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Travis Scott Just Applied to Harvard & He’s “Really Excited About It.”

Our favorite rap artist has just announced that he’s applying to one of the top universities in the US. Travis Scott just shared the news that Harvard will be having to review his application in a short while and that he’s super hyped up about this next chapter in his life.



Travis Scott Writes His Own Future

Travis Scott is currently one of the most popular rap artists in the game (with an emphasis on the word artist). Scott not only sings, raps, and puts on a great show, he also produces his own music. His most recent hit “Astroworld,” released on August of the year 2018, hit the top charts and stayed there for a while. You’ll find tunes from the album lingering on the Billboard’s Top 100 Chart. The twenty-six-year-old made his way to success pretty early on in his life. While most young people assume that Travis can just kick back and relax for a while, the rapper has other ideas for his future.

A Rapper and a Playwriter

Like it or not, rap is a form of art. Some people even compare it to poetry… clearly, not all poetry has to be about love. Travis’s affinity for arts, in general, has him exploring other ways to expand his knowledge and learn new skills. On Ellen’s talk show, Travis revealed that he loves Broadway plays and that he has even started writing a play of his own. Most people do not associate rappers with a love of theater, but that is what makes Travis different. Perhaps other rap artists share this interest, but Scott is very open about it. Although we are all sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see the genius play that Travis is whipping up, it looks like we will have to wait a little while before it comes out.

Travis Takes on Harvard

Something else that makes Travis stand out from the other people in the rap industry is his latest endeavor. Rather than going on a few more tours and pumping out a verse or two on someone else’s single, Travis Scott is applying to Harvard! “Hypebeast” reports that Travis initially attended the University of Texas but did not finish his degree. His fast-growing success had him pressing “pause” on education. However, now that he’s already reached his goals as a rap artist, he is ready to take on another challenge.

Getting Hyped Up About Applying

On December third, Travis tweeted “I’m applying to Harvard in a couple of days. And I really am excited!” He then followed this tweet with another one saying, “SOMEBODY PINCH ME!!!” It’s clear that he is excited. The simple idea of even applying has him feeling like he’s in a dream.

The Rap Artist Parents Prayed For

One thing adults worry about is that there are no good role models in the rap industry. Rap music is one of the most popular genres amongst the youth. While there are songs about positive things, there also happens to be a lot of rap songs that discuss drugs, weapons, and other aggressive topics. The genre of music has such a bad reputation, that the president of Russia, Vladamir Putin, as even considered banning this type of music altogether.

He eventually changed his mind and admitted that it is impossible to ban rap music, but he is still trying to figure out how to “control it.” However, Travis Scott is making a huge difference with his fame. This rap artist has been urging young adults in his hometown to vote, meeting with congressmen, and simply showing excitements about getting an education. He is the type of role model that all the moms and dads prayed would enter the rap industry. We’re pretty sure Putin was hoping for this kind of guy to step into the Russian rap game as well. Perhaps it will happen soon.

Setting an Example for His Family

Travis Scott had his first child with reality tv star and makeup guru, Kylie Jenner. Baby Stormi Webster is sure to have big shoes to fill when she grows up. Her mom became a billionaire in her early twenties and her dad decided that education was still important, even after he made it big as an artist. One day she’ll figure out just how awesome her parents are and, hopefully, she will fill out an application to some of the top schools as well.

The Hype Galore team wishes Travis Scott the best of luck with his application.