We’re Lovin’ It: Mcdonalds Test Runs Plastic-free Restaurants Giving Hope to a Future of Sustainable Dining

Mon Dec 02 2019

Out With the Plastic, and in With the New

With eco-consciousness on a new high, big corporations are feeling the pressure to conform to the new, environmentalist way of thinking. It’s a big world out there, and it’s all down to us to preserve its natural beauty! One of the biggest fast-food restaurants out there has recently vowed to change its ways to protect our planet, and we have a feeling all of you conservation-enthusiasts out there are going to like the sounds of it!

We can only be talking about the fast-food chain, McDonald’s. For decades, this company has provided us with mouth-watering breakfast and lunch-time food until our hearts are content. Being the leading food contender, the golden arches have been in the hot seat for years regarding customer standards. Previously, it attempted to cater to visitors by introducing more vegetarian menu options. But now it’s all about turning eco-friendly!

With approximately 68 million hungry visitors entering the restaurant each day, McDonald’s is in no position to take any big risks, just one slip up and they could lose themselves a ton of customers! To ease people into a more sustainable way of life, the franchise has started getting experimental in its overseas branches! We’re talking about plastic-free restaurants. The first McDonald’s to welcome this service system was in Germany’s Mall of Berlin, and it opened up quite a few big changes.

Most of the plastic cutlery here was swapped over with paper and wooden replacements; it’s the little things that make a big difference! These changes only scratch the surface of how much the chain restaurant transformed, though! All of the usual McDonald’s condiments such as ketchup and barbecue sauce were served in edible waffle cups, while the Quarter Pounders, Big Macs, Bacon McDoubles and every other burger was wrapped up in grass-made material!

Testing the Waters Before Jumping Straight in

As we know, opening up a few plastic-free restaurants was a way of slowly getting used to more sustainable practices, but it also allowed the public to have their input. The Mall of Berlin transformation was actually just a trial, that allowed McDonald’s to showcase all of their ideas about becoming a more sustainable organization.

First and foremost, visitors seemed to love the grass burger packaging; it was an original idea, and it helped the environment out tremendously! The second success (in the McDonald’s customer’s eyes) was the waffle cups. By removing the eco-unfriendly plastic containers and placing condiments in something edible, we were saving the environment while getting the chance to munch on an extra snack! On the flip side, it was the straws that didn’t go down so well among visitors.

Much Work to Do in the Future

To put it simply: paper straws break and diminish too quickly. If McDonald’s want to welcome a more long-term, eco-friendly product to their service, it needs to be a little sturdier! To summarise, the experimental plastic-free restaurants went down well, and have continued opening to the public in Ontario and British Columbia, to gauge more customer responses.

This isn’t the end! Over the years, McDonald’s has started welcoming a couple of smaller sustainable practices in their restaurants all across the globe. Over in the UK, the fast-food chain is planning to ditch its plastic salad holders, swapped with cardboard replacements. One step at a time guys!