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The Perfect Man for the Job

Tyler the creator just dropped a Christmas single and we’re all ecstatic about it. It’s a holiday tradition; celebrities remake the classic jingles we all love to listen to. Mariah Carey famously redid the “All I Want for Christmas” song and Justin Beibers “Under the Mistletoe,” is just magical. While most people do a cover of the more positive songs, Tyler the Creator, made a cover of the Christmas song; “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” The rapper-producer proved himself worthy of this opportunity!

The cover was all in the spirit of the new Grinch animation movie. The same studio that created all the Minion movies, is coming out with an animated Grinch movie. Although Jim Carrey will always be the Grinch MVP, it’s still exciting to see what this new Dr. Suse spinoff has to offer. In the spirit of the proud grump character, the producers decided to ask a rapper with the same angry but sweet vibes to mix and mashup the theme song. Naturally, they approached Tyler the creator.

A Different Rapper

Tyler is a musician who raps, sings, writes and produces music. His career started out by creating a group called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Judging by the name of this crew of rap artists, you’d think Tyler is not so popular amongst elementary school kids, but he was perfectly fit to make this song.

Tyler’s talents go way beyond rhyming and rapping. He has his own signature approach when it comes to music. Tyler’s songs divert from the typical rap cultured music. The Odd Futures leader writes extreamly dark lyrics having nothing to do with drugs, strippers, and jewels. His words take on a whole new level of darkness. The artist mentioned that his biggest dream is to produce movies, so a lot of his lyrics describe stories Tyler made up himself.

Tyler and the Grinch Are Pretty Similar

Fans of Tyler the Creator know better than to come up to the artist and tell him how much they love him. In such scenarios, Tyler will respond the same way the actual Grinch would. He’d say something like “I hate you all!”

Although you’d expect this approach to turn fans away from him, it actually draws them towards him. At all his concerts, fans shout “I hate you Tyler,” to which the artist replies “I hate you too.” This grumpy, anti-love, and pro-hate is extremely reminiscent of the Grinch’s character. Many can recall the scene in How the Grinch Stole Christmas where Jim Carrey goes through the Whoville phone book so that he could read peoples names aloud and follow it with the words “I hate you!” This is something Tyler would totally do!

An Incredible Tune

His remake did not totally cover up all pieces of the Ravenscroft’s 1966 original. The lyrics, of course, are the same, and at times the tune will bring you back to the first time you heard the song. Tyler raps the lyrics while a quire of children sings in the background.

The mixture of the Grinch’s evil intent to steal Christmas with the sound of children singing gives it the creepy feeling you’re supposed to have when you see the Grinch (as a child of course.)Tyler raps and hums the classic “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch Songs” lyrics while the instrumental blows you away. It’s a MUST hear. The man is a musical genius. Hopefully, someone can get his heart to grow this Christmas.