These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Canceled and Here Are All the Reasons Why

Thanks to Netflix, the world’s newest and most favored movies and television series are at the tips of our fingers. Gone are the days of pre-recording a show or waiting for it to be premiered on cable…. #technology. And now that you’ve had all this time to binge and immerse yourself in all of the new content that’s been produced, it’s time to face the music to see if your beloved shows have been kept or cut.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why25
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While Netflix is known to be the largest streaming service in the world, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies for them. Every year, for various reasons, they have to decide which shows will get to live to see another season. And here at Hype Galore, we’ve got breaking news on which of your beloved shows have been renewed or canceled for the upcoming year.

Emily in Paris – Renewed

Lily Collins stole the spotlight in early October when the hit series Emily in Paris made its big debut on Netflix. Portraying an American girl living in France, Lily, better yet known as Emily, immersed herself in the fascinating and frustrating experiences of adapting to a new life in a different country. Giving all of the viewers serious FOMO and travel fever in the midst of the pandemic, it became a smashing success overnight.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why1
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While the show may have only received a rating of 7.1 stars out of ten, the studies conducted beg to differ. According to Nielsen, a measurement company, data showed that viewers spent more than 676 million minutes goggling over the series within its first week. So it’s no surprise that the show has been renewed for its second season, which is sure to woo us all over again with drama, wanderlust, and a healthy appetite for croissants.

White Lines – Canceled

What was supposed to be a summer of endless partying, traveling, and fun in Ibiza ended in the mysterious disappearance of Axel Collins. In White Lines, his sister sets out years later to uncover the truth behind her brother’s death and ends up reliving similar moments from her brother’s former party boy days. This 10-part drama left viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end but now leaves them with a broken heart.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why19
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Shockingly enough, this thriller was nixed by Netflix and won’t be returning for a second season. Completely confused about this cancelation; there are a few speculations regarding the matter. Some suspect that the reveal of Axel’s death killed any future storyline for further suspense. Additionally, it was filmed across several countries. And with the pandemic and travel ban, filming the second season just wouldn’t be feasible.

Glow – Canceled

For three seasons, Netflix has drawn in viewers with the spandex-filled world of women’s wrestling – thanks to Glow. When one Hollywood hopeful finds herself as an unemployed actress, she takes a chance at stardom by joining the ranks of 12 other misfits in bright spandex to scuffle her way to the top. Absurd as it may seem, season two’s premiere episodes drew in 1.33 million viewers in the first three days. So why did it get canceled?

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why24
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It’s so confusing, particularly because a statement was released in October of 2020 that the show had been renewed for a fourth season. But given all that had happened with COVID-19 and the fact that the show was going to be written in a completely different way, the conclusion was decided that the series would not continue. But rumor has it that a movie might be produced to give the cast a proper farewell. Stay tuned!

Stranger Things – Renewed

The entertainment industry may have been hit hard because of the pandemic, but the hit Netflix series Stranger Things was not. Since 2016, the show has lured in viewers of all ages and backgrounds and was not prepared to call the show quits. Thankfully, Netflix realized the impact this show has made and decided to renew it for another season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why18
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Ross Duffer, the co-creator and executive producer of Stranger Things, said, “Season four won’t be the end. We know what the end is, and we know when it is. The pandemic has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. Starting to fill that out gave us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story.” And we can’t wait to see what Millie Bobby Brown will be up to in season five.

Sex Education – Renewed

There’s nothing comfortable when it comes to talking about sex in high school. Especially when your mom is a sex therapist who’s overly interested in your personal relations. Following the intricacies of high school student relationships, the British comedy Sex Education has hooked viewers worldwide for the past two seasons and is getting ready to roll for its third one as early as June of 2021.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why15
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That’s right – you heard it first here – Sex Education will be back in action with another phenomenal season. What can you expect to see from this season, you might be wondering? For sure, it includes some juicy drama with new students, a new headmistress who was an alumna of the same high school, and much more. This is one season you won’t want to miss.

Grace and Frankie – Renewed

Can you imagine being best friends with your longstanding rival? In Grace and Frankie, these women unexpectedly become best friends when their husbands leave them to be with each other. While it seems like their worlds are falling apart, the only thing that ends up being reliable and steady in their lives is each other. And now, their friendship will continue for yet another season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why29
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It’s true – Grace and Frankie are back again for another hilarious, dynamic-duo TV screen takeover. But brace yourselves though as this comeback will be the last of its kind. After the seventh season airs, this will be the final time the team commands the cameras. Filming is expected to start sometime in June of 2021, so you’ll have some time to process this dramatic news before the farewell season takes place.

Soundtrack – Canceled

Romance, grief, and life-changing luck intertwine in the musical drama known as Soundtrack. In this series, you follow along with the lives of two struggling artists experiencing Los Angeles in its full force. And as much as everyone loves to watch the journey of potential rising stars, everyone’s dreams have been cut short since Soundtrack is forever over.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why6
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While the musical features were catchy and popular and the storyline was ambitious, unfortunately, these elements weren’t strong enough to help carry over to a second season. Even Rotten Tomatoes recorded a 38% rating – which is enough to know that the show just couldn’t hold the viewer’s attention. Well, at least they had a good run while it lasted.

AJ and the Queen – Canceled

RuPaul stole the spotlight yet again with his leading lady role in AJ and the Queen. Following RuPaul on his cross-country adventures, he travels from club to club in hopes of becoming a famous drag queen with his trusty orphan sidekick. And as unusual and entertaining as the show may have been, RuPaul will bid a due to this one-hit-wonder.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why30
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With a fan base like RuPaul, you would think that for sure, this show would do well. And it turns out that it did! But apparently, the real reason this show was canceled is that there were too many controversies surrounding the show. This seems like a bunch of nonsense to us… what isn’t controversial when it comes to entertainment today?!

The Baby-Sitter’s Club – Renewed

We all fell in love with the Nickelodeon original series The Baby-Sitters Club back in 1990, which is clearly why today’s TV producers had the genius idea to bring it back. A whole decade later, millennials and generation Z had the opportunity to fall in love with this show all over again when it became available on Netflix in July of 2020. Can we get an amen?

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why23
Image: The New York Times

This remake wasn’t just a good idea, but probably the producer’s best idea yet. While it didn’t anticipate to be much of a hit, the Baby-Sitter’s Club has been renewed for its second season, to everyone’s surprise. Even on Rotten Tomatoes, the series received a 100% approval rating – now that’s impressive! Looks like these babysitters will live to see another show.

The Crown – Renewed

All hail the queen and The Crown! If you’re fascinated with the low down on what really happens with the royal family, then you’ve obviously been tuning in to the past four seasons of this show. While obviously most of the show has been fabricated to get viewers’ attention, people everywhere have gone absolutely crazy by feeling they have insider knowledge of what being queen for a day must actually be like.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why22 1
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As soon as the producers and writers started discussing the storyline for the fifth season, they realized there was still so much more that needed to be portrayed to complete the series properly. Peter Morgan, the writer for The Crown, had said, “In order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story, we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons.” So now, The Crown has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season.

Away – Canceled

Hilary Swank has dazzled us all in films like Freedom Writers, Million Dollar Baby, and P.S. I Love You. So when the trailer for the Netflix series Away was released, her fanbase went crazy, in addition to other prospective streamers. But sadly, the hype for the show wouldn’t live up to its expectations. The screenshot below must have been similar to Hilary’s reaction when she found out the show would be canceled.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why12
Image: USA Today

Only a little over a month after its premiere in September of 2020, it was announced that this sci-fi drama would be canceled by Netflix. The news honestly came as a bit of a surprise. Especially since it had the kind of talented, alluring cast that would draw someone into a new Netflix show.

Spinning Out – Canceled

Like Jonathan Van Ness, we love anything that could be deemed Michelle Kwan-esque. But when it comes to the Netflix series Spinning Out, this was just one show we could not get hooked on. Maybe that’s because Jonathan and Michelle were excluded from the cast, or maybe it just has to do with the fact that the show lacked when it came to drawing viewers in.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why7
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Needless to say, this figure skating series won’t be returning for its second season. Although Netflix isn’t revealing too much regarding the real reason behind its cancelation, it is assumed that the show was dropped because the show wasn’t bringing in enough views compared to how much it cost to make. And to that we say, so long, farewell, goodbye, and good riddance.

Selling Sunset – Renewed

Like Laguna Beach and The Hills, Adam DiVello somehow did it again by creating an addicting, glamorous, juicy TV show. Selling Sunset has made its way into just about every home since its first season. Who knew so many people cared about the lives of California real estate agents? Filled with fashion, drama, and millions of dollars worth of houses, there was no way Netflix could refuse a fourth season of the show from being created.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why26
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But not only can we expect a fourth season to come our way, but Netflix has also already approved the fifth season to be in the making as well! As we’ve all been anxiously waiting, we’ll have to do some more time being patient for the fourth season, as it’s only set to air in late 2021. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what catfights will be concocted by Christine.

Ozark – Renewed

At the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, one would assume that the people there live a calm and quiet lifestyle. However, that is so far from the reality for the locals in the Netflix hit series Ozark. From murder to drug lords and a whole lot of money laundering, this show has enticed viewers to binge-watch all three seasons in one sitting. And now for a fourth.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why13
Image: TV Insider

That’s right – Ozark has been renewed for a fourth season, but sadly it will also be its final one as well. The showrunner for Ozark, Chris Mundy, stated, “We’re so happy Netflix recognized the importance of giving Ozark more time to end the Byrdes’ saga right.” So here’s to a final farewell, Ozark.

Turn Up Charlie – Canceled

In real life, famous actor Idris Elba has a secret hobby he made public – and it just so happens to be DJing. Being the creative director and executive producer that he is, he decided to take this passion for music and turn it into a whimsical, heartening comedy series. Originally airing in 2019, the show had a good run but is now coming to an end.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why5
Image: New York Post

Like many other shows that didn’t quite fit the strict rules of Netflix, if the show doesn’t incur as many viewers that equates to its production costs, it’s bound to get cut. Hence, the termination of Turn Up Charlie. But have no fear, as we’re sure Idris will be working on another project in a matter of time, or we’re bound to see him shining in a new movie or show.

Outer Banks – Renewed

Alright, all you kooks and pogues, brace yourselves. We know you fell in love with the luscious locks and daring adventures of John B. (aka Chase Stokes) in Outerbanks. And as jealous as you are that he’s dating Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) both on and off the show, you can still dote over him through the screen because Outerbanks will be back and better than ever for its upcoming second season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why20
Image: Us Weekly

Exactly one year ago, Outerbanks began to dominate the world of Netflix streamers. According to Parrot Analytics, the audience demand for this show was 4.3 times the average TV series demand in the U.S. during the first 30 days it aired. Thankfully, Netflix considered this and made the right call by granting this series a second season. Can we get a “WOOGITY WOOGITY?”

Cobra Kai – Renewed

If you thought the wise lesson of “wax on, wax off” had come to an end, then you clearly have been missing out on the latest karate adventures of Cobra Kai. This also means that Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s legendary rivalry is very much alive and well. This tale as old as time was just as popular in the 80s as it is today.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why17
Image: YouTube

Indeed, Cobra Kai is returning to your Netflix queue for a fourth season. After receiving significant reviews and bucket loads of new fans, Cobra Kai is now in the clear for ever being canceled at any given moment. Earning an 8.10-star rating out of ten, this series has become a fan favorite that children, adults, and families are all fawning over.

I Am Not Okay With This – Canceled

As much as you probably wanted to keep the painful memories of your teen years tucked away, someone had the bright idea to make a whole TV show about it. In I Am Not Okay With This, teenage girl Sydney is busy navigating the trials and tribulations of high school, hormones, and a secretive superpower. But as fate would have it, this show wouldn’t make it past its first season to see a second one.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why10 1
Image: BuzzFeed

Yup, it’s official – I Am Not Okay With This will not be renewed to come back to Netflix. Turns out, no one actually wants to relive their high school years. Surprise, surprise. But also, the main reason the show was canceled was that it would be too expensive to “COVID-proof” the show for filming.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Canceled

Apparently, there’s nothing more appealing than a coming-of-age story filled with horror and witchcraft. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina isn’t exactly like Harry Potter but was an interesting attempt at reigniting the flame of its original series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sadly, the producer’s attempt wasn’t enough for it to become a successful series.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why8 1
Image: Entertainment Weekly

After three seasons, Sabrina was able to fight off every evil spirit except the true Dark Lord – Netflix. With several seasons under the show’s belt, fans have been completely distraught by the news. The truth of the matter is, Netflix’s business model has changed. Nowadays, shows are being canceled after their third or fourth seasons because the ratings are leveling out and not drawing in new audiences. Sabrina was just one of the many victims.

The Goop Lab – Renewed

Have you ever thought about doing something that is considered unconventional or out of the ordinary but are too scared to try it? Well, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and her team at The Goop Lab, your thoughts and ideas are being tried and tested firsthand by their staff. Whether it’s trying psychedelics or exploring female sexuality, your deepest, darkest questions have been delved into on the small screen.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why28
Image: Reddit

After the world tuned into season one at the beginning of 2020, audience members were so astonished and impressed at the wellness experiments that were conducted and filmed. This is why it totally makes sense that The Goop Lab will be back for another season filled with even more extreme and strange concepts that they’ll be inspecting.

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love – Canceled

Imagine being a 15-year-old prodigy who’s so smart she can work for NASA? Well, that certainly wasn’t the case for any of us in our angsty teen years, but for the character of Ashley Garcia, it was. But quick – someone check on the teenagers of the world because their favorite show has been cut. Sadly, Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love didn’t survive the year of the pandemic and was passed on for being renewed for a second season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why9
Image: PopSugar

So why was it canceled if it was such a hit? For starters, streaming services are moving away from multi-camera sitcoms. This means that shows filmed on fixed sets with audiences and several cameras positioned in different angles will start to disappear from services like Netflix. In addition, the coronavirus took a major toll when it came to filming and production costs. Well, folks, it looks like another one bites the dust.

Ratched – Renewed

Traveling back in time to the 1940s, it’s safe to say that medicine wasn’t as evolved as it is now. In the Netflix series Ratched, everyone watched as Sarah Paulson filled the role of a nurse who saw firsthand what unsettling experiments were conducted on patients within a psychiatric hospital. As suspenseful, dark, and twisted as the show ended up being, it was enough to captivate viewers that Netflix renewed it for a second season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why3
Image: The Daily Telegraph

Ratched made its way onto the screens less than a year old and caught everyone’s attention in September of 2020. We watch Sarah Paulson morph from a bitter woman into a full-on monster that participates in the awful exercises that her patients undergo during the show. Let’s see if season two is just as warped as the first one.

Love is Blind – Renewed

Once upon a time, a show proved to the world that love could truly be blind. Thanks to couples like Cameron and Lauren Hamilton and Amber and Matt Barnett, everyone is probably a bit more hopeful when searching for their soulmates on dating apps without ever seeing them beforehand. We just couldn’t get enough from the first season of Love is Blind and are beyond ecstatic to see its upcoming second season!

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why14
Image: People

This time around, we can expect a motley crew to be from the surrounding Chicago area. Although we may not know who the next batch of singles will be, at least we can be sure that Nick and Vanessa Lachey are here to stay as our trusty hosts. The craziest concept is that these people will have already undergone an international lockdown because of the pandemic and are so set on finding love that they’re willing to do it again.

Teenage Bounty Hunters – Canceled

The Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters sounds about as twisted as it intended to be. How on Earth could two fraternal teenage twins be misconstrued as bounty hunters after a fender bender accident? Well, when the twins look like the girls below, I guess it’s easy to see why these girls were mistaken for full-grown adults. But don’t worry, as awful as the show sounded, luckily it won’t be returning for a second go.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why27
Image: MSN

Two months after it had been premiered on the streaming service, Netflix announced that the show would not be renewed for a second season. That makes it the tenth show released in 2020 that Netflix canceled after just one season. But as statistics would have it, the low viewing figures didn’t lie. And honestly, we’re not surprised or disappointed by this at all. RIP, Teenage Bounty Hunters.

You – Renewed

Somehow, author Caroline Kepnes was able to write a riveting, creepy, and suspenseful love story that involves a murderous stalker and turn it into one of the most popular TV shows of today. Clearly, we’re referencing the Netflix original series You starring Penn Badgley, who the world originally fell in love with during his outbreak role in Gossip Girl.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why16
Image: Time

Two seasons and plenty of plot twists later, this show is showing no signs of coming to an end. The story lives on, and Netflix gladly renewed it for its third season. Luckily, the filming began towards the latter months of 2020 and should wrap up production within the next few months. So get ready to binge-watch season three by the final months of 2021.

Queer Eye – Renewed

The world absolutely adored the 90s show known for the “Fab Five” that a reboot was for sure going to happen. And then boom – Queer Eye was born. Making us feel beautiful on the inside and out, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Bobby Berk are honestly making the world and all of us better, one makeover at a time. Obviously, it’s been renewed for another fab season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why4
Image: Visit Philadelphia

As we approach the show’s sixth season, we’re assuming there’s got to be some serious post-pandemic makeovers in store. Also, tons of cooking hacks, styling tips, and feel-good vibes from our five best friends that have no idea who we are. To say we’re excited is the understatement of the year.

Sweet Magnolias – Renewed

The Netflix series Sweet Magnolias is a feel-good show following the lives of three lifelong friends. As they struggle balancing relationships, adulthood, and their careers in the small town southern city of Serenity, this is easily one of the most relatable shows Netflix has streamed to date.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why21
Image: People

While the show was originally announced back in 2018, it wasn’t aired until May of 2020. And with only one season out in the world, the series did well enough, earning a 7.4-star rating, that it has been renewed for a second season. So now is your chance to hurry up and binge season one so that you’re ready for what’s coming next!

The Bold Type – Renewed

Quick, head to the fashion closet because we’ve got breaking news ladies and gentlemen! The beloved binge-worthy series The Bold Type has finally been approved to make a return to your Netflix queue in May of 2021! And honestly, thank goodness, because with the way season four ended, we’re all still pretty upset at the cliffhanger they left us with.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why32
Image: Elle Danmark

Tiny Jane Sloan, Sutton Brady, and Kat Edison are the three millennial besties that have entered young women’s homes and screens everywhere. Feeling as if you too are a part of the TV show, viewers will be devastated to hear that this fifth season will also be the final one. The show is so relatable, and losing it will not be an easy goodbye.

The Umbrella Academy – Renewed

It’s not exactly Harry Potter, but The Umbrella Academy is equally as bewitching. When seven children were inexplicably born to women that were not pregnant beforehand, a billionaire adopts them all and tries to turn them into an unstoppable team of heroes. As time passes, the then-children-now-adults reunite after their adopted fathers passing to find out why their father really passed.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why31
Image: Cosmopolitan

A show that’s filled with mystery and action has captivated audience members everywhere. And especially with the cliffhanger that left everyone wanting more from season two, there was no way it wouldn’t be renewed for a third season. Now that the filming production is underway, we can expect the airing of season three to appear sometime in early 2022.

Pose – Renewed

Based in the heart of the city that never sleeps, Pose is an American drama TV series that covers the glamorous and juicy drag ball culture scene for African-American and Latino LGBTQ kings and queens. With fashion, flare, and fierceness on any runway these divas create, the past two seasons of Pose have struck a chord with viewers from all walks of life. So with a sigh of relief, we couldn’t be more thrilled that the third season is in the works.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why40
Image: Decider

Go ahead and mark your calendars, ladies and lads, because the third season is set to air on Netflix as of May 2, 2021. But keep the tissues close because, sadly, this will be the farewell season. As much as we’re all wishing it wasn’t true, the Emmy nominated co-creator of the show confirmed that they had “reached the intended ending of our story.” So for season three, make sure to savor every part of every episode, as it’ll be the last of its kind.

Lucifer – Renewed

He’s sexy, charming, and oh so persuasive – oh that’s right, he’s the devil and he’s back again. Yup, for a sixth season, Lucifer will grace your screens once more as he continues to attempt to be helpful and a hindrance all at the same time. But with an accent like his, we’re more than happy to welcome the show back into our Netflix queue with open arms.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why37
Image: Vogue Paris

But like anything else, the devil should go back where he came from – which means he’ll soon be disappearing to the underworld once this last season airs. So if it’s been such a hit, why keep a good thing from going, you ask? Well, unfortunately, the showrunners found this to be a perfect time to tie up any loose ends for each of the characters’ storylines. It was good while it lasted, but we guess all good things must come to an end.

On My Block – Renewed

Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles, four friends found solace in their friendship to get them through anything life would throw at them. In On My Block, these kids experience hardships from every angle, putting their friendship to the test – especially as they navigate life as high schoolers. With three seasons under its belt, it’s safe to say that the show is not only entertaining but relatable. Can you say hello to season four?

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why31 1
Image: BuzzFeed

Thankfully, On My Block lives to see another season, with the fourth one making its debut hopefully by the end of the year. Thanks to the trailer that was released at the beginning of January 2021, we now know that the squad will be linking up for one last adventure. And we can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around.

Peaky Blinders – Renewed

Following the sketchy and thrilling lives of a gangster family from the 1900s in England, Peaky Blinders has captivated viewers worldwide. With a one-track mind that focuses only on how he can get ahead, the main character and big boss man Tommy Shelby has hooked the audience members into being his own virtual gang of devotees. So much so that there was no way Netflix could deny renewing the show for its sixth season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why39
Image: PopSugar UK

By order of the Peaky Blinders, we’ve got the latest scoop for what you can expect in the sixth season. The good news is that they’ve already started filming, which means we can expect the release to be at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. The bad news is that this will be the sixth and final season of the show. But don’t worry, this won’t be the last time you see these characters. The show may be ending, but the story will only come to a close with a final movie.

Dear White People – Renewed

Dear White People is the show that America has needed and continues to need. While it may be a light-hearted comedy, it doesn’t stray from shedding light on the issues that surround modern American race relations. Based on the 2014 film with the same name, the series has dominated teens’ and adults’ Netflix lineup for the past three seasons. And now, Netflix has luckily decided to renew it again for its fourth and final season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why32 1
Image: Vanity Fair

Due to the pandemic, there was a hold on the production of the show. But now, rumor has it that we can expect to see this reach our screens by the end of 2021. And here’s a fair warning at a spoiler alert because everyone’s favorite Queer Eye guy Karamo Brown is expected to be cast in the upcoming season, though the details of his character are still being kept under wraps. If that’s not enough to make you tune in for the final season, we don’t know what is.

The Kissing Booth – Renewed

Pucker up cuties because The Kissing Booth has not been taken down from the lineup of your favorite binge-worthy Netflix creations. If you haven’t relived your high school anxiety from your first ever crush, dramatic friendships, or the awfulness of just being a teenager, go ahead and spend the weekend consuming the first two movies of this film series. This way, you’ll be all caught up when the third makes its grand entrance to our favorite streaming service.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why35
Image: Vogue Espana

According to the trailer that was released, we should be seeing the third volume in this trilogy air in the summer of 2021. But just in case, click the “set reminder” button on your Netflix account so that you don’t miss out on its big release day! With the sequel leaving us with some serious cliffhangers about Elle’s future, we’re sure you’re anticipating its arrival just as much as we are.

Money Heist – Renewed

Ciao Bella’s, we hope all has been well since you were left at the edge of your seats from the dramatic ending of part four of Money Heist. And spoiler alert for those who didn’t see it yet, Inspector Alicia ended up finding out about the location of the professor’s secret hideout. Filled with love and action, this series is easily one of the best shows Netflix has ever put out. We’re not just saying that either; in 2018 it was awarded the Best Drama Series International Emmy. That being said, it was an automatic given that Netflix would renew this show.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why38
Image: Netflix

So when exactly can we expect to binge-watch the latest season, you ask? Well, with all the rumors flying around, it’s hard to tell at this point. But we’re going to trust one of our sources that is hopeful about the release happening after September 2021. As the production is still ongoing, it makes sense that there’s some cloudiness around a solidified air date. Honestly, we would rather have the crew take all the time they need to film and produce the episodes so that we can have the best season yet.

Dead to Me – Renewed

Nothing sparks a friendship like two women mourning over the loss of their dead husbands, right? According to the Netflix series Dead to Me, there’s no better way to make friends than by seeking comfort in your fellow grief support group members. While initially, you might think this would be a dark and depressing series, it’s hilariously funny, and one of the best comedy TV shows Netflix has streamed. And although it’s only aired two seasons, it’s gained enough of a following that Netflix has decided to renew it for its third season.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why33
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But sadly, following along with the latest Netflix trends of cutting things short, this third season will be the last of its kind for all you Dead to Me fans. According to the cast and crew, it was the best way to conclude the story for the characters. Yet it also is coincidentally lining up with the fact that Netflix is now canceling shows after its three seasons deep. Either way, the show has been a smash hit, and we’re ready for it to go out with a final bang.

Blacklist – Renewed

For some reason, people everywhere are addicted to crime-filled, thrilling, and suspicious TV. So when it comes to the hit series Blacklist, it’s no surprise that the show has eight seasons under its belt. With gruesome, twisted, confusing, yet captivating plots and storylines, every episode is weirdly mesmerizing and terrifying all at the same time. Whoever the writer is for this show clearly has some night terrors that they’ve taken to pen and paper.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why36
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So for all you crime-obsessed fans, your ninth season is underway for coming to your screens in no time at all. While the production process had come to a halt due to the pandemic, we’re hoping this will air at least by the end of 2021. Now, is a tenth season guaranteed for renewal? That, we’ll have to wait and see about.

Too Hot To Handle – Renewed

After being stuck inside because of the coronavirus, everyone somehow became drawn to all of the dating shows that Netflix conveniently released. When Too Hot To Handle started becoming a trending show, following behind Love is Blind and The Circle – everyone immediately was having dating FOMO. Not to mention that cast was really too hot for all of us to handle. And as cliche as the show was, it received enough views for Netflix to renew it for a second chance at success.

These Netflix Shows Have either Been Renewed or Cancelled and Here s All the Reasons Why34
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With devastatingly handsome and gorgeous men and women on the show in the first season, we are dying to know who’s been cast for season two. Will it be filled with head-strong motivated winners or a bunch of singles that are searching for a one-night fix? While we’ll miss the drama and love struggles with Francesca and Harry, we can’t wait to see who the newbies will be.