This Halloween Took a Not so Unexpected Feminist Turn and We Cannot Get Enough of These Costumes

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year. The highly anticipated event is generally filled with countless hours of partying and marveling at people’s crazy and outrageous costumes. However, in recent years, there seems to be a seismic shift in the types of costumes many women are opting for. To break it down for you, many are shunning the traditional and often times cliche costumes and are instead channeling a collection of empowering and independent female role models.

Image: PopSugar

Halloween is the perfect excuse to celebrate and dress up as any character we choose. So these ladies are choosing to celebrate by dressing up as a whole host of inspiring female characters and cultural icons. From barrier-defying female judges to ground-breaking female artists; check out all of the feminist-inspired outfits that are paving the way for a new trend to take over this October 31st.

Bringing Gender Equality to the Courtroom

It’s clear that defying the odds doesn’t get any more impressive than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Keen to break down the rigid barriers of patriarchy, this uber-talented female lawyer worked hard to show to the world that being a woman shouldn’t limit your career opportunities.

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Miss. Ginsburg is celebrated for a variety of different pursuits, but primarily we commend this brave lady for being the second woman ever to call order in the courtroom; as an Associate Justice for the Supreme Court. Paving a new way for the justice system doesn’t get any more remarkable than that!

Ruth is the walking, talking definition of girl power! For these reasons, it’s no surprise that the Brooklyn-born star has made our list of top feminist-inspired costumes that we expect everybody to be donning in the coming years.

Making Influential Statements Through Paintings

You must be doing well in life to get nicknamed a “surrealist” and “magical realist” by the public, so let’s take you through the next powerful woman on our list, the remarkable Frida Kahlo! As a passionate artist, this Mexican lady used her compositions to bring about questions of identity, gender, race, class, and pretty much every other issue you can think of that dominated Mexican society.

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Doing it for the girls takes a whole new meaning with Kahlo. This artist’s representation of life through a woman’s eyes has granted the figure a pretty high ranking within the feminism movement. We owe a huge thank you to the political activists and art historians who rediscovered her work and brought it into the public domain.

Providing an Image to Women in the Workforce

The cultural icon of all cultural icons would have to be Rosie the Riveter. If you haven’t heard of the name before, you’ll certainly remember the face. Back in the Second World War, this woman acted as the representation for women who worked tirelessly in factories and shipyards; some of which even replaced the male workers in the industry. Go, girls!

Image: Good Housekeeping

As you can probably imagine, Rosie is one of the biggest American feminism symbols out there. She broke down the barriers that stood between the two genders and their professions, enforcing the image of female workers. For a number of years, this costume trend has been attempted on Halloween time and time again, and we sure are pleased about it!