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Triplets Separated at Birth Tell Their Story with a Twisted Documentary

What would you do if you discovered you had a long lost twin? What about if that twin turned out to be a triplet? Three Identical Strangers tells the story of triplets that were reunited and learned the dark truth to their separation. The documentary quickly gained fame for the story it tells and the experiment it shed light on.



A Documentary You Won’t Fall Asleep To

When most people hear the words ‘documentary’ they usually assume they’re going to see a film about something that is likely to put them to sleep. That, however, is not the case with the documentary Three Identical Strangers.

The film came out in 2018 and tells the story about a set of triplets that were reunited when they were all in college. The initial storyline sounds very sweet but it takes a dark turn.

Once Upon a Time…

Three Identical Strangers starts off with Robert Shafran in 1980. Robert starts school in college in upstate New York and is confused when people are coming up to him and calling him Edward. Soon enough, Robert discovers he has a twin, Edward Galland.

News of the reunion blow up and is announced all over the news. That’s when it gets even better. A third brother, David Kellman, surfaces after seeing two people that look exactly like him reunite on the news.

The Teens Become Overnight Sensations

Obviously after being reunited the triplets start asking questions about how they were separated and why. This is when the film goes from feel-good to dark and twisted. None of the adopted families were told that their sons were triplets and that was on purpose.

Turns out that the triplets were part of a complex psychological study that began in the 1960s by Dr. Pete Neubauer. The experiment wanted to study to the effects of nature vs. nurture by taking multiple sets of triplets and twins and separating them. The only people who know how many other sets of separated siblings exist are the scientists who took part in the study.

Dr. Neubauer passed away in 2008 and all of his records on the study are under lock and key at Yale University. They cannot be opened until 2065.

Three Identical Strangers tells one of the most twisted tales about human life vs science. Even though Dr. Neubauer is no longer alive, there are still many people who are making sure the “Twin Study” stays a secret.

The only way that all of the data on the study could be released is if the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services chooses to do so. Considering that the Jewish Board lawyered up pretty immediately hints that they’re probably not going to do that.

The project was funded partially by the government. They knew that by handing these scientists money they were approving the separation of twins. Most people who watch the film will say that what the triplets were put through was inhumane and wrong. While they are still trying to find out more about the experiment they were a part of, the triplets are just happy and thankful to finally be reunited.