’t stopped the diva rumors from being spread far and wide.

J-Lo Seems To Have Forgotten Her Days as “Jenny From the Block”

Although Jennifer Lopez still claims to be “Jenny from the block”, we’re not sure we believe her after employees spilled the tea on their old boss. While claims of a diva lifestyle don’t really surprise us, the notion that she underpays her staff is something that we can’t quite get on board with. There was once a time when J-Lo was making minimum wage, so why put her hardworking staff through the same ordeal?

And for only a small amount of cash per week, J-Lo expects a lot. She requires 12-hour days and six-day weeks from all of her staff, and that’s before we even mention her interaction with employees that aren’t under her payroll. According to inside sources, J-Lo once fired a maid that asked for her autograph. We guess she’s forgotten about when she was a Maid in Manhattan.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Let Their Kids Run Wild

If you’re familiar with Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, you’ll know that these two are the most stunning people you’ll ever look upon – but there’s more to them than their looks. Known for their intense spirituality and their laid-back lifestyle, we could definitely be friends with these guys. But maybe not if their kids are around.

According to sources close to the family, the Game of Thrones star and his Cosby Show alum wife have inspired their children to run free and live a wild lifestyle. And it seems as though Nakoa Wolf and Lola Iolani do just that. The parents don’t enforce any rules or even a bedtime for their kids, and this makes their house a nightmare to work in. Apparently, their staff turnover is pretty high…

Kendall Jenner Struggles To Keep Her Cool

Most celebrities have oodles of money to their names, and Kendall Jenner is no different. This reality star, international supermodel, and all-around stunner has a net worth of approximately $45 million – so we can’t imagine why she would ever dine and dash. But we guess celebs do the strangest things, and while we’re used to getting hangry every now and then, Kendall took this to a whole new level.

While dining at Mercer Kitchen before she was of legal drinking age, Kendall hoped that her fame and fortune would win her server over when she coyly asked for an alcoholic cocktail. When they denied her illegal request – and rightly so – Kendall stormed out of the restaurant without even glancing at her bill. The server ran after her in search of the money owed, and the stroppy teenager simply threw her money in his face. Just like that.

Charlize Theron Won’t Make Eye Contact With Common Folk

Over the course of her career, Charlize Theron has certainly made a name for herself. Since breaking into show business, she’s earned a huge amount of money and been able to mingle with high society – and it seems as though she’s since forgotten her roots. According to insiders, Charlize is one of the worst celebrity bosses out there.

It’s been reported that Charlize doesn’t like to associate herself with her staff or the common folk. She refuses to look them in the eye and she refused to acknowledge them in her house at all. Instead, she writes notes to them if she wants anything done or requires their services.

Lindsay Lohan Threw Her Assistant Under the Bus

While you’ll be happy to know that this Mean Girls scene didn’t become a real-life crime on Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet, her former assistant probably wasn’t happy when she landed him in some serious hot water. While filming Liz & Dick and The Canyons, Lindsay asked her BFF Gavin Doyle to work as her assistant. But Doyle soon realized that working for the former child star was “grueling” and “uncomfortable.”

Gavin stuck it out for a while, but the real nail in the coffin was hammered in when Lindsay drove Gavin to lunch – even though she wasn’t meant to be driving due to her previous run-ins with the law. Her reckless driving caused them to crash into an 18-wheeler, and it wasn’t long before the police turned up. However, Lindsay knew she couldn’t admit to breaking her probation rules, so she told the police that Gavin was driving instead.

Lady Gaga’s Assistant Went Gaga While Working for the Starlet

Lady Gaga isn’t exactly known for playing by the rules and after walking down the red carpet wearing a literal meat dress, we vowed to never be surprised about her actions again. But even we have to break our vows sometimes. Especially when Lady Gaga is concerned. After two years of working for the Mother of Monsters, Gaga’s assistant had no choice but to sue her for $400,000 in 2011.

Although the case was later settled out of court, her former assistant noted that Gaga refused to pay her overtime hours – and there were a lot of them. The assistant tended to the singer’s beck and call, including watching over her ice baths, carrying 20 bags of luggage at once, and keeping her cell phone available 24/7. But that’s not all. Apparently, Gaga also made her assistant be the big spoon in her bed…

Tobey Maguire Is a Sore Loser and Bad Tipper

While Tobey Maguire may be famous for donning his spidey-suit and kissing Mary-Jane in the rain, there’s something about this actor that you might not know. Yes, Tobey Maguire actually has a bit of a poker problem. He took up tournament poker back in 2004, and what started as a hobby soon became somewhat of an obsession. And this has drastically changed his personality and the way he interacts with people.

In fact, staff who have worked at Tobey’s poker tables have reported that he’s not only a sore loser, but he’s also a bad tipper – even though he’s won a huge amount of money over the years. During a high-stake poker game in the mid-00s, Tobey also demanded that host Molly Bloom “bark like a seal” after he won a $1,000 poker chip. This didn’t go down well with anyone.

Miley Cyrus Refuses To Potty Train Her Pets

If you’re familiar with Miley Cyrus, you’ll know that this leading lady is the life of the party (in the USA). While she announced in 2020 that she was no longer vegan, she still has a deep and intense love for Mother Earth and all of her creatures. In fact, she has her very own personal zoo in her house, and her staff has to prove that they are on board with their wild lives before they are offered the position.

Part of this wild lifestyle is that Miley does not restrict their movement or even potty train them. Although this makes for happy animals, it doesn’t make for happy household staff. According to insider reports, the inside of Miley’s home certainly smells like a zoo – and a messy one at that. There’s doo-doo everywhere, and she leaves the clean-up for her staff.

George Clooney Is Very Protective of His Liquor Cabinet

With an impressive acting career under his belt, more money than most of us can comprehend and a human rights lawyer as a wife, you would have thought that George Clooney would be pretty generous, right? Well, we guess not. According to his former house staff, George Clooney is very protective of his liquor cabinet. And this also makes him pretty snappy.

While we know that Clooney has a taste for the finer drinks in life, we can’t imagine why he would be so protective over these spirits. But apparently, he measures how much is in each bottle whenever he leaves the house, and he has accused his staff of stealing drinks on numerous occasions when he felt suspicions arise.

Jessica Simpson Loves To Dine and Dash

One of the strangest things about the celebrity world is that these famous faces have so much money, and yet they still expect to be showered with freebies. They receive press packages on a daily basis, designers basically beg them to wear their clothes, and that’s before we mention the gifts that fans send them. But what about the food they eat? Surely they have to pay for that?

Well, not if Jessica Simpson can help it. Although this singer/actress/author has oodles of cash to her name, her staff has noted that she just loves to dine and dash. And when she leaves a restaurant without paying, it’s left to these employees to pick up the tab. Considering they don’t earn nearly as much as their boss, we think that’s pretty rude.

Jason Segel Has Absolutely No Time for His Fans

With his smiling baby face and his cheesy jokes, Jason Segel has always been the character we’d choose as our best friend. He just seems happy and perky all day, every day, doesn’t he? Apparently, he may be a better actor than we realized. While he seems to be the perfect guy-next-door in our favorite TV shows, he’s actually super mean in real life.

Those who have worked for the star in the past have noted that fame has gone to his head, and his fans have backed up this claim. His interactions with fans have rarely been positive, with one particular fan dealing with a very sore nose after Jason slammed a car door in his face. All he did was ask for a selfie with the star.

Selena Gomez Is Still in That Messy Teenager Phase

Selena Gomez may be 28 years old, but as with many former child stars, it seems as though the singer is now trying to claw back the teenage years she lost while performing and acting in front of the camera. And in her case, she’s become just as messy as a hormonal teenager. According to those who have worked with Selena in the past, she regularly makes a habit of trashing her hotel rooms. Sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

But this mess isn’t just reserved for hotel rooms. Selena’s house staff also have to deal with the mess she leaves in the kitchen whenever she tries to cook, the makeup stains that just can’t be cleaned out of her sheets, and the drink bottles that seem to have become somewhat of a decorative feature in her house. It takes real skill to be that messy.

Megan Fox Was the Most-Hated Cast Member on Set

If you’re a fan of the Transformers franchise, you probably couldn’t ignore the giant elephant in the room – well, on the screen – when the third movie was released. Megan Fox had gone, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was in… but why? It turns out that Megan Fox is just the worst, and that’s why she was replaced.

While questions arose whether it was Megan Fox or Michael Bay who caused their countless arguments on-set, the cast and crew rallied together to support their director. They came forward with stories of Megan’s difficult and rude nature, and it seems as though they didn’t have a positive word to say about her. That had to hurt.

Christian Bale Loves Animals a Little Too Much

Let’s be honest; all actors have to be a little crazy. When you transform yourself into other people on a daily basis, it must be hard to keep track of reality. Because of this, we’ve taken a few of Christian Bale’s meltdowns with a pinch of salt. Yep, we can get over his outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation and we’ll reserve judgment on his arrest in 2008. But one thing we can’t get over is how much he loves animals.

It seems as though Christian loves them so much that he doesn’t bother cleaning up after his pets. His staff are constantly walking into his doggy’s doo-doo, but that’s not all! During an interview with Comic Book, Harrison Cheung (his former publicist and assistant) noted that Bale has a fascination with decay in general. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for Cheung to walk into the house and find things rotting in jars on the windowsill. Yuck.

Kris Jenner Takes Her Momager Title Very Seriously

We can’t imagine this one is too much of a surprise. As they say, the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder – and her family’s level of success doesn’t come from being the nice guy. Although Kris puts on a happy-go-lucky display on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, those who have worked for her in the past have noted that she’s extremely demanding.

According to CNBC, her assistant needs to be available every single hour of the day just in case they are needed. While you’d like to think that they get some kind of rest, it turns out that Kris goes to bed extremely late and wakes up at 5 am every morning without fail. And a reviewer on Glassdoor also noted that they don’t get properly compensated for these unsociable and never-ending hours.

Rihanna Has Made Her Mark as the Good Girl Gone Bad

In 2009, Rihanna won us all over when she released her hit song, “Rude Boy”. And while we were all singing along and bowing down to queen RiRi at the time, we may have taken our eye off the ball for a while. Sure, it seemed as though she was singing about someone else, but those who have worked with Rihanna in the past are more inclined to believe that she was talking about herself…

That’s because a former staff member came forward a few years ago and noted that Rihanna was a “nightmare” to work for. Especially after her breakup with Chris Brown. They noted that she was the ultimate diva, making impossible demands and not appreciating the hard work they had to put in. Rihanna may be sassy, but that doesn’t mean she can forget her P’s and Q’s.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Always Coming up With Weird Ideas

There’s a fine line between genius and madness, and it’s fair to say that Gwyneth constantly limbo-ing from one side to the next. The actress and Goop creator has ventured down a strange path in recent years, and it seems as though her staff are feeling the brunt of that. Not only has it been said that Gwyneth is an extremely demanding and unreasonable boss, but she’s also pretty weird.

From coming up with funky-smelling candles to wearing scary face masks, it seems as though Gwyneth’s household and personal staff are the ones who have to test out her new ideas. They either have to go along with a new dietary trend, or they have to smell the many products she has within her line. That’s a job that nobody wants, to be honest.

Britney Spears’ Staff Aren’t So Lucky

She’s so lucky and she’s a star, but that doesn’t mean that Britney Spears’ staff are. Alongside the fact that they’re constantly hounded by the press over the #FreeBritney drama, they also have to deal with Britney’s bad habits. While we’re sure this leading lady likes to comfort herself with junk food every now and then, it’s what Britney does with the remnants that doesn’t sit well with them.

Whether they’re her personal household staff or those working in hotels, many sources close to the star have come forward in the past with reports of her messiness. Apparently she leaves half-eaten burgers in between her sheets and fries under the bed, and doesn’t alert her staff until they start to seriously smell…

Sandra Bullock’s Staff Have To Ward off the Paparazzi

Sandra Bullock may be one of the most famous women in the world, but she likes to keep her private life away from the public eye. Especially since she adopted her two children. When she became a mother, Sandra’s relationship with the paparazzi changed, and so did the jobs of her assistants, stylists, and household staff.

Sandra tries to avoid the paparazzi at all costs, and if she does encounter a camera, she tends to shield her children’s faces. But it’s down to her staff to make sure that her pathway is clear from these prying eyes. That’s basically an impossible task when your boss is Sandra Bullock. But her difficult streak doesn’t end there. Apparently, Sandra isn’t a big fan of her fans. One time she even shouted in the face of a man who wanted her autograph.

Chelsea Handler Leaves Little To the Imagination

Chelsea Handler is certainly not one to shy away from her fame and fortune, and it’s clear to see that she’s grown very accustomed to her privileged lifestyle. She’s been able to buy herself a large house, she’s hired personal staff, and she has beautiful dogs. But she doesn’t look after everything, you see…

Chelsea needs help to run her household and take care of everything, and that job falls upon her staff. It’s their responsibility to clean up after her dogs, and considering the size of them, we’re going to go ahead and assume that it’s a big ol’ job. And as if that wasn’t enough, apparently Chelsea doesn’t like to wear clothes while she’s at home, which means they just don’t know where to look.

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres Isn’t So Generous After All

Who saw this coming? Because we certainly didn’t. For decades, Ellen DeGeneres has been the person we’ve turned towards to put a smile on our faces. And while she never failed to make us happy, it seems as though it may all have been for show. Since the summer of 2020, those who have worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and worked directly with the talk show legend have come forward with some rather serious complaints.

According to these insiders, Ellen is actually super mean and egotistical when she’s not in front of the cameras. They’ve noted that “Ellen has an ugly, dark side and a temper like you wouldn’t believe.” Rumors of a hostile work environment and alleged harassment made their way into the press, and Ellen apologized for any upset she may have caused. But unfortunately for Ellen, her fans haven’t exactly been quick to forgive or forget.

Paris Hilton’s Dogs Rule Their Own Roost

Having seen Paris Hilton on The Simple Life and knowing about this heiress’s extravagant lifestyle, there are many people on this planet who wouldn’t want to work for her. After all, she seems pretty high maintenance. Actually, she is extremely high maintenance, and she’s pretty proud of that fact.

Paris also includes her dogs when it comes to the life of luxury, and it turns out that they have their own dog-mansion in her yard! This two-story doghouse is the ultimate playground for her dogs, but it’s been noted that her staff has to put in the hard graft when it comes to caring for the pooches and their home. The spoiled animals aren’t exactly potty trained either, so there’s a lot of mess to deal with.

Kanye West Is Overly Protective of His Family

It’s important to protect your family, which is why you’re probably wondering why Kanye West is the worst, right? In this rapper’s case, there’s a big difference between being protective and just being downright rude – and he’s pretty good at the latter. Although they have since reportedly parted ways, Kanye has proven that his allegiances lie with his wife rather than her staff.

When he noticed a male member of her staff was making his wife laugh and smile a little more than he’d like, Kanye decided that he wasn’t going to stand for it. Instead, he fired him on the spot and made sure that his wife didn’t hire any more attractive males for her team. Perhaps she might go against his wishes now that they’ve separated…

Anna Wintour Is the Real Dragon Lady

If you’ve ever watched The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll know that Meryl Streep does an awesome – if not incredibly frightening – job of playing the Dragon Lady, Miranda Priestley. While this character was fictionalized for the sake of the book and movie, she was also based on the one and only Anna Wintour. In fact, did you know that The Devil Wears Prada was actually written by Wintour’s former personal assistant, Lauren Weisberger?

While the Vogue editor-in-chief may not breathe fire out of her nostrils, reports suggest that there are hints of smoke every now and then. According to those who have worked under her at Vogue in the past, there are unwritten rules within the company. Junior members of staff are not allowed to talk to her at all, and anyone in the elevator needs to vacate it immediately if Anna wants to use it. That’s power right there.

Johnny Depp Likes To Stay in Character 24/7

Despite the fact that Johnny Depp’s career has struggled over the past few years, nobody can deny that he’s an incredible actor. Known for becoming some of the most iconically creepy characters, it seems as though he’s a natural. But that might be due to the fact that, in the run-up to a new movie, he stays in character 24/7. Yep, even when he’s at home.

According to those who have worked for Johnny in the past, he will often become Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow and Gellert Grindelwald when talking to his staff – and even when he’s out and about. Apparently he always takes his Pirates of the Caribbean costume on his travels, just in case he asks a waiter for a bottle o’ rum. It’s a pirate’s life for him, after all.

Taylor Swift’s Obsession With Cats Isn’t as Cute as It Seems

You don’t need to know too much about Taylor Swift to know that she’s obsessed with cats. Her Instagram is full of pictures of Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button, and some would say it’s quite endearing. However, her house staff wouldn’t say as much. They see a seriously crazy cat lady on the horizon…

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving your animals – but Taylor takes this to the extreme. Her staff have to dust and clean all of the cat memorabilia around her home, and they also have to deal with all of the cat hairs that make their way into the food, the fabrics, and sometimes even their own houses.

Courtney Love Didn’t Love the Lawsuit Against Her

Courtney Love is known for her rockstar lifestyle, and while it would be easy to assume that headbanging coincides with a whole load of drama, Courtney seems to have gone the extra, dramatic mile. That’s according to her former personal assistant, Jessica Labrie, anyway. The Los Angeles Times dished the dirt on the lawsuit Jessica filed against her former boss, and it certainly was juicy.

The lawsuit, filed in 2012, noted that “Labrie seeks wages and expenses due, and punitive damages for wrongful firing, wage and overtime violations, false promise, breach of contract… and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Labrie also described her employment further within her proposed book titled Get Me A Xanax. She supposedly stated that Love was a hoarder and abused countless illicit substances in front of her.

Kristen Stewart Just Can’t Quit

Hollywood celebrities live in stunning mansions and houses that we’ve only ever seen on television, and if we were to live there, we probably wouldn’t want to touch a thing just in case we broke a $10,000 vase. But when you live in that world, even the housekeepers’ disapproving looks can’t stop you from ruining the house with your bad habits.

That’s what Kristen Stewart does, anyway. It’s been reported that her household staff just can’t get onboard with her chain-smoking habit. Not only because she constantly stinks of smoke, but also because she leaves her cigarette butts around the house. From flower pots to the refrigerator, her staff are used to finding them everywhere. Not that they’re happy about it.

Gordon Ramsay Really Is a Kitchen Nightmare

Well, you probably saw this one coming. Although the world instantly knew that Gordon Ramsay wasn’t exactly a cooking angel when he held two pieces of bread on either side of an employee’s head and called them an “idiot sandwich,” it seems as though this wasn’t just for the sake of television. Gordon Ramsay really is a kitchen nightmare.

According to countless staff who have worked for the celebrity chef in the past, Gordon’s curse words are just as colorful in real life as they are on television. And he’s even made no secret of the fact that he doesn’t particularly like women in his kitchen, considering they “only work three weeks a month.” As if that wasn’t enough to make you tear down the poster on your wall, Gordon has reportedly tricked vegetarians into eating meat at his restaurants!

Paula Abdul’s House Is Like a Dog’s Dumping Ground

Many Hollywood celebs fill their giant houses with tiny dogs, and Paula Abdul is no different. The former American Idol judge loves her dogs unconditionally, and they have complete free reign when it comes to her fancy abode. That’s great for her and the dogs, but not so much for her household staff.

Her personal staff have noted that her dogs treat the whole house as their personal dumping ground – quite literally. They know to look closely where they are stepping to avoid the “landmines” that these tiny dogs seem to produce, and they also know that they’re probably going to have to do the cleaning. Apparently that’s not something that Paula does.

Naomi Campbell Has Some Rather Serious Candle Demands

We all know Naomi Campbell as the famous supermodel who travels in Hazmat suits and parties with the biggest names in entertainment, but did you know that her former employee actually took her to court? Her housekeeper noted that Naomi used physical violence against her when she couldn’t find her favorite pair of jeans. But it doesn’t end there.

Naomi was later found guilty of the assault, but the physical abuse isn’t the only torture that her staff has to go through. According to Naomi Campbell’s former personal assistants, the model wouldn’t settle for anything less than her diva demands on a daily basis. Whenever she traveled anywhere with Naomi, the assistant would have to arrive before her to unpack and steam all of her clothes, empty the minibar, and place 25 candles (specifically lily-scented) around her whole room.

Kim Kardashian Is One of the Messiest People Out There

We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s stark and minimalist house, and we’ve all had a little laugh at her attempt at Christmas decorations. But judging by what her former staff members have said about her, it seems as though the minimalist look was all Kanye’s idea. That’s because it’s been said that Kim Kardashian is one of the messiest people out there.

And naturally, Kim doesn’t do any tidying or cleaning herself. A former employee of the reality star noted that Kim’s closet was a constant battle. As soon as they tidied it and picked the clothes up off the floor, more garments had made their way onto the room – and away from the racks, rails and shelves they were meant to be on. We’re tired just thinking about that chore.

Angelina Jolie Only Allows Those Positive Vibes

With six kids under her roof, there’s no doubt that Angelina Jolie has her hands full. But she doesn’t have to keep her kids entertained all by herself. It’s been reported that Angelina Jolie once had a nanny for each one of her children so they could travel the world without a hitch. And while many would be over the moon to work for a cinematic legend, it seems as though Jolie isn’t the easiest boss.

It’s been reported that Angelina doesn’t allow any negative vibes in her house, which means that her children aren’t exactly the most disciplined in Hollywood. As if that wasn’t enough, Jolie supposedly makes all of her staff provide positive reviews of all of her movie projects – even if they absolutely hated it. Talk about walking on eggshells.

Mariah Carey Gets Carried Away All Too Often

When you think of Mariah Carey, you probably think of the ultimate diva. And she’d probably be upset if you didn’t think that way. The singing superstar has made it quite clear that she gets what she wants – and while many of her fans love her for that, we have to feel sorry for her staff members.

In the past, they have noted that Mariah’s demands are impossible, that she gets carried away and drinks too much on a regular basis, and that she often doesn’t want to walk. Yes, instead of hurting her feet after a night on the tiles, Mariah orders her staff to lift her up and transport her to her required destination, instead. We guess that’s a new way of traveling in style.

Madonna Is the Queen of Pop but Not Employee Retention

Madonna will forever have a place in our hearts, and while that may all be thanks to the pointy undergarments that will live in our heads rent-free for the rest of our days, her songs have impacted the world of music beyond comprehension. But we all know that with success comes power, and too much power can quickly make even the luckiest of stars become divas.

This seems to be the case for Madonna, whose nanny made her way to Facebook a few years ago to complain about the singer and her crazy demands. While she didn’t go into detail about these demands, we do know that in 2009 Madge lost five members of staff in just one week. We don’t know exactly what she’s doing to force them out, but she seriously needs to improve her employee retention. Otherwise, they’ll be nobody left.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Pretty Comfortable With Her Staff

Most people can only dream of looking as good as Jennifer Aniston when they get to 51 years old, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she has aged like a fine wine. She seems to know it, as well. Because of this, she gets pretty comfortable with her staff – especially when she’s not wearing any clothes.

Of course, you can do anything in your own home, but when Jennifer strips off in front of her household staff, you can imagine they get a little sheepish. According to insiders, she often opens the door in tiny bathing suits and lays out in her yard without anything on at all. That’s one way to keep your boss-employee relationship casual.

Tom Hanks Has a Strange and Annoying Obsession

Tom Hanks may be an international treasure, but it’s been said that he’s not a treasure to work with. In fact, those who have worked under his payroll in the past have noted that the Hollywood star has some seriously strange and annoying habits. One of those habits is that he loves to collect old type writers. As you do.

Tom has made no secret of the fact that he loves his large collection of vintage type writers, and he’s even written a collection of short stories about them in the past – written on a type writer, of course. But his household staff have grown irritated by the constant clickety-clack of the old machines, and the fact that they are strewn across the whole house.

Kylie Jenner Is Always the Last To Arrive

We have no doubts about the fact that Kylie Jenner is a busy person. She has a multi-million empire to run, she has a child to look after, and she has to maintain her seriously impressive social media presence. But there’s something quite rude about doing the same thing over and over again, and those who have worked with Kylie Jenner in the past have noted that she’s always late.

And we’re not just talking about 10 minutes, either. According to an insider who has worked with the young entrepreneur in the past, it’s not unusual for Kylie to turn up around two hours late to every meeting. While we know that Los Angeles traffic can be bad, we have a feeling that her fleet of sports cars would be able to whizz through the traffic to ensure she’s on time at least once in her life. But apparently not.