This Man Hilariously Parodies Celebrity Photos and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Mon Aug 08 2022

For many people, it’s hard to remember a time before Instagram. Who influenced us before “influencers” and their 20% off codes? How did we know what that girl we met at camp 15 years ago had for brunch? And how did we keep up with our favorite celebrities? Thankfully, Instagram is still alive and kicking, and it allows us the chance to see A-listers like we’ve never seen them before. Mostly because they take bizarre photos that normal people wouldn’t.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it takes a special someone to imitate the kind of random photos celebrities put on social media. Luckily for us, that’s where Russian comedian and blogger Yuri Isterika comes in. He hilariously recreates the weird and wonderful world of celebrity social media, and a lot of the time he puts his own little spin on it. The results are truly something to behold.

Kim Kardashian

From the onions to the eerily accurate facial expression, this Kim Kardashian recreation will certainly make you cry. Yuri’s parody is so spot on while also so far away, and for some reason that makes us extremely happy. We bet he struggled to just find one Kim K photo to recreate, though. Recreating them all would be a full-time job.

While we don’t quite know why Yuri decided to use onions to recreate one of Kim’s most famous assets, it certainly does the job. It’s a mix between high fashion and Sunday farmer’s market chic, and we just have to admire the attention to detail. That piece of hair just casually laying across his face looks as though it’s been copied and pasted from Kim’s face to his.

Billie Eilish

We know Billie Eilish falls for those ocean eyes, but what about Yuri’s eyes? The pop star and singing sensation has been on a whirlwind journey over the past few years. After releasing her music on Soundcloud she’s since landed a huge recording contract and countless number one singles. She’s also been involved in some rather unique photoshoots.

The photo on the left was particularly stunning, and so Yuri decided to recreate it…but we guess he didn’t have any fabric flowers around. Instead, he had a root around his bedside cabinet and found some rubbers instead. It was a surprisingly weird turn of events, but weirdly makes sense! Who knew flowers and condoms looked so similar?

Ariana Grande

When you think of Ariana Grande, you probably immediately think of her high pony. After all, Ariana wouldn’t be Ariana without her high pony. Sometimes she does like to mix it up and add some extra pizazz into the mix, though, and when she posted this photo on Instagram all everyone could talk about was her bobbles. So, Yuri just had to recreate it.

To go with his own bobble pony, Yuri also managed to secure the goods – and by goods, we mean the accessories. He’s got the bow on top of his head, the blanket sweater, and of course the cheese grater iPhone. The only thing missing is the eyeliner. We don’t know why he chose to ditch the winged liner, but he should have known better.

Emily Ratajkowski

Model, actress, and author Emily Ratajkowski is known for a few things; but she’s mostly known for her very unique stomach situation. From the chiseled abs to the snatched waist and the line running down the center, Emily’s body is one that many people are jealous of. That’s largely due to the fact that it can’t really be replicated – as seen by Yuri’s parody.

The comedian had to use various different types of bread to pull this look off, and we just hope that he was the only one who ate it afterward. Other than that, though, he managed to look just like Emily with the same outfit, the same hair, and the same facial expression. Yuri even went as far as to find a bedspread that looked fairly similar.


Let’s be honest; magazine photoshoots are ridiculous. While they’re super exciting and innovative, they rarely show what real-life fashion is like. After all, we don’t think many people would rock this Rihanna look. While we’re sure it’s supposed to look expensive and avant-garde, Yuri nailed what it really looks like: a trash bag with some overflowing weeds coming out of it.

We have to give Yuri credit for pulling off such a look. It couldn’t have been comfortable wearing a trash bag in the blazing sun, and who knows what kind of creepy crawlies were living in the growth atop his head. But we guess you have to do anything for fashion, and for Yuri this hilarious parody was totally worth it.

Angelina Jolie

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous women in the world. The actress is also considered to be one of the most beautiful… but that doesn’t mean that somebody like Yuri can’t hilariously parody one of her photos. This photo was taken at an A-list event, and of course, Yuri had to put his own spin on it.

Unable to buy the expensive dress or high-value jewels, Yuri made us of some DIY products instead. From the salad spoons to the hand-drawn tattoo on his arm, it’s clear to see that Yuri was trying incredibly hard to be just like Angelina. But we all know that’s just not possible. She’s an enigma, and that’s exactly why we love her.

Cara Delevingne

When it comes to Cara Delevingne, everyone knows her for her eyebrows. Her bushy brows and her impressive features have helped her become a household name in the modeling world – and we all know that models wear some weird clothes. On this occasion, Cara’s outfit wasn’t even that strange, but Yuri still wanted to take it to the next level.

Instead of cutting out pieces of his clothing – which seems like a bit of a waste if you ask us – he decided to mimic the aesthetic of holes instead. He used everyday tortilla wraps that you can buy from the grocery store, and he even cut some up and dangled them from his ears. It’s certainly a look that could go out of style… and out of date.

Gigi Hadid

Anyone who has watched America’s Next Top Model will know that modeling is all about the weirdest and wackiest poses. Gigi Hadid certainly knows that. But while we’re used to seeing her strut her stuff on the runway and pose up a storm on social media, we still don’t quite understand the look on the left. Why is she holding a flamingo? I guess we’ll never know.

When Yuri saw this look on his grid, he obviously had to recreate it – but it seems as though he needed a little help to do so. With no real-life flamingo to hand, this comedian either had to contort himself into a rather painful-looking position, or use the leg of a friend. We’re glad he went for the second option, to be honest.

Elton John

With his impressive catalog of music and his equally as impressive fashion sense, Elton John is an icon. So, we don’t blame Yuri for looking to this legend for some parody inspiration. He naturally had to choose a picture of Elton that truly showed off his love for glitz, glamour, and, of course, glasses! In fact, we actually love Yuri’s interpretation more than Elton’s.

Unable to find the right glasses in a store, Yuri opted to make his own and work with the shapes that Elton’s glasses had to offer. And who knew that garlic cloves looked just like the petals of a flower? Even the colors looked the same. We do hope Yuri put something protective over his eyes, though. Garlic and eyeballs are not a great mix.

Kate Middleton

She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she will eventually become the Queen of England. So, things are looking up for Kate Middleton – especially in the wardrobe department. Since making her way into the royal family, she has made a name for herself as the ultimate fashionista, and fans spend oodles of money wanting to look just like her. Amazingly, Yuri managed to do it pretty cheaply.

For this parody, he chose a photo of the Duchess with a print he could have sworn he’d seen before. Yes, the checkered print of her coat looked just like the checkered print he had on a laundry bag, so he decided to just roll with it. Then, all he did was add a wig into the mix. The similarities really are uncanny.

Taylor Swift

Oooh, look what you made him do! Although Taylor Swift prefers to release her music and then head back to her quiet English life with her boyfriend, she used to post on social media more than she does now. Her feed was full of press shots and magazine covers, and many of them showed off her impressive and expensive lifestyle.

And while Taylor has been able to lay down in diamonds, watches, money, and jewelry that’s probably worth more than our house, Yuri had to improvize a little with his parody. He didn’t have such luxuries at his disposal, which is why he opted for toilet paper, plastic, throwaway utensils, and more. When you think about it, this parody could be referencing Taylor’s recently exposed and eco-unfriendly private jet antics.


Over the course of her life, Madonna has achieved amazing things. But there’s no denying the fact that fans have become a little confused with her Instagram account over the past few years. She’s known for being “wacky” and “out there” and her pictures always show us a new side to her. And when Yuri spotted the one below, it was a no brainer.

We have to commend the comedian for how far he was willing to go to bring this parody to life, though. For this look, he found rope, coins, a camera strap, and what looks like coffee pods and carrots! He then managed to merge them all together and create a rather realistic reinterpretation of Madge’s picture. We guess the only real difference is the beard.

Cardi B

While famous people are known for being talented in their own field, they’re also known for being pretty experimental with their clothing. Designers will pay celebs thousands of dollars to wear their clothes, and huge brands will also partner with the celebs so that they can mutually benefit. And while Cardi B loves to try out new looks, this one was downright bizarre.

We really hope Cardi doesn’t suffer from hayfever, because her nose would have been streaming and her eyes would have been itchy while wearing this. Yuri probably realized that he would also suffer if he copied Cardi’s look exactly, which is why he decided to utilize the contents of his sock drawer instead. And the contents are pretty impressive. Just look at all those colors.

Daenerys Targaryen

It seems as though Yuri doesn’t just parody celebrities in their natural (yet often quite strange form). He’s also a fan of taking celebrities and their on-screen characters and turning them into something iconic – just as he did here with Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. We think Emilia Clarke may need to watch out because there’s a new Mother of Dragons about…

Not only did Yuri absolutely nail Emilia’s look with the noodle hair tendrils and the hair clip bedsheet dress, but he also managed to bring one of her dragons to life, too. While his pineapple isn’t quite as scary as Daenerys’ dragon, we have to admire the cutting skills that went into making this pineapple dragon a reality.

Melania and Donald Trump

There’s no doubt about the fact that the world is full of people who have parodied these two people. From Donald’s voice and hand gestures to Melania’s facial expressions, there are no shortage of impressions – but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any more. Yuri obviously had to make fun of this photo, and he found a friend who was willing to help him do it.

These two have absolutely nailed this whole look. From the bubble wrap dress to the bow tie made from sunglasses, everything is perfect – but nothing comes close to the toupée on the top of Donald’s head. While we do wish that Yuri was just a little bit more orange with extreme white patches around his eyes, we guess you just can’t get it all.

Lady Gaga

Since breaking out into the music industry, Lady Gaga has solidified herself as a big name in fashion – especially in alternative fashion. After all, she’s pushed the boundaries of style to the limits over the years, wearing everything from a meat dress to being born out of an egg. So, we bet Yuri had a lot of fun when he was imitating her.

For this look, he chose a rather simple and elegant outfit. He recreated this stunning white gown and made it himself at home using some bubble wrap, rubber gloves, some white fabric, and some pegs. The end result doesn’t have quite as much finesse as Lady Gaga’s red carpet look, but it certainly looks unique in its own way.


Shakira is known for her shaking hips and her impressive singing voice, and she’s also known for posting some serious thirst traps on social media. No matter whether they are press shots or more personal selfies, she always knows how to work her angles – even when everyone else thinks the photo is a little strange. But Yuri took this strange picture and turned it into his own project.

The theme for this one was… simple but effective. Sometimes the simplest plans can have the biggest payoff, and this was certainly the case on this occasion. After all, Yuri only used a few dried palm leaves and a bit of rope to pull off his parody, and we have to say that the results are striking. Sure, Shakira has more curly locks, but the similarities are still there.

Britney Spears

Now that she has full control of her life again, we can see what Britney Spears really wants to post on social media. Alongside the dancing videos and the long captions she often posts throwback photos just like this one – and her fans go wild for them. After all, this was Britney in her heyday, and these posed photos show us why we love her. Yuri obviously does too.

For this parody, Yuri obviously wanted to honor the one and only Britney, and we have to admire the thought that went into it. He replicated the whole look down to the smallest detail like the bracelets on her wrist. But we can’t help but wonder whose legs are behind his head? Sure, we know they’re supposed to be ears, but we also know that somebody shouldn’t be able to bend their legs that way.

Celeste Barber

Can you say parody inception? Australian comedian Celeste Barber is perhaps most famous for her own parodies of famous celebrities photos. Her feminine touch makes these impressions super funny, and she’s become somewhat of a celebrity in her own right. So, Yuri just had to make her one of his subjects… or should we say victims?

While this is actually a really lovely photo of Celeste, Yuri had to improvize when he realized that she had a few assets that he didn’t naturally have. From the chest to the luscious locks, he’s tried everything to look like her. But we’d just love to point out the fact that he’s used what looks like a pair of pants as his top, and he’s even put a Hula Hoop on his finger as her ring.


Over the course of her career, Angelina Jolie has transformed herself into countless characters. From Mrs. Smith to Lara Croft, she really has done it all. She’s even had the chance to work with impressive prosthetics and special effects – just like in the movie Maleficent. Sporting horns and crazy cheekbones, this was an iconic look for Angelina, and one that Yuri just couldn’t pass on.

For his DIY version of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, he managed to create a work of art from everyday objects in his kitchen. He utilized sausages for the neckline of her coat, and some old bottles for the horns. All in all, we think he did a pretty amazing job – and it seems as though he also shaved his chest for the occasion, too.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a no-nonsense celebrity that everyone loves. She’s not considered to be a style icon, but she’s still fashionable – and everything she wears is so effortlessly cool and beautiful. She can wear a blouse like this one and still look like one of the most impressive people in a room, and so Yuri wanted to see if he could have the same effect on social media.

So, did he nail it? We think he certainly tried, and we commend the attempt – but we do feel a little wary about whether he could stink up the room. He’s even created his own bespoke blouse with green onions, and what looks like toffee sauce and sour cream. We can’t even guess as to what the yellow stuff is, but from far away the whole look is quite effective.