This Little Girl from India Is Already Shattering Stereotypes as a Skating Sensation, and Now She Is Skating Her Way to the Oscars

    From her humble beginnings in a small coastal village in India, nine-year-old Kamali Moorthy is well on her way to becoming an international skating sensation. After shattering conventions and gender stereotypes at home, the trailblazing star managed to impress some of the biggest skating legends on the planet with her mad skills.

    And after one of her biggest idols shared a photo of the future star in the making, she then became a viral international skating prodigy. Not only that, she caught the attention of some aspiring filmmakers, who decided to document her life for the big screen. So, let’s delve into her story and see why this gifted star is all set to skate her way to the Oscars.

    Kamali The Trailblazer

    In the western world, this may seem like an ordinary tale. But in rural India, Kamali had to shatter every societal and patriarchal convention in her path to become a female skateboarder. Not only that, she became the only skateboarder in her village. You see, even her mother Sungali admitted that she could have just succumbed to her village’s expectations and “locked her away” indoors and married her off at a young age.

    Image: Huffpost

    Sungathi then had a change of heart after her marriage fell apart. She then started to”reflect on her own childhood and how she could not do the things she wished to do because of the society.” So, one day when a friend gifted Kamali a brand new skateboard, Sunthagi saw this as the most empowering opportunity for her young daughter to express herself.

    Skating into the Limelight

    As it turns out, Sungathi was right. Kamali took to the skateboard like a duck to water. After impressing everyone with her undeniable talent, Kamali became a local legend. She then caught the attention of her pro skating legend, Tony Hawk. One of her greatest idols, Tony then shared the iconic photo of Kamili skate boarding in a dress with no shoes, and it almost broke the internet.

    Image: Facebook / Kamali Moorthy

    That iconic photo quickly went viral and helped plunge Kamali into the limelight. The social media comments ranged from “That girl is going places” to “I wish there was a program for skateboards and equipment around the world.” After that picture, her mother also gained recognition for her part in the empowering story.

    Skating All The Way to The Oscars

    Kamali was already well-known locally by that point and had already caught the attention of photographers, sports advertisers (like Vans,) and other big names in the skating arena. But that particular photo really helped shine a spotlight on Kamali and her enthralling story. Soon after, her mother was contacted out of the blue by a New Zealand filmmaker.

    Image: India Today

    That filmmakers’ name was Sasha Rainbow, who was so intrigued by the skating prodigy, that she and her team asked to document her humble, empowering and trailblazing life story. And the story get’s even better than that. That short story has now won awards at film festivals, including three Oscar-qualifying ones. This means the short film could land an Oscar in 2020. So watch this space, as the sky is really the limit for this Oscar-worthy skating sensation!