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Trump Plays Santa and Reveals His Own Christmas Wish

President Donald Trump spent his Christmas Eve listening to children’s wish lists. With his wife by his side, he promised youngsters the best Christmas they’ve ever had and revealed his personal wishes as well.



One night out of each year, The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) promises to track Santa Clause’s flights. Although its silly, kids love the idea. NORAD gives live updates to youngins who want to know where Santa and his reindeer are on Christmas Eve. “Since 1955, NORAD has used satellites, high-powered radar, jet fighters and special Santa cameras to track Santa Claus as he makes his journey around the world,” NORAD explains.

Trump Plays Santa and Reveals His Own Christmas Wish

This Christmas, President Donald Trump joined the NORAD team. With the first lady by his side, the President answered calls from children who wanted an update Santas progress. Young girls and boys called for their Santa update, and to their surprise, were received by the President of the United States. Trump asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. He listened to the children and answered with excitement and generosity.

Trump promised a young Mississippi child “I’ll make a prediction – Santa is going to treat you well. Really well. The best he’s ever treated you.” The president even threw in an invitation to visit the Oval Office sometime.

Kids responses varied from wishes for specific toys to wishes for healthy recoveries for ill family members.

Casper from Arlington, Virginia asked the president for a set of building blocks. President Trump, a builder himself, was thrilled with this request. Trump replied with enthusiasm;“Building blocks! That’s what I always liked too.” He took this excitement even further and promised the Virginia boy that Santa would make his Christmas wish a reality. “I predict that Santa will bring you building blocks, so many you won’t be able to use them all,” President Trump added.

Another young boy, Ryan, told the president he wanted his grandmother to feel better and get out of the hospital. Trump applauded Ryan’s sweet wish. He replied saying “That is great. That’s better than asking for some toy or something.”

The president got on the same page as Ryan and revealed his own non-material wish;”We’ve got prosperity – now we want peace,” Trump said.