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When You See It: Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Let’s be honest; what you see isn’t always what you get on social media. Sure, these apps let us share endless Boomerangs of bottomless brunches with the girls. And they even allow us to pretend we’re besties with Reese Witherspoon and her adorable dogs. But that doesn’t mean the celebs who also use social media are being their authentic selves. Especially not when Photoshop exists.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails34.jpg
Image: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

While some celebs have mastered the art of airbrushing and look as though they’ve been chiseled out of marble in each photo they post (absolutely crushing our self-esteem in the process), some need a few more lessons. So, at Hype Galore, we’ve decided to whip out our magnifying glasses in search of the worst celebrity Photoshop fails of all time… and there are some real doozers.

TikTok Fans Were Seeing Double When Madonna Body-Swapped Her Selfie

When you look at this picture of pop legend Madonna, do you see anything strange? Perhaps something that doesn’t quite add up? A little kooky, maybe? We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, because this just looks like another photo of Madge playing dress-up and posing for the camera, right? Wrong. It turns out that this isn’t Madonna at all. Not the body, anyway.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails27
Image: Instagram/Madonna

Madonna posted this photo in 2015 to promote her album, Rebel Heart, but in 2021 another singer named Amelia Goldie threw this whole picture into the limelight once again. Goldie stated in a TikTok video – that later went viral – that Madonna had stolen this photo from her own social media page. Not only that, but she’d Photoshopped her own head onto Amelia’s body! Now do you see it?

Rihanna Gave Herself Two Thumbs up When She Donned This Sultry Carnival Outfit

Look, in our eyes, Rihanna can do no wrong. She’s perfect. She’s stunning. She’s brilliant in every way. But we just can’t forget the fact that she once claimed herself to be a “good girl gone bad.” And this bad side came out when she was hit by the Photoshop curse during her Carnival adventures. She probably thought she could hide the curse… but you can’t hide anything from us.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails25
Image: Instagram/Rihanna

In this case, it was Rihanna’s thumb that let everyone know the curse was still going strong. Or should we say her two thumbs? Whether she was trying to smooth out her skin or just cinch in her waist, Rihanna’s Photoshop attempt left her with a rather strange mutation instead. At least both of her thumbnails were painted. That could have been awkward.

Britney Put Her Back Out To Snap This Candid Poolside Photo

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Britney Spears is one of the most iconic singers of all time. She’s hit us, baby, one more time on numerous occasions – and it seems as though there’s nothing she can’t do. Yep, apparently, she can even contort her body into all kinds of positions that we never even thought possible. Just look at her back!

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails14
Image: Instagram/Britney Spears

While many Britney fans were blown away by her beauty in this poolside snap, there were others who were more concerned about whether she had actually snapped her back to get it. Normally, when you arch your back, you also have to arch your stomach to allow space for your vital organs. But apparently, Britney doesn’t have to do that. We spy Photoshop.

John Mayer Proved His Body Was a Rather Strange Wonderland in This Selfie

John Mayer is a stud. Yep, you know it. This guitarist and singer-songwriter has proved to everyone over the years that he can woo anyone and make them fall in love with him. But while he often sings about our bodies being a wonderland (didn’t you know he wrote that song about us?), it seems as though John’s own body – more specifically his face – is the kind of wonderland you don’t want to visit.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails15
Image: Instagram/John Mayer

Just look at that Facetune, y’all. We’ve since discovered that this epic Photoshop fail was just a prank from the joker, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing. John and his pal look like robots from a horror movie, and his normally very-handsome smirk looks rather sinister with such smooth skin. Either that or he just has a fabulous skincare regime.

Kylie Jenner Pinky Swears She Doesn’t Alter Her Photos… but This Snap Suggests Otherwise

Every photo that Kylie Jenner posts on social media makes us cry inside. She seems to be picture-perfect in every way, and it’s not enough that she’s super-rich and has the best sisters in the world – she also has to go ahead and be absolutely stunning. Save some for the rest of us, Kylie. But it turns out that all may not be as it seems with this makeup mogul.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails6
Image: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Even though Kylie pinky swears that she’s au natural, many people have called her out for altering her pictures. In this photo, fans were drawn to her pinky finger, which seems weirdly smooth and small. Do you see it? Not only is the pinky tiny in comparison to the one on her other hand, but the skin on her hand also looks flawless. A little too flawless for that area of the body.

Blake Lively Stood Her Ground When It Came to This Photoshop Edit

We’re calling it; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the most iconic couple out there. These two are hilarious, they’re beautiful, they’re totally adorable, and we love to see them as we scroll through social media for hours on end. And we love it even more, when Blake calls out her own Photoshop skills. Especially this one.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails29
Image: Instagram/Blake Lively

If you look closely at Blake’s shoes, you may notice that they’re a little askew. That’s because the actress actually drew them on herself! When Blake couldn’t find any shoes to match her outfit, she decided just to make her own. She stood on her tippy toes to take the photo and then used Photoshop to customize her own Louboutins. We think she could have a side hustle in the making there.

Beyoncé Was Left With Some Wonky Sea Legs When She Made Her Way Onto Her Yacht

We can’t stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky, but we can wonder whether Queen Bey has Photoshopped her snaps in the past – and we’ll ALWAYS ask why. And on this occasion, it seems as though Beyoncé decided to take some time away from tanning in the sun to explore the world of Photoshop. But she got caught out.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails9
Image: Instagram/Beyonce

If you look between Bey’s thigh gap, you may be able to see that the sixth step from the bottom looks a little wonky. Very wonky, in fact. This is a tell-tale sign that the iconic singer had altered the space between her thighs to make it look bigger. And if Beyoncé feels the need to Photoshop her photos, then how’s that supposed to make us all feel? Miserable.

Even Mariah Carey’s Diva Ways Couldn’t Hide the Warped Cabinet Behind Her

Mariah Carey may have perfected the high-pitched whistle, and she may even have people carry her when she doesn’t feel like walking, but that doesn’t mean this diva is the best at everything. Of course, we wholeheartedly believe that she slays ALMOST everything she puts her mind to – but Photoshop isn’t her strong suit. Just look at that cabinet.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails22
Image: Instagram/Mariah Carey

Although Mariah doesn’t need to make herself look different for our sake, it seems as though she didn’t think this pic was pie-fect enough for the ‘Gram. Not only is the cabinet seen between her legs completely warped and different from the others, but if you look to the right of her body, you’ll see that the joint between her neck and her shoulder isn’t a natural shape. It’s actually pretty strange.

Kim Kardashian Suffered a Car-Trastophe With This Paparazzi Photo

Kim Kardashian may be a lawyer in training, but it seems as though she’s been found guilty of some serious Photoshop faux-pas over the years. Of course, Kim has denied these allegations. She’s claimed that her changing body is all down to pregnancy and a serious workout regime that makes us sweat just thinking about it. But nobody really believes her. Not when photos like this one are still alive and kicking on her Instagram page.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails1
Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

While Kim probably thought she was just showing off her Yeezy outfit and hourglass figure when she shared this paparazzi photo, what she didn’t expect was the eagle-eyed fans who instantly picked up on the mishap behind her. After all, have you ever seen a car like that? We spy Photoshop, but Kim later blamed this failure on a fan edit gone wrong. Yikes.

Miranda Kerr Found Herself in a Cinch-Uation When Fans Spotted Her Photoshop Fail

Everyone wants a cinched-in waist, right? Society has tried to trick us into thinking that the smaller your waist is, the more beautiful you are. While we’re here to tell you that you can be any darn size you want to be, it can be difficult to believe this when supermodels alter their bodies – and not hiding the evidence in the process.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails19
Image: Cosmopolitan

Although Miranda Kerr is considered one of the most beautiful supermodels the world has ever seen, that didn’t stop her from making her waist smaller in this photo. The giveaway? Just look at the bookcase to the right of her waist. Either she bought a dud bookcase that came with warped pieces of wood, or she suffered a rather obvious Photoshop fail. We’re going to go for the latter. Sorry, not sorry.

We’ve Gotta Hand It to Her… This Photo From Ariana Grande Was a Huge Fail

Ariana Grande isn’t the kind of celebrity who posts every single second of her life on social media for us to see – and while this makes us pretty upset, we have to respect her for it. She’s a human, just like anyone else, and while she may have a pet pig (which is the coolest thing in the world), we have to respect her privacy. However, this social media silence makes her social media fails even more deafening.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails18
Image: Cosmopolitan

You know, like this one, which is basically screaming at us to notice it. When you first glance at this stunning superstar’s photo, it just looks like another one of her picture-perfect posts. But take a closer look at her hand. In fact, you probably can’t really miss it. Somewhere in the realm of Photoshop, her hand has been elongated, and it’s kind of creeping us out.

Apparently, Kris Jenner Is the Only Momager Who Gets Younger Every Year

Dolls, you should already know that Kris Jenner is a legend. This momager has catapulted her family into the limelight and proved that business and pleasure could mix in a way that makes some serious dollars. But it seems as though this lady has also learned a few tricks from Benjamin Button – as she seems to be getting younger every year.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails21
Image: Instagram/Kris Jenner

At least that’s what she portrays on social media, anyway. But unfortunately for Kris, her OTT Facetuning was caught out when she posted this photo with Gordon Ramsay on her Instagram page. Although her photo was heavily edited and looked a little too good to be true, Gordon’s photo on his own page was the same…but very different. Basically, he outed Kris’s Photoshop fail.

Khloe Kardashian Put Her Best (and Long) Foot Forward for This Good American Photoshoot

Khloe Kardashian is the brains and the beauty behind the Good American brand, and this means that she’s often involved in promotional photoshoots. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? She does these all the time! Well, something obviously went a bit wrong in this particular shoot, even though Khloe put her best (and freakishly long) foot forward to make it a success.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails7
Image: Instagram/Good American

Khloe later responded to this photo’s backlash by stating that the proportions were messed up due to the camera lens and positioning. But we can’t help but think that a Photoshop fail was thrown into the mix as well. Can a camera lens really do that to your feet? We’re not sure we want to know, actually.

Jessica Simpson Seems To Live by the Rule of Suns Out Legs Out

Jessica Simpson is the kind of gal who loves to have fun. She’s either hanging out with her kids or jetting off to far-flung locations with her girlfriends – and we totally want to live her life. Pretty please? And when Jessica and her gal pals headed to St. Barts in 2015 to celebrate her 35th birthday… her legs caused a stir.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails4
Image: Us Magazine

While Jessica is known for her glamorous figure, there was something about her legs that just didn’t add up. They had the tell-tale wavy lines that suggest Photoshop has been at play, and the perfect triangle that makes up her thigh gap just didn’t fly with fans. They thought her legs just looked a little strange – even though the rest of her body and outfit made her look like a sun-kissed stunner.

Selena Gomez’s Hair May Be On Fleek, but Just Look At the Flick on the Door Frame

Selena Gomez isn’t normally a celebrity we have to call out for Photoshop fails, but it turns out that even the most beautiful woman in the world isn’t immune to a bad hair day. Of course, we’re not talking about the bad hair days we have where our hair clings to our mouths while also sticking up in all directions. We’re talking about a slight lack of volume.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails23
Image: Instagram/Selena Gomez

Selena obviously didn’t think the flicks in her hair were on fleek as much as she wanted them to be when she took this photo, so she decided to add some extra volume through the medium of Photoshop. But in doing so, she warped the door frame behind her and proved to everyone that her picture was altered. Unless she just hired a dodgy builder.

NeNe Leakes Is Definitely in Tune With Her Face When She Does It for the ‘Gram

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has been in our lives for decades now, and let’s be honest; we wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s fabulous, darling. And while NeNe has built up a reputation for herself as a drama queen, she’s also built up a reputation for herself as a Facetune fiend.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails3
Image: Instagram/NeNe Leaks

One quick look through her Instagram feed will show you that all of her pictures have been edited in some way – and it’s all pretty obvious. Her skin is perfectly smooth, her teeth are almost always whiter than our futures, and her eyes sparkling. We know she’s a natural beauty, but she’s not so natural on Instagram.

Glass Windows in the Walls, What Does Beyoncé Look Like After All?

Queen Bey strikes again. And this time, it seems as though her reflection is the one giving her Photoshop fail away. We guess you just can’t trust anything in this world – not even a glass box house that would be an absolute nightmare to clean. Could you imagine living there? No thanks. Anyway, back to Beyoncé’s reflection… do you see what’s amiss?

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails30
Image: Allure

While this picture of Beyoncé is stunning, you’ll see that the two bodies just don’t match up if you look at the reflection. Bey’s back leg is straighter in the reflection, her back isn’t as arched, and her waist isn’t as cinched in. That’s not to say that the reflection looks bad, but it’s certainly not the Bey standing in front of it.

Khloe Kardashian Isn’t Quite Ahead of the Photoshop Game

We do have to feel for Khloe Kardashian. Her appearance has been torn apart since she made her way into the limelight, and it can’t be easy to have people commenting on your looks on a daily basis. And while she may seem like the Kardashian klan’s ultimate badass – she’s a human just like the rest of us. But it doesn’t help that she’s constantly filtering and altering her pictures.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails28
Image: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

Natural Khloe is stunning in every way, and that’s why pictures like this one seem to irritate fans who dislike the Photoshop side of Instagram. And this one definitely seems to have been altered in one way or another. Where has her neck gone? Why is her face so large in comparison to her body? It just doesn’t make sense.

Taylor Swift and Haim Were Riding the Photoshop Waves During This Sisterly Vacay

Taylor Swift’s relationship with the Haim sisters is one that makes us incredibly jealous. We just wish they’d invite us into their gang already. These guys make music together, they hang out together, and they even head off into the middle of the ocean together. On a ridiculously expensive private yacht, of course.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails12
Image: Cosmopolitan

And while this may seem like the coolest picture of the coolest people in the world, you may have also spotted the serious Photoshop fail in this photo. As soon as you move to the right of Taylor, the metal bars and wires that make up the safety barrier of the yacht go seriously askew. And while we’ve never been on a private yacht (if only), we know that’s not the way they’re supposed to be.

Jake Paul Messed Up His Muscles With This Photoshop Mishap

Jake Paul has certainly caused some controversy over the years, and we can’t help but think that he thrives off it. In recent years he’s moved from YouTube into the ring as a wannabe boxer, and his social media profiles have been full of seemingly muscular shots like this one. But have you spotted the Photoshop faux pas?

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails16
Image: Insider

While we have no doubt that Jake has built up some muscles during his boxing career, he seems to have edited his body in a way that no longer seems natural. He’s tried to smooth the outline of his arms to the point where they’re two different sizes and don’t even get us started on those trap muscles between his neck and shoulder that definitely aren’t that big in real life.

Eagle-Eyed Fans Spotted Kim Kardashian’s Wonky Walls and Flooring In This Picture

When Kim Kardashian posted this photo on social media, it’s safe to say that many fans’ eyes almost popped out of their heads. Sure, Kim has proved time and time again that she has a voluptuous asset to her name – but nothing really prepares you for pictures like these. She can balance a champagne glass on it, for goodness sake. That’s talent.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails11
Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

But when some eagle-eyed fans were able to tear their attention away from Kim and Blac Chyna’s derrières, they noticed something not quite right about their background. Judging by the warped walls and flooring to the left of Kim, it was clear to see that some Photoshopping had been involved. Unless she bought wonky closet doors – which we wouldn’t put past Kim based on her bizarre interior design choices.

Lindsey Lohan Was Obviously Having a DIY Disaster When She Took This Snap

The “Bend and Snap” is something we all mastered after watching Legally Blonde, but it doesn’t always come easy to everyone. It takes dedication and flexibility – and Lindsey Lohan was obviously in the middle of her training when she took this snap for the ‘Gram. But we don’t think she managed to master it in time because she decided to do her bending and snapping through Photoshop instead.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails24
Image: NY Daily News

But, of course, we think that Lindsey is beautiful without any altering or airbrushing, which is why we hope this was just a DIY disaster instead of a Photoshop fail. We hope the walls behind her back legs were just crooked, to begin with, and that she was in the process of calling a builder to come and fix the wonky lines. What a DIY disaster, right?

Emily Ratajkowski Looked ‘Armless as She Stood Courtside for This Basketball Game

As one of the most famous models in the world, we’re used to seeing Emily Ratajkowski looking flawless. Most of the time, she doesn’t even seem real, and she’s pretty upfront about the fact that she likes to show off her natural self. But that doesn’t mean that the Photoshop bug hasn’t bitten her over the years. And we have a picture to prove it.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails17
Image: Reddit

At first glance, this just looks like another Emily Ratajkowski photo. Stunning, right? Well, look a little closer. Specifically her arms. Not only are the court lines behind her warped and altered in a way to make her arm on the left look smaller, but the bottom half of her arm on the right just looks strange. Her bicep is smaller than her elbow, and what about her teeny tiny wrist?

Sofia Richie Stepped Up Her Photoshop Game in This Candid Snap

Sofia Richie is all about the angles, girl. She knows what angles work for her and her body, and her incredible pictures prove it. She’s wowed us all with her social media presence, and we kind of want to be her best friend, but she has found herself in a Photoshop hole once or twice. And she stepped up this Photoshop game in this photo. Quite literally.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails10
Image: Instagram/Sofia Richie

While we have to say that her staircase backdrop is breathtaking, the staircase’s beauty and perfection are what make the faux pas stand out even more. That’s because, if you look at the small column in between her legs, you can see that it has been digitally altered. It looks pixelated, it’s not going in the same direction as the others, and it’s been warped – just like the stonework around her hip and waist area.

J-Lo’s “Smudged” Mirror Left Many People Divided When She Posted This Photo on the ‘Gram

Okay, we get it, J-Lo. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You’re beautiful. You’re stunning. And you look incredible for your age. Many of Jennifer Lopez’s fans can’t seem to deal with the fact that this singer, actress, and all-around legend still looks so good at 51 years old, so they delve deep in an attempt to find a Photoshop fail. But what do you think about this one?

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails8
Image: Teen Vogue

While many have stated that she has smoothed out her stomach and tried to cinch in her waist – spot the strange mark on the right of her torso – J-Lo has smudged these rumors. Excuse the pun. She’s stated that a smudge caused the blemish you see on her stomach on her mirror that distorts the image. But fans are still divided.

Kylie Jenner’s Stretched-Out Peach Got Everyone Talking In This Promo Photo

Oh, Kylie. This lady is the social media queen, and while many love to see her strutting around and showing off her peach – there are others who are a little skeptical. After all, if you look back at photos of a younger Kylie, there’s a big difference when it comes to the size of her you-know-what. This has led many to believe she’s had surgery, but others just think she’s become a Photoshop master. And they think this photo proves it.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails20
Image: Instagram/Fashion Nova

Kylie posted this photo to promote a fashion brand specializing in clothes for people who have curves just like Kylie, but it didn’t exactly go down well with her fans. The makeup mogul obviously wanted to show off her asset in this photo, but people quickly pointed out the stretched belt loops and the pockets on her jeans. Has anyone seen a pair of jeans with that much stretch to them? If they do exist, we need them.

Kendall Jenner Didn’t Realize Her Wall Also Had a Little Too Much to Drink

Let’s be honest; it’s pretty heartbreaking to see Kendall Jenner on this list. It’s almost as though she’d trampled on it with her long model legs and then got the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner klan to do the same. She’s a supermodel, for goodness’ sake. Why is she Photoshopping her photos at all? Let alone completely failing at the same time…

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails34
Image: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

While Kendall probably wanted to show everyone how cool she was in this photo (even though she doesn’t need to try and convince us), it seems as though she just didn’t quite cut the Photoshop mustard. If you look at the wall behind her, you’ll see that it has the tell-tale wavy lines of a Photoshop job gone wrong. She still looks stunning, though.

Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Kid Into Their Family Photo? You Decide

As you’ve probably already gathered by now, Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly a novice when it comes to Photoshop. In fact, we’d say she’s one of the worst offenders of them all. And while many fans just deal with the fact that being totally obsessed with Kim K means having to gloss over these little mistakes, some fans drew the line with this family photo.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails43
Image: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Sure, we all know that Kim Photoshops her own photos… but Photoshopping her kids? Is that too far? Although this was never confirmed, there are some people out there who believe that Chicago (the young girl/Flintstone sitting on the floor) was actually Photoshopped into this photo. There’s something about her placement that seems a little off.

Let’s All Give Oprah Winfrey a Hand (or Three) For Being Completely Unaware Of This Photoshop

Ok, so this one isn’t Oprah’s fault. You didn’t think we’d just tear down our favorite person in the world, did you? Of course not. This Photoshop fail is all down to the editing team at Vanity Fair who all had a bit of an oopsie when they were given this celeb-centered photoshoot to perfect.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails42
Image: Vanity Fair

While this just looks like a fabulous photo of Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hanks (a trio we love more than anything), take a closer look at Oprah’s hands. How many do you count? One? Two? Three? Yep, somehow Oprah has ended up with three hands in this Photoshop fail – two on her waist and lap and one around Reese!

Hit Us Britney One More Time With Your Obvious Photoshop Fail

Now we want to be besties with Britney Spears as much as the next person, but there’s no doubt about the fact that she’s provided us with some serious Photoshop fails over the years. She regularly posts photos and videos to her Instagram page, but if you’ve ever looked in the background you may have noticed a few squirls and whirls.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails41
Image: Instagram/Britney Spears

In this case, just look at the sideboard behind Britney in the mirror. You can see that she’s tried to cinch in her waist using Photoshop – and while it’s had the desired effect, it’s also completely warped the drawers and the cabinet top. Either that or she just wants all of her makeup products to roll off when she places them down.

Miranda Kerr Managed to Completely Change the Floorplan in This Sultry Selfie

Really, Miranda? Another Photoshop fail? It turns out that even Victoria’s Secret models have insecurities, and this just leaves us with absolutely no hope. But if you find that you often compare yourselves to these models, the fact that she uses Photoshop to alter her images means that she doesn’t really look like the image you’re trying to achieve. So stop trying and embrace your own beauty, y’all.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails40
Image: US Magazine

On this occasion, Miranda changed her photo so much that she actually changed the floor plan of the hotel carpet in the process. She’s somehow warped the carpet on either side of her, creating wavy lines in what should be a carpet with strange lines and shapes. It’s all wavy, baby.

Queen Bey Got Her Photoshopped Legs Out for This Sunny Selfie

Beyoncé has certainly grown up a lot (and become even more iconic) since this photo was taken and put on her Instagram, but that doesn’t mean we’re just going to brush over it. No, this has nothing to do with the fact that we weren’t invited to this girl’s brunch in the sun. No, we’re totally not jealous.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails39
Image: Instagram/Beyonce

Queen Bey has been caught out a few times, but this Photoshop fail is one that gets clearer the more you look at it. At first, it seems flawless as always, but then you hone in on the phone on the table, the wine glass, the couch underneath her thigh, and the thigh itself. Photoshop has clearly been at play, and not very well…

Caution: You Won’t Be Able To Unsee Kylie and Jordyn’s Photoshop Fail

Oh, those were the days! When Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were besties and living their most extravagant lives. Then everything went down the toilet and they’ve not spoken since – but at least we got a very entertaining Keeping Up With the Kardashians season about it.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails38
Image: Instagram/Jordyn Woods

But if you cast your mind back to the olden days and selfies past, you might have realized that Kylie and Jordyn’s perfect lifestyle wasn’t quite so perfect. Sure, their picture looked incredible at first glance, but when you look at the floor – and more specifically the pink lines on the floor – you can see that both of their bodies have been edited to look both cinched in and voluptuous at the same time.

We Can Definitely See Photoshop on the Horizon in Amanda Holden’s Bikini Shot

Amanda Holden is an English singer, actress, and presenter who has already made her mark across the pond – but it seems as though she’s also made her mark on the ocean. And not in the best of ways. While we love a bikini selfie as much as anyone on this planet, we can’t help but think that this one looks a little Photoshopped. And by a little, we mean a lot.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails37
Image: Instagram/Amanda Holden

Everything from the warped walkway to the crazy horizon, it’s very clear to see that Amanda has got a little Photoshop-happy when posting this on social media. Last time we checked the ocean didn’t move in such a way, and we have a feeling that if the walkway really was bent like that she wouldn’t be standing up straight. She’d have belly-flopped right in there.

Kim K Was Having Some ‘Armless Fun During Her Vacay With the Food God

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban are best friend goals. Their Halloween costumes give us life every single year, their meals make us all jealous, and they just have the best time. But it seems as though sometimes their vacations can go a little awry. So much so that Kim actually loses an arm in the process…

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails36
Image: Instagram/Food God

Or is that just a serious Photoshop fail? We don’t know how Kim altered this photo so much that she literally lost the bottom of her arm that’s nearest the “Food God” but we just can’t look away. We’re going to assume that either Kim or Jonathan wanted to cinch in their waists, but the end result is something none of us expected.

Lindsay Lohan Seriously Needs to Step Up Her Photoshop Game

Oh, Lindsay. Her photos on Instagram are always filtered and a little blurry nowadays – but we don’t mind. It’s been her way of Instagram life for many years now and to be honest, we wouldn’t expect anything less. But what does give us the heebie-jeebies is when she doesn’t even try to hide her other Photoshop fails.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails35
Image: Instagram/Lindsay Lohan

What’s so funny about this failure is the fact that Lindsay posted this to promote a waist trainer – which is supposed to help cinch in your waist and make it smaller than ever. But if you look at the floor and the staircase behind her, you can see that the actual waist trainer is Photoshop rather than a shoddy product you can find alone. Sorry, guys.

Jordyn Woods Seems To Be Getting Used To Living the Thigh Life

While Jordyn Woods does have her own career to be proud of, there’s no doubt about the fact that everyone knows her for being part of the biggest Kardashian klan drama we’ve ever witnessed. Seriously, that story kept us on our toes for months. But as they say, all press is good press, and she’s now bagged herself a huge following on social media.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails13
Image: Instagram/Jordyn Woods

And while many of her fans feel sorry for her, others get a little irate when she posts her Photoshop fails. Sure, this one might not be so obvious, but if you look at that thigh gap, you can see that it’s been edited. Normally you have to arch your hips right back to achieve such a gap, but Jordyn just used Photoshop instead. We guess it yields the same results.

Bella Hadid Unnaturally Created Her Own Natural Environment in This Bikini Shot

The Hadid family is known for being naturally beautiful in every way. Yolanda Hadid paved the way for all of her children to follow in her modeling footsteps, and everyone knows that Bella is the dark horse of the family. Everyone thinks she’s stunning, and her success in the modeling world proves that. So why is she Photoshopping her photos? Especially when she’s not actually Photoshopping her body.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails26
Image: Instagram/Bella Hadid

Yep, you read that right. Although this just looks like another beautiful bikini shot by Bella, just take another look at the “natural” world around her. See those bushes? If you zoom in close, you’ll be able to see that they’re incredibly pixelated and unnatural – almost as if they’re not there at all! To us, it looks like Bella completely Photoshopped her background, and we’re not sure why.

Josh Moss and Amelia Marni Proved They Were Joined At the Thigh During Their Bali Vacation

We’ve heard about being joined at the hip, but it seems as though Josh Moss and Amelia Marni wanted to take that love, adoration, and desire to take a saucy selfie to a whole new level during their trip to Bali in January 2020. After all, the former Love Island Australia contestants have to battle with countless other reality show stars for social media attention. So we don’t blame them for going the extra mile.

When You See It  Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails2
Image: Instagram/Josh Moss

But we do have to question whether becoming a mermaid is a practical choice when choosing a new look for yourself on Instagram. Sure, none of us have ever seen one in the flesh before – but is it something Amelia can really maintain? Or is the fact that she has one giant thigh rather than two separate legs just a Photoshop attempt gone wrong?