These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of Leading Characters

Sometimes the best way to tell a story is to dive back into a person’s past and show their history first hand. That’s why in TV and movies alike, flashback scenes, prequels, and origin story films are often imperative in fully developing a story and connecting viewers to the character. What happened to them in the past? What events shaped them into who they have become?

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 54

To answer these questions, casting the right young star is key. They need to not only look the part but also be able to mimic the mannerisms and overall personality which has already been bestowed on the character. With that, here are some of the best casting choices that we have encountered thus far. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at these perfectly cast younger characters and decide for yourself if they fit the bill.

Kyra Adler & Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

Euphoria, the teen drama series that premiered in June 2019, tells a coming-of-age story about a group of high school students navigating through their experiences with drugs, sex, love, identity, and personal trauma. The show’s first season earned actress Zendaya a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 33

Joining Zendaya on the cast talent is fellow actress Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie Howard. You might recognize Sweeney from her roles in shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Sharp Objects. Taking on the role of a young Cassie and making her acting debut is actress Kyra Adler. As you can see, the two stars are a perfect match and we can’t believe they aren’t actually related.

Mackenzie Foy & Jessica Chastain in Interstellar

Interstellar, the 2014 science fiction film left the world awestruck and scratching our heads. It was a huge success and even earned an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and became that year’s tenth-highest-grossing film. Set in the near future, Interstellar follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole to try and find a new habitat for mankind.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 21

Murphy is the daughter of NASA pilot Joseph Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey. Although she adopted her father’s curiosity for the unknown Murphy remains resentful of her father for leaving earth for the Interstellar mission. Actress Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy make the perfect match for portraying Murphy at different stages of life. If we didn’t know better, we would have thought they were a mother/daughter duo.

River Phoenix & Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade released in 1989 as the third installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. In the film, we discover a bit of Jones’s origin story, including how he developed his fear for snakes and how he earned his very first fedora. Taking on the role of the young Jones was the late River Phoenix.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 7

And it wasn’t just the piercing eyes and prominent chin that made Phoenix perfect for the role. The star also had the perfect amount of confidence and swagger to match Ford’s portrayal of the renowned adventurer. River Phoenix, brother to fellow actor Joaquin Phoenix, tragically passed away in 1993 at the young age of 23. But not before leaving an impressive mark on Hollywood.

Mckenna Grace & Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Based on the Archie Comic series of the same name, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina brings a dark take to the already popularized characters seen in the hit ’90s show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In the series, which premiered in 2018, Sabrina must choose between pursuing a life of dark magic or living the life of a normal teen.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 45

Sabrina is played by actress Kiernan Shipka who prior to this was best known for her role as Sally Draper in the drama series, Mad Men. Taking us back to Sabrina’s younger years is actress Mckenna Grace who as you can see, is an actual mirror image of her costar. The two look so alike, we aren’t sure how they aren’t sisters. Both of these young stars have seen immense success the past few years and we can only hope that their careers will cross paths again.

Summer Fontana & Sophie Turner in Dark Phoenix

As we’ve learned, no X-men character is complete without an origin story film of his or her own. So it only makes sense that Dark Phoenix, aka Jean Grey, also has her story told via the 2019 film Dark Phoenix. And what’s an origin story without a perfectly cast star to portray the superheroes younger self?

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 28

Few can argue that actress Sophie Turner, best known as Sansa Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones, was the ideal choice for the role of Jean Grey. So filling her shoes in Grey’s younger years was no easy task. Thankfully, the casting team found the blossoming star Summer Fontana. Everything from her looks to her fiery attitude and “get back” stare made her the perfect match for the role.

Bretton Manley and Mark Wahlberg in Ted

Ted, the 2012 comedy film follows the friendship of John Bennet and his charismatic teddy bear, Ted which he wished to life when he was eight-year-old. As Seth Macfarlane’s feature-length directorial debut, the film was a huge box-office success, becoming the 12th highest-grossing film of 2012.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 35

Taking on the role of John is actor Mark Wahlberg and somehow they managed to find an equally charming Boston native to play his younger self. But it’s not only Bretton Manley’s Boston roots that make him the perfect pairing for Whalberg. Everything from his cheek to cheek smile, bright brown eyes, and contagious enthusiasm makes the up-and-coming star seem born for this role.

Bailee Madison & Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time first graced our screens in 2011 and aired for a total of seven magical seasons. The series explores the possibility of a fairytale world existing alongside our real world. In the show, fairy tale characters are discovered to be trapped on earth and robbed of their memories. And as it turns out, it is up to one person to break the curse, Snow White and Prince Charming’s only daughter, Emma Swan.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 42

Among those transported to live in the real world is Princess Snow White, cursed as Mary Margaret Blanchard. Taking on the role of the fairest of them all is actress, Ginnifer Goodwin. She was paired up with fellow actress Bailee Madison to play Snow’s younger self. And we cannot help but commend this match. With their fair skin, dark features, and identical facial structure, these two look like they are staring in a mirror of time.

Irina Gorovaia & Gwenyth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson fans will recognize these two young ladies as Margot Tenenbaum from the 2001 film, The Royal Tenenbaums. The film follows the lives of three gifted siblings who are reunited by the news of their father’s alleged terminal illness. The film earned actor Gene Hackman a Golden Globe and the screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 50

Taking on the role of Margot, the young playwright and adopted daughter to Royal Tenenbaum is actress Gwenyth Paltrow. Matching Paltrow’s portrayal of Margot took way more than mirroring facial features, hair, and heavy eyeliner. Not everyone can pull off that look of perpetual disappointment as well as Gwenyth can. Thankfully, they found Irina Gorovaia, who also managed to master the skill of the apathetic sulk.

Hunter Dillon & Noah Centineo in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before tells the story of Lara Jean Covey who from a young age started writing secret love letters to her crushes and hiding them away for safekeeping. That is until her younger sister decided to mail out all of Lara’s letters causing Lara to form an unlikely scheme with her former crush and current “It boy” Peter Kavinsky

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 49

The film, which debuted on Netflix in 2018 has since released two sequels. In all three installments, the role of Peter is played by teen heartthrob, Noah Centineo. And with just one look you will understand why Centineo is meant for the role. We aren’t sure how they managed to find such a spot-on actor to play a young Peter. Actor Hunter Dillon has the perfect hair, brows, and undeniable charm that made him a shoo-in for the brief but important flashback.

Mila Kunis & Angelina Jolie in Gia

The 1998 film Gia tells the true story of supermodel Gia Marie Carangi. The biographical television drama follows Gia’s journey as she is thrust into the world of New York fame and spirals into a dangerous drug addiction. Gia is portrayed by actress Angelina Jolie who has since become one of Hollywood’s biggest A-list actors.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 48

Taking on the role of a young Gia is actress Mila Kunis who was only 15 at the time. That is the same year that Kunis began her famous role as Jackie in the comedy series That 70’s Show. We aren’t sure how we didn’t see this resemblance before, but Kunis and Jolie are actually a great match. As far as supermodel features, both of these stars certainly have it in the bag.

Hannah Alligood & Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns

Paper Towns, released in 2015, is a coming-of-age film based on the novel of the same name. The story follows Quentin “Q” Jacobsen who has long been in love with his neighbor, Margo. After Margo goes missing, Quentin goes to search for her so that he can finally profess his love.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 41

Finding someone to take on the rebellious girl next door role of Margo does not sound like an easy task. However, we think the film did a great service to the character by casting model Cara Delevingne. And they found an equally stunning actress with the dark brows to boot to play a young Margo. You might recognize Hannah Alligood from her role as Frankie in the ongoing series Better Things.

Gianni Ciardiello & Penn Badgley in You

The 2018 physiological thriller, You tells the story of New York bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg who becomes dangerously obsessed with one of his customers. The show saw success on Netflix and has since released a second season and is scheduled to release a third sometime in 2021. The starring role of Joe Goldberg went to actor Penn Badgley whom you might recognize as Dan Humphrey from the teen drama, Gossip Girl.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 34

Since Joe’s backstory becomes increasingly important to the character’s narrative, finding the right person to portray his younger self was imperative. And that’s where Badgley’s young doppelgänger, Gianni Ciardiello comes in. You became the young actor’s television debut and something tells us we will be seeing more of him in the future.

Devon Graye & Michael C. Hall in Dexter

Dexter first aired back in 2006 and ran for eight seasons before its series finale. The show follows forensic technician Dexter Morgan as he tries to balance his life working for the Miami Metro Police Department and his secret life as a vigilante serial killer. Throughout the series’ eight-season run, Dexter is played by actor Michael C. Hall.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 27

Hall successfully gives the character a friendly yet introverted personality with a sinister side that only comes out through his inner monologues. We find out that Dexter’s upbringing and the loss of his mother have a lot to with his dark secret. That is why portraying his young character was an important task. One that actor Devon Graye absolutely nailed.

Elizabeth Cappuccino & Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, based on the Marvel comics of the same name first premiered on Netflix in 2015. Set in the Marvel cinematic universe, Jones is a former superhero who opens her own detective agency. The show ran for three seasons before getting cancelled in 2019.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 20

The role of Jessica Jones was played by actress Krysten Ritter. Prior to this Ritter could be seen in hit shows like Breaking Bad and Gilmore Girls. Twinning with Ritter as her younger self is actress Elizabeth Cappuccino, who arguably has the coolest last name that we have ever heard. And after watching you’re bound to agree that the two stars definitely have Jones’s strong-willed yet guarded personality down to a T.

Saoirse Ronan & Vanessa Redgrave in Atonement

Based on the novel by the same name, the 2007 film Atonement chronicles a crime that took place in the 1930s and all those affected by it since. The film was a huge success, even winning an Oscar for Best Original Score and a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 13

Throughout the film, the leading character Briony is depicted as a 13-year-old girl by Saoirse Ronan, as an 18-year-old young woman by actress Romola Garai and as an older woman by actress Vanessa Redgrave. When looking at Ronan and Redgrave side by side you can definitely understand their casting choice. With those bright blue eyes and slightly freckled skin, they really do look like the same person, decades apart.

Benedict Clarke & Alan Rickman in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

As the eighth and final instalment of the Harry Potter film series, 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 sadly brought the Harry Potter storyline to a close. Those who hadn’t read the books could finally find out how the story of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends ends and had to go on and find another fantasy series to obsess over.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 6

As most of us are much aware, the role of Professor Snape was expertly portrayed by the late actor Alan Rickman, who passed away in 2016. A somewhat underrated casting choice however was that of a young Snape, played by actor Benedict Clarke. While Clarke has not been in many projects since you’d be interested to see what he looks like now. His piercing eyes and definite cheekbones are even more Snape-like then when he was a child.

Ewan McGregor & Alec Guinness in The Star Wars Franchise

Whether you’re a fan or not, chances are you have seen at least one of the Star Wars films that have been released since Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope back in 1977. And with that, almost everyone would recognize the man on the right, actor Alec Guinness as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi. The role earned Guinness both Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations and set him on the Hollywood map for years to follow.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 5

As you can imagine, filling his shoes was no light matter. Not just any actor could take on a role so iconic. But thankfully, Hollywood brought actor Ewan McGregor to our screens. You might recognize McGregor for several esteemed roles in films such as Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, and Big Fish. The acclaimed actor took on the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in all three films of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Kirsten Dunst & Samantha Mathis in Little Women

Since the release of Little Women in 1994, the coming-of-age period drama has become a loved classic and many of its starring actors have gone on to enjoy successful careers in Hollywood. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards and has inspired a remake which released in 2019. The film follows a family of sisters, the March sisters, as they grow up together in a post-civil war era.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 12

The youngest of the Marsh children, is the quick-witted daughter, Amy Marsh. Amy is the only character to be portrayed by two different actresses. Taking on the role of young Amy was Kirsten Dunst, who was just kicking off her impressive career in movies. The role of Amy as a young woman was portrayed by Samantha Mathis, who actually bears a pretty good resemblance to Dunst as we recognize her today.

Jennifer Lawrence & Charlize Theron in The Burning Plain

The Burning Plain follows a two-tiered storyline that involves the lives of Gina, her daughter Mariana, and the story behind their fragile bond. The film was not considered a box office success after its release in 2008. However, critics praised the performances of its star-studded cast.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 19

Due to its tiered storyline, the role of Mariana was portrayed both by actress Jennifer Lawrence as a teen and Charlize Theron as an adult. This is a pairing we never would have thought of before but now that the movie pointed it out, we do see similarities between the two Hollywood stars.

Samantha Goldstein & Alyssa Milano in Charmed

As one of the biggest shows of the ’90s Charmed won over fans for eight seasons starting from 1998 and running until 2006. The show stars three sisters known as The Charmed Ones who discover they are destined to protect mankind with their witchcraft. The Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 26

One fourth season episode titled The Three Faces of Phoebe required an extra couple of actresses to take on the roles of both a young and an elderly form of Phoebe. And we have to say, the casting team did a great job, pairing Milano with actress, Samantha Goldstein. Besides her appearance in Charmed, Goldstein has also starred in films such as Anywhere But Here and Firetrap.

Brad Renfro & Brad Pitt in Sleepers

There’s a lot to say about the cast of the 1996 crime drama film, Sleepers. With names like Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Robert DeNiro, and Minnie Driver on the team, the movie is bound to be a blockbuster hit. The film, which is based on a novel of the same name, tells the story of a group of boys who get the unexpected opportunity to seek justice on a former guard that abused them in their youth.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 14

With colleagues held at such high esteem, we imagine joining their ranks as a newbie was pretty intimidating. Nevertheless, the cast playing the childhood versions of the film’s leading characters did a phenomenal job telling their story. And we think they found the perfect match to portray a young Michael, who is played by Brad Pitt as an adult. The role went to actor Brad Renfro. He was only 14 at the time but his talent exceeded his years.

Jaida Jiron & Hannah Simone in New Girl

New Girl, a comedy series that first aired in 2011, follows the life of a quirky girl living in LA who moves into a loft with three male strangers, infiltrating their bachelor lifestyle. Together the roommates must learn how to navigate the pressures of adulthood and as you might imagine, hilarity ensues on the daily. The show aired for seven seasons and has been nominated for five Golden Globes and five Primetime Emmy Awards.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 40

One character, who becomes increasingly more involved in the happenings at the loft is aspiring model Cece Parekh, who is Jess’s childhood best friend. The role of Cece is played by actress Hannah Simone and if you hadn’t told us that they cast young actress, Jaida Jiron for Cece’s flashback scenes, we would have guessed that was Simone herself. Besides looking the part, she also managed to nail down Simone’s mannerisms and facial expressions so well, it’s hard to believe they aren’t actually the same person.

Faithe Herman & Regina King in Watchmen

Watchmen the 2019 mini-series is based on the comics of the same name, originally published by DC Comics in 1986. The series is set in an alternative reality where a detective known as Sister Night is seen investigating a white supremacist group raising havoc in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show was a huge success, taking home 11 Primetime Emmy Award wins.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 47

The role of Sister Night, aka Angela Agbar, is played by acclaimed actress Regina King, who’s performance earned her the Emmy for Best Actress for a Limited Series. Agbar’s young self was played by up-and-coming star Faithe Herman. And Herman might be small, but she certainly is mighty, already working her way up the Hollywood ranks. You might recognize her from appearances in the hit drama, This is Us and the 2019 superhero film, Shazam.

Lindsey Gort in The Carrie Diaries & Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City

As most of us know, Sex and the City was “the show” to watch for the entirety of its six-season run. First premiering in 1998, the show follows Carrie Bradshaw and her three close friends as together they deal with the trials and tribulations of dating in New York City. The show won several awards including seven Emmys and eight Golden Globes. It was such a success that it also inspired two feature films and a prequel series.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 46

The Carrie Diaries (2013) takes fans back to Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years. Another female leads to make an appearance is the strong and sexy Samantha Jones, a role that earned Kim Cattrall several awards. Portraying a young Samantha was actress Lindsey Gort, who’s performance and attire aside, actually looks like she could be Cattrall’s younger self. Unfortunately, despite this flawless match, The Carrie Diaries was canceled after two seasons.

Christa B. Allen & Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

In one of the most relatable films of the century, 13 Going on 30 tells the story of an outcasted high school girl named Jenna who wakes up to find that her 13th birthday wish had come true and she had transformed into her 30-year-old future self. The film was a commercial success and has remained a fan favorite for years following its 2004 release.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 51

The role of 30-year-old Jenna was famously played by acclaimed actress Jennifer Garner. Jenna’s younger self was played by Christa B. Allen, making the film her acting debut. Allen was such a good match that she even played Garner’s younger self a second time in 2009’s Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. The star, who has taken on many projects since, is actually turning 30 this year and she still looks like a spitting image of Garner.

Izabela Vidovic & Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

Based on the DC Comics character of the same name, Supergirl the TV series first premiered in 2015. So far it has run for five seasons since and is set to release its sixth season in 2021. Supergirl has also appeared in several other DC shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 25

In the show, as well as all her guest appearances, Supergirl aka Kara Danvers is played by actress Melissa Benoist. You might recognize Benoist from her role as Marley on Glee. Young Kara is played by actress Izabela Vidocik and we have to say that casting directors outdid themselves with this pairing. The two look one and the same and their performances as the ambitious and powerful superhero are equally impressive.

Miya Cech & Ali Wong in Always Be My Maybe

In 2019, Netflix brought to our screens the film Always Be My Maybe written by and starring comedians Ali Wong and Randall Park. The movie tells the story of childhood best friends Sasha and Marcus who drift apart as teenagers after a brief awkward fling only to unexpectedly reconnect again as adults. As the movie takes us through the lives of Sasha and Marcus, we see the characters portrayed in various stages in their life.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 18

We are first introduced to the pair as 12-year-olds, then as teenagers, and finally as adults following their individual career paths. Taking on the role of 12-year-old Sasha is actress Miya Cech. The resemblance is so accurate that the young star also played Wong’s daughter in the ABC comedy American Housewife.

Elle Fanning & Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a three time Academy Award winning box-office hit. It tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who despite ageing in reverse, still holds true to his love interest, Daisy throughout his whole life. And just as the film shows Button in various stages of life, transitioning from old man, to young boy, it also takes us through Daisy’s life as she grows into adulthood.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 11

For the majority of the movie, Benjamin Button is played by actor Brad Pitt. Taking on the role of Daisy as an adult is actress Cate Blanchett. Besides being a perfect match for Blanchett, you might recognize Daisy at the age of seven as child star Elle Fanning. Today at 22 years old, Fanning is still making waves in Hollywood, taking off after her older sister Dakota.

Alice Richmond & Tina Fey in 30 Rock

In 2006, NBC brought to our screens 30 Rock, the satirical sitcom that takes us behind the scenes of a fictional live comedy series. The show was inspired by Tina Fey’s actual experience working for Saturday Night Live. Fey both created the series and took on the starring role as Liz Lemon, who is the head writer, and showrunner of the fictional show.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 4

30 Rock ran for seven seasons and won several major awards including three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. One episode in the show’s seventh season titled “Mazel Tov, Dummies,” takes us back to Liz Lemon’s youth. To do this the show welcomed a very special guest star. Young Liz was portrayed by Fey’s very own daughter, Alice Richmond, who was seven years old at the time.

Makenzie Vega & Jessica Alba in Sin City

Based on the titular graphic novel, the 2005 film Sin City takes viewers to the dark and destructive town of Basin City where it follows three characters who are caught in the crossfires of violent corruption. The success of the film led to a release of a sequel in 2014, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 3

In the first movie’s second chapter we are introduced to 11-year-old Daisy played by child star Makenzie Vega, who has since gone on to maintain a successful career in television. Jump to chapter five and we meet Nancy again, this time eight years older and working as an exotic dancer. Adult Nancy is famously played by actress Jessica Alba.

Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm in A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A Young Doctor’s Notebook is a dark comedy television series that tells the story of a doctor practicing in a small village in Russia amidst the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War. The show only ran for two seasons, with the first premiering in 2012.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 10

The “young doctor” who never actually gets introduced by name is played by Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe is very well known for starring in the Harry Potter film series as Harry Potter himself, however he has also taken on many formidable projects since then. The “older doctor” as the cast list puts it, is played by Jon Hamm. We definitely plan to check this out, if only to have a listen to Hamm, who is as all American as they come, putting on a British accent.

GraceAnne Pullappally & Jameela Jamil in The Good Place

Giving us a hilarious alternative to the concept of the afterlife is the NBC comedy series The Good Place, which ran for four seasons debuting in 2016. The show introduces Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell who finds out that she has been accidentally accepted into “The Good Place,” a selective neighborhood representing heaven. Eleanor then has to hide the fact that she is not as righteous as they think so that she doesn’t get sent to “The Bad Place.”

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 17

While in “The Good Place” Eleanor meets a few standout members of the neighborhood and throughout the series we learn more and more about their life back on earth. One such upstanding “Good Place” acceptee is Tahani Al-Jamil, a wealthy British socialite. As Tahani’s backstory unfolds we are often taken back to her childhood, where her character is played by young actress GraceAnne Pullappally. This was Pullappally’s acting debut.

Ethan Peck & Leonard Nimoy in The Star Trek Franchise

As the newest addition to the legendary Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Discovery takes us back 10 years before the original storyline and continues to take viewers along the exciting adventures of the USS Discovery crew. The show first premiered in 2019, 53 years following the initial release of Star Trek: The Original Series.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 52

Spock was originally portrayed by the late Leonard Nimoy, who brought the character to iconic status. Considering the legacy he left behind, following in Nimoy’s footsteps could not be taken lightly. Taking up the challenge is actor Ethan Peck, who is set to continue the role in the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Peck has received positive responses for his performance, including from Nimoy’s castmates and family members.

Isobelle Molloy & Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

The 2014 feature film, Maleficent tells the classic story of Sleeping Beauty from the unique perspective of the evil fairy Maleficent, shining a whole new light on the well-known fairytale. The film, starring Angelina Jolie, was a commercial success, earning an Academy Award nomination and releasing a sequel in 2019.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 31

Part of telling the story from the antagonist’s perspective involved going back to Maleficent’s childhood and understanding what led her to follow such a dark path. The young fairy is played by actress Isobelle Molloy whose piercing green eyes and gorgeous cheekbones make her the perfect pairing with Angelina Jolie’s legendary beauty. Molloy is best known for her role as Bella in the series Eastenders.

Ariana Greenblatt & Zoe Saldana in Avengers: Infinity War

As one of the most epic Marvel crossover movies, Avengers: Infinity War follows the Avengers and the rest of their superhero allies as they all join forces to defeat the evil Thanos and save humanity. The film was a huge success, becoming the highest-grossing of 2018. Those who follow the intricate Marvel storyline know that Thanos is the adopted father of Gamora who eventually fled and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 38

To understand her guarded and no-nonsense personality, Marvel takes us back to Gamora’s childhood, which was overwhelmed by tragedy. Young Gamora was played by actress Ariana Greenblatt. Beyond the green makeup, we think Greenblatt did a phenomenal job telling Gamora’s story and bringing a deeper understanding of the complicated character.

Wyatt Oleff & Andy Bean in It Chapter Two

As the second installment of the It film series, based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King, It Chapter Two is set 27 years after the creepy happenings of the first film. The 2019 sequel features the return of Pennywise the Dancing Clown as well the same cast of characters introduced in the first storyline only this time as adults.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 44

The role of Stanley Uris as a young boy is played by rising star Wyatt Oleff, who is most recently known for his role in the new Netflix series, I Am Not Ok with This. His adult counterpart is played by Andy Bean. With their matching pointed noses, dark eyes, and slender facial features, we really do wonder if these two are the same person and time travel is at play here. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that both stars were born in Chicago, Illinois.

Hannah Zeile & Chrissy Metz in This Is US

As the most heartwarming series of the century, This Is Us gained a reputation for making viewers shed a tear over every episode of its ongoing six-season run. The show tells the story of Jack and Rebecca Pearson, their biological twins Kate and Kevin, and their adopted son Randall. Following multiple timelines, we see firsthand the unique upbringing of the Pearsons and how their individual demons shaped them into adulthood.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 37

To help piece their story together, the Pearson children are shown in various stages of their life. Kate’s storyline has a lot to do with her weight struggles, which began at an early age. The role of Kate as an adult is played by Chrissy Metz. To portray Kate as a teenager, Metz is perfectly matched with actress Hannah Zeile. Conveying these painful and complicated years could not have been easy. However, Zeile proved herself a rising young star who was more than up for the task.

AnnaSophia Robb & Reese Witherspoon in Little Fires Everywhere

Based on the titular novel, Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of two mothers Mia Warren and Elena Richardson who despite leading very different lives, end up dramatically intertwined. The show stars Reese Witherspoon as Elena and Kerry Washington as Mia, who were both also executive producers. To fully understand what shaped these two women, the show takes us back to the key turning points in their young adult lives.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 30

For the role of young Elena, show-runners cast actress AnnaSophia Robb who really does look like a carbon copy of a young Reese Witherspoon (can anyone say Legally Blonde remake?). You probably recognize Robb from her various roles in television, including The Carrie Diaries and Mercy Street or from her early years of acting where she played Violet in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Jake Lloyd & Hayden Christensen in The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Set 32 years before the original film, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace is the fourth film of the franchise and the first of what is known as the prequel trilogy. The film introduces a young Anakin Skywalker, a slave found to have strong natural powers of the force. Skip to the trilogy’s second instalment, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and we see Anakin ten years later, deemed to be the “chosen one” of Jedi prophecy

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 23

For this casting it was the adult actor that needed to be matched to the young and it took quite a long search to find the perfect candidate. In the first film, Anakin was portrayed by Jake Lloyd whose acting career did not progress much since then. For Attack of the Clones, the role eventually went to Hayden Christensen who according to co-star Natalie Portman, perfectly harnessed the ability to “simultaneously be scary and really young.”

Jessica Keenan Wynn & Christine Baranski in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

In 2008, Mamma Mia! the movie brought the legendary stage production to our screens. And nobody knew how much they needed to hear Meryl Streep belting out ABBA tunes up until then. The film was such a success that it inspired a sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again which was released in 2018. The sequel features the same cast of characters as well as flashbacks back to 1979, following Donna’s (Streep) first arrival to Kalokairi Island.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 16

In addition to Donna, the flashbacks also include younger versions of her close friends Rosie and Tanya. Of the three, we were especially impressed by the casting choice of young Tanya, who is played by Christine Baranski in the present day. Actress Jessica Keenan did an upstanding job portraying Tanya’s witty and energetic energy. And it certainly helped that she knows how to rock Tanya’s signature red lips and bangs.

Camilla Belle & Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

Since its release in 1998, Practical Magic has become a cult classic among movie buffs everywhere. It tells the story about two sisters, Sally and Gillian who grew up in an eccentric household of witches. As they become adults, the sisters join forces to finally break a family curse which dooms any man they fall in love with to an untimely death.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 9

With co-stars like Sandra Bullock, who played Sally, and Nicole Kidman, who played Gillian, they couldn’t choose just anyone to join the cast. Luckily, casting directors managed to track down Bullocks’s long lost doppelgänger to play the role of 11 year old Sally. And clearly she made some impressions because actress Camilla Belle has been a recognizable name in Hollywood ever since.

Gaby Hoffman & Demi Moore in Now and Then

The 1995 cult classic Now and Then takes us back to the summer of 1970 when a group of four childhood friends experience a huge turning point in each of their lives. The film included an all-star cast including names like Rosie O’Donnell, Rita Wilson, Melanie Griffith, and Demi Moore.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 2

Playing the role of the anti-social and sci-fi loving Samantha is renowned actress Demi Moore, who also narrates the film. You might recognize Moore’s mini-me as actress Gaby Hoffman who since playing 12-year-old Samantha, continues to make her mark on Hollywood. Today she is 38 years old and most recently starred in shows Transparent and Girls.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster & James Franco in Tristan & Isolde

Tristan & Isolde takes us back to the Dark Ages where Tristan, Britain’s royal successor, and Isolde, the princess of Ireland begin a dangerous love affair in defiance of their feuding kingdoms. The film released in 2006 and received mixed reviews. When casting a young Tristan, the film invited young star Thomas Brodie-Sangster to join their ranks.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 8

Sangster definitely gives us young Franco vibes as he clearly has the deep brooding look down pat. The star had already made a name for himself starring in films like Love Actually and Nanny McPhee. And his career continued to skyrocket from there, even landing the role of Jojen Reed in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

Anthony Ippolito & Adam Sanlder in Pixels

Ever wonder what would happen if aliens decided to invade earth in the form of video games? No? Well, the 2015 film Pixels is going to answer that for you anyway. In the film, aliens have misinterpreted video feeds of old arcade games as a declaration of war and decide to fight back using technology inspired by the games.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 1

Pixels brings together big-name comedians such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Josh Gad but also introduces some new faces to the game. Filling the shoes of a young Brenner, played by Sandler in the present-day, is actor Anthony Ippolito. And as soon as you check out photos of a young Sandler you will understand just how accurate this casting choice really is.

Mamie Gummer & Meryl Streep in Evening

Based on the novel of the same name, Evening takes us through the life of Ann Lord as she lays in her death bed and recalls the defining moments of her life to her daughters. One reoccurring character in Ann’s life story is her best friend Lila Wittenborn, who in present-day is played by living Hollywood legend, Meryl Streep.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 15

Joining Streep as young Lila, is actress, Mamie Gummer. And the undeniable resemblance between the two stars is no coincidence. In real life, Gummer is actually Streep’s daughter and she has clearly followed in her mother’s footsteps not only in the looks department but in her acting talents as well.

Emilia Clarke & Linda Hamilton in The Terminator Franchise

Since first asserting that he would “be back” in the original 1984 film The Terminator, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has stayed true to his promise. The franchise has since released a total of six movies. And Terminator regular, actress Linda Hamilton has portrayed the role of Sarah Connor in four of the six films. As you can imagine, taking the reigns for a character that has been in the same hands for three whole decades is no small task.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 22

However in Terminator Genisys, where Sgt. Kyle Reese goes back in time to 1984, the role had to be passed down to a younger star. Up for the challenge was actress Emilia Clarke who most recognize as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Oddly enough, Clarke’s Game of Thrones co-star, Lena Headey was next to take on the role of Connor in the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Lilly Aspell & Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

True, Gal Gadot is not the first person to swoop in and save the day as the iconic superhero, Wonder Woman. But ever since she first reprised the role back in 2016, she has come to embody all that the character represents. Since her appearance in Batman v Superman, DC has released two films starring Gadot as Wonder Woman, with a third scheduled for this year and another film and mini-series in the works.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 29

In the first feature-length film dedicated to the character, 2017’s Wonder Woman, we are taken to the hidden island of Themyscira where a young Diana is being raised amongst the Amazon warriors. For these scenes, Diana is played by actress Lilly Aspen, who certainly did the role justice. Aspen will be returning to the role in Wonder Woman 1984 which is set to be released this December 2020.

Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar & Freida Pinto in Slumdog Millionaire

In 2008 Slumdog Millionaire moved the world with the story of a Mumbai teenager, Jamal who is accused of cheating on the Indian game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. To explain how he knew all the answers, Jamal recounts his life story as well as his quest to track down a girl from his slum Latika whom he regretfully left behind.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 36

Latika in her older years was played by actress Frieda Pinto, who has since then earned her place amongst Hollywood’s elite. This was Pinto’s first feature-length film and the same goes for her younger counterpart, Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar, who has since taken on a few projects in Bollywood.

Iain Armitage & Jim Parsons in Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory

Showrunners could not have guessed just how big The Big Bang Theory would be back when it first premiered in 2007. Since then it has had 12 successful seasons, winning a total of seven Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Five of those awards were all thanks to the performance of Jim Parsons, who played the role of Caltech theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 32

Parson’s character became so iconic that it even inspired a prequel series, Young Sheldon, which first aired in 2018 and is still going strong. Since Sheldon is such a unique character, casting the right young actor was paramount. Well, according to Parson’s himself, who also produces and narrates the show, actor Iain Armitage was the obvious choice, saying his audition “was just phenomenal.” And if you’ve seen the show then you can definitely concur.

Lulu Wilson & Elizabeth Reaser in The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House takes us through the memories of the Crain family as they recall the terrifying events that drove them out of their old home. The series premiered on Netflix in 2018 and has since inspired the release of a follow-up series The Haunting of Bly Manor, which features a new cast and storyline.

These Stars Were the Perfect Choice to Play Younger Versions of The Same Characters 43

In The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley, the eldest daughter of the Crain family, and her husband and kids are seen moving into the old house in order to renovate and sell it. Present-day Shirley is portrayed by well-known star Elizabeth Reaser and she is joined by actress Lulu Wilson as young Shirley. Although only 15 years old, Wilson is already a horror genre pro and as far as casting choice, we will let the photos speak for themselves.