Throwing It Back: Take a Look at the First-Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities

Let’s keep it real, guys. We all know that it’s impossible to look back at old Instagram posts without cringing a little inside. From the bizarre filters that pixelated your emo bangs to the duck pout that was totally on-trend back in 2014, looking back at past pictures is enough to make you want to throw your cell phone out the window. But have you ever looked back at the very first picture you ever posted on Instagram? Tragic, right? Well, you’re not alone.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities32
Image: Instagram/Will Smith

Although celebrities now have teams of photographers and editors on-hand whenever they need to update the ‘Gram, they were novices just like us when they first signed up all those years ago. So, at Hype Galore, we’re throwing it back to take a look at the first Instagram pictures your favorite celebrities posted. Some are just downright awkward. And others look like they’ve been taken on a potato. But they are all absolutely hilarious.

Oprah Winfrey Took This Shaky Selfie With Sheri Back in 2012

All hail Queen Oprah! The talk show legend now has over 20 million followers on Instagram, and you can bet your bottom dollar that every single photo she posts is perfect in every way. After all, it’s Oprah. But when this leading lady first downloaded the ‘Gram back in 2012, things were a little different.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities17
Image: Instagram/Oprah Winfrey

It seems as though Oprah wanted to commemorate her first Instagram post with the help of her friend and former Oprah Winfrey Show producer Sheri Salata. And while she tried to take a sultry selfie, the end result was rather shaky. But although it does look as though the phone fell from Oprah’s hand while she was taking this, we still love it and will be placing it on our Oprah shrine this evening. Where it should be.

Ariana Grande Posed With Her Biggest Fan and Member of the Ariana Army

If you walked along the street and asked 10 people whether they loved Ariana Grande, five of them would probably start singing “Side to Side” right in your ear canal. Yep, this diva has got fans across the world, and her Ariana Army is full to the brim with people who want to get a kiss on the cheek from this queen.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities24
Image: Instagram/Ariana Grande

But when Ariana joined Instagram back in 2011, there was only one person’s cheek she was going to be kissing. In this adorable first post, she wrote, “Me & grandpa!!! He’s wearing his Ariana army hoodie! Hehe… I love him more than anything.” And if that’s not enough to make you weep, then we don’t know what will. We stan the ultimate Ariana stan.

Drake Shared His #Blessed Lifestyle as He Boarded His Private Jet

With over 5,000 posts on Instagram, it will take you a long time to scroll down to the first picture he ever posted. But luckily for you, we washed our hair yesterday, which means we were primed and ready to scroll the day away – and the result is pretty epic, right? We’d expect nothing less from the Champagne Papi, anyway.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities8
Image: Instagram/ChampagnePapi

Although Drake’s first Instagram picture may look as though it was taken on the worst camera in existence, we’re sure he didn’t mind too much. He was showing off his #blessed life in between concerts, after all. With the private jet in the background and the smug look on his face, we bet he was pretty happy with this snap.

Kim K Welcomed Us All to Her Instagram With a Kiss

Let’s be honest; Instagram is Kim Kardashian’s world. We just scroll through it. This reality TV legend doesn’t go a single day without posting selfies, showing off her Skims, or saying “you guys” around 215 million times – which, coincidentally, is how many followers she has.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities26
Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim K welcomed us to her Instagram page back in February 2012 when she posted, “My first Instagram pic… Kisses for Instagram!” Kim has recently spoken out about this first picture, stating that “I was sitting in my glam room and we took a picture on my BlackBerry, and I posted it, like, ‘Hey guys. I’m on Instagram.” But this is weird because we don’t think she ever added us on BBM?

Chris Pratt Got His Claws Out for His Very First Instagram Post

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Chris Pratt is the ultimate superstar (lord). When he’s not prancing around and guarding the galaxy, he’s winning us over with his snacks of the day and his family photos on Instagram. But if you’ve always wondered whether his first Instagram post was as bizarre as he is…. well, you’re in luck.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities6
Image: Instagram/Chris Pratt

Chris joined the ‘Gram back in March 2012, and his first upload came in the form of this. Just this. No caption. Just this. And what more would you expect? Only Chris Pratt could post a bad-quality photo of him holding lobsters without any context. And at the time of writing, it had over 37,000 likes. But we don’t know if those likes are for the actor or the lobsters.

Gisele Bündchen Paid Homage to Her Brazilian Roots in Her First Selfie

If you’re not following Gisele Bündchen on Instagram, then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. This model posts the most glamorous photos that will make you fall in love with her and feel utterly miserable at the same time – and we guess that’s why her ‘Gram keeps us on our toes. Her profile has been giving us heart palpitations since the day she just joined, really.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities5
Image: Instagram/Gisele Bundchen

We’ve enjoyed eight wonderful years of Gisele on our social media feeds, as she joined back in 2013 with this photo that made everyone stop and stare. And do you want to know what else? This first photo has since been deleted! But we had a backup prepped and saved (you can thank us later), and we know that she posted this photo with the caption. “Welcome to my official Instagram! Shooting in my beloved country.” Welcome, indeed.

Lady Gaga Made Her Peroxide Blonde Debut on the ‘Gram In 2012

We’ve been going gaga for Gaga for years. There’s nothing new there. And as someone who only posts photos on her Instagram and not stories – which means that we have to intensely Google what’s going on in her life – we’re even more invested in each new post. Hands up if you’ve also turned on notifications for when Gaga updates her feed? We’re not ashamed.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities19
Image: Instagram/Lady Gaga

But can you believe it’s been almost a whole DECADE since Gaga first made her peroxide blonde debut? Of course, she didn’t look too happy about the fact that she was posing for yet another social media profile, and she didn’t even post a caption, but it was still iconic. Slay, lady. You work that ‘Gram grimace.

Vanessa Hudgens Proved That Three Isn’t a Crowd Where She’s Concerned

What’s better than one witchy, mystical Coachella queen? Three of them, duh! And that’s exactly what Vanessa Hudgens was serving when she made her way onto Instagram. She obviously read our minds and realized that we wanted to see her luscious locks and her quirky hat from all angles, and she served up the goods.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities16
Image: Instagram/Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa posted this triple threat in December 2012, and she didn’t need to make use of any hashtags to rack up the likes on this one. The post, which she captioned “Oh. Hello. Officially on Instagram.” has garnered more than 85,000 likes over the years. Let’s go, Wildcats!

The Rock Opened Himself up for Some Serious Instagram Business

Only the coolest celebrities get to rock their own stage name, and Dwayne Johnson is one of them. This guy oozes coolness, but he’s also super sweet, generous, smart, and a serious stud muffin – so can you tell that we’re basically in love with him? Because of this, we have scrolled past almost 6,000 Instagram posts to see where it all began. We’re nice like that.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities14
Image: Instagram/Dwayne Johsnson

The Rock made his grand entrance into the Instagram ring in February 2013, and he chose to make his presence known in a big way. In fact, he grabbed his WWE belt, and he wrote “Rock. You. Instagram.
We’re open for business…#InstagramGetsRocked.” And let’s just say that this first post rocked our world.

Jennifer Aniston Broke the Internet When She Posted This Friends Reunion

Okay, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t follow the rules… so what? Jen does what she wants when she wants, and that’s exactly why the woman who doesn’t seem to age decided to join Instagram a little later than everyone else. Actually, almost a decade after everyone else joined the ‘Gram. But who is really counting? Not us.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities30
Image: Instagram/Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress joined Instagram in a MEGA way that left us all feeling like we’d entered a time warp. In October 2019, she posted this picture with the caption, “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM.” And a big hi, hello, and how do you do to you as well Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe! Gosh, we’re fangirling over this picture all over again.

Beyoncé Used Her First Instagram Post To Make a Real Statement

Let’s be honest; Beyoncé Knowles is an Instagram enigma. She could disappear off the face of the Earth for six months and then suddenly come back with a photo dump that makes us all squeal in excitement. Because really, we’re all just puppets in Beyoncé’s Instagram game – and we’re totally happy with that arrangement, y’all.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities27
Image: Instagram/Beyonce

With 173 million Instagram followers to her name, Beyoncé certainly has a platform that will make any wannabe influencer jealous – so it seems as though she used that fan following to make a statement for her first post. In November 2012, she posted this shot in support of Barack Obama, and we just love to see the fake rimmed glasses that were soooo 2012.

David Beckham Started off His Instagram Career With the Ultimate Thirst Trap

David Beckham may have gone through those awkward fashion trends throughout the ’90s and ’00s, but we probably don’t need to tell you that he’s now the ultimate DILFW (Dad I’d Like To Flirt With). And it seems as though he knows it, as he started off his Instagram career with a thirst trap for his birthday. But to be honest, we thought it was our birthday.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities18
Image: Instagram/David Beckham

On May 2, 2015, he downloaded Instagram, took this saucy snap, and wrote, “Good morning and hello! It’s great to finally be on Instagram, been a long time coming but I can’t wait to start sharing all my special moments with you. Thank you for all your birthday messages so far. Looking forward to a great day with friends and family x.” Ugh, he was perfect then, and he’s still perfect now.

Gigi Hadid Posted a Doting Family Photo With Her Mom and Step-Niece

Gigi Hadid doesn’t need too much persuading when it comes to updating her Instagram feed. This lady literally takes photos for a living – and they’re pretty good ones too. But while Gigi is now an Instagram fiend, there was once a time when she was a newbie like the rest of us. And as a big family gal, she knew her first post had to be special.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities20
Image: Instagram/Gigi Hadid

And it was, people. Gigi posted this adorable first picture back in 2011, and she couldn’t join Instagram without posting about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom, could she? Absolutely not. Gigi not only posed with Yolanda Hadid for this snap, but she also posed with her step-niece, Valentina, on her first birthday. How cute!

Seth Rogen Joined Instagram With the Man That Made It All Possible

Seth Rogen is a national treasure that needs to be protected at all costs. We’re serious. We just love the pottery-mad man he’s become over the years, and his booming laugh still continues to waft through our phones. And thankfully, he’s the kind of guy who likes to keep us up-to-date with his life on Instagram. But he’s only actually posted a little over 400 pictures over the years because he’s more of a stories guy.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities22
Image: Instagram/Seth Rogen

Everything that Seth posts on Insta has to have a reason behind it, and it’s safe to say that his first Instagram post back in 2013 was truly something special. We’ll just let you read the caption. He wrote, “I thought my first Instagram should be done at Instagram with the inventor of Instagram.” Yep, ladies and gentlebeans, that blurry person on the left is actually Kevin Systrom, who co-founded the app we all know and love!

Tyra Banks Celebrated Her Instagram Debut in 2012 With the Most 2012 Reference Ever

Remember 2012? When all we wanted to know was whether Katniss would win The Hunger Games and how Kanye West had managed to convince Kim Kardashian to date him. Those were the good old days, and it’s fair to say that the soundtrack of 2012 just had to be Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” It was the song we all loved to hate, and it was also the song that Tyra based her first Instagram post around.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities23
Image: Instagram/Tyra Banks

Yup, we bet she regrets that decision now. But when Ty-Ty joined the gram in March 2012, she couldn’t help but reach towards her nearest banana and pose for the camera. Her caption read, “Don’t #CallMeMaybe, Call Me Ty-Be. 🙂 Luvin’ this song and ur vid @justinbieber & @selenagomez!” And we just don’t quite know how to process all of that information. Let’s just move on.

Demi Lovato’s Deleted First Instagram Post Was a Whole Load of Fun

You’ve gotta love Demi, right? She’s had a tough run over the years, and she’s since spent time on herself to live her ultimate best life – and we just love that journey for her. But since reinventing herself, Demi has actually deleted all of her past Instagram posts. All that’s left are modern pictures that showcase her bangin’ new hair and her new lease of life.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities28
Image: Instagram/Demi Lovato

But luckily for you, we’re expert Googlers and have found the first post she ever uploaded to Instagram when she joined all those years ago. It’s since been deleted, but why? Demi and her gal pal look as though they’re having the best time with their painted faces. We’re not sure Demi quite realized that holding her phone meant she couldn’t complete her hand-heart, though…

Helen Mirren Proved She Was the Coolest Person in the World

We love it when celebrities provide us with the goods. We love it when they’re completely unexpected. We love it when they catch us off guard. And that’s the exact reason why we love Helen Mirren on Instagram. Seriously, if you’re not following this living legend yet, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and follow her. And then come back to see all of these epic first Instagram posts, of course.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities15
Image: Instagram/Helen Mirren

This iconic actress took us all by surprise when she joined Instagram in 2016 – and who cares if she was a little late to the party? She was fashionably late. For this first picture, she put on her best pout and wrote, “Hello Instagram. My first post. I hope you enjoy… Riding the St Charles streetcar in New Orleans. Having a Tennessee Williams moment.” Could she get any cooler? We think not.

Liam Hemsworth Got Up Close and Personal With Miss Piggy

Hands up if you love Liam Hemsworth? There’s a high chance that you’re waving your hands in the air like you really don’t care right now, because how can you not? This Australian hunk appears on our TV screens pretty often, but not so much on our phone screens. In fact, he’s posted under 200 photos since joining Instagram in 2015! That’s just not ok.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities10
Image: Instagram/Liam Hemsworth

And what makes things even less ok is the fact that Liam didn’t post the nonexistent photo of us as his Instagram debut. Sure, we haven’t even met him, but that’s just not cool. Instead, Miss Piggy got to share the limelight when Liam posted this photo alongside the caption, “Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy.” Excuse us while we go cry.

Jason Statham Proved That He Was One of the Manliest Men in the World

Only Jason Statham could make his Instagram debut next to some kind of giant warrior truck, right? By this point, we’d expect nothing less of the action star. And considering Jason now only really shares press photos and snippets of his new movie on the ‘Gram, we really have to congratulate the actor for making such a big impact and in such a manly way.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities3
Image: Instagram/Jason Statham

Jason joined Instagram in 2015 – but it seems as though he didn’t exactly want to. With this post, he wrote, “This is my first official post on Instagram. Sorry to those that have been following the string of phonies pretending to be me. From now on it’s real. Cheers.” Did he join Instagram because he wanted to share his life with us or just wanted to shut down the fakes? Either way, thank you.

Mariah Carey Helped Us Realize That All We Want For Christmas Is Her

With 10 million followers on Instagram, Mariah Carey’s diva ways have kept us all captivated for years. We love to see her hair get bigger every day, and we love to see that the diva within her is still alive and kicking. And while most of her Instagram posts showcase her new music or the time spent with her kids, she does love a good snap of her outfits. And we do too.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities12
Image: Instagram/Mariah Carey

In fact, that’s exactly what Mariah shared when she downloaded Instagram for the first time. Although she joined in July 2012, she decided to throw it back and share a photo from Christmas 2011 – and we don’t blame her. Look at that dress, guys. That’s just Mariah proving once again that all we want for Christmas is her.

Anna Kendrick Shamelessly Self Promoted Herself

Excuse the pun, but everything Anna Kendrick does is pitch-perfect. This lady can sing, dance, and act – and while this would normally make us feel jealous and full of rage, there’s something about Anna that we can’t hate. Which is why we’ll even forgive this shameless and completely unnecessary self-promotion that was involved in her very first Instagram post.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities2
Image: Instagram/Anna Kendrick

Anna graced the world with her Instagram presence in November 2012, and she made sure that everyone knew she was committed to the social media cause. Not only did she write her own Instagram handle on a piece of paper (we’re still not sure why), but she also wrote, “Okay so, this is officially happening now. And I’m REALLY SERIOUS about it!!!” in her caption. You go, gurl.

Rob Lowe Decided to Monkey Around at the Start of His Instagram Career

Rob Lowe is like a fine wine. Or maybe like a block of extra mature cheese. He just seems to be getting better and better with age – and in many different ways. Sure, he’s getting more handsome the older he gets, but he’s also getting funnier and much better at Instagram. You just need to look at the first picture he ever posted in 2012 to see that.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities25
Image: Instagram/Rob Lowe

While it’s not every day you have a monkey on your back, it was soooo 2012 of him to use so many of these long-forgotten Insta effects. From the black border to the fact that he blurred out everything but him and the monkey, it’s screaming old-school social media. And we kind of dig it. More of this content, please, Rob.

Kristen Bell Made Us Super Jealous Of Her Love Life

If you follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, you’ll already know that she’s one of the best celebrities on social media. Like, ever. Not only is she super hilarious herself, but she seems to have imparted this same hilarity onto her children – and her stories about her kids make us LOL. But these homey pictures and posts also make us pretty jealous about her love life.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities13
Image: Instagram/Kristen Bell

But Kristen has always been this way. Even since she first joined the app back in 2016. For Kristen’s first post on the ‘Gram, she chose this one of her and her hubby, Dax Shepard. She wrote that “I don’t know how to use Instagram but I do like this picture.” And doesn’t that sum up how most of us feel when we scroll through Instagram every day? Who knows what’s going on, but we’ll still post a cute picture of us at brunch.

Ashton Kutcher Decided To Make a Dark and Moody Debut on the ‘Gram

Okay, so who hasn’t posted a dark and moody picture of themselves on social media? We’re going to go ahead and assume that everyone has at some point – especially in the first few years of Instagram’s life. The dark background and the blurry filter were all the rage back in the day, and as one of the coolest people in Hollywood, Ashton Kutcher obviously had to jump on this bandwagon.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities21
Image: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher

Although we can’t really tell, it looks as though Ashton took this photo while traveling on a plane, and we don’t know why but this somehow makes the whole thing even cooler. From the hat to the strange angle, it’s one of the best first posts of all time. He posted this back in 2011, and he didn’t even post a caption. Just this photo, and that was it. Gosh, he’s cool.

Chris Hemsworth Showed Us What Life Was Like Down Under

The Hemsworth brothers make us want to pack up our bags, learn how to play the didgeridoo, and move to Australia. Because all the men in Australia look like them, right? We’d be very disappointed if not. Over the years, Chris Hemsworth has used his ‘Gram platform to show us what life is really like Down Under – and it involves a lot of creepy crawlies and animals we don’t ever want to meet in person.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities11
Image: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

But Chris actually joined the social media platform a little later than the rest of us. He put off making an account for a few years, but we have a feeling that his agents probably convinced him otherwise by the time 2015 came around. And when he posted this frightening selfie with the caption “Hangin’ with the locals in my backyard… the real Jurassic Park!” we began to question whether a life with Chris Hemsworth is really worth it.

Zendaya’s First Instagram Post Was Taken on the Set of Her TV Show

It’s been an absolute joy to watch Zendaya grow up in the limelight. She’s become one of the most successful actresses in the world – and we’d love to give her a big hug, but unfortunately, she just doesn’t know we’re best friends yet. This stylish sensation has kept us all up to date with her life through Instagram, and she loves posting behind-the-scenes snaps of her work.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities4
Image: Instagram/Zendaya

In fact, Zendaya’s very first Instagram was on the set of her TV show, Shake It Up! In this post, she called herself “Z-Swag” and posed alongside her co-star Cleveland (who she called D-Dogg). And you know what? This picture just makes us want to smile. It’s wholesome, it’s cute, and it’s the kind of content we’ve come to know and love from Zendaya. Keep doing you, Zendaya.

Tom Hanks’ First Instagram Post Took Him Back to School

Ugh, is there anyone more lovable than Tom Hanks? We didn’t think so. Over the course of his Instagram career, he’s won over 9.4 million followers – and we certainly love to double-tap on every single one of his photos as soon as it comes up on our feed. And we really do mean it. It’s a little scary how quickly our thumbs work now.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities9
Image: Instagram/Tom Hanks

Old Hanky boy has been living his best Instagram life since March 2015, and his first post so was so incredibly wholesome. He took off his hat, and he posed in front of his old school sign, and his caption just made our hearts melt. He wrote, “Was in Bay Area over the weekend. Back to school day!!! Hanx” and that was the start of his signature social media sign-off.

Serena Williams Proved Once and for All That She Was Superwoman

Serena Williams doesn’t really need to tell us that she’s Superwoman. We kind of already know it. This tennis legend has been at the top of her game for years; she’s landed herself a hunky husband, she’s welcomed an adorable daughter, and she’s besties with the Duchess of Sussex. That’s basically the definition of Superwoman! But it seems as though she wanted to remind us in her first Instagram post.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities29
Image: Instagram/Serena Williams

Serena joined Instagram earlier than some of the other celebrities on this list, but she still managed to take a half-decent photograph that didn’t look as though it was taken on a potato – so kudos to her. When she posted this super picture of herself back in 2011, she attached the caption, “Up up and away!!!” And so far, over 31,000 people have liked it.

Mindy Kaling’s First Instagram Pic Gave Us Serious Office Vibes

Mindy Kaling needs to be added to your “following” list right away. This lady is a living legend and so funny on social media. She posts everything from outfit photos (which are always fab-u-lous!) to adorable pictures of her kids, and she’s just the kind of woman that puts a smile on your face. It’s no wonder she has almost six million followers. Including everyone at Hype Galore, naturally.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities7
Image: Instagram/Mindy Kaling

And Mindy’s first Instagram picture is really something that needs to be archived – especially if you’re a fan of The Office. Mindy’s epic selfie with her co-star B.J Novak is giving us all the feels, and it also just makes us wonder why they just aren’t together already? Everyone knows that these two are destined to be together. It’s like Kourtney and Scott all over again.

Rupert Grint’s Instagram Debut Helped Him Break a New World Record

Does anyone else feel extremely old right now? Ron Weasley is a dad? Since when was he not a scrawny little child getting into mischief in Hogwarts anymore? But yes, Rupert Grint is a father, and he made this incredible announcement on Instagram when he finally joined in November 2020. Sure, he was late to the game, but we’ll forgive him because this picture is adorable.

Throwing It Back  Take a Look at the First Ever Instagram Posts of Your Favorite Celebrities31
Image: Instagram/Rupert Grint

With this post, he wrote, “Hey Instagram….only 10 years late, but here I am. Grint on the Gram! Here to introduce you all to Wednesday G. Grint. Stay safe, Rupert.” And not only was this incredible news for everyone, but Rupert actually broke a record thanks to this selfie. He now holds the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram. Go, go, Gryffindor!