What Went Down on Fortnite? The Online Video Game Blacked Out Over the Weekend and Gamers Could Not Deal

Ever since it released in 2017, the online game “Fortnite” created by Epic Games has taken the globe by storm. Just recently, a sudden hiccup in the battle royale closed the multiplayer game down completely, leaving devoted players left with just a black hole in its absence. Unsurprisingly, this event caused a whole lot of speculation. Now is that spooky, or what?

The black hole may have come to an end October 15th, but there’s no denying this game took a complete 180 turn, leaving all of it’s dedicated players in the dark (literally.) Since this moment, social media has gone wild with people trying to make sense of the whole thing, nervously awaiting the hopeful return of their favorite video game. Here are all the details!

What Went Down on Fortnite  The Online Video Game Went Down Over the Weekend and the Rumors Ran Wild as to Why
Image: The Verge

While playing the popular game, gamers were met by a storm of asteroids, launching down from the sky before eventually sending them up into the air, left awaiting their fate. It wasn’t too long before the official map, which is commonly used in the game for players to navigate themselves around the battlefield, had disappeared completely.

It comes as no surprise to learn that these millions of gamers were left totally devastated to realize that they had been sucked into a black hole that had taken over the screen. It meant their popular and beloved game was no longer, or at least for quite a bit of time!

Causing Up Quite the Public Stir

As you can imagine, the world went crazy trying to justify how and why this blackout had happened, leaving them with nothing to do but stare at their dark screens. Of course, the main answer seemed to be that the black hole marked the end of Fortnite’s season 10, but was the next season in the running, or was this truly the end?

People came to the conclusion of a new chapter opening after Epic Games teased fans with talks of “The End” which would occur on October 13th. Sadly, Epic Games weren’t ready to disclose what was going on to anyone just yet. Their social media channels got closed down, and were replaced with a live stream of the black hole.

Finally Coming Back to Life

Two days of staring into the black hole of emptiness had passed before fans finally saw some action! Fortnite re-emerged into the 21st century and started up their Twitter account again. At around 4 A.M. Eastern time, chapter two went live to the public. To make things as exciting as possible, the creator gave players a whole new location to explore.

The makers behind Fortnite opted for a more rural approach in their second chapter, with forests and lakes; ditching the urban scene. There are also a ton of brand new battle passes, hiding spots, and new methods of transport. So, after two days of waiting around, it looks like Fortnite’s brief meltdown was merely a dramatic way of ending its first chapter; it certainly kept players on the edge of their seats!