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A Dream Job: Travel Agency Looks for Professional Slackers

One of the largest travel agencies, TUI, is looking to hire a professional slacker. Their motive for doing so is not yet clear, but the job description makes it seem like the perfect place to work.



TUI is one of the worlds biggest travel agencies and it recently opened up a job position for a professional slacker.

Yes, someone who does nothing but “chill,” for money.  It all looks too good to be true, but whatever the catch may be, it is totally real. TUI wrote that they’re looking for slowpokes to fill a fixed-term position. The ideal applicant is someone who takes pride in the fact that they can get as little done as possible at all costs while possessing an enviable ability to daydream of better days.

They want a person who has zero ability to multitask and no desire whatsoever in interacting with other people. TUI asks for a required experience of sleeping at your workplace but with the right mindset. However, they believe the person can be successful regardless of their past work experience. Whoever gets the position will definitely go without the pressures of an average job.

Where will the position take place? In the heart of Stockholm. The applicant who is lucky enough to get the job will sit in a nine square meter office with another “like-minded colleague.” That means two lazy people will get paid to sit and do nothing in an office together. Sounds great!

TUI took the liberty to describe key qualifications for the job, and they’re unlike any other you’ve seen on a job description:

  • Not at all able to think outside the box
  • Feel extremely uncomfortable hearing words like “productivity” and “deadlines”
  • Like to sit or lie down
  • Impressive ability to focus on your own relaxation regardless of external distractions
  • Truly prioritize your own relaxation

It gets even better! The description of the job itself sounds a lot like a vacation. The chosen applicant will have no responsibilities and is ordered to relax, nap, avoid computers. TUI wants this person to  “Sit in a beach chair wearing a summer outfit (not only swimwear) with your feet in the sand. Alternatively, lie on a beach towel if you find that more comfortable.”

The beauty of this job the most obvious part of it all, but not once did the agency mention why they need to hire a lazy, unproductive person to do nothing for a month. A great piece of advice for those who are accepted for the position is to “read the fine print!” Motive missing and all, this does sound like the dream job!