This Photographer Is Using His Amazing Skills To Show off the Power of Perspective

Tue Feb 09 2021

Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photo. It’s not hard to click a button and take a snapshot of what’s in front of you, but it takes real talent and artistic skill to create a photograph that’s so incredible it will blow other people’s minds. And that’s exactly what Lisbon-born photographer Hugo Suíssas does on a daily basis.

Hugo has spent years behind the lens of his camera, but in recent years he’s become the master of perspective. After all, a slight change in perspective can alter the way we view reality and make us question everything. He has since filled up his portfolio and his Instagram page with his mind-bending photographs, and now we’re not quite sure what’s real and what’s not anymore…

The Biggest Sandcastle of Them All

When it comes to his photography, Hugo Suíssas is largely inspired by his home in Lisbon. He seeks out beautiful locations around the city, just like the incredible Belém Tower. And while the main structure is made from ancient stone, it seems as though Hugo wanted to transform it into the biggest sandcastle of them all. Pretty awesome, right?

Thankfully, nobody can come along and knock this castle over – and the ocean won’t even wash it away! And that’s good news for our fragile hearts. We just couldn’t bear to watch another sandcastle be destroyed, and especially not one as stunning as the Belém Tower. Thank goodness it’s all just a play on perspective.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

One of the most impressive things about Hugo Suíssas is the fact that he can take a seemingly ordinary object and use it within his work to create something extraordinary. Take this pencil sharpener, for example. What is small and uninteresting to most people has become a tool for perspective trickery.

While we’re not quite sure what this woman could be looking at, there’s no doubt about the fact that she’s certainly looking for something. But at least Hugo has given her the tools to keep her eyes on the prize, as this pencil sharpener has become part of a cool visual masterpiece.

Unlocking the Secrets Within

It’s amazing what can happen when you use an inanimate object as part of your photography, and Hugo seems to have unlocked all of the secrets needed to create these mind-boggling perspective pieces. While there are countless pictures of the Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, this is perhaps the most special of them all.

That’s because Hugo has perfectly matched up this vintage-looking key with the very large entrance to the square. It looks both modern and old, and it looks as though Hugo is on the cusp of unlocking even more culture within his photograph. Now we just can’t wait to visit!

Hanging Them Out To Dry

The world is full of bridges, and there’s a high chance that you don’t take much notice of them. Of course, there are the famous bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge, and the Rialto Bridge, but most of us still just walk or drive over them without a second thought. But Hugo obviously wanted people to take more notice of the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon.

Yes, he decided to turn this bridge into his own piece of perspective artwork – and you have to admire his creativity. While we wouldn’t like to leave our laundry hanging up in a public place just in case someone decidesd to steal our clothes, it doesn’t seem as though this shirt will take too long to dry. It looks like a glorious day in Lisbon.

Flying Into Friday Like…

While Hugo often uses the Lisbon landscape to create his masterpieces, sometimes he chooses to get his friends involved instead. And we have a feeling that some serious choreography went into making this dart-tastic photograph come to life. And we actually have a few questions about this particular picture.

For starters, how on earth did the guy in the red manage to float horizontally like that? And secondly, where’s the rest of his body? We know this is a case of some serious perspective, but we still can’t quite get our heads around it. One thing we do know is that we’ll avoid the giant dart if we ever find ourselves wandering around Lisbon.

Watch Out for the Crocs

Hugo’s home city is full of amazing architecture and bustling city life, but it seems as though he sometimes likes to take a breather and step away from the hustle. And when he stumbled across this beautiful stretch of forest, we bet he couldn’t wait to play around with the perspective.

And this worked out pretty well. We definitely wouldn’t want to go swimming in these waters with all of the crocs around, and we certainly wouldn’t want to become a crocodile’s dinner. So, we’ll just admire this large reptile from the comfort of our own homes instead.

Life Through a Screen

You’re looking at this photo through a screen right now, right? Most of us spend our days in front of screens, and while we can easily change our screensaver to be a picture of the sky, there’s nothing that quite compares to the real thing. So be sure to spend some time outside today.

And while Hugo’s photo plays with perspective in a way that really gets us thinking about the world around us, we can’t help but also be extremely impressed. The perfectionist within us loves how he managed to line these two up so perfectly, and we’ve gotta send some kudos his way for that.

Keeping Things Locked Down

Most of us are pretty used to living a locked-down life by now, but this photograph takes things to a whole new level. It’s amazing what can be done with just a human being and a padlock – and with a bit of flexibility thrown in for good measure. This man looks like he has transformed into a padlock, and that’s all thanks to Hugo Suíssas.

And we really do have to hand it to them for this distorted perspective. Although most of this is due to clever positioning, the flexibility is all down to the man in front of the camera. He puts all of us to shame, and we are definitely going to need to book a yoga class to stop us from feeling so hopeless now.

Flying Without Wings

Many of Hugo’s photographs are clever, but more than anything, this particular photo is absolutely breathtaking. Hugo took this photograph at the Marina De Setúbal and captioned it “The Human Seagull.” However, we have to say that we don’t quite agree with this caption.

After all, we’re used to seagulls stealing our ice creams and causing a menace on the boardwalk – and they rarely make us feel quite as emotional as this man with the feathers. That’s nothing against seagulls, but when you’re up against something like this, there’s just no comparison.

Riding the Open Road

Did you have to double-take when you looked at this photo? Don’t worry, we did too. Hugo actually captured this photo for a collaboration with a drinks brand, but we couldn’t help but include it in this list. It’s eye-catching, it’s clever, and it’s also incredibly beautiful.

Not only does it showcase the beautiful scenery around the roads of Lisbon, but it also showcases the fact that two things so different can work together so perfectly. In fact, it looks as though this martini glass was made to be a part of this road. Although it is making us feel slightly dizzy.

Ironing Out the Waves

While people don’t usually take their iron to the beach, Hugo obviously saw something in this particular item – and he just knew that he had to use it in one of his photographs. And now that we see it in place, we can’t help but agree that this iron looks more like a boat than a de-creaser.

And it seems as though this iron has done a pretty good job, as the water looks incredibly calm and flat. We know it’s not real, but something in our brains can’t help but think that maybe there is an iron-shaped boat out there. If so, we’d love to buy it, so send the details our way.

Trying To Be as Hands-on as Possible

We’d be lying if we said that this particular photo didn’t creep us out, but we also can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty awesome. Of course, we’re so used to seeing pictures of men and women in suits and looking business-like. But Hugo has taken this professional image and switched it up slightly.

Using just a normal hair clip, he’s been able to turn this relatively normal photo into one that not only gives us the heebie-jeebies but also makes us think she’s some kind of cyborg-alien. The only thing we’re missing is some thumbs, but from that angle, you wouldn’t see them anyway!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

We’ve always been told that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. But it seems as though Hugo Suíssas isn’t content with taking a sip of refreshment or listening to Queen Bey’s most famous album. Instead, he decided to take his lemon to the MediaPark Köln in Cologne, Germany.

From the bright yellow coloring to the white insides, the stylish staircase within this neighborhood and the colors of the lemon look perfect together – almost as though Hugo is peeling away the staircase. We don’t know how he comes up with these things, but one thing we do know is that we now really want a glass of lemonade.

The Power of Music

If you’re the kind of person who loves to listen to music, you’ll know that there’s immense power in it. Just a few bars and notes can make you feel happy, sad, angry, and excited all at once, and completely transform your mood for the day. But it seems as though Hugo had a different kind of power in mind when he took this photo.

By holding a pair of headphones in front of the camera lens, he was able to showcase a strength that we’ve never seen before. In fact, we have a feeling that this man is a lot stronger than we are. No matter how many times we go to the gym, our arms continue to look like the wires of in-ear headphones rather the over-ear design.

Adding Some Accessories Into the Mix

You’d get a pretty funny look if you left your house without shoes on, but there are many statues around the world that are barefoot. This is certainly the case for The Sanctuary of Christ the King in Portugal. But it seems as though Hugo wanted to make sure that his feet were firmly on the ground for this photo – and he wanted to add some accessories into the mix.

The end result is one that really plays with your mind. Is the statue small with big shoes? Or is the statue huge with small shoes? Of course, we know it’s the latter but that’s not to say that they wouldn’t equally be as awesome as each other. All in all, this is an incredible photograph that shows how just a small decision can completely change your perspective.

Just Horsing Around

Since making his mark as the master of perspective photography, Hugo has worked with some major brands. This not only showcases his work but also helps get the company’s name out there. And in 2017, he did just that when he collaborated with the British department store, Primark, on a photography collection.

For this project, he utilized a pair of their boots and a beautiful stable to bring this collection to life. And we have to say that it’s pretty hilarious. While there’s no doubt about the fact that this photo is eye-catching, it’s also enough to make us feel very jealous. After all, that horse can pull off those boots much better than we ever could.

Smelling Like Old Spice

Hugo will forever be captivated by the sights and sounds of his home city, but he does often leave Lisbon behind in favor of different destinations and locations. And on this occasion, he made his way to New York to see Lady Liberty in all of her glory. And while most of us see her holding up the famous torch, Hugo obviously saw something different.

And now we’ve seen it, we can’t help but think that the Statue of Liberty is holding up her arm to receive a generous spray of Old Spice deodorant. Hugo made the most of this canister in his hand, and the end photograph is one that’s so different from the same photos we see of this attraction every single day.

A Head Above the Rest

When Hugo posted this photo on his Instagram page, he called it “Benjamin Button,” and we can definitely understand why. With the head of a baby and the body of a fully-grown human, there’s something about this weird and wacky photograph that’s also incredibly interesting.

Of course, that’s not to say that we’d enjoy meeting this person down a dark alleyway. Although we can get our heads around the fact that this image is supposed to be weird and wacky, the head-to-body ratio is just a little off for our liking. He must have a very sore neck.

Holding Onto Something Special

Most people can’t leave the house without their bag or purse in tow. It holds all of their personal belongings, and it holds the things that are most important to them. You know, like house keys and lip balm. And Hugo obviously didn’t want this woman to go without her bag when she was wandering around Cologne in Germany.

Using just a small foldback clip, he was able to give this woman a one-of-a-kind purse that perfectly matched up with her positioning. Although we have to say that we won’t be rushing to the local department store to buy one of those bad boys anytime soon. There’s just not quite enough space for all of the trash we keep in our bags.

Chips Ahoy!

There’s nothing more relaxing than seeing a boat drift along the water, and it’s safe to say that we’d love to be floating in the ocean right now. But even Hugo had to miss out on all the fun when he captured this image. Taking this picture from dry land, he was able to snap these sailors in action.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a Hugo Suíssas photo without playing with the perspective of this shot. By placing a chip in front of the camera lens, he was able to mess with our minds and make us believe that this boat was actually chip-powered. That would be pretty huge if true.

Going Three Steps Forward

While most people would look at a camera stand and just see a boring camera stand, Hugo sees an opportunity. He sees an opportunity to push the boundaries of perspective and create something that none of us could possibly expect. And we have to say that he’s done just that with this particular photo.

He placed the camera stand in front of the camera and lined this image up perfectly. The final picture is one that makes our heads hurt. While we know this man probably doesn’t have three legs in real life, there’s something about this photo that just seems too real to be false.

Heading for Cover

Even if you’ve never been to Chichen Itza, you’ve probably heard of this stunning and historic attraction. Before Hugo made his way to Mexico to see this attraction for himself, he had the idea of using his powerful perspective trickery to turn it into an umbrella.

And on the day he was finally able to bring this idea to life, it started to rain! It was as though nature had wanted him to transform the structure into an umbrella, and the gloomy skies worked perfectly with the image that Hugo had in his brain. But we do have one question; where did he get half an umbrella from?

Tying up the Loose Ends

Have you ever looked up to the sky and thought that the contrails were beautiful? Sometimes they merge together to form impressive swirls and patterns, and it just so happened that on this day, they were swirling and whirling so much they looked like laces.

While we’d like to hope that Hugo was in a position where he could just whip off his shoe and take this picture, we also know that time waits for no man. So we can imagine him hopping around on one foot trying to get the perfect picture. But it definitely paid off, as this is absolutely incredible.

A Big Fan of Peacocks

We can only assume that Hugo is a huge fan of peacocks, and a huge fan of fans – because he’s managed to match up this fan perfectly with the feathers of the peacock. In fact, it looks as though this picture was meant to be. The positioning is just right, the colors are spot-on, and the end result is magical.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we’re the biggest fans of peacocks ourselves now. We’ve been chased one too many times over the years, and even a pretty picture like this can’t change our minds. While we can appreciate the photo, peacocks are still way down the list of our favorite animals. Sorry, peacocks.

The Best Game of Them All

There are millions of people across the globe who have a soft spot for soccer, and while the real game is pretty awesome, there’s something about foosball that’s even more fun. And Hugo obviously agrees with this, as he decided to bring the biggest game of them all to life.

When he made his way to the Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica in Lisbon, he decided to take a few plastic men along for the ride. By just holding them out in front of him, he was able to change our perspective and create something extraordinary. We’d love to play a game that big.

Got Enough Garlic?

Let’s be honest; you can never eat enough garlic. It’s perfect within any meal, it keeps the vampires away, and it’s just downright tasty. Because of this, we want to go wherever Hugo is going to purchase his garlic – as that will guarantee us that we’ll never run out.

Of course, we know that the garlic isn’t really that big, but Hugo has managed to not only make it giant but also give this chef her very own hat. This picture is one that puts a huge smile on our faces, and one that makes us crave something garlicky and buttery. Does anyone want to go halves on some garlic bread?

Making a House a Home

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you’ll know that this city is absolutely stunning. From the canals to the architecture, every corner brings a new photo opportunity. So we don’t blame Hugo for taking himself and his camera to this Dutch city.

When looking at the amazing buildings perched alongside the canal, Hugo was obviously reminded of a few highlighters that he had in his pocket. And when you look at them together, they do seem to work perfectly. While the buildings aren’t quite as neon in real life, they’re still just as colorful.

Time To Open Wide

Every so often, Hugo makes himself the center of his photography – and that’s exactly what he did on this occasion. As he made his way to his local park, he spotted a slide that would work perfectly with an idea he had. But he probably had to do a few jaw exercises before he was able to turn the camera on and start shooting.

That’s because Hugo had to open pretty wide to bring this photo to life. And he also had to get his friend involved to go down the slide at the exact moment the camera clicked. All in all, we think he snapped an awesome photo, and one that’s not only perfectly positioned but also perfectly timed!

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Passionate about his Portuguese roots, Hugo can often be found scouring his home country for amazing places to photograph. But unlike many other photographers, he doesn’t let heights determine his art. Instead, he often finds ways to be on the same level as some of the biggest attractions in the country.

Like the Santuário de Fátima, for example. By using some clever perspective tricks, he was able to fool our eyes into thinking that this man really was jumping over the large building. While we know that isn’t true, it’s been captured in such a way that makes it totally believable. It’s pretty cool, right?

One Ring To Rule Them All

One of the most prominent features within the London skyline is the London Eye. This circular-shaped attraction sees countless visitors every single year, and while some people like to check out the views from the many viewing pods on the wheel, others like to check out the view from across the river.

Hugo did just that when he visited the city, and with a ring box in hand, he transformed the London Eye into the coolest engagement ring out there. We would happily accept this proposal if it came our way, but we have to say that we would be a little disappointed that we couldn’t actually put the ring on our finger.