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This Italian Gang Planned to Steal the Body of Ferrari Inventor

An Italian drug gang spent years plotting to steal Ferrari inventor’s body from the grave. They intended to collect millions in ransom from the Ferrari clan, and they almost got away with it too.



An Italian drug gang in need of cash created a detailed plan to steal a Ferrari and hold it for ransom. At first glance, this sounds like a typical gang story, but there’s a twist when it comes to this one. They weren’t after a car; they were after a dead body.

Thirty-four members of the gang, Anonima Sequestri, were arrested in Sardinia for being connected to an alleged scheme to steal the body of Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari was a legendary sports car racer, after which, the luxury car company was named.

They planned to go to the Ferrari family’s mausoleum near a town called Modena, and kidnap the body. They expected the Ferrari clan to pay tons of ransom money to get the body back.

Police caught word of the plan before this gang was able to work through their strategy and performed an epic raid. Helicopters and parachute regiment officers ambushed the gang’s meeting spot. They discovered large stores of drugs, weapons and the blueprints for their plot to steal Enzo Ferrari’s body.

Colonel Saverio Ceglie, head of the Italian military police, said the gang had it all planned out to the t. The evidence found suggested that they’ve cooked up their scheme for over a year. According to Colonel Saverio Ceglie, they paid multiple visits to the mausoleum.

The living members of the Ferrari clan knew about the plot. It had been “in the works for years but never succeeded because of our extensive efforts,” Ceglie said. Authorities kept their eye on the gang for a while so that they could have the 34 arrest warrants ready to go for their raid.

The legendary racer Enzo Ferrari passed away in 1988 after he built his empire using his passion for speed as well as his exceptional brain for business. Today the Ferrari logo reflects high quality as well as sets the standards for other sports car brands to live up to. Ferrari has a reputation for being over the top and extravagant. The company is not only renown for its manufacturing excellence but for the legacy of Enzo Ferrari carried with it.