When You See It: The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check the Background

Tue Aug 03 2021

Ahhh, the selfie! We’ve all taken one, right? In fact, we’ve sometimes taken one even if we didn’t mean to. We turned on our front camera by accident and before we knew it we were staring at a potato face with more chins than even Einstein could count. But when that happens, most people know not to post the photo on social media. If only these people had followed that same advice…

Yep, these selfie-lovers really should have given these photos a background check. There are people lurking behind the scenes, there are mirrors giving away intimate secrets, and there are things we’ll be seeing in our nightmares for the rest of eternity. Just wait until you see all of these selfie fails, because we guarantee that you won’t be able to un-see them ever again…

Who Let the Cats Out?

Well, this man certainly looks dressed up! Whether he’s on his way to prom or just fancied wearing something smart for his visit to Chuck E Cheese, it seems as though he was definitely feeling himself in this outfit. And while he may have loved his white suit and his blue silk tie, we can only assume that his pet cat didn’t quite agree with his fashion choices…

From the outset, this just looks like your typical mirror selfie. But when you look behind the main character you realize that the real star is the one in the background! We do have to wonder why this cat looks like it’s throwing up, though. Let’s hope it’s not because the cat hates the outfit.

This Selfie Is Definitely Snot Funny

In a world where social media reigns supreme, many people feel the pressure to post perfect photos online. So, they spend their days taking pictures of their brunch, doing Boomerangs with their besties, and hanging out in bathrooms to get the coolest and most unique photos around. And this one is certainly unique.

While this lady probably just wanted to show off her outfit, she ended up showing much more when she took this selfie. And did she nose what was up with this photo when she posted it? We think not! This hiccup is technically in the foreground, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless. Especially when you see that the smudge on the mirror is perfectly placed.

When Your Owner Has Gone Barking Mad

Being a dog owner means that you have to deal with all of the responsibilities that come with the pooch, and that means having to let them outside every so often to do their doggy business. But instead of heading out into the cold to wait for her pawfect pet to relieve itself, this lady decided to snap a few selfies in her brand new ‘fit.

But it seems as though she spent a little too long trying to get the right angle and trying to perfect her pose, as her dog just wanted to be let back inside. Instead of barking like mad or scratching at the door, this dog decided to get involved in her selfie activities instead – and she didn’t even realize!

Mama’s Big Boy Posing for the Camera

When you work hard in the gym and you put your literal blood, sweat, and tears into transforming your body, you’re allowed to brag about it every so often. After all, did you even go to the gym if you didn’t snap a selfie? Do you even lift if you don’t flex your muscles in the mirror, bro? This guy obviously got the memo.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that this man and his muscles are impressive, he probably should have looked over this picture before posting it on social media or adding it to his dating profile. Everyone loves a mama’s boy, but not so much when she’s the one taking the picture. He really should have looked twice.

“Babe, Stop Taking Pictures of Me”

When you’re feeling especially single and ready to mingle, it can be hard to see loved-up couples posting cute photos on social media. You can feel left out, and you can feel incredibly jealous. This girl obviously wanted to get involved and showcase her own love life online – but romance wasn’t exactly on the cards for this single pringle.

Although she tried to make it seem as though this “candid” picture was taken by her other half, her sneaky plan was busted when she didn’t check the background. She was caught out by her mirror, which proves that she was just taking the photo herself. We have to give her kudos for trying her best, but on this occasion, it just wasn’t quite good enough.

A Man and His Baby… Oh, and the Dog

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with the people you love, and we bet this dad was feeling as happy as a clam when he ventured out into his backyard with his baby in tow. The sun was shining, his baby was smiling, and the flowers were in bloom, so he decided to commemorate the occasion with a selfie. And it was the perfect photo… until it wasn’t.

We don’t even think a professional Photoshop wizard could eliminate this background photobomber. Yep, it seems as though the dog also thought they would take advantage of the wonderful fresh air, and took that opportune moment to relieve itself right behind the dad and the baby. We guess you win some and you lose some.

We All Know That Three’s a Crowd

This is just a cute couple photo, right? Everyone loves a couple’s photo and there’s no doubt about the fact that they always get tons of likes on social media. You can also guarantee that any couple photo you post will be inundated with comments from older relatives wanting to be updated on your love life. But those who saw this particular couple’s photo had more pressing questions to ask.

While this photo may seem cute and innocent, there’s a much deeper side to it. Deep like the gap between the young lady’s shoulder and the young man’s neck, you could say. If you didn’t spot it before there’s actually a third person in this photo! And we all know that three’s a crowd.

Having Your Eyes on the Prize

Did you really go to the optometrist if you didn’t try any glasses on? We think not. It’s a rite of passage to head into the store and try on as many glasses as you possibly can – and you get extra points if you try on the goofy ones. This woman obviously got that memo, because she found the goofiest glasses in the store and posed for a photo in the process.

And while this may just seem like a sweet and innocent photo, take another look at the background. It seems as though someone else made their way into the store with a game plan of their own, and it wasn’t to try on glasses! This guy was caught in the act with his eyes on the prize, as there’s no hiding from the camera.

When You’re Left Out of the Group Photo

Sleepover time! There’s nothing more fun than having a sleepover with your besties, and these young ladies decided to commemorate this exciting occasion with a few mirror selfies. They donned their sleepwear, they posed in front of the bathroom mirror, and the girl on the left pressed the shutter button on the camera. It was all going so well. And then it went so wrong.

We don’t know whether this photo lurker wasn’t invited to the party or just didn’t want to be involved in the photoshoot, but she looks pretty creepy. In fact, these posers might want to sleep with one eye open tonight because she doesn’t look like she’s the friendliest of sleepover guests…

Getting Cleaned up for the Team Photo

Selfies can be taken to commemorate so many different occasions. Whether you’re happy, sad, or just bored, they can capture a moment perfectly. You know, like if your sports team wins their game! This team obviously decided to take a photo of their celebrations, but they probably should have given it a once-over before sending it out into the universe.

If you look in the top-right corner, you might notice that a member of their team is missing from their fully-clothed shenanigans. Eager to get into the shower and clean up for the team photo, he opted to get ahead of the game and grab a cubicle before everyone else – but his teammates didn’t realize that he was missing. At least he was still in the shot.

Not-so-Calm Amongst the Chaos

When you take a mirror selfie in your bedroom and then post it online, you can guarantee that there are going to be people dissecting every inch of the background. And there’s certainly a lot to dissect in this woman’s photo. But if you also don’t know where to begin because of the chaotic mess on the floor, try to hone in on the left side of the photo…

Someone on the internet really did zoom in on every inch of this woman’s floor, and they found something animalistic in the chaos – quite literally! Just below the wooden box, there’s actually a rat poking its tail out of a chip packet. We just really hope it was her pet, and not a wild animal who had moved in without an invitation.

You’ve Got to Love Those Candid Photos

Nowadays, you can’t scroll through Instagram without coming across those “candid” photos. Influencers and social media fans alike pretend to laugh for natural-looking shots, and they bend their hips in unusual and unnatural ways to show the world that they totally don’t pose for the camera. And this guy obviously wanted to get on board the candid train.

While he tried to make it seem as though a romantic partner was taking a “candid” photo of him in bed, what he didn’t realize was that the mirror was giving away all of his secrets. And while we’re a little disappointed he tried to trick us, we’re also pretty impressed at the same time. It can’t be easy to hold an iPad in between your feet, after all.

What Are You Looking At?

When you and your bestie get together, the drinks might start to flow, the conversation quickly turns to belly laughter, and the selfies come out in full force. That’s basically friendship 101. And these two obviously decided to play by the rules when they took this photo together on their friend date.

But we have to say that when you see the dog, you can’t un-see it – and it kind of takes center stage! In fact, we have a feeling that it’s the dog’s world and these girls just live in it. You could even say that they’re the ones interrupting the dog’s selfie time. Because that pooch knows how to work its angles.

Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

Sometimes a bathroom selfie is where it’s at. Normally the light is just right, there are mirrors everywhere, and it’s private enough for you to work different angles and really find your good side. So, we really don’t blame this woman for taking advantage of this bathroom break to take a selfie. What we do blame her for is not checking the selfie before posting it.

Yep, she really is taking a selfie while sitting on the toilet! What people get up to on the toilet is none of our business most of the time, but when there just so happens to be a mirror behind you, it’s probably best that you don’t take a selfie while taking a seat on the throne. Judging by that smile, she totally didn’t realize what she was doing.

The Ultimate Spring Break Interruption

Spring break is the best time of year, right? You can let your hair down, you can enjoy the sunshine, and you can take a break from normal life to hang out with your friends. These women all made their way to the beach for their spring break adventures and they donned their white bikinis for the occasion. The guy behind them also wore his favorite banana hammock.

These women had no idea that their group photo was being interrupted by the beach wanderer, but it just makes the photo even funnier. He’s trying desperately not to look at the group of young, beautiful women lounging on the beach, but we don’t think he quite managed to keep his eyes away.

The Literal Meaning of Smart/Casual

When you’re invited to an event that suggests “smart/casual” as the dress code, it can be confusing. Do you lean more towards the smart? Or the casual? Finding the perfect balance is extremely hard, but this guy decided to take the literal route and try both styles out for size. And his mirror revealed all.

Although we don’t think he meant to show off his bare legs and his underwear to the whole online world, that’s exactly what he did. He went for the party look on top with his suit jacket and his T-shirt but kept it casual with the bottom half of his body. Or maybe he was just going for the Tom Cruise in Risky Business look?

When Your Selfie Game Is Life

There are three kinds of people in this world. There are those who don’t have a single picture of themselves on their phones, there are those who take a few selfies during special moments, and then there are those who can’t go a single day without snapping a picture. For some people their selfie game is life, and this seems to be the case for this woman.

In fact, she was so focused on taking the perfect mirror selfie that she didn’t realize the person in the bath behind them was in some serious trouble. Whether they’d fallen off the side or whether the water was just too deep for them, they don’t seem to be too comfortable. At least she’s got a fire selfie though, right?

Oops, Mind Your Head

No vacation would be complete without some photo memories, and many people around the world love to snap vacation photos whenever they go somewhere new. They can show their grandchildren these photos when they’re older, they can use them to remind them of the good times, or they could just show them off on social media. And while this may seem like a pretty average vacation snap, it’s so much more.

The main focus of this photo is the man posing with the bag in his hand, but we can’t help but be taken aback by the background. It’s not every day you manage to take a photo of the perfect mid-action shot, after all. This cyclist just happened to fly right into the lamp post when this person clicked the shutter, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

When You’ve Got to Go, You’ve Got to Go

When you’re feeling your outfit and in the mood for selfies, you often don’t think about what’s going on around you. You’re focused on what you’re wearing, how your hair is looking, and what pose best shows off your features. So we can only assume that this woman was so consumed by the selfie process that she didn’t look at what was going on behind.

And while the person on the toilet probably knew that she was taking a photo, they didn’t have much choice in the matter. When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go, and you can’t just hold anything in for the sake of a selfie. We guess the only saving grace is that you can’t see the face of the person doing their business. We bet they’re pleased about that, too.

Getting a Little Too Snap-Happy

It’s safe to say that most people have a camera phone nowadays. No longer do we have to carry around separate cameras to snap pictures of things that make us happy, because it’s all on one small device. And while this woman probably wasn’t thinking about this fact when she was posing for this photo, she probably realized this all too well when she looked back at it later…

Yes, what she thought was just an innocent photo at work turned into a photo with a very deceiving background. This passer-by had obviously liked what he saw, so decided to whip out his camera phone and get snap-happy with the device. The other men around him certainly found it funny, but we have a feeling that she wouldn’t be best pleased.

Sleeping Under the Influence of Snacks

It’s not uncommon to see pictures of people sleeping on social media – as weird as that sounds. Many couples often post cute pictures of their significant others having an accidental nap on Instagram and Facebook, and most people see it as endearing and adorable. This woman obviously agreed as she tried to recreate it herself, with the inclusion of some snacks.

We don’t know how anyone could fall asleep eating chips as they’re the most delicious and most entertaining snack ever, but she managed to do so. Or at least she pretended to do so. She was caught in the act when the mirror behind her revealed that she wasn’t asleep or in a couple. She was simply in a relationship with snacks instead.

Warning: Unexpected Item in the Background

This photo should be a warning to everyone that you should always take a good, hard look at the background of any photo before you decide to post it online. Yes, even close-up selfies like this one. That’s because you never know what someone else will see, no matter whether they’re really searching for it, or whether it’s hiding in plain sight.

This guy just wanted to take a selfie of his face when he took this picture, but he ended up showing so much more because he didn’t shut his drapes! The night sky outside and the bright light inside made for a very naughty reflection, and we bet he didn’t even notice. That’s pretty awkward.

What’s That behind You, Lady?

There are many people in this world who dream of rock-hard abs, but it takes a lot of hard work. So, we don’t blame people who have a six-pack for showing it off. You’d probably do the same. But what we do blame this woman for is not checking the background of her ab selfie before she decided to post it to the ‘Gram. Because this is pretty gross.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that this lady has a new puppy – and was probably in the process of training when she took this photo! We’ve seen a little more than we wanted to see, but we have to give kudos to the new puppy for at least getting their aim on point. Not as many kudos to its owner for not realizing.

When Mom Works Those Perfect Angles

If you’re on the prowl and looking for love, it’s always important to keep your dating profile up to date. You need to keep your pictures current, and you need to make sure that they’re showing your best side so you can match with as many potential dates as possible. This mom obviously got that memo, but she didn’t get things 100% right.

While we know it’s hard to take your own selfie, this mom probably shouldn’t have enlisted the help of her daughter to take this saucy photo – especially in the bathroom. Everyone knows that bathrooms normally come complete with mirrors, and these mirrors always give away your secrets. A little editing could have gone a long way for this woman’s photos.

Getting Involved in the Action

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. It’s boring, it’s tedious, and it can be utterly mind-numbing if you have nothing else to pass the time. And while most people turn up the radio and put on their own personal performance, this woman obviously wanted to do something else. She wanted to have a selfie session.

She posed for the camera and she did everything she could to ensure that she took the most fire selfie possible, but what she didn’t bargain for was that the people next to her would want to get involved in the action. When the guy behind her saw that the camera was out, he just had to strike his own pose. Not that it was a very PG one.

A Not-So-Fun Day Out at the Zoo

Normal life can get pretty boring sometimes, which is why it’s always fun to plan a day out and do something different. You might go to the movies, you might head to the seaside, or you might go to the zoo. If you choose to go to the zoo, just be careful when you take selfies with the animals. You never know what’s going on behind you… until it’s too late.

Although this man probably thought it was the best day of his life when a lemur jumped on his back, what he didn’t realize was that the lemur was a little too relaxed. So much so that it decided to give the man a little shower. Yep, you probably didn’t spot it to begin with, but that really is a lemur relieving itself on an unsuspecting zoo visitor.

When Your Dog Loves Your Friend More

When you’re such good friends, you don’t spend money to have fun. Sometimes you can just head to each other’s houses and sit in silence as you scroll through your phone and take selfies. That’s obviously the kind of relationship that these two women have, but on this occasion, the dog also wanted to get involved in the hang sesh.

When the girl on the bed decided to look through the ‘Gram, the dog’s owner chose that opportune moment to snap a selfie. But she took this photo at the most awkward of times, as she snapped her dog choosing her friend over her. Although we have a feeling that she probably didn’t mind too much, considering her dog reaaaally seemed to love her friend. A little too much, you could say.

Don’t Look behind You…

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re being watched? Or like there’s something crawling over you? It’s probably best not to just ignore this feeling anymore, because you might actually be onto something. Unfortunately, these girls didn’t listen to their gut feeling, and the end result was a very creepy crawly visitor.

While these two girls thought they were taking a harmless selfie, it seems as though they hadn’t clocked onto their little visitor. Or not so little visitor, should we say. This spider was probably just chilling and minding its own business, but we have a feeling that these girls probably wouldn’t appreciate the intrusion. We certainly wouldn’t.

“Dad, I’m Not Sure about Your New Look…”

You’re either someone who hates to dress up for a costume party, or you’re someone who goes all out – and we have a feeling that this dad is definitely part of the latter. For this special occasion, he decided to dress up as the one and only Ke$ha and donned his blonde wig for the event. We don’t think he gave his daughter a heads up, though.

He was obviously feeling his new ‘do and his makeup, so he opted to take a selfie to commemorate the look. But as he posed for the camera and perfected his best ‘blue steel’ model look he didn’t realize that he’d also caught his daughter’s reaction. And we really don’t think it’s a positive one.

Photobombed by He-Who-Would-Not-Be-Named

We’d like to think that the Muggle world is a positive one devoid of any evil or dark magic. But this photo seems to suggest otherwise – and these ladies didn’t even realize that they had been photobombed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. They were just enjoying their picnic in the park and taking selfies with their bestie when it all changed.

The more we look at this photo, the more confused we get. That’s because the person behind them really does look like Voldemort. From the pale skin to the bald head and the snake-like features, he looks exactly like the dark wizard we’re used to seeing within the Harry Potter franchise. Let’s hope he didn’t unleash any dark magic on them.

Showing off the Back… Ground

When you get new clothes, a new haircut, or even a new tattoo, you’ve got to show it off. That’s just the way the world of social media works, right? And this woman decided to do just that when she got a new back tattoo. She opted to upload this photo of her new butterflies to the ‘Gram and wait for the compliments to roll in. But instead, she just received questions.

Rather than commenting on her new ink, her friends and family questioned what was going on in the background. From the looks of it, her dog chose its owner’s selfie moment to do what he had never been allowed to do; drink from the toilet bowl! We have to admire the dog’s sneaky nature, but it’s also pretty weird.

There’s Always One Photo Ruiner

Dog’s are considered to be man’s best friend, and this man and his dog obviously agreed with that notion. They went on hikes together, they took selfies together… and, apparently, they got photobombed together. We bet this man was distraught when he looked back at this photo and realized that it had been ruined by his girlfriend.

Is this grounds for a breakup? We’ll let him decide on that one, but we do have to feel sorry for him. This had the look of being their best photo yet, and his girlfriend decided to get in on the selfie action as well and ruin the whole thing. Maybe she just felt left out because she knew his heart was taken by the dog.

Reading Between the Lines… Or Leaves?

When you come across anything weird and wonderful in the outside world, most people snap a picture that they can post on social media and remember for the rest of their lives. And this woman probably thought she was following that same trend when she came across this bizarre tree-person at the theme park. So, she took a picture.

And while you need to read between the lines of every picture posted on the ‘Gram, it seems as though the people who saw this photo were reading between the leaves instead. Talk about perfect timing, because this tree-person lifted their arm at the same time that this woman walked behind them, and it created a photo that will go down in history.

When Your Sunglasses Do You Dirty

Oh, dear. This is awkward. People can take selfies in all kinds of scenarios, and most of them are pretty harmless. They’re of people who want to show off their new hairdo, their new earrings, or maybe even their new sunglasses. And while this woman probably thought she was taking an innocent picture of herself in her new Ray-Ban’s, the end result was just icky.

Note to everyone out there: Don’t wear sunglasses in a dark room where the only source of light is the computer screen in front of you. These sunglasses did this girl dirty and showed off her shopping secrets – and we have a feeling she probably didn’t want to make this checkout basket known to the world. Too little too late, though.

“Oh My Gosh Stop Taking Photos of Me”

When a photo lover and a photo hater get together, it’s complete and utter chaos. While one person gets way too snap happy and wants to take photos of everything, the other person just wants to enjoy their time without having a camera in their face. And from first glance, it seemed as though this guy was part of the latter category. But apparently not.

Although he made it seem as though this photo of him was taken by somebody else, he obviously didn’t spend too much time thinking about what the background looked like. If he had, he would have realized that he was taking the photo right by a car, which offered a very interesting reflection. You tried to fool us, but it didn’t work.

When Your Dad Tries to Be Cool

When you’re trying to take a selfie, the last thing you want is for your parents to get involved. Most of the time they don’t even really know what a selfie is, let alone how to pose or act in one. And while this daughter tried to get away with taking selfies on her own, it seems as though her dad just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just had to get involved.

And the end result is pretty awkward, to say the least. While the daughter looks cool and fresh, her dad looks like he’s just got out of bed and didn’t know that a camera was ready to snap. We can’t help but wonder whether this family photo would make its way into the scrapbook or whether it would be kept to the side so nobody ever sees it again.

But There’s a Floor Right Next to You?

We’ve already established that bathroom selfies can be pretty cool. They can even be the best selfie ever if you check the background before you post them. But bathroom selfies can also be a total flop, and this is one of them. Or perhaps we should call it a total splash? Considering her feet probably made a splash when she stepped into the bidet bowl.

We really do have so many questions about this selfie. Why is there a chandelier in the bathroom? Why is the picture so grainy? Why does she have another phone on top of the toilet? And why on earth is she standing in a bidet? We don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to them, so we’ll just let you speculate instead.

Is She Stuck in Another Dimension?

Mirrors can either be your best friend or your worst enemy – especially when it comes to taking photos. A mirror placed in the wrong area of the house could completely destroy the aesthetic you’re going for, and we have a feeling that this woman realized that for herself. And we’re talking about the woman in the foreground, not the background.

While she probably just wanted to show off her fancy dress, instead all eyes were on the portal to hell behind her. Yep, it’s either a door to another dimension or this mirror was just really in the wrong place. Either way, we don’t think this woman would have been too impressed with the end result.

An Outfit That Suits All Shapes and Sizes

When the woman on the left wore this outfit, she probably had no idea that she would become involved in a mind-boggling selfie fail – that’s also a win at the same time. And that’s all thanks to the fact that she chose to sit in this particular booth, which was adorned with mirrors and helped to make this selfie fail possible.

While this outfit looks great on the woman, we have to say that it looks equally as stylish on the man next to her. Of course, he didn’t expect to change outfits when he made his way to this venue, but he’s still rocking it. The guy behind them both does look a little confused by the whole situation, though.

When the Mirror Is Really Not Your Friend

If you take one piece of advice from this article, let it be the fact that selfies and mirrors rarely go hand in hand. They can mess up any selfie without even meaning to – and that’s a dangerous combination that needs to be avoided. And we bet this woman didn’t even realize until it was way too late and she’d already uploaded the photo on social media.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that this woman’s name is Lana, and as a soccer fan, she probably couldn’t wait to get her name on her very own shirt. But her choice to take this photo in front of a mirror really did her dirty, as it looks as though she has something very different written on her back. Let’s all cringe together…

Look Out behind You…

Sometimes the best selfie fails are the ones that are also perfectly timed – and it’s safe to say that this one checks both of those boxes. While this woman thought she was taking a harmless selfie in a sports stadium, those good vibes quickly disappeared when she got a baseball ball to the head. And that must have hurt.

This woman took her selfie just before the ball struck, and she had absolutely no idea. The smile on her face was probably wiped clean as soon as there was an impact, and while we feel sorry for this woman – and her poor head – you can’t deny that this is one of the most perfect selfie fails of all time, right?

The Balls Are in Your Court

Who doesn’t love a picnic? The food is the best, the sun is normally shining, and it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones while embracing the natural world. And while we’re glad that this couple had such a nice time they decided to document their picnic for social media to see, we do wish they’d double-checked before posting it online.

But at least they had the balls to do it, we guess? Quite literally, as well. Just as they decided to smile for the camera and showcase their love for the social media world, a dog owner decided to pick their pooch up and put on a rather in-your-face display. They do kind of take away from the love when you realize they’re there.